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    Degrees? Master of Titntat & Head of Nuttin
    And always and with pleasure The Apprentice exploring relations of whichever nature and with whichever outcomez

    Dudey, and yourself? Cum on, don't hide in your shell, Supertramp!

    Non vitae, sed scholae; bullshit mofu, non scholae, sed vitae!

    ?What??? Which way now? Up to you. Up to you? U P T O Y O U !!!
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    Porn? Xperience? Bloody hell no! Already havin glasses, matey!
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    trans, girls and bi


    If you don't get what you were after and wanted or things don't work according to your plan, rather than blaming your opposite or the circumstances and passing the buck, first manage your expectations - and make sure they don't turn to disappointments
    expectation ⇔ disappointment

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  1. Deep breeding or cum shot & plunge back in?

    No babez wasting. They got to be shot the deeper the better, just where the sun does not shine. Internalz are just like the icing on a cake!
  2. Blimy dear naybär, ei sink ei meitli bi se naybär ju rifehr tu, dunno howeva. Abba, takke a bon chance on me? 6., DG like ventana se cant onse korna
  3. thank you for the rep score. Much appreciated.. 

  4. Ever sniffed your...

    ...father's / mother's ash? Sunday morning flash thought... no offence taken. Just before a major cloud of moralin cumz up here... Keith Richards (certainly the king of kink and the global head of non-conformity) shared in an interview http://www.nme.com/news/music/keith-richards-20-1341021 2007 he had sniffed his father's ash. I wondered if anyone of you out there did this or smth similar, too. How was it? Why did you do it? Did it get you what you thought it would beforehand? Just curious, thanks for sharing. Bring it on I have not myself, just read that interview and somehow contemplate that bizarry idea.
  5. http://otbboyz.com/video/juan-carlos-and-jesid/ spectacular Juan Carlos, almost like a cheetah, amazing! Most recent stuff is from spring. Is he still in the industry? Is he in escorting?
  6. Kevin Is Hiv+

    Beautiful how tensions meander subtle and steadily, the kissing back and forth as the begining of a promising relation while bad news appear to thread and undermine that. No, quite the opposite, potential poz kind of seems to drive the relation, well, contribute to succeed to say the least. How will that relation flourish? Can poz, if to what extent be the binder in or for a relation, so to say like fresh blood? Nice one, keen to read on the next meanders
  7. Luvly dirty stuff, yummie, bring it on, folkz and co-cheaters! Why sharing only half of the fun? Fucking and all the games, bits n pieces around and with, before n after it usually takes two - unless self sex is yours, does it not? Why not sharing your mate's or whoever that specially enriched whatever zipped - yummie, zuuuu delicious - and enjoyed reaction: from sheer xcitement to icy facedrop amounting in luv n or hate, funny fistfights, bloody cokknpuzzybattlez, wholy moly mon dieu! Action and reaction just allow the full picture. Reg existing entries, unless already included would their authors mind adding the reaction please? Not less interesting, did you feel any Schadenfreude? xcuse my Geman, pardon Thanks so much, merci, graciass, danke
  8. Paying for Prep

    https://www.iwantprepnow.co.uk/prep-abroad has been helpful. There might more particular sites on the US though. Anyone familiar pls post.
  9. Q: Fag or fag?

    Counterq: BE or AE?

    Well, both! What a bloody germanic question... bugger off, holy moly...

  10. Daddy Issues

    Nice piece on the unoutspoken mutual bits and vibes of chemistry
  11. Q: What does it help if the XXXL cock is an asshole?

    R: Wanna imply ballz beat character? Whichever way, remains an asshole, does he not?

    Well, make it, change it or leave it!

  12. STDs, Antibiotics and BB Sex

    Depending on the drug and the cycle needed to complete the course, could be ten or fourteen days, too. Usually these dim, make you a bit tired and slow and reduce appetite hence sex drive (low energy, low cock), too, whose bad tops self sex could smooth for the moment. I doubt that under Doxy you will run and perform like a nicely oiled steam machine at day one. On the opposite a bum and or dick under antibio might be a special dish for some tops
  13. Hombre, graciass!

    1. LatinYoungbareback


      you're welcome! hey I don't speak spanish kkk

    2. private69


      ok, easy easy. i got your pa

    3. LatinYoungbareback


      kkkk there's no problem. I understand few things in spanish

  14. Each time you take an antibiotics your body resp the germs can get used to / kind of immune against that drug potentially lowering its impact. The less often you take antiobiotics you potentially keep the drug's high impact. It is not an automatism but it can be the case. In case you caught "cokk alarm" your dikk doc should thouroghly investigate and id the germs to then choose the antibiotics with the appropriate ingredient. Under circumstances or if you have catch smth more than seldom it is likely not just using the typical test strip for an indication. In addition a blood probe anaylzed can give evidence and allow the clear id of the particular! germ to fight. I would push the cokk doc for more than the usual strip to be as sure as possible not to potentially waste gun powder to fight the infection - do get better!
  15. If it fliesflowsorfuxx, lease it

    it's cheaper

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