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    Dallas, Texas
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    Poz, Not On Meds
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    a slave in BDSM and extreme impactplay (bruising) for almost 4 years, now seeking sexual slavery as a bottom breeding pig and bareback escort slave. Since Feb 2016 i am now a POZ slave still accepting POZ loads. I can webcam to prove I'm a real girl, and do accept that 99% on here won't be interested in me for this reason, but still seeking passed-around raw parties and i am VERY submissive!
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    often escort as 'Chubby Karen' when in London UK and as 'elise fwb' when back here in Texas (british-born so 2-3 times a year visit UK)
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    Poz loads, Masters, Tops, Party invites in the Dallas
  1. slave in BDSM and poz

    i have been a slave for nearly 5 years and was a sub before that, mostly BDSM and 24/7 lifestyle but was chasing for a year, now HIV+ and seeking poz men to use me (please be aware that i already have a Master)
  2. My experience is in reverse, went from a swinger to a slut to a sub and then a slave, life is simpler when kink takes control, i am now POZ and still accepting, but sadly it means my Master and I cannot find so open meets/use and swing clubs won't accept me of course, so now limited to private (+) parties and trying to get into gay events which being a born female makes me mostly unaccepted.
  3. where to find women to fuck

    I am a prostitute and a slave, I have a profile on www.fetlife.com https://fetlife.com/users/2147272 and I can verify myself real on webcam. I offer myself both for a fee to straight men but my Owner wishes me to offer myself for free to any poz men or men on this website for his pleasure to know I am fucked without control and without choice or condoms. I am in Dallas Texas and happy to chat to all in that area. Please see my other post. humbly, slave elise (fatworthleswhore)

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