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    London, UK
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    sex slavery
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    Not Sure, Probably Neg
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    a slave in BDSM and extreme impactplay (bruising) for almost 4 years, now seeking sexual slavery as a bottom breeding pig and bareback escort slave. I wish to accept all and any POZ loads. I can webcam to prove I'm a real girl, and do accept that 99% on here won't be interested in me for this reason, but still seeking passed-around raw parties and i am VERY submissive!
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    often escort as 'Chubby Karen' when in London UK and as 'elise fwb' when back here in Texas (british-born so 2-3 times a year visit UK) As of late 2017 into 2018 returned from the USA and in London UK
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    Poz loads, Masters, Tops, Party invites in the Dallas

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  1. All I get is "We could not locate the item you are trying to view." when I click you post

  2. going to be posting on craigslist free bareback for London/Watford/Harrow (UK) area shortly, want to say bye to 2017 with a big bang :)

    1. HighVLpozBareback


      Have fun and greet the new year with loads of cum in your pussy 😜

      I hope seeing you soon also 😈😈😈

  3. Finally back in UK and 5 years after posting here, going to be brave and seek to get Pozzed up. i can webcam and prove i am genuine (was given a warning here for posting pics and told no female pics allowed, so chat to me in email and i can webcam for proof)


    I am negative and been mostly doing BDSM stuff in the US (Texas) but now back in London UK



    1. CumInBugMe


      atta girl. i can poz  u and whore u out. are you able to travel? I can finance

    2. HighVLpozBareback


      Desire for your poz conversion? — It’s my pleasure helping you with that 😈 

      if you‘re also interested in participating in some poz parties, just contact me. Also for toxic 1on1 datings, just let me know. 

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