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  1. I imagine we all have go-to stories on this site...and this has always been one of the hottest stories here. The pace, the drugs, the sex....perfection to this pig!
  2. No....was there earlier...didn’t seem like much was going on. I’m probably in for the night....
  3. Anyone at Parliament House tonight - March 3?
  4. Thanks for the heads up! My dick just got rock hard thinking about the opportunities....
  5. Hey guys - arriving Saturday, March 2. Don’t have to meet up with friends until Monday evening, March 4! There have been some good suggestions for play spots in Orlando on this thread - thanks! Any other ideas or special events going on that weekend? I’m staying in Thornton Park area. ?????
  6. Our pig boy was in heaven. We could tell he was loving the effects of the T. Topdadnqns began working the lube and his fingers into the boy's hole. Moans of satisfaction, pleasure and desire were emanating from the pig's mouth and he kept begging for more....More smoke, more fingers, more stuffed into his hole. We worked together, Topdad and I, to satisfy this boy's desires. First a long thin dildo was pushed into his hole and moved about as the boy took a couple of shotgun hits from me. Then a larger, wider vibrating dildo was shoved in and turned on. I noticed that Topdad was not being quite as gentle as earlier, and I also noticed that pig boy was loving it. As the vibrator was turned up, leather straps were tied around the boy's balls - separating the balls from each other and pulling them down and away from his tina dick. Our boy was in heaven, loving the sensations. Having his hole filled, his balls tortured, and being fed smoke from the pipe. "Are you willing to let Topdad be completely in control of what happens to you?" "If not, this ends now....and you can figure out what to do with your tiny boy dick and a hole in need so something much bigger." "You have to let us know right now!" I could see the questions and trace of doubt still remaining in the pig's brain as he tried to calculate stopping now, vs. truly letting go. He knew that Topdad would no longer abide by his restrictions if he said to keep going. He also knew that if he stopped now, he wouldn't get the opportunity to really learn what Topdad and I both knew - what it meant to be a completely free pig! We waited for his answer.........
  7. As a reminder, our pig boy had never tried T until that evening. Wanting to make sure we made his first experience a good one, so he would come back for more. Topdad's hands started roving all over the pig's body and giving him deep, sloppy, brutal kisses. As they did that, I worked to get pig's pants off - leaving him on the sofa in his jock and t-shirt. I lit the pipe and held it to his lips and encouraged him to keep taking more deep hits. I watched excitedly as he shotgunned with Topdad - someone who had never done T either - I wouldn't mind letting him know what he felt like so he could get me higher when the time was right. It was so fucking sexy watching them exchange smoke..... Pig boy was taking to the pipe and I kept it going. We gave him some water to keep him hydrated, and then Topdad forced him to his knees and began to facefuck him - gently at first as the pig's throat accommodated his cock, and then more brutallly. I had pig take a deep hit and take Topdad's cock back in his mouth. Eventually a big cloud of smoke escaped all around his dick. We could tell that pig was ready.....he had told Topdad that one of the reasons he wanted to get fucked up was that he needed to be abuse and have his hole opened up by a fist - when sober, he just couldn't let go of enough control. The sling beckoned and we got the pig up into the sling and strapped in his legs. "Fuck, this feels so good, I want more", said our little pig who was getting ready to find out what it really meant to be out of control. There were certain boundaries that pig had set for this first time and we promised to abide by those boundaries unless he told us otherwise. While Topdad was getting the lube and toys ready, I was helping pig take several more deep hits. At this point, after having played the midwife to a new T whore, I was determined that I should get some of the smoke too. Before Topdad began slathering lube into the pig's whole, I gave him a needleless syringe that has been prepped with a decent sized booty bump. With ease, the booty bump was pushed into his hole. Our boy was moving his ass up and down and beginning to beg for fingers and toys in his hole. I whispered, "are you ready to let go of all your restrictions?", and his response was "not yet". We still had more work to do.........
  8. I know how hot it can be to be at work and get a text/call to hook up at that time. Even if I say no immediately, I obsess about the sex and the drugs until I have no choice but to say yes. At least he told his boss he was leaving.....
  9. Through the years that Topdadnqns and I worked together there were many episodes similar to the two he described. I would get fucked up and horny and reach out to him to use me. The man doesn't use himself, but loves his pigs fucked up and pliant. He has a bit of a sadistic streak in him that would scare me if I was playing sober, but that I am drawn to when using. After a number of years out of touch, we reconnected on a couple of different pig sites and apps and started talking again. I shared my experiences and fantasies from the past years (see some of my posts above) and he let me know how hot he found it watching a guy use in front of him - something he wouldn't have broached previously. Then he asked my help. A bottom pig that he had been playing with and using frequently wanted to explore a deep fantasy - to use crystal meth just once while Topdad was with him. Since neither Topdad or his pig had ever used before, he thought of me as a guide....So he asked me if I would help him teach his pig how to use! Fucking hot idea.....got me hard in a nano-second. We started talking about a scenario. The pig was scared, but drawn to using meth after reading so many stories on here, seeing pics and videos on Tumblr, and seeing a picture of me with a pipe at my lips. We arranged to meet at Topdad's place. All three of us have husbands....none of them had any idea what we had in mind. We found a date when we could clear our calendars, not have anyone checking on us, and go to town. I stopped and picked up the supplies - some T, and a pipe and torch. His pig was a fucking hot man my age - sexy as fuck! We settled into the living room, chatting, trying to calm some nerves. While still mostly dressed (jeans, jock and t-shirt) I loaded the pipe - the pig was watching me intently, as was Topdad. After being sure there was enough product, I explained to both of them how to hold the torch under the bowl - rolling it gently to allow the T to melt. As wisps of smoke filled the bowl, I took a first inhale - after all, I had to show them how it was done. Now, as those who have followed my story on here know, I have a hard time saying no to the pipe once it is at my lips. But this night, I remembered that I was there to corrupt and introduce a pig to a whole new level of awareness. Sitting next to the pig, I had him bring his mouth close to mine and I shotgunned the smoke into his mouth. I then held the pipe to his lips, instructing him to wait until there were clouds of smoke and then to slowly breathe in. Watching this newbie breathe in his first hit from a pipe was sexy and thrilling. Topdad and I knew we had to move slowly to get the pig high - didn't want to scare him away. After a couple of hits he sat back smiling and we started to watch the T take over his thinking. "Oh fuck, that feels good..." Lighting the torch once again, I motioned for him to put the pipe again at his lips and to take a much bigger hit than his previous ones. He took to the pipe like a pig to a nipple......We knew this was going to be a memorable evening for all three of us.
