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  1. do you also implicitly give him the right to come inside your ass? Or does the right to come in someone's ass have to be negotiated separately and beforehand? Just like with a blowjob, if you're giving it to somebody, does he have the right to come in your mouth without asking you in advance? What's the etiquette in these situations?
  2. I have a Malaysian friend working and living in Singapore. He went for an HIV test out of suspicion and got a positive result. The health agency was obligated to report it to the government. He immediately lost his job, working permit, and was deported back to Malaysia within 30 days. Now he wants to enter Singapore as a tourist to visit friends (like thousands of Malaysian citizens do everyday), Singapore doesn't allow him--dragging its feet on its response to his request. What a Nazi state!
  3. What if I don't show any openness on my part about getting fucked with or without condom? He just offered me his raw ass all of a sudden and there was no script, no agreement, no assignment of roles. By accepting his ass and going to town with it, did I unwittingly enter into an "anal contract" with him?
  4. For a top, I understand why I want to bb because the feeling is superior to fucking with a condom. The difference is day and night. For bottoms, the feeling must be equally superior. Otherwise, why risk your own life, especially when you're neg?
  5. Interesting! When HIV status is out there in the open, people feel a lot less comfortable and free to do what they otherwise would do. Their behavior is more predictable and rational. I guess it's true that ignorance is bliss. Sometimes people just want to have sex and rather not know each other's status.
  6. I'm also an ass man. To me, a man's ass, because it's partially hidden, represents mystery and surprise and is more fascinating. It invites to be discovered. A man's penis is boring because it's already a protruding organ. It's already out there.
  7. Thank you for sharing your experience. Very informative!
  8. Yes, many of these "closet barebackers" or "opportunistic barebackers" have to make split-second decisions on whether to go bareback once their in bed with someone. Once a guy is horny, the penis usually takes over the brain. And there's the point of no return during the process.
  9. Not any sort of "right" but what if I don't want him to fuck me raw, even though I enjoy his raw ass?
  10. Interesting! I like the way you analyzed the question.
  11. If a guy offers me his raw ass and I take it, fuck the shit out of him, and love every minute of it, does it give him the right to flip me over and start fucking me raw? This question is based on the following assumptions: -there is no prior discussion and agreement about who's going to top/bottom, with or without condom -I find him attractive enough to let him fuck me -I'm willing and able to take his dick So the question really focuses on the barebacking aspect of the flip flop fuck.
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