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  1. NorthBiNorthwest

    Smoking fetish

    I'm neg, not on the pill, and I'd love for any poz Man fucking me to enjoy a smoke while he is fucking me. Stop for deep, smoky kisses or just blow the smoke in my face... especially a trucker in his sleeper.
  2. NorthBiNorthwest

    Smoking fetish

    Good gurl! Next time your feeling slutty, send me a pic of you with a sexy long VS. I promise you'll make me cum baby. :]
  3. NorthBiNorthwest

    Smoking fetish

    Amber - you should know that sissy sluts who smoke much more than they should are simply the sexiest sluts around! I'm a sub bottom for big, Dom men... but a sissy with a cigarette brings out my Dom needs in the most delicious ways.. . Have you tried Virginia Slims? Nothing says you're a fem little cumslut like smoking a brand not intended for Men.
  4. NorthBiNorthwest

    Everett, Wa - Pig Master craved Fri May 25h

    Over 55, cig smokers +++
  5. Married, stocky build naturally and eagerly submissive bi non-prep bottom looking to get myself into trouble. The wife is out of town, and I'm going to start off the Friday at Airport Video around 7. I'll be there until hopefully someone decides to take me home to train me as their piss pig. Incredibly eager mouth, PnP virgin, ass only fucked 10x ever, begging to be broken in by multiple nasty men. Hypnosis, bondage, live streaming all very encouraged. Won't flake.
  6. NorthBiNorthwest

    Anybody horny, looking to hook up in Bellingham, WA

    I'm in Bellingham... I'm a bottom as well though... try Great Northern Books on Railroad. Rent a private video room for $8/hr, and leave your door cracked. You'll get some cock.
  7. NorthBiNorthwest

    Mistake at the movies

    Incredibly hot!!!
  8. NorthBiNorthwest


    I truly love Tops who smoke. I think it's sexy as hell, and I would love to find a Top who not only smokes cigs/cigars/pipes, but would love it when I light up while he fucks me... blowing smoke in his face to tease him. I only had one experience like that... met in a cheap motel that still allowed smoking in 2015. It was perfect looking up to see him take a drag, and to squeeze my ass on his cock every time I did as well. I also really enjoyed sucking his cock in between taking a drag. Would love to find a Top for a long term promiscuous relationship where we both encourage each other to never quit... even if we got cancer.
  9. NorthBiNorthwest

    First time raw, planned or unplanned?

    Totally planned. It was my anal virginity, too. I was in my early 30s, and had only sucked cock a few times since preteen years (my brother got me started). I'd always loved watching gay bareback porn, and always wanted to know what it was like feeling a man pumping his hot cum into me. I told myself that I will fuck women with condoms only when THEY ask, but I'd never ask a man you wear one. I knew that I should take the cum that was offered to me (if it ever was)and never let anything between their cock and my ass. I wanted it, all of it, natural. So, one random Thursday I decided today was the it. No pretense. I told myself "I'm going to get fucked today, and that's it". I put an ad on Craigslist Sacramento looking for an older bareback top who could host after I got off work. I had a couple responses, but one cock pic from a mid 50s Top did it. I swear I told myself, for the first time ever, "I've got to take have THIS cock. This delicious - looking, thick cock must fuck me. I've gotta have it." It was on. Throughout the day i sneaked peeks at that meaty looking dick on my work computer, always looking over my shoulder to make sure no one could see. Nervously I pulled in front of a McMansion in Folsom, Ca. As I applied the parking brake I promised myself I would let this MAN do anything he wanted to me, and that I would be on my knees sucking this unknown man's cock with 1 minute of stepping inside his house. I wanted to show him, and myself, what a fucking slut I want to be. I knocked, he answered, I stepped inside. I was greeted by a 5'8 Asian Daddy compared to my 6'1. He was wearing only a leather thong. As he closed the door, I leaned down to kiss him. He then grabbed me, kissing me harder, and I melted to my knees to fulfill one of my earlier vows. I now had a total stranger's 8"x5" cock getting hard between my lips in 45 seconds after seeing his face. After a few minutes sucking him, he took me upstairs to his bedroom that had a huge TV playing BB porn. He pushed me to my knees, and again I worshipped his cock and balls with my tongue for awhile as he glanced between the TV and me. I didn't care of he paid me any attention because I was here to make him pump cum for me. Without a word, he guided me to the bed where I got on my hands & knees... telling myself no matter what happens... no matter the pain, I'm not leaving until I'm bred. I didn't have to wait long at all... because as soon as that thought finished I felt cool lube being wiped on my hole. Startling, yes, but it was soon followed by his cock. I didn't have time to think, and I liked it that way. He wasn't patient, or gentle. Of course, I never asked him to be. He slid inside my virgin hole and just started fucking. Grabbing my hips, he just took my easily offered ass and used it. I remember the pain not being as bad as I had feared, but it still hurt. There wasn't any pleasure at all, but I didn't care. I was getting fucked! A real, older man was giving me his bare cock! I didn't know his real name, or even his last name... just "Chuck"... and he is going to seed me. I loved it! About 5 minutes later I felt him slow down his pace into deep thrusts, and I knew what was cumming. I eagerly awaited the sensation I knew I was about to feel... and THERE it was. Thick. Warm. Creamy. Perfect. Only one thing on Earth could feel like that... a man's hot cum inside me. Needless to say, I was hooked. I gave him a deep kiss, then got dressed and left his place, thinking that because I just let a complete stranger buttfuck me that I'm a faggot slut... and faggot sluts take their fucking and leave so as not to be an annoyance or bother to the man who just used them. On my way home, I lit a cigarette and squeezed my sore sphincter, feeling the wetness leaking from me. I told myself i could get used to this as I let out a satisfied exhale.
  10. NorthBiNorthwest

    Whats the fascination for loads?

    As far as bottoms who say that feel their top cumming in their ass being BS... I hate to say it but your statement is BS itself my friend. I've only been fucked about 7 times, and 6 of them came in my ass. I've never used a rubber with a man. I felt each time I was being seeded, including my first which was about 9 years ago when I was 32. Each time cum was pumped into me I felt a warm, gooey feeling where I felt nothing before, and nothing like it without being fucked. I fucking love feeling it, because I know exactly what I am feeling is my faggot ass taking cum. Just because you can't feel doesn't mean squat.
  11. NorthBiNorthwest

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    I was on vacation 2 months ago with my GF and her best friend at the Grand Canyon. My GF knows I love dick as much as she does, but her friend has no idea. We were staying at a hotel, in the same room with her friend. The girls feel asleep around 11pm, but I couldn't, so I posted on CL that I was looking to suck and swallow. I mentioned couldn't host but knew a secluded spot right beside the hotel where my GF and I went to smoke some weed earlier in the evening. I had a reply from a 23 kid with a nice BBC. I told him I would be standing by the pool smoking a cigarette in 10 mins. I gingerly rolled out of bed, and creeped out of the room. After 10 minutes, a black car pulls up and out steps a kinda cute kid with the most weed-bloodshot eyes I've ever seen. We just start walking to the secluded area nearby. There was a large boulder that my GF and I had sat on while we were smoking j's, and I had this kid sit down and pulled his pants down. Sure enough, it was 9" and thick. A beautiful cock actually. Without saying another word I started getting it as far down my throat as possible, and working my hands up and down while I suck. After no more than 2 minutes he starts cumming hard. He didn't make a sound or tense up, so he ended up giving me a facial before I realized he was shooting and rammed my mouth down again to swallow all I could. There was so much cum I was scooping it out of my goatee and feeding myself for about 2 minutes afterward! I asked if he could cum again and he said no, and walked away. I sat there on the stone and cleaned as much as I could, but I know there was still a lot clinging to my goatee. I wasn't satisfied and ready to go back to the room, so I go on the hotel's computer in the front lobby right next to the front desk. The clerk looked at me a little odd as I walked in, making me aware that he may see the cum stuck to my face while I am checking my email for more replies. Sure enough, I had another response, from a 34 year old white guy with a "football player build" and 6". I replied, telling him to meet me by the pool as well. After a few minutes, a tan pickup pulled up, and out stepped a Native American guy who was about 50. I guess he figured I wouldn't care, and he was right. I led him back to my little sin spot, and when I went to pull his pants there was about 3" there. I went to work, and sucked him for about 10 minutes before offering him my ass. He bent me over, and fucked me (barely making it in my ass but it's the cock that counts) for about another 10 minutes. This went on, 10 minutes sucking/10 minutes getting fucked for about an hour. This guy just wasn't going to cum, and I have been out cruising for dick for over an hour and a half at this point! I told him I needed to get back, and to give me his cum but he said he couldn't. Well, I couldn't wait anymore, and need to get to bed as I had a 10 hour drive the next day. We kissed goodbye, and I felt a little sad for not earning his cum. However, I tried hard, and since he lied about, well, everything I didn't feel too bad. I crept back into my room, and snuck into bed next to my GF while her friend was snoring like a drunk lumberjack. My lady woke up, and asked me if I hooked up to which I replied "yes, I'll tell you in the morning" before I finally fell asleep.

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