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  1. Meningitis is a terrifying disease that can kill in a short time without much of a warning, been wondering the same.
  2. May work in a different way over here in Europe, I wasn't required to provide contact info of any kind before getting my shot. My doctor mentioned a running syphilis epidemic all over the continent by the way.
  3. bukkakio

    Solo travels

    Don't worry, plenty of guys go by themselves for a fuck holiday. Anywhere in Spain is basically fucktrip 101.
  4. Very worth, some Polish guys are hot as fuck and many are into bareback. Warsaw is bigger and there are way more clubs and places for gay people.
  5. bukkakio

    HPV vaccine after infection

    Thanks a lot for your answers
  6. bukkakio

    how i can i get prep?

    thank you so much
  7. bukkakio

    how i can i get prep?

    Oh my, looks too good to be true. Do you have personal experience with this website? Thank you very much!
  8. bukkakio

    Cruising in the Tiergarten

    All day around but recently had better luck when there's still some sunlight: early morning and late evening. The scene isn't what it used to be (blame the internet) but it's still busy.
  9. bukkakio

    Italiani Porchi e Perversi

    We're a growing community after all 🐷
  10. I've tried to get the HPV vaccine but unfortunately in my country it's only available for free for a selected number categories at risk, mostly young men and women. If I were to get it on my own, I'd have to pay the whole thing out of my pocket, which is unfortunately way more than I can afford. Last time I checked, something like 300 Euros per shot, so 900 Euros for the 3 shot treatment recommended. My doctor mentioned that since I'm way past my teenage years I've already been infected, so there's no point in getting vaccinated now. However I did read some medical reports online of people who had a history of recurring anal warts, namely the vaccine helping a lot in avoiding future breakouts. Anyone having some personal experience would be very welcome. I'm asking if I should insist and look for ways to get the HPV vaccine, if it's a sure way of avoiding another episode of breakout in the near future.
  11. Another vote for barebuddy (bare only) and gayromeo
  12. bukkakio

    best bareback hookup sites?

    Indeed many guys from Switzerland and Germany on barebuddy
  13. bukkakio

    best bareback hookup sites?

    Tons of guys on grindr and romeo will drop the rubber, even those with "safer sex only" in their profiletext.
  14. bukkakio

    how i can i get prep?

    Unfortunately the website above doesn't ship to my country... back to step 1
  15. bukkakio

    how i can i get prep?

    Did you personally order from that website?

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