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    Bottom/vers looking for tops or vers. Anon and pump and dump scenes are really hot. Am curious about gangbangs and being whored out 😈

    Love a cum filled ass. Slutty vers guys breeding me with toxic loads has been a recent fantasy

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  1. Just took a toxic load from a vers slut. Then another fuck bud bred me right after, pushing the first load deeper 🐷

  2. ignignokt

    Oil lube recommendations

    I prefer virgin coconut oil too out of any lube/product. I still have to reapply it occasionally though if I'm taking multiple loads
  3. ignignokt

    Alternative to Craigslist?

    Nice! It looks really similar to CL. And is already gaining popularity pretty fast, in Atlanta at least
  4. ignignokt

    Alternative to Craigslist?

    I've actually had decent luck on Grindr lately and Scruff to a lesser extent too. I just openly advertise I'm a bareback bottom/vers slut looking for loads
  5. Feel like being a cumdump for any man. Might have to go to the sex club after taking a few loads 

  6. ignignokt

    What does a pierced cock feel like?

    I'm game! You know, for science 😈
  7. What do pierced cocks feel like anally? And for the top? Is there an increased chance of tearing? Do some piercings feel better than others, Ampallang vs Apadravya vs Prince Albert vs ...? I played around with one guy with a apadravya piercing, but he didn't want to top that night. I'm really turned on by them, but seems like it's fairly uncommon.
  8. ignignokt

    Alternative to Craigslist?

    Have you tried barebackrt? At least you know everyone is there to have raw sex
  9. ignignokt

    Health Insurance - USA

    That is insanely high! Are there any alternative plans available by chance, through your work or in your area? In ATL, there's a prep program for people who are uninsured. It might include underinsured too. Gilead also has a co-pay assistance card you can get for free. I'm not sure of the maximums though
  10. ignignokt

    Anon Fucking in ATL

    What are your favorite spots to get anonymous loads in ATL? Tokyo Valentino seemed decent on a Friday night. I've had reasonable success on grindr and bbrt too, and previously craigslist
  11. Getting ready for cum to be deposited into my gut. Only day 2 of prep, so not fully protected 😈🐷

    1. kckinkybtm


      Enjoy the risk...I know I do....

  12. ignignokt


    Damn! What a bummer. Craigslist was a decent source for anon and hookups
  13. Still negative. Wanna take some loads though 

  14. ignignokt

    Ass dripping transparent liquid

    Could be naturally occurring mucus, but could also be discharge. Definitely check with your doctor if you're concerned
  15. Load 1 : nice middle eastern guy I meet off grinder. He invited me over and had me take his big, thick cock(~8x6). It hurt at first, but quickly felt amazing. He eventually rewarded me with a giant load. I felt him pulse and throb for a minute or so. It even felt like his cum pooled around his dick since there was so much. He said it had been a while since he came. Load 2: bbrt guy fucks me anonymously. I'm ass up waiting for him. He comes in and l ties a bandana around my eyes. He moves in front of me to plop his uncut penis in my mouth. I suck on it for a few minutes, and he fucks my throat till he's fairly hard. He calls me a slut for having a lubed, cummy hole already. Then he shoved in balls deep. I feel a slight soreness, but it almost instantly becomes pleasure. I start to reach for my cock, he pulls my arm around my back and says 'I didn't say you could touch your cock, whore'. I notice the tempo picking up as he's pounding my hole, and he blurts out 'get ready for my load, slut'. I tell him to give it to me, cum deep inside me, breed me, fuck yeah, etc... He drives it home. I feel him pulsing and my ass feels warm and sloshy. He pulls out and presents his dick to me to clean up. I taste salt and a slight bitterness and know it's from my own ass. He dresses, takes the blindfold off, and leaves me there ass up with a little of his cum leaking out without ever seeing him. I feel my sloppy hole, push all the cum in I can, and taste it one last time. I still haven't cum and my ass is hungry as ever 🐷😈

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