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  1. Part 5 I arrived at the lodge that Michael and Dan had rented later that afternoon. It was really beautiful - luxurious I think is the best word to describe it. The surroundings were amazing too - the lodge was by a lake with a great view of the mountains nearby and I had a double room overlooking the lake. I was in good spirits - I hadn't had any time off for about two years and I really needed a break and I was looking forward to doing not very much. I liked Michael and Dan a lot - they were both barristers and most of the other members of the house party were in the legal profe
  2. This post is a celebration of one of my favourite cities in the whole world - Berlin. I love Berlin and I've spent many happy days roaming through the city in the sunshine, exploring new areas, parks, rivers and shops. It's where I go to get away from things and I always feel relaxed the minute I get there. I especially love exploring what used to be East Berlin and watching it change over the years from what it was like in the mid 90s shortly after the wall came down to what it is like now. For me there is something joyous about being in Berlin - it's where I have had many of my horniest
  3. Very, very horny! Hope there’s a part 2?
  4. Part 10 - Cheating close to home It was the mid 90s and I was deep in my safe sex period - I had been using condoms for several years and always played safe. The safe sex message was everywhere and I took it very seriously. If I was being fucked, I always checked to see that the guy still had the condom on him before I let him cum. As far as I knew, all my close friends practised safe sex too - I certainly never heard any of them admitting to fucking without a condom and I assumed that they had the same approach as I did - play safe on every occasion. It was late summer and I wa
  5. Part 2 I continued cruising public toilets and parks throughout my time as a student. I had now also made some gay friends and was beginning to socialise more and visit gay pubs and Glasgow's one gay club. I would usually go out with friends but every now and then I liked to go out on my own. It was on one such night when I was drinking in a bar at the top end of the town that I met someone I knew from home. Lewis was a couple of years older than me and he had been brought up in the same church as me and my family and our families were close friends. I had always liked and admired Lew
  6. I've enjoyed your stories for a few years, especially the ones set in London, Berlin and Glasgow. Wonderfully randy .

    1. GoingEasy


      OK, I'm begging.

      Your stories are my absolute favourite on the site or just about anywhere else. One of my prized wank fantasies is your story of hot fun in the dunes in Spain to the point where I'm literally planning a side jaunt to the Spanish beaches next summer when restrictions end.

      You haven't written a new one in a short while.  How might I encourage you to do so? If it would require a GIF of me naked and tumescent on the site clapping my hands in anticipatory delight , I'll do it. 


    2. Tommy Tank

      Tommy Tank

      Hey, thanks for the great feedback.  I've just been really busy with work and some other things. Promise to write more soon!

  7. Part 4 A few months later I was feeling much better. I was still not on meds and I knew that I was still highly toxic but I was super horny all the time and I was regularly cumming more than once in the same day. I was wanking frequently and fucking lads pretty much every chance I got. It felt like my dick was super charged - in more ways than one. I was hooking up on line, visiting the Vault regularly and fucking guys through the gloryholes or bent over the barrels and generally taking advantage of any opportunity that presented itself. I was also working out in the gym two or three
  8. I agree - nothing hotter than shooting a big load of cum into the arse of a guy who is going back to an unsuspecting partner. I've also found that a surprising number of straight or married guys want to bottom and, although some ask about condoms initially, they don't seem so bothered about playing safe when their pants are down and they are horny - much the same as guys cheating on their male partners or husbands.
  9. Well, that's an interesting question - and one which might be answered in some future posts....
  10. Part 9 - The most unlikely guys cheat As I've said before, I've often been surprised by the number of guys who will cheat on their boyfriends and partners and even more so by how many of them fuck bareback when they are cheating. I don't quite know why I find this such a turn on but some of the horniest experiences I've had are with guys that I honestly thought would never cheat on their partners. As always in these stories, I have changed some of the names to protect the (not so) innocent. It was 2005 and I was on my way into central London to meet a friend who was down from Scotl
  11. Part 3 It was six months after my diagnosis and I was in a bad way. I'd really been struggling with meds and, very much against the advice of my doctors, I had come off them some time ago. I knew my doctor was trying to get hold of me but I didn't want to deal with it. I would at some point, but not yet. Then I took a really bad dose of flu. I'd had a severe flu a few months before my diagnosis and this was every bit as bad. I stayed in bed for three days, alternately shivering, sweating and sleeping. I felt like shit. After a couple of days I woke up feeling horny. I was still q
  12. Not been in a great place lately and consequently haven't been feeling very horny. Feeling more like myself now and this afternoon I was feeling horny as fuck. Also feeling bored with working from home - it's been 8 months now. About an hour ago I chatted to an Eastern European guy who told me he was a delivery driver and was going to be in my area and wanted to get off. He was a good looking guy - dark haired, maybe late 30s - and had a really nice hairy cock. I sucked him for a while and then licked his balls and his hairy arsehole and then pulled down my pants and offered him
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