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    Enjoying married life with my wonderful husband of 10 years. We both enjoy the benefits of our long-term Dominant/submissive relationship, with an emphasis on chastity and orgasm denial. I have been locked long-term since 2012, and have given over complete control of my sexuality to my husband. Over the years, our relationship has grown and evolved into one between a Man and his faggot. We have both come to not only accept but embrace the fact that his cock provides the center for our sexual relationship. It is his cock that brings both of us pleasure and satisfaction. Enjoying the journey so far and excited to see where the future leads.
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  1. KptNLine

    Bottoms with little dicks

    So many of us have quoted Desert on here, but I just had to agree. This post speaks to me, and I couldn't agree with more with DesertChaos!
  2. KptNLine

    Bottoms getting hard

    Hi there, The short answer to your question is - yes, I feel exactly the same way! When I first started having sex, I noticed that if I was down on my knees sucking cock, I'd often be hard as a rock, but the minute a guy's cock penetrated me, I'd usually go limp. Depending on how much I played with myself determined whether or not I was hard - if I didn't touch my cock at all, I'd stay limp the entire fuck. Without going into my entire life story, I have spent many years playing with chastity, and now don't get hard at all, even when I'm unlocked. On a very rare occasion, I'll get a very short-lived, weak, semi-erection, but not a full one. But when I was being fucked, I was always soft, even as a young guy. I think everybody is different - some bottoms can be rock hard as they're being fucked, others will be limp. I don't think whether or not the bottom has an erection is an accurate indicator of how much he is enjoying it. Don't get me wrong - I love to cum just as much as the next guy, and when my husband allows it (I'm a sub), it's awesome. But every time we have sex and I get his load, it is so immensely satisfying to me. The sensation of a Man shooting his cum into me is more satsifying and fulfilling to me then my own orgasm could ever be. My advice - don't bother jerking off and enjoy the ride. Chances are you'll get so horned up that you'll cum hands free, which Tops love. You don't need to be hard, so don't sweat it. 🙂
  3. KptNLine

    What Do Your Tops Say That Turns You On?

    Love being called a "fag" or a "faggot" - that always gets me off. "Take my cock, you fucking faggot!" I also love being denied orgasm and I love when the Top makes that clear. "Don't even think about cumming." When he reminds me how much I love what he's doing to me. "You fucking need that cock inside you, don't you?" "You like being fucked?"
  4. My husband (the Top) likes me on my side or on my stomach when he's ready to shoot - my hole is generally tighter and less relaxed in those two positions, so it feels better for him. I'm good with giving him what he likes. 🙂 However, I have to admit, my favorite position to get bred is flat on my back, legs up in the air. Looking up into a Man's eyes, watching his face as his pleasure builds and he finally cums. Looking at his face and feeling the warmth of his load being shot into my hole, there is literally nothing more erotic.
  5. KptNLine

    Size difference with couples

    I have the same arrangement with my husband. We have been together for almost 10 years now and I have been kept in chastity for a few years now. I do get unlocked at times, but like you, I do not cum without permission and I never touch myself. Most of the time, when I cum, it is this full body sensation that happens when I’m being fucked just right. There’s often no ejaculation, or if there is, it just dribbles out. To answer your original question, I used to be only about an inch smaller than my husband. That wasn’t the reason I became a total bottom, but being kept long term in chastity has created some “shrinkage” so now I am at least a few inches shorter than him and I don’t get hard when I’m unlocked. I’ve been told this is reversible if you stay unlocked for a long period of time, but I find the size difference between us deeply erotic. When I’m unlocked, especially, his throbbing erection and my limp, little cock creates such a contrast between us that I find super hot.
  6. KptNLine

    Ass Rimming

    Like most everyone here, I am meticulous with cleaning, and the only time I would expect a Man to want to rim me would be when I’ve just got out of the shower. If I’m freshly showered, my husband will rim me from time to time. For me, I compare having my ass eaten to what a Top Man feels getting his cock sucked. My hole is my sex organ and getting it licked and eaten feels so amazing for me, and it makes my hole open up so much more easily when I get fucked after. What I would like to know from other bottoms - do you ever rim your Top? How is the experience for you and the Top? It’s rare, but I occasionally lick my husband’s ass, again, when he’s freshly showered and clean only. I find it so hot making a Top moan by licking his hole, knowing full well that nothing is going inside his hole. So, short answer, I love being rimmed and also enjoy rimming, but cleanliness is paramount for this.
  7. KptNLine

    Should a bottom cum dump be in chasity?

