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    Into Rugby, football. love group fun, mainly bottom but will top too.
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    hot bareback sex. luv being tag fucked. will top or bottom

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  1. Having trouble sending emails,  I can respond to them but can not email.  What am I doing wrong.

  2. When we next hooking up fella? Denaby? ;)

    1. DoncasterCumDump


      Hi, yeh we filling each other.  I should be free Wednesday or Thursday evening

    2. Bbbottomchaserslut
    3. DoncasterCumDump
  3. Was on Grindr when a guy gave me his hotel room number in a nearby lodge. He was a older guy and I parked car n followed his instructions went up the staircase and entered his room. Really nice Dick n wasn't long before he had me bent over n did me for over 40 minutes before he shot his load There was a 25 yr old who was in same hotel, he was sharing a room so couldn't sneak up, but told the guy to let him know when I was leaving I walked out of the door and saw a young fit lad smoking n he smiled. I got in car n loaded Grindr. We ended up kissing in the doorway n me in full view of car park, turned me around, pulled my jeans down just enough, fortunately I had jocks on n he slid into my already cum filled ass This fuck was mega risky but mega hot, I felt him cum, it was a huge hot load Laid in bed, just shot tons into my hand and eaten it. what a hot night
  4. Very hit and miss. Sheffields boiler rooms has CUM UNION the first friday of every month and this is getting pretty busy
  5. Well i had decided to stopped going cruising grounds in my area as they had been dead recently, and just been sat in the car for hours on end doing nothing. Today had been a nice sunny day, im off work so had been on my allotment. got home, when a lad from squirt (he did me a few times ooh five years ago at least, and remembered his massive cock. he messaged me last week on squirt, but i didnt reply, and we had missed eachother several times, so sent him my mobile no). we arranged to meet near by, but the car park was full, so i told him to follow me we went somewhere quiet where he could bend me over, and that huge cock ive missed so much, entered me, shit it hurt. he is about 11 inches, very big, and for my first of the day, i had to beg for him to hold and not move, while i took several huge sniffs of poppers. i then pulled my ass cheeks apart, shit, hes in. eventually the pain subsided, and sniffing more poppers i was begging for him to fill me and get his huge cock as deep as possible. he shot huge load, i could feel it, and i begged to keep it there.... he then started to fuck me hard again and another load was forthcoming. then we walked back to cars, and another car pulled in. my friend drove off and i got out, and went back up the path and the young lad followed. shit he was well hung too. i sucked him then stood up and turned around, and offered him my ass. his raw cock plunged right in, and load number three unbelievable just as i was abut to drive off, a third card pulled in.... and a fourth. the third drove off, but the fourth guy got out, this time, he was older. he asked if i had a condom, i didnt. he couldnt resist my cum filled ass and added his load, calling me a dirty fucker as he did me. a regular messaged me to see if i was free. of course, so drove over to his, bring lube he said, didnt want to tell him id run out, doubt we would need it. got to his, he put his dik right in saying shit your sloppy tonight, yeh ive got at least four loads already in me..... this turned him on, and says you better always come preloaded from now on. he didnt last as long as normal though, having several guys loads in me was definately turning him on went back to the cruising ground, no one around, but theres another just five minute drive, so pulled up at the gate, took another from a older guy. then took a sixth and a seventh load from two youngish guys, very quick. i then loasded someone, before i took load number eight and called it a night. opened abottle of wine, and got horny thinking about tonight. the big black dildo which i pump up, came out and fuck i rode it good. what a night, and to think id had enough of the cruising scene recently
  6. shit just lost Tuesdays posts - ill repost over next few days as it needs rewriting
  7. Friday, 7 loads. Saturday, 6 loads. Sunday, 9 loads. Rolling on to Monday. I fell asleep and awoke at nine o'clock and checked my phone. Now, I had scheduled myself to join a friend at 12:00 for lunch, so when I found several messages from guys staying at the same hotel, well, I had three morning visitors, all of whom unloaded in my ass. My Russian friend also popped round. It turned-out he was Polish (I don't know why he lied about where he was from), but he sure fucked me well. Before popping out I had two more quick visits, which gave me a total of six loads. Then I visited the Eagle and took a load in there as T'pau played. The music was awful so I left, but was got two more loads, bringing my total on Monday to eight.
