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    Enjoying married life with my wonderful husband of 10 years. We both enjoy the benefits of our long-term Dominant/submissive relationship, with an emphasis on chastity and orgasm denial. I have been locked long-term since 2012, and have given over complete control of my sexuality to my husband. Over the years, our relationship has grown and evolved into one between a Man and his faggot. We have both come to not only accept but embrace the fact that his cock provides the center for our sexual relationship. It is his cock that brings both of us pleasure and satisfaction. Enjoying the journey so far and excited to see where the future leads.
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  1. KptNLine

    Too nice tops?

    I think @ErosWiredand @tallslenderguyboth hit the nail right on the head. When a bottom says to a Top, "I want you to use me," what exactly does that mean? Lots of bottoms say that, but have different meanings, as well as expectations and ideas about what sex should be. A Top asking "Where do you want me to cum?" is his attempt to please his bottom, as many bottoms do have a preference for this. In my experience, the "Total Top" dynamic, where a Man is willing to truly use you for His pleasure comes only after a relationship has built some trust and understanding between the Top and the bottom. My advice? He sounds like a catch that just doesn't know you that well yet. I think as we get older, we start to want what we want right off the bat when it comes to sex - and the truth is, when two people simply don't know each other that well, there are bound to be speedbumps. Reinforce with him your preference, and gradually, you should see him become more comfortable with this.
  2. Hi all, This is an oddly specific question but here goes. I've been thinking about getting a tattoo for some time now. Something that quietly reflects my status as a sub, locked in chastity, without being overt and "in your face" about it. I hadn't found anything that truly inspired me, and then I saw this symbol: I sort of love it - I love the implication of the flaccid male symbol, and the padlock makes it that much more obvious. I also like this variant on the male symbol without the padlock. I've spoken with my Husband too about the two of us getting a matching/complementary tattoo set, like a key and a lock, but again, I haven't seen anything really unique that's inspired me. I like simplicity and something clean without being overdone...has anyone ever done anything similar to this? Again, I know this is an odd question, but would appreciate opinions, thoughts and feedback. Thanks all!
  3. KptNLine

    What does "Faggot" mean?

    Hey all, This is a great question Eros, and thought I’d add my thoughts. I’ve thought of myself as a “faggot” for years now. I don’t think there’s any one standard definition and I think if you talked to 10 guys who identify as such you’d get 10 different definitions. A lot of my identity, particularly as it relates to sex, has to do with my being locked in chastity by my Husband. In our relationship, most sexual pleasures that Men take for granted on a daily basis - the ability to have an erection, to experience an orgasm, to be granted sexual release - these are all things that are denied to me, and that I am granted by a Man. To me, a “faggot” is someone who has surrendered some aspect of their Masculinity or Manhood to another Man. I think that giving up that power to a Man is essential in order to identify as a faggot. I think it has less to do with the sex act itself and more with the power dynamics behind the sex act. When a faggot has sex with a Man, the sex act is not a coupling of equals, but rather an act based on being the perfect complement to a Man. It’s hard to explain in this venue, but I think the simplest way to say it is that a faggot isn’t just a bottom, but rather a male who has surrendered some aspect of his masculinity to another Man.
  4. KptNLine

    Tips on how to orgasm anally every time.

    I hate to say it, but in my experience, expecting to cum hands free every single time you get fucked is probably not realistic. Lay there and relax, don’t jerk while you’re bottoming and instead appreciate the sensations of pleasure you’re feeling from your Man’s cock. The orgasm will come easier if you’re not trying to force it. If He cums first, kiss Him and tell him you’re good - that you want to cum only when he fucks it out of you. It’s easier to cum hands free when you’re a bit horny. Just let go of the expectation that you need to cum every single time - I bet it will make you both much happier.
  5. KptNLine

    most time without cumming

    I’ve gone a little over 4 months - but the length of time I go is up to my Husband and keyholder. So I really don’t see the length of time I go as an “achievement,” but instead simply the way things should be.
  6. This sort of sums up my experience as well. I'm not sure if I've ever been brought to my limit by my hole itself. I completely agree that the hardest part of a fuck is the initial penetration, but once I'm opened, which can take anywhere from 5 seconds to 5 minutes depending on the cock in question, I'm good to go. I've never been fucked completely dry, although I imagine that if that happened, my hole would need a good amount of time to recover. Lube has always been a necessity for me, and thankfully, I have not had a Top who wanted to fuck dry. What I found the most challenging as a bottom was a session in which I took 5 loads from 3 different Men over the course of about 2.5 hours. I'm not sure if other bottoms experience this, but when a Top cums in me, I experience this warmth in my hole - if the Top keeps fucking, I do find my hole becoming somewhat sore/raw. I'm not sure if the cum itself is irritating to the anal and rectal tissue. Of note, I find silicone-based lubes extremely irritating to the point where my ass has felt like it's on fire, and as a result, I only use water-based lubes, and, on occasion, low-end, older, oil based lubes that do not have silicone in them. Anyway, that particular fuck, I took the first two loads no problem - by the time I got the third, I was feeling pretty sore. Of course, at this point, all the Tops had cum once, and so once recovered, they could fuck for longer. Taking the 4th and 5th loads really wasn't enjoyable for me, and it wasn't "painful" but it was definitely uncomfortable. I didn't get fucked for a little while after that, but did notice some pain/discomfort the next day and maybe a little the day after that. I walked a little bowlegged that night and the next morning, but I'd say that particular time, probably within 12-24 hours I could have gotten fucked again with minimal discomfort, and 2 days later, when I did get fucked again, it felt great. But with just one cock - even taking multiple loads, I've never felt like I couldn't take more. Agree - cumming definitely makes it harder to go on for a bottom. The hole tightens, the prostate becomes super sensitive, and fucking becomes uncomfortable to downright painful. Of course, a great solution to that problem is to prevent the bottom from cumming altogether... 😉
  7. KptNLine