    Agreed - I love the contrast between the bottom's soft cock and the Top's hard one. I almost always stay soft when my husband fucks the cum out of me.
  8. KptNLine

    A question for bottoms on chastity

    It depends on the type of cage and the fit. For the CB series and the HT, with only a small hole for piss at the end of the tube, pissing can be messy if you don’t line yourself up just right first. QTips are a must to keep things clean. You can piss at a urinal, but I personally find it easier to sit. With an open design like a Jailbird, pissing is much easier as is clean up, but standing up tends to cause dribbling. I almost always sit to piss now - it keeps things cleaner and is just easier.
  9. KptNLine

    Should a bottom cum dump be in chasity?

    I am of the opinion that a bottom acting as a true cum dump doesn't necessarily need to be locked in chastity; that said, the bottom should not stroke his own cock while getting fucked by a Top, for a couple of reasons. Number one: after a bottom cums, he typically loses his drive and desire to continue getting fucked. A well-disciplined bottom can keep going, but bottoming is much less pleasurable after cumming then before. Number two - making a bottom cum hands free from being fucked tends to turn most Tops on immensely. It makes a Top feel good about himself, knowing that he's literally made a guy cum with his cock. Number three - when you're getting fucked and not stroking yourself off, you tend to be much more focused on the sensations you're experiencing from the anal sex. It gives you a deeper connection with the guy who's fucking you. If you're stroking yourself, then bottoming is in the background and the pleasure you're experiencing is concentrated in your cock. Whereas if you forego stimulating your cock, the sensations in your ass and particularly involving your prostate will be much more intense. This heightened connection enhances the sex for both the Top and the bottom. I am a bottom locked in chastity by my husband, but that has more to do with the D/s aspects of our relationship then anything else. I am personally of the opinion that the bottom should cum if the Top brings him to that point, whether by stroking him off or by fucking him just right, but that is just my opinion. But it has been my personal experience that focusing only on the Top's cock during sex makes the sex more enjoyable for both partners.
  10. KptNLine

    Anal Play and Not Touching Cock

    Yes, it is hard at first, to answer the OP's original question. I think many of us here now that do ignore our own cocks when we're getting fucked found it difficult to get to that point. One thing you might find helpful in the beginning is wearing a jock when you have sex. This keeps your cock out of the way and serves as a reminder what your goal is when you go to reach for it. Ultimately, though, not touching your own cock during sex (at least in the beginning) does take some self-discipline. You will reach for it out of habit, and something like a jockstrap will remind you not to touch. The great part is that after just a short while, you become so much more in tune with the pleasure of anal sex. I don't mean the pleasure you give yourself when you jerk off during sex, I mean the sensations you're feeling from having a Man's cock inside you. The stimulation of your prostate becomes more intense, mostly because you've allowed yourself to focus more on those sensations. When you're jerking your cock, that stimulation can easily override the more subtle and pleasurable sensations associated with anal. I hope this helps somewhat - good luck!
  11. KptNLine

    Peeing while getting fucked

    This had never happened to me until recently. It's never happened while I was getting fucked. Recently, I was masturbating with a prostate massager (I am typically locked in chastity, so I don't touch my cock when I masturbate). I was hitting my prostate pretty rhythmically and got this sensation like I was about to cum, and instead, a stream of piss came out. I was taken by surprise and quickly took the toy out, but was intrigued. I put the toy back in and massaged my prostate some more and the sensation quickly returned. This time, I let myself go - it felt surprisingly good pissing while massaging my prostate. I imagine this might happen with the right Man hitting my spot just right, but didn't know this was a possibility. I agree with the original posters - talk to the Man who's fucking you. He may be into WS, and you'll never know until you ask.
  12. KptNLine

    Anyone Here Never Top?

