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  1. 2 more weeks till I slam after a very long hiatus. (2 1/2 years)


  2. Had no idea you had as many people on your websites per a post where you mentioned it. Well done and thank you for providing such outlets. 

  3. Visiting Boise the 3rd week of March. Looking to play. Mild to wild. Mostly bottom for fucking otherwise versatile. Hoping to meet up and have some fun.
  4. Visiting Iowa the first 2 weeks of March. Waterloo area and then Des Moines. Looking to play. Mild to wild. Mostly bottom for fucking otherwise versatile. Hoping to meet up and have some fun.
  5. I was wondering as the site moves forward about the idea of a calendar. Not a calendar for us to add our own stuff but more of gatherings like MAL, IML, events in Palm Springs etc... Somewhere that shows us what might be happening during a tip to New Orleans or San Francisco etc... It's just a thought towards an idea of a possible feature request if it is viable. Thanks for reading.
  6. Counting the days till I get to Iowa and do that first slam followed by long sessions of getting fucked. 

    1. Willing


      Mmmm please 👄👱‍♀️

  7. It depends on the person. I have had some who really wanted to know and then held it against me and didn't want to do anything. They became turned off by it yet they said they really wanted to know.
  8. Had a thought, - maybe some sort of actually checking a box or approval by each user that they want access to bareback or chems or pissing etc... This way each person selects what they want to see. If they change there minds can add or subtract that subject matter. Maybe part of profile setting with you still able to block them if they want permanent blocking such as what you offer in Chems. This way people are actively involved in saying what material they want to see. Just a thought.
  9. The Washington Post article about Facebook reach when we are away from Facebook was very eye opening. Though it did not show here it did pick up on Tumblr and Kik which has me very concerned because I use a different email and that account isn't even on Facebook. This is way to much information for any company to have on me or you. I thought many may find this of interest. I also hope this is the right area to post it. Otherwise I am uncertain where it should go. [think before following links] [think before following links] https://www.washingtonpost.com/technology/2020/01/28/off-facebook-activity-page/
  10. Your thoughts on VPN? I know I use it all the time for the protection of my privacy and the one I use has no logging either.
  11. I hope everyone is staying warm these days as the cold and snow has been hit some areas really hard. 

  12. I lost my virginity to a wonderful bare BBC in 1987. The majority of my play experiences, I mostly bottomed, were bareback. I have had a lot of fun and play since that first time. I am negative.
  13. The closer my trip gets the more horny i am. Already have several hookups set as well as stuff so I can slam. I am so horny thinking about it. 

    1. pippahkt


      I am happy to know that you will be able to live your dream fully, best luck to you and let us know how it went.


  14. Hello everyone - Hope you are well. I am counting the days. Yep - I bought my plane tickets. Was not able to make any stops at the beginning or end of my travels unfortunately. I will be in Iowa and Idaho though and will be looking to play and take cock. Early to mid March. I am going to do my first slam in 2 1/2 years. At least that is what I am thinking. I will be doing less at least initially since it's been so long. In the past I would back fill to the .20 - .25 line. When I prepare my points this time I will back fill to .10 - .15. It's easier to do additional slams then it is to do to much and find myself in trouble. I know from experience what to expect, yet it seems like it is going to be brand new. I am meeting up with a friend for food when I first get there. We used to pnp all the time before I moved. I am not planning that he and I will. I do have a hope that he might. Beyond that I am hoping I don't blow my diet to much. I still have about 10-12 kilos I really need to lose. I have become very methodical of writing everything down in an app that allows me to track my food. Doesn't do anything else. I just find it helpful to know what and how much I am eating. I have found that my portions are down and I am less likely to take seconds. I haven't cut out chocolate or ice cream etc... but I am taking a lot less. I have this chocolate halva that is really good. I only have one bite now and I am good. In the past I would take 3 or 4 bites and sometimes more. I see the results in my wight and it is having a good effect. That is just one part of my multi faceted life. 49 days and counting till I leave. If you can come to Iowa or to SW Idaho during my trip let me know so we can arrange a meet up. I would defiantly enjoy some pnp pervy fun. Till next blog - 😀
  15. I don't believe they can continue it in the original post but can possibly start a new subject. I am sure and admin can provide further clarification on that.
  16. 2020 has arrived in Israel.

  17. I am traveling to the US for a visit from March 3rd to the 21st. Iowa, Idaho and parts in between. Hoping to have opportunity for party and play activities 😁😁😁

  18. Have always enjoyed them. Several times set up a hidden cam to live stream on zoom or such. I also blindfolded my self and left door unlocked.
  19. From my home to yours.


    1. Evan6314


      שלום. חג חנוכה שמח! 


  20. Today is that day that comes around once a year. As I look back over the last year, it has been a hell of year. Had some financial issues. Was in a coma for almost 2 weeks. Sepsis was the reason. People came out of the woodwork to see how I was and some to help. After that illness I lost some friends. Guess they were not really my friends. New apartment after I got out of the hospital. Not furnished so had to by a fridge and some other furniture I didn't have. The joys of owning things which means the next time I move it's going to take a lot more effort. Pretty certain I will have to higher someone if and when I move next. Went to an Indian place for supper called "Little India". Nice food. Now I am home here on the internet. It's after a 11:00 pm so bed time soon. Yet even though it's been 2 plus years since I last slammed if a point was available to me right now I am pretty certain I would inject myself and feel that rush and heat rise through my whole body. That immediate need to be naked. That overwhelming lust for cock and cum. Fantasy it will remain. For how long though is a different story. I am making plans and saving money, doing a good job on that, to make a visit back to the US for 2-3 weeks either in mid March or mid to late April. It doesn't have to remain fantasy then. Just would need to make a connection with someone who may be a complete stranger, have them trust me enough to help me get some stuff. Offer them a slam as well. We prep and do our slams together, get naked and hopefully he would than fuck the hell out of me and leave a deposit of