  8. Sunday and another Club Alert day. I went out drinking, getting back to the room at five for two hours rest. I was asleep for an hour when two separate guys knocked at my door. Both of them simply unloaded in my ass. Eventually I pulled myself together, and dressed in my boots, jocks, leather vest and jeans, hit the streets, ending-up at Club Alert at 12:30 AM, where I stripped down to my jocks boots and walked around. I unloaded in someone, and then took a nice load when, bent over the ledge, a big cock slid into my ass. He was pounding away but unfortunately was interrupted when security came flying through, ushering everybody to the second floor as there was a police raid. Fuck! I wouldn't get his load. While waiting, I had a couple whiskeys with lime and lemonade, and after 40 or so odd minutes passed before the club re-opened. When the club re-opened I headed back down and took-up my favorite location, leaning on the ledge. Three guys fucked me - and then the action really got good. After I had sucked a big cock, the guy ordered me to turn around, and he fucked me for a while, repeatedly asking "Are yoy a pig whore? Do you take all loads?" "Yes, sir," I replied. "Get down on all fours on the floor," he ordered me. Of course I complied. Then he fucked me raw so hard my face banged into the cold concrete floor. As he pounded my ass, he continuously spouted nasties at me, and demanded I beg for his load. My face ended-up somewhat bruised, but over all it was was one of the best fucks I had ever experienced. Three other men fucked me in the same position, all of them making me beg for their loads. I know I took over nine loads, and had a few today which I will reveal later. I'm definitely enjoying my pride.
  9. "Did he tell you his porn name? There are a few fitting your description that have been in TIM's UK vids all of them are fucking nasty hot pig boys." Yes, he told me his name, but I've forgotten. Saturday I had two Grindr hook-ups in the morning. Both guys pumped his load into my ass. Then I met my friends at the train station,so I had less time to play. The next day I got to the hotel at 1:00 AM, and logged into the app. No sooner had I fallen asleep than I was awakened by a knock at the door. Opening it, the guy in the hallway shoved me in my room, commanding "Bend over, you slut." There was no foreplay - he just rammed himself in and unloaded. A couple of hours later and another knock. God he was fit. We snogged, rimmed, and each of us gave the other two loads. Then I had one more visitor who unloaded and left.
  10. It's Manchester Pride time again, and looking back, what a day I had yesterday. I arrived after lunch and checked into the hotel, and a 20 year old Russian guy on holiday came over to use me. His posting said safe sex only and he reiterated as much on Growlr, so I was pleasantly surprised when he shoved me over the bed and his nice big raw Russian dick entered my ass. Shit could he fuck. As the aroma of the poppers filled the room he abruptly pulled-out and dropped onto his back, ordering me to ride him. We both sniffed more poppers as we had half a fresh bottle, oops, headache time, and then I felt him cum. As he climbed to his feet I suggested "Let me clean you up." This got him hard again so he had me bend over the mattress and he fucked me hard a second time. Fuck, I love taking-on young hot guys. After he blew his second load, he cleaned-up and left. I was also going to head-out when I received a message from someone who needed to unload in my ass. While he was in a nearby hotel, I figured I wouldn't have time to play with him and then return to the hotel to change, so I decided I would simply wear my club attire to his hotel, and then afterwards leave directly for the club, so, dressed in my handmade leather jock, jewelry on my thighs, I slipped on my leather vest, jeans and boots and met the guy at his hotel. He was another good fuck, and gave me a huge load. Leaving his place, I went to the village to watch Texas. As I was dancing I felt something dripping down my leg. Worried, I checked myself out in the loo, and was relieved to see it was only some cum leaking out of my ass. A few more drinks and it was time for Club Alert, which, for anyone who hasn't been there, is a fetish club. Anything goes. I took off my jeans so I was wearing only my leather jock, leather vest and heavy boots. After a Guinness and a whiskey I wandered off into the dark rooms where I took several loads in the dark, and even gave a load to one lucky lad. Later, while en route to get another drink, I blew a second load in another lad, which is very unlike me as I'm almost exclusively a bottom. But all was good. Afterwards more whiskey and more beer. Then I climbed into the sling but it was too high so most of the guys couldn't make it work, so I climbed out and walked about, taking two cocks in the process, and draining another. More whisky, more beer. Then I played with a youngish lad, fit as fuck, who had a sexy ass. My cock slid right up into him, and I fucked him for ages, eventually shooting a huge load. He clearly enjoyed himself as, after I blew, he kissed me and then went back down on my cock, and after a few minutes whispered "Can you fuck me again? It felt so good." "I'll try," I replied, as I slipped back into his ass. "I've been in a few Treasure Island movies," he quietly remarked. Fuck! I was actually fucking a porn star! Naturally that turned me on, and he ended-up draining another two loads out of my balls as I scratched his sexy back and I mean I properly scratched him. I was full couldn't take any more which is why I think for once I was happy to top. I'm sure I'll be back to being a cumdump. As I write this I'm in my hotel room, logged onto Grindr. Come on boys. Come and load me. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hopefully there will be more to follow, 'though no fetish club today as I'm meeting friends. So I doubt will be as good as the day before, but then one never knows.
  11. I never fail to get barebacked. find very few ruber up in there. I go regular
  12. I was in Steam shame I didntt get your load. I was there for a couple of hours got fucked six times, took one huge knob and fucked thee lads too. certainly busy last night. surprised bears afternoon was quiet ive taken over 20 loads at that event before
  13. Well, this is my first real post to Breeding Zone, and hopefully the first of more such stories. When I went to the CumUnion party at Steamworks Berkeley last Friday, I half-expected it to be the same lame party I went to a few months ago: a few mostly older guys standing around in a steamy room, awkwardly trying to make eye-contact. How wrong I was. Unlike the first time I attended CumUnion, this occasion didn't feel like "just another Friday night at the bathhouse." First, there were lots of guys who were about my age of 28, and the vibe felt almost like a club. Second, there were far more guys, and this time there was no doubt the men were there for CumUnion: all of us were hungry to give and get loads, so unlike the other CumUnion party, no one would leave as had I the first time around, empty-assed and undrained. I wanted to get bred, but I also wanted to breed a guy with whom I'd been talking with on BBRTS. So when we met up in his private room, we hatched a plan that he'd take me to the back room and pimp out my hole to the biggest dicks he could find. "Alright," I responded, "that sounds cool." So we fucked around for a little bit, briefly being joined by a friend, and then went for a walk throughout the club, wearing our towels. Within a couple of minutes, however, I found myself thinking 'Oh, hey right, I'm an exhibitionist. And I also get off on guys watching me', so I dropped towel, my buddy followed my example, and the two of us headed into the back room. Have I mentioned I'd never had more than two loads inside my ass at a time before this night? Well, that was about to change. My fuck buddy encouraged me to position myself on the saddle, and a guy in his 60s, sporting a a dick that was more-or-less the size of a wine bottle, came up to me and tried to slip his enormously thick cock into my ass, and I was having one hell of a time taking it, and involuntarily exclaimed IT'S SO BIG." Laughter broke out, only to be followed by a gruff voice in the darkness asking "Isn't that the point?" Touché, I thought, but at this point I found myself wondering If I had bitten off a bit more than I could chew. I felt like a little kid at the rodeo, and my ass hurt like hell. And, while there was a gang of eight or so guys standing around me. I hadn't yet taken a single load. Mercifully the guy who had been manfully trying to fuck me swiped his forehead with his arm, withdrew, and moved on to the next victim, offering the conventional "I"ve gotta take a break." A big ooze of some liquid, possibly cum, slid out of my ass. By now everything smelled like cum and ass juices, and there were so many guys around me it was difficult to count how many cocks had slid into my hole. Moreover, as the lighting was quite dim, all I could honestly see was the silhouette of each top. Race and age were indiscernible, and as to build, well, I could tell most of the guys fucking me were average to heavy set, although there was one muscle-twink in a backwards-turned hat. He was really fit, and had a rock-hard cock that throbbed when he came. I counted eight loads before my ass started quivering, and I shot a small "Look Ma, no hands," load. After this my ass was spent. I had to get off the saddle. I still wanted to breed my friend, but I couldn't take any more loads right now. I told the guy who was inside my ass at that point that I needed to take a break. As he withdrew the sound of cum plopping against the concrete floor was undeniable. I let my fuck buddy take over my duties as the designated bottom. And as I stood there, catching my breath and watching the scene, another cock slid into me. The cock was that of an amazing bear of a man, and it felt so good I didn't even think of asking him to stop. As he wrecked my hole, a whole school of cocks were dangling in front of my face, so I sucked a Chinese guy. Meanwhile the bear in my ass withdrew, and again more cum plopped out of my ass, this time oozing down my thigh. Within seconds another cock slid in and I heard someone ask "Do you think he knows... ?" – "...[mumbled sounds]." Haha, I fucking love that these poz fuckers were trying to stealth my neg hole. This isn't the end of the story, but I've gotta get some sleep. Leave a comment if you want me to finish it.
  14. Most definitely I never refuse a load. Would love you breeding my ass
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