    I understand what you're saying, hungry_hole and I'm not sure I can properly explain this in a message. For me personally, using my cock in that way just feels wrong. It always has. Even when I was a teenager and could get hard at the drop of a hat, if I was placed in a situation where there was a possibility for me to top, I'd lose my erection and not be able to get it back. In the same situation, where I was sucking a guy's cock, for example, I'd be hard as a rock. If I could satisfy another bottom in that way, I'd be more than happy to try it. But for whatever reason, it's almost like there's a psychological block against me topping - it feels not only physically wrong, but mentally wrong as well. This sounds dramatic as I type it, but this has just been my personal experience. I'm not sure if anyone else feels the same?
  13. KptNLine

    Pain doing doggy

    Doggy style is the position I am usually initially penetated in. For me, there is some pain with the initial penetration. Usually my husband slides into me, pulls out so that I can apply some more lube, and then goes back in. I agree with many of the replies on here that that little bit of initial pain can be hot - but it shouldn't continue to hurt throughout the fuck. For me, I can't take it on my stomach for the initial penetration, my hole is simply too tight. I will say, being fucked doggy style is not as enjoyable for me at first, but if I go back to it after being fucked in other positions, it feels amazing and I can't get enough. Ultimately, every guy who fucks you feels different, some positions that feel great with one guy don't feel nearly as good with another.
  14. KptNLine

    Thanking the top?

    Even years into my relationship, I almost always continue to thank my husband after I take his load, whether I blow him, or he's fucking me. Taking a Man's load inside of me has always felt like a gift to me. I often will thank him for making me feel so good rather than just thanking him for his cum. I find that telling the Top afterwards how good he made you feel and to thank him for being so good to you is a great ego booster for a Top. And to be honest, my husband will usually thank me and tell me how good it felt, which makes me feel good as well. I think thanking each other for the mutual pleasure you've both experienced is a normal reaction.
  15. KptNLine

    should a sub follow his Dom's commands????

    Thank you, badjamie! Couldn't have said it better myself. A D/s relationship is not one where a Dominant simply tells a submissive what to do and the submissive obeys blindly. A true D/s relationship is built on mutual respect and trust - the Dominant knows how to push the submissive, and the sub trusts that the Dom won't push him too far and thus feels comfortable surrendering to him. As someone in a D/s relationship, I can say this with some degree of confidence. 1) As badjamie says, have there been interactions that have led the Dom and the sub to this moment? For me, as a total bottom locked in chastity, would my Husband ever bring me to a club, unlock me and order me to fuck another bottom? Of course not - he knows I have no interest or desire to Top, and thus he chooses to push me in other ways. But would he tell me, for example, that I'm only to use the urinal in the club so that my cage is visible if another guy walks in? Absolutely - because we have worked up to that level of trust. Despite the humiliation of potential exposure, I trust that he will never push me too far or ask me to do something that I'm truly not comfortable with. And in return, he receives loyalty, service and a willingness to learn and push boundaries together. But say that there had been some discussion about allowing the sub to fuck another guy - then this might be reasonable. Where the Dom might push the sub here is allowing the sub to fuck until the brink of orgasm, but denying him one, for example. Every experience is an opportunity for Dom and sub to learn from each other, but it takes time to build comfort for each situation. 2) Again, as badjamie says, Topping does not equal Dominance. There is a certain psychological power exchange that goes on when you're fucking or being fucked. There's something inherently submissive about allowing another Man to penetrate you - but this is cultural in nature and purely perception. I feel submissive being on the bottom, but could I be a submissive Top, obeying the bottom's commands? Absolutely I could. So if you were in this situation, had come to an understanding and were fucking a bottom, you do not automatically become a Dominant.

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