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    Local Italian, happy to show you around if you're visiting. Oh and for a good fuck as well if you're in the mood.
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  1. bukkakio

    Biohazard Berlin

    Going soon, any more info available?
  2. bukkakio

    Italiani Porchi e Perversi

    Few but hot ones
  3. bukkakio


    Sorry I forgot to check this thread and didn't answer. My apologies. Mykonos is nice but really nothing special by a gay point of view. A (tiny) cruising area by the church in downtown, quite crowded but not comparable to Berlin or anywhere else. I had some good cock but it pales in comparison with other gay destinations worldwide. A bit disappointed.
  4. bukkakio

    Breeding zone & others

    planetromeo is amazing and far more reliable than grindr, you can see who's new compared to who has been a member for several years
  5. bukkakio

    Prep in the EU

    Hi there, first of all my apologies if the question has already been asked several times, I did a quick search and only found results about Prep availability in the US and the UK. I live in one of the countries in Europe where the whole Prep process has just started. Which means my doctor wouldn't be able to provide even if he wanted to. What options do I have?
  6. bukkakio

    Italiani Porchi e Perversi

    Buonasera/good evening from Milan
  7. bukkakio

    Hung German

    Milk him to the last drop!
  8. bukkakio

    What movie is this?

    Thank you for your help, I was able to trace it back and it's called Forced Entry club
  9. Found a great bb video but seriously no clue about who's starring in it, or even what kind of studio. Got any clue? https://www.redtube.com/31511
  10. bukkakio

    Best BB places in Zurich

    Thanks for the feedback. I've been to Rage but quite unlucky with the number of guys there. Better luck next time. Do you recommend a specific day of the week?
  11. After many years of thinking about it and backing off at the last minute I finally set up my first hotel room as a cumdump. Many handsome guys, way more than expected (Berlin!). My heart dropped to the floor when the first guy knocked at the door. Checked from the peephole just to be sure it wasn't room service (or some guy with fake pics) and wow, even better than the pics. A fine German young man full of jizz, magnetic eyes and a delicious scruffy short blond beard. Ran back to the bedroom, covered my head with a beanie hat and let him in, still shaking for the excitement. Just wonderful, he liked it rough and used my mouth and ass as he pleased. Shot a huge load deep in my guts, licked it out and spat it back on my tongue while holding my head by the hair. Patted me on the ass and left without a word. The next guy was another fellow German with some beautiful green eyes (I'm a huge sucker for nice eyes) who didn't mind fucking a creamed hole (another dude backed out). Fucked my creamed hole, shot a second load deep and left with a deep kiss after I cleaned his cock dry. Need to visit Berlin damn more often.
  12. I had a HUGE crush on him the first time I saw him on uknakedmen getting plowed, this is great news
  13. bukkakio

    Best Bb Porn Studio

    Love the Liam Cole stuff as well, Raw Fuck Club is probably the best right now
  14. bukkakio

    Who Are These Actors?

    Thanks a lot

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