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    Dudey, and yourself? Cum on, don't hide in your shell, Supertramp!

    Non vitae, sed scholae; bullshit mofu, non scholae, sed vitae!

    ?What??? Which way now? Up to you. Up to you? U P T O Y O U !!!
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    If you don't get what you were after and wanted or things don't work according to your plan, rather than blaming your opposite or the circumstances and passing the buck, first manage your expectations - and make sure they don't turn to disappointments
    expectation ⇔ disappointment

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  1. Should I try it?

    Whicheva way, all the very bets of success
  2. Should I try it?

    Taurus, off all records, don't think too much, just dotry it - and see where it takes you. ZYX in theory is good, in practice better, haha. I do can recommend the School of Sex SoS. M2ps
  3. In response to the entry question... relaxin.
  4. mmmh, let's hope you don't screwkill yourself on your hotti ducatti panic ale... tatt beast can be kinda pelligrosso... st claus does not cum to town on it, i hear, haha...

  5. Tranny porn

    DaBare, nefo, why would you not share a links with the starvin staff...? Amateur contentz do grow significantly and so do trans contentz. Cheers
  6. It's, partially, about catering fanta...

  7. ...there could be something fruitful cumin app on this cuteyful horizon... fukulum tgif

  8. Sold Health

    Tatt fiction goes steep, bloddy hell, holly molly! Deal or no deal? Defo deal: the little riskaverse the taker is he will agree. He fancies to feel the fire ftf. I would not be too overly surprised if the loading does not hit him (dud). Provided the givers just play to see how far dudey dudes go - which is per se not unthinkable. @ Content Controlz, Pls withdraw my penultimate phrase in case I was not wrong with that thought. Other tan tatt, tgif... yeah... coxncunz...
  9. The Dirty Gift

    @ TaBo, clearly no babez wastin...
  10. wanted to add this: punishment: the two go steep til one of them recognizes resp remembers a bad attitude with the partner and or himself and kinda exits by underperforming / slowing down / goin flatt. a tricky situation for elephant fuckers with pretty finetuned antennas. ass always, don't take the piss
  11. Seems to be a case of self sex (an increasing matter in the western hemispie...) resp primarily being used to sese: convenience matters - as so often. and usually has little to nothing to do with the partner. it's about the level of intensity given, received, perceived and recognized by the two which likely has to with trust, sympathy, love, ups... dadida and so on... another explanation could be that one of the two got a feeling there is a game goin on and therefore goes in eco mode saving energy for the more authentic dudes and moments. my two pennis on a fufu... matter. talking helps howeva, all will be fine!
  12. Deep breeding or cum shot & plunge back in?

    No babez wasting. They got to be shot the deeper the better, just where the sun does not shine. Internalz are just like the icing on a cake!
  13. Blimy dear naybär, ei sink ei meitli bi se naybär ju rifehr tu, dunno howeva. Abba, takke a bon chance on me? 6., DG like ventana se cant onse korna
  14. thank you for the rep score. Much appreciated.. 

  15. Ever sniffed your...

    ...father's / mother's ash? Sunday morning flash thought... no offence taken. Just before a major cloud of moralin cumz up here... Keith Richards (certainly the king of kink and the global head of non-conformity) shared in an interview http://www.nme.com/news/music/keith-richards-20-1341021 2007 he had sniffed his father's ash. I wondered if anyone of you out there did this or smth similar, too. How was it? Why did you do it? Did it get you what you thought it would beforehand? Just curious, thanks for sharing. Bring it on I have not myself, just read that interview and somehow contemplate that bizarry idea.

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