  10. Thank you sir for sharing that history! I remember that experience in great detail. I look forward to our paths crossing again soon. ?
  11. Here it is - the night before a major snowstorm. People are hunkering down, making preparations and taking precautions. Its day 55 for me, so you know what that means....my brain and my cock are starving for pig sex and Tina. And I’m looking.....getting snowed in with a top pig or two with a good supply.....sounds like my kind of day off work!
  12. This story brings back great memories for me as I’ve gotten fucked up in both Club Z and Club Seattle - hope there will be more to come!
  13. I’m sitting at my desk in my slacks and tie - trying to appear sober and normal to my colleagues. Underneath I have on a Nastypig jock and a pipe in my briefcase. Now to figure out how to leave work early and hook up. The other night was incredible - fucked by two guys, had multiple dildos shoved up my hole, and ultimately fisted deep and hard. My butt still feels the impact of the hand, wrist, and forearm that opened me up on camera. But best of all was the Tina and showing off! I am, and may always be a Tina whore!
  14. After feeding me some Gatorade to keep me hydrated, the three led me over to the sling and the video cameras. Bareback and piss porn was playing on the different screens as they put me into the sling and cuffed my hands and feet. As I lay there, the dealer came over with a rig and a wipe and told me that I was in for a night I would always remember. As I again reminded him that it had been many years since I had been slammed, he positioned the camera to capture my face and arm, wiped my arm, and quickly inserted the needle in my vein. I can’t even watch my blood being drawn, but I was mesmerized by the flash of my blood into the syringe and his soothing words, “blast off time!”, as he pressed the fluid into my vein. As the cuff was released, a roar filled my ears and my vision went blurry. I coughed several times as both of my buddies kept their hands on my chest to keep me from panicking. This was no slow introduction back to slamming! I later found out that he had used .3 on me. I know I was talking and babbling, but no idea what I was saying other than “fuck, fuck, fuck”. i was vaguely aware of the pings on the computer screens as apparently dozens of guys watch me blast off. And suddenly the panic was gone, and I gave in to being a fucking Tina whore again. My buddies saw the transformation, removed their hands from my chest, and set out to wreck my hole and show me off to as many guys as they could find on camera.
  15. And away I go! I was so horned up I would do anything to get the drugs back in my system. I reached out to a couple of buds - two partners and their dealer - and arranged to meet at their house. I got there and they stripped me and put a leather collar around my neck. My hands were tied behind my back and I knelt and took their dicks in my mouth. They face fucked me for a few minutes when we heard the doorbell ring. I was roughly pulled to my feet, my arms untied, and led downstairs where I answered the door to see him - their dealer - dark and handsome with a huge fucking grin on his face. I was pushed back down on my knees and watched as the dealer got out his supplies, including one of the biggest bongs I have ever seen. One guy was told to get me smoked up while the dealer and the other guy proceeded with the arrangements. I had already forked over a good deal of cash to them, but I watched as they pulled the rest of my cash from the wallet to add to the kitty. While this was going on, I had the bong at my mouth and my buddy kept the flame lit at the bowl. I tried pulling away a couple of times to catch my breath, but he was not having any of that. “Keep going pig, this is what you need!” My head started swimming and my face and body flushed, but damn, it felt so good! As my other buddy and the dealer finished up, I was pulled to my feet and swayed mightily as I tried to hold on to my balance. As much as I like to think I’m in control when I’m getting twisted, a thought flashed through my brain, that this time was different. Led by the collar, I was brought over to the dealer, who was now naked himself. “I want my dick sucked pig, and if you are good, I’ve got a nice surprise for you. With that I went to work on one of the most perfect dicks around - just the right length and girth for me to take deep while still being able to breathe. I looked up and saw the dealer smoking from the bong and his dick expanding with each hit. I started to struggle with his dick because of its growing size and my impaired condition. Finally, he pushed me off his dick in frustration. “Since his mouth is useless, I’ll have to work on his ass. But he needs to get to another level first”. My buddies knew of my repressed desire to be slammed and I watched as several rigs were brought out. “Please keep the slam small”, I stammered, “it’s been a lot of years since I had one.” They laughed and assured me that they knew what I needed.

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