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  1. If the top insists on using a condom I say fine. But i always provide the condom, that way I've already prepared it to rip and break. Always successful at it. They fuck fuck fuck and dump a load deep when they pull out condom is already broken and the load has been deposited deep in me. Nothing they can say then.
  2. Was caught by my younger brother getting fucked. My brother open our parents bedroom door as the neighbors husband was cumming in my ass.
  3. Not all cum is bitter. I suck dick and swallow every day. Sometimes up to 7 times a day but I have my regulars. Straight guys cum taste amazing not much of a flavor but just enough to enjoy it almost like oysters texture. Gay guys have a hit or miss cum taste. This one guy who I suck not as often has very bitter tasting cum and he is a big boy. Other gay guys have tasteless or very mild flavors to cum. When I swallow my own cum its always thick and smooth. I just love the taste of cum.
  4. I was about 14 when I first started to realize I was a bottomless kid who loved to be fucked and swallow cum
  5. I started off by sucking my dad when I was growing up. He was the first man I had in me. Trained me to deepthroat and taught me to always swallow. I got hit when I didn't. When he felt I was ready he started fucking me. He then shared my holes with his coworkers and my uncle. I was privileged to be raised on the cum that made me.
  6. Took 7 loads of Male DNA in my hole and 2 loads of cum down my throat at cumunion last night. Thank you for your breeding.
  7. cumunion is this friday at club houston. ill be there
  8. I work in a straight bar as a bartender and we have regulars that come in daily. This Christmas a few days ago one of the regulars come in straight married guy. Ben, we get to talking and drinking it's my day off. We leave the bar an I ask him if he wants to hang out an continue drinking at my place. He agrees an we head over to my house. We get to drinking beer the whiskey and we start talking about sex. He knows im gay and has no issue. He tells me how his wife has not been putting out and how he has really been horny and hasnt jacked off or cum in a few months. He pulls out his phone and shows me a video of the last time he fucked his wife. Time stamp on video is September 27th. At this point im hard and horny from the conversation and from seeing his dick fuck his wife on video. He starts laughing when he noticed me rub my hard dick. I told him never imagined how hot his dick would be and asked if I could see it. He said sure pulled out his dick and said wow. i grab it with my right arm and he starts getting hard and laughs again. I go down and start sucking his dick, he leans his head back on the couch and lets me continue sucking his dick. I am going strong for about 15 min and he grabs the back of my head and starts face fucking me. I am in heaven, few seconds later with out warning or notice he floods my throat with his cum. He tasted amazing it was thick and juicy cum shot. He lets go of my head and I continue swallowing his cock and cum. He spent the night cause he was to drunk to drive. In the morning he wakes up and tells me he enjoyed the drinks and loved the blowjob and would enjoy having me swallow his dick more since his wife wont swallow. I said sure man anytime. Still comes to the bar everyday. Cant wait to have his next load.
  9. Took the day off work Friday and rented a hotel. Had been horny for few weeks as my bf has not been fucking me and was tired of using my dildo to satisfy my craving. Cleaned up and got on grindr to find some fun. at about 1130 am the first guy came by my room to fuck me he was a 34 yo white boy red hair huge 9 in cut cock. swallowed his dick for about 30 min and shot a load down my throat. After that he flipped me around and fucked me deep for another 30 min deposited his second load of cum deep in my ass. When he left i got a message from another guy on grindr from a 35 yo middle eastern long uncut cock had only been with a guy once before. He fucked my throat for a few minutes and asked to fuck me. I turned around spread my ass and let him fuck me. He didnt last long 15 minutes later he dumps his load in my ass and gets dressed and walks out with out saying a word. I used my dildo to push the two loads in deeper and play with the cum in my ass. Later in the afternoon one last guy came over 39 yo Irish guy with accent came over and jacked off on my face and fucked my ass with my dildo. Had a great time ditching work and getting fucked. Got home kissed my bf and we had dinner at home.
  11. Just took a load from a resident from where I work. 30 yo guy huge cock. Said he was alone an was just smoking a cigarette at home. He let in thru the patio entrance to his room I sucked his cock as he fingered my ass. He turned me over and fucked me on his bed. He loaded me up with his cum and now I’m back at work.
  12. I was stealth fucked when I was 16. By a neighbor. He put on a condom, as he was going to put it in my ass he pulled on the condom and ripped the tip of it. Fucked me for about 30 min and left. I later found out he came in me when I was in the living room with my mother. I stood up to turn off the living room lights and cum flows down my leg and my basketball school gym shorts had cum spot.
  13. Id say about 9. One load per coworker
  14. I can only cum when getting fucked if im taking raw cock in my hole. Something about the feeling of a raw cock fucking my hole makes me cum hand free up to 2 times an can still jack off after.
  15. Love it man. Same here dating a guy but he hasn't fucked me in a little over 8 months. We are happy but i love dick and being fucked. I need to fulfill my bottom cumdump cravings. Love being fucked bare it is a amazing feeling. This guy was a 35 yo uncut cuban American guy with a tasty cock.

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