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  1. Yay! You are not on meds! Do any converting this Summer? :P

  2. Condoms are DUMB!!!

  3. Yay! Foxfireboi has converted!!!

  4. Where are all the young chasers? ;P

  5. ALL neg bois: stop taking Prep!!!

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. gaynudist61


      I will never take Prep

    3. Eraioon


      This better be sarcasm. Or do you call it trumpism now?

    4. chubbybear


      Never took PrEP and never will. Can't get my ass pozzed up if I'm on PrEP :-)

  6. Kyle Cumslut

    I hope so! I counted 70 scenes he has done for Helix! Granted not all were bareback but 70 WOW! He has probably done some work for other studios, too. I imagine that he must be on Prep!
  7. Kyle Cumslut

    I really like Kyle, too. He has done ALOT of bareback! I often wonder if he has alot of bare sex off camera? I have fantasized many times about knocking him up!
  8. Since the server migration, I cannot access e-mails from the messenger folder. Hoping to get help on this issue.

  9. Since the migration, I cannot access any e-mails in my messenger folder. Any help would be much appreciated!
  10. How Big Is Too Big?

    I was talking with someone about Chandler of Corbin Fisher. Chandler has a 9 inch cock. The person I spoke with made a comment about guys not being able to take that 9 inch cock. I think that 9 inches is PERFECT! 8 inches is GOOD and 7 is okay. I like to be hit deep and 9 inches brings me joy and has me seeing stars. Once you get into 10+ inches...I don't know...SO! What is too big for you and what is perfect for you? Any 10+ inch guys out there have any issue with bottoms who can't take your sweet meat?
  11. Yeah, he is probably bi. He's done 31 scenes with CF: 2 were with chicks, 1 was solo and 28 were with guys. He just did a scene in March of this year; so I don't think that he is retired. yet. I have noticed that he didn't get balls deep in many of the guys. I think 9 inches is Perfect for pleasure; once you get into 10+ inches there might be more discomfort than joy. While 9 inches is well above average, I think most guys and girls can take 9 inches in the ass and be cool. He could pound me balls deep all night and I could take it with pure joy!
  12. Hey, everyone! First of all, I absolutely LOVE Chandler; he is my favorite porn star, right now! However, I wonder if he is straight and strictly "gay for pay" or is he truly gay? I think Chandler is hot and his cock is AMAZING! He has been in about 28 scenes for Corbin Fisher where he fucks and gets fucked by guys. He is VERY passionate in his scenes when he is fucking and he REALLY knows how to fuck! When he cums, he cums HARD! He really seems to enjoy the sex and when he cums, you can see and hear the ecstasy he feels! So, is he straight and a great porn actor or he is truly a gay man enjoying sweet, bare sex like most gay men do? Anyone know anything about him? Anyone have any experiences with him? I can only imagine how AMAZING it feels to have him balls deep in you! He could own me and my ass ANYTIME! WOOF!
  13. I love this topic! The only problem that I foresee is that the majority of gay porn is now bareback or it seems to be mostly bareback, anyway. I mean, nobody wants to see condoms on cocks anymore. I'd LOVE to see Tommy Anders fucking bare but I don't think any such videos exist; professional or amature.
  14. Hey, all! I have seen Max Flint in a number of porn scenes; mainly Broke Straight Boys. BSB went bareback but Max Flint did not choose to start going bare, sadly. I'm just wondering if anyone knows anything about him? Is he really straight gay for pay only? Did he ever do a bare scene I don't know about? Anyone on here, by chance, ever fuck him? THAT is a story I'd love to hear!

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