    Favorite Moment During Sex

    I’m sure I’m in the minority, and I definitely agree that taking a Man’s cum is amazing, but there is one moment that I find so erotic - the moment of initial penetration. There’s the moment a Man presses His cock against my hole and the sensation of pressure right before the head of His cock slides into my hole. There’s that little bit of pain that becomes stronger as His cock presses deeper and deeper into me, and the heat from his pelvis against my ass as He gives me every last inch of His Manhood. It’s a little uncomfortable for me, but as He begins to pull out before plunging back in, I’m aware of how good it feels for Him and how good it will soon feel for me as well. It’s that moment of surrender - surrender of the most intimate part of myself to a Man. That’s the moment of sex that is the most erotic for me, the Top giving Himself to His bottom, and the bottom accepting, opening and receiving the Top. Truly my favorite moment.
  8. KptNLine

    Taking cock after you cum

    Hey there, My experience is similar - I notice that when I cum hands free, my hole does tighten, and continuing to get fucked ranges anywhere from mildly pleasurable to downright painful. It’s nowhere near the extent that my hole used to tighten if I were to cum from jerking - when I used to do that, it was impossible for me to continue. That was before I learned that good bottoms don’t touch their dicks 🙂 Anyway, cumming hands free does make it mildly uncomfortable for me to continue getting fucked, but it is nowhere near impossible. It’s hard for the initial penetration right after I can, but I grit my teeth and after a few minutes I can get back into it, although it’s nowhere near as pleasurable for me. I remind myself that continuing to take it will (a) make the Man fucking me feel good and (b) result in me getting the privilege of taking his cum, and this is generally all the motivation I need. Of note, I also have anal orgasms which are hands free where I don’t ejaculate - and these actually make me hornier and more desperate to be fucked. I advise every bottom to keep their hands off their cocks during anal, focus on bringing the Top to orgasm and try to be okay with not cumming yourself. If you can hold off cumming until you get fucked again, you’ll be amazed at how much more intense bottoming will feel.
  9. KptNLine

    Cumdumps - Do you need to ejaculate anymore?

    I think that's a great explanation and way of looking at it. Not averse to cumming, but it is also not the goal. The goal is always the Top's orgasm and satisfaction. A bottom's orgasm is simply a superfluous bonus if it happens, but it is unnecessary for the sex act. Great comment ImpotentBottom!
  10. KptNLine

    Cumdumps - Do you need to ejaculate anymore?

    The truth is - anal is simply more enjoyable when you don’t cum. Your prostate is more sensitive and you get hornier and hornier for more. Yes, not cumming and not touching myself lets me focus completely on servicing the Top - but if I’m being completely honest, anal is more fun for me when I don’t cum. It makes logical sense, sex is best when the Top ejaculates and the bottom doesn’t - for both the Top and the bottom.
  11. KptNLine

    Cumdumps - Do you need to ejaculate anymore?

    Yes, Eros, that is a great explanation. You can tell (as the bottom) generally when a Man is getting close - he starts fucking a little faster and deeper and more rhythmically, his breathing picks up, he may start quietly vocalizing as he struggles to hold back as his orgasm builds. When I’m with a Man and I know he’s nearing an orgasm, I get “excited” in the same way. There’s no “orgasm” in the traditional sense, but as I feel the warmth of his cum as he breeds me, there’s this intense sense of satisfaction I feel. I relax and breathe heavily with him, almost as if I’d cum, but the orgasm is more psychological, if that makes sense. I think the satisfaction comes from knowing that you’ve given the Man who just fucked you this incredible physical release and accepted part of him inside of you. Sex, in my opinion, is largely in your head in terms of the sensation, satisfaction and connection to your partner you feel. There’s no closer you can get to a Man than to accept his DNA inside your body. That psychological high is powerful and mimics the after effects of relaxation and bliss that a traditional physical orgasm creates.
  12. KptNLine

    Cumdumps - Do you need to ejaculate anymore?

    Let me be clear - my desire or want to cum is as strong as it ever was. That’s the key word there - “want.” When a Top cums, he inseminates the bottom. A Top’s orgasm is necessary for the sex act to occur. In contrast, the bottom’s orgasm (my orgasm) serves no practical purpose. It gets me less horny, less submissive and makes being fucked less enjoyable. This has made me realize that whereas a Top needs to cum, a bottom simply wants to cum, and there’s a difference between the two. The other piece to my puzzle is that my Husband (the Dom in the relationship) prefers me to cum solely from his cock when I’m being fucked. To answer the question, when I realized and accepted that I was a total bottom and cumdump, I found myself wanting to cum less, because being horny and pent up made anal more enjoyable for me. And then my desire to be the best submissive possible for my husband also minimized my desire to cum even more. I think everyone is unique, but it does seem like many bottom cumdumps focus more on the Top’s orgasm then their own.
  13. KptNLine

    What the act of bottoming represents

    This is an awesome question, thanks for starting this discussion anonverse! First, let me say that I have bottomed both when I've been with Men casually and with my husband. Being fucked feels physically good, it's true, yet the sensations of pleasure (at least for me) are so much more intense when I'm with my husband then when I've been with someone else. For me at least, there is a component of that emotional connection that enhances the pleasure of being fucked. Fucking a guy or allowing a guy to fuck you is the most intimate experience you can have with another male (in my opinion). For a Top, the intimacy is self explanatory - putting your cock in someone else is pretty damn intimate. For a bottom, the intimacy goes beyond the sex act itself, and there are layers of intimacy within the act of bottoming. Let me explain: In that moment, you are allowing a Man inside of you and giving the most personal part of yourself to another Man. Now think back to a time when you used condoms (many of us have at one point or another), and then think of the first time a Man penetrated you raw. Now think of the first time (for many of us, the same time as when we first went raw) when a Man inseminated you. All of these different actions enhance the intimacy of the act - there is literally no way to get closer to a Man then to receive his cum inside you. One thing I do want to address is the idea of being a "submissive bitch" that "only cares about pleasing the Top." I think there are probably very diverse viewpoints on this, and no one view is the right one. So I am just sharing what I think and what my experiences have been. I do agree in feeling that the act of bottoming is an inherently submissive act. For me, being penetrated by a Man or even thinking about being penetrated enhances my desire to submit to a Man's desires. In that sense, I do want to please the Top by allowing him to penetrate me. But I have to be honest, almost every time I get fucked, I feel amazing. The feeling of a Man's cock sliding in and out of me, hitting my prostate with each thrust - words can't describe the pleasure I feel. I don't particularly identify with the idea that a bottom is solely there to provide pleasure for the Top because the truth is that bottoming feels good, whether or not we choose to acknowledge it. What I mean by that is that there are times that my husband wants to make love and have slow, romantic sex. There are other times when he just needs to get off and I become his "cumdump" or his "faggot." My pleasure might be acknowledged or he might actively try to fuck me to an orgasm in the first scenario, in the second, my pleasure becomes inconsequential. And yet, regardless, being fucked feels good. Not just physically good, but also psychologically; submitting to another Man's need is a powerful high for me, whether that need is to make love to me or simply get off. To me, that's what makes me feel submissive - it's that I'm giving anything up by being the bottom or that I'm simply trying to endure a painful fuck for the sake of a Man's pleasure. It's the fact that how I experience sex isn't up to me - a Man decides whether I'm going to be his lover or his faggot. That's what bottoming represents for me - a loss of power and control over the experience of the sex act itself.
  14. KptNLine

    Bottoms with little dicks

    So many of us have quoted Desert on here, but I just had to agree. This post speaks to me, and I couldn't agree with more with DesertChaos!
  15. KptNLine

    Bottoms getting hard

    Hi there, The short answer to your question is - yes, I feel exactly the same way! When I first started having sex, I noticed that if I was down on my knees sucking cock, I'd often be hard as a rock, but the minute a guy's cock penetrated me, I'd usually go limp. Depending on how much I played with myself determined whether or not I was hard - if I didn't touch my cock at all, I'd stay limp the entire fuck. Without going into my entire life story, I have spent many years playing with chastity, and now don't get hard at all, even when I'm unlocked. On a very rare occasion, I'll get a very short-lived, weak, semi-erection, but not a full one. But when I was being fucked, I was always soft, even as a young guy. I think everybody is different - some bottoms can be rock hard as they're being fucked, others will be limp. I don't think whether or not the bottom has an erection is an accurate indicator of how much he is enjoying it. Don't get me wrong - I love to cum just as much as the next guy, and when my husband allows it (I'm a sub), it's awesome. But every time we have sex and I get his load, it is so immensely satisfying to me. The sensation of a Man shooting his cum into me is more satsifying and fulfilling to me then my own orgasm could ever be. My advice - don't bother jerking off and enjoy the ride. Chances are you'll get so horned up that you'll cum hands free, which Tops love. You don't need to be hard, so don't sweat it. 🙂

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