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  1. last weekend when it was 90F+,went to the beach with a buddy in the evening, took his load when it was dark.
  2. no but housemate did come to the living room during our action. i hid under the cover while he's in me on the side position and he told the housemate that he slept already.
  3. My housemate has asked a permission to let his newly homeless straight bud to stay in the living room and after meeting him, i agreed. He was a construction worker, average looking and in his late 30s. He's been out of job for 4 months. Days after staying here, we talk and get to know him more and our conversation has extended more into, he fucks women and some feminine guys. So, I made a comment that i wont get a chance since im neither lol he laughed and joke that if i get him few cans of beers and put on a skirt and wigs, he may consider. My housemate is pretty feminine but found out they a
  4. I cheat especially when my bf and i travel. somehow having sex with someone in our bed is a huge turn on for me. my bf loves pound and dump so i always look for someone else's top husband who is into passionate sex. long foreplay and breed my ass. one time, bf came back literally after i just got bred by someone, didnt have time to clean up, he buried his horny cock in my ass, told me i was wet. I lied that i was getting ready, after he added another load in me, lots of cum drip out of slutty hole. he was surprised thinking he shot huge loads in me....hot
  5. I was owned by a master for a short period of time. i mentioned some of the actions we did in my other post. One of them is piss play. I love drinking the first void of his piss in the morning, in bed. One day, we stopped at a fast food restaurant to get a quick bite. I needed to use the restroom so I will get the food while he waited in the car. He told me any fountain drink would do. So, after I got the order, i went to the restroom, poured out his drink and filled the cup with my piss...it was the most turned on moment for him when he gulped down my piss from the cup. Any new creative
  6. only when i get fucked passionately by a hung guy, constant prostate massaging by his cock and making out will get my cock to leak precum and at some point cums hands free. It doesnt happen often but when it does, i want to continue getting fucked.
  7. Best sex ever would have to be the first time getting fucked by a real cock. It was 8, too big for my tight hole but he precum a lot knowing he would be the first to break in. My hole got so wet from it and felt the head popped in, the sensation was great. It was painful when he tried to go further but there's no way i can let it in, so further precum lubing process until he let me take a hit of poppers, man, im telling you, it felt like my hole opened instantly to suck his cock in. he held me tight, kissed and was very verbal. I was enjoying the sensation of his cock pulling all the way but n
  8. late, 20 yo for me when the first white dad break in my virgin hole bareback after a long foreplay and cum in my ass. He told me i have a tight pussy he wanted to fuck every night.
  9. Guys in suit and tie, uniform or highly educated professionals are hot! but on top of their profession, they are also perv or super kinky, have you met one? I met a young doc many years ago who lives in MN, he flew to meet me and wanted to have a weekend date as a couple. First night at my place, he bareback me without even discussing it. We went to a bathhouse, he loves being watched, whenever there's an audience, he will make out with me and insert his bare cock in my ass until he visited all the spots in the bathhouse, breed me and we left. We also went to adult bookstores to fuck; gay
  10. My favorite is a cock on a horny married man who tried to fuck his wife but wife rejected him. When i pull down his underwear, few wet spots from his precum on the underwear and love its smell. teasing his cock with my tongue will let him ooze out more precum. I usually get fucked after sucking his cock.
  11. between 10-11 as i remembered. It was awful! My 18 yo cousin came to visit, we showered together, his cock was hard and big and he asked me to play it with my hands after he soaped his cock. After that, he rinsed off and told me to suck it. Soon, i felt squirts after squirts of warm, salty, watery, phlegm like thing in my mouth, i spat. Too young to know what it was.
  12. I would say don't do it but did you do it? any update? My bf converted me. He was undetectable and I was on prep. One day, we have decided to stop the pill and we started to make love every night, lol it was like trying to get impregnated. Finally, one day i had a flu. I remember he got so excited and fucked me when i was sick, added another poz load into my body.
  13. 2 weeks plus for me, like flu except the whole body was super weak with no appetite.
  14. Visited ATL recently, chatted with a married guy without profile pic on Grindr but he sent a full body pic with his face and another hard cock pic. We were a good match in terms of the interests and attracted to each other. Then he sent a pic of his cock in a 18 yo boy's pussy bare telling me he likes fucking tight boy pussy, apparently bare but neither of us mention anything about it. He wanted me to get drunk before he picked me up, this is a fantasy of his. I picked a bar, got myself pretty buzzed and then told him to pick me up. I got in the car, he said "hey boy, did you have fun at
  15. hot! those days being a foreigner at college... I was approached by a guy in the library, casual chat and when he got the hint that im into guys, he offered to make me a pizza at his place. Young and horny, there was no pizza, all he wanted was sex and I was horny too and played along as a virgin. If you read my other posts, my foster dad fucked me many times but telling this guy that i was still a virgin turned him on. he fucked me and we became buddy. from time to time, he will send his friends to me, the code was "I can make you a pizza" and they will take me back to his place and fuck me i
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