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  1. Barebottom30


    Thats messed up!! If I let a guy in my ass bareback...I expect him to cum in me!! If I dont want his cum in me..then I wont let him in my hole bare!! I know some bottoms may want the "thrill" of being barebacked and not ready to take a load...but man...if your gonna let the guy in your hole bare to start with...just expect your gonna be taking the load to!!
  2. Barebottom30

    First Fuck Location

    I was in a restarea bathroom stall....guy next to me was jacking off...there was a gloryhole bewteen us....while I watched him rubbing/jacking off...I started to finger my butthole...rocked up on one side on toilet so he could see me fingering my hole...he then asked, "Can I join you"...next thing I know..he is getting up off the toilet...and coming over into my stall!!! I just stood up..faced away from the door...when he opened the stall door, I reached back and spread my cheeks apart to expose my butthole. Next thing I know...he's penetrating me!! He fucked me for about 10 minutes before cumming inside me!!!
  3. Barebottom30

    Portland CumUnion

    I've been to a few Cumunions here in Portland...always been lucky and got several loads when I've gone!! think you will enjoy going!! Hawkspdx is great venue!!
  4. Barebottom30

    Best City For Cumdumps

    I get fucked alot in Portland Oregon...always good fucking going on here!!!!
  5. Barebottom30

    Mailed Another Hot Load

    Curious how u got the cum to pour into your hole like that? without a "air" opening on back of bottle...just creates a "vacuum seal" and will not actually pour out into your ass!! I have done that...but made a "funnel"...or just inserted the used condom inside me and shoved it all in or pushed the cum out of the condom into me
  6. Barebottom30


    so whats this Chiropractors name so others can visit? or is this mr "imagination"!! makes for a good read!! but calling fantasy bs on this one!! lol
  7. Barebottom30

    First time anal and breeding

    IC...and not worried about bringing home an std to your wife? or picking one up and explaining that to her!! makes for an expensive divorce where she will take you for all you got!! lol
  8. Barebottom30


    couple of weeks to edit it...lol...was it several hour "movie" production...lol
  9. Barebottom30

    Playing at an ABS in The Hague, Netherlands

    so u were going sight seeing...and just happened to take along lube and poppers in your pocket? while on vacation?
  10. Your ass is MINE!


  11. Your hole is mine!


    1. Barebottom30


      sweet! welcome to fuck it!!!

  12. Barebottom30

    Real Or Pretend Cum Dump?

    Hell yes...he should be taking any cock that wants to fuck his ass...or else get his own ass off the fuck bench and go home! It is rude as hell for a bottom to turn cock away...and whats up with a 12inch minimum? Hell 12inches is awesome man...but so is smaller cock!! have had plenty of hot fucks from all sizes...shapes of cocks!!
  13. Barebottom30

    Anon Cum

    I wouldnt worry about the used condom...any std/virus dies quickly once outside body!! Ive had numerous used condoms...and cum from them inside my hole!!
  14. Bottom looking for tops to breed my hole...get to Portland regular...love to have some regular fuck bud's when in town to fuck me
  15. Barebottom30

    2Nd Time Fucked Ever = 1St Poz Cock

    wondering why your profile says your 26!! yet your post u said your 23? hmmm...what else in the "story" is not acurate??

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