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  1. I'll let you know when I do it. You and your friends would be welcome to breed the cumslut as much as you want
  2. Planning to get a room at red roof inn. Want this slut to take dozens of anonymous/unknown loads. Anyone know if it's better to post a party in advance and/or just use an ad on bbrt? Any other tips?
  3. Thinking about whoring out a slut bottom. Want to ruin his hole and make sure he takes countless loads. And maybe my fist(s)

    1. Poppy


      Wish was my hole you was whoring out

    2. ignignokt


      Come to Atlanta. Or in the meantime, I bet you could find a twisted guy to whore you out in the UK

  4. Hot profile. Would love to be whored out by you

  5. What an incredible story. Would love to be the bottom
  6. In the mood to be bred, would love a toxic load fucked into me

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Willing


      I'm horny as fuck right now too,  oh😵

    3. Willing


      Love to be a BBC prisoner whore right now 😵🍆🍆🍆🍆

    4. ignignokt


      Sate that hunger! Gotta get your daily dose of protein 🐷

  7. Just wanted to say Hi and thanks for the Follow! *smooch*

    1. ignignokt


      Hey, you're very welcome! You have a really nice cock by the way :)

    2. Saturn1


      Thank you *blushes* Hope it puts YOU in "The" Mood!!! ;) 

  8. Just took a toxic load from a vers slut. Then another fuck bud bred me right after, pushing the first load deeper ?

  9. I prefer virgin coconut oil too out of any lube/product. I still have to reapply it occasionally though if I'm taking multiple loads
  10. Nice! It looks really similar to CL. And is already gaining popularity pretty fast, in Atlanta at least
  11. I've actually had decent luck on Grindr lately and Scruff to a lesser extent too. I just openly advertise I'm a bareback bottom/vers slut looking for loads
  12. Feel like being a cumdump for any man. Might have to go to the sex club after taking a few loads 

  13. I'm game! You know, for science ?
  14. What do pierced cocks feel like anally? And for the top? Is there an increased chance of tearing? Do some piercings feel better than others, Ampallang vs Apadravya vs Prince Albert vs ...? I played around with one guy with a apadravya piercing, but he didn't want to top that night. I'm really turned on by them, but seems like it's fairly uncommon.
  15. Have you tried barebackrt? At least you know everyone is there to have raw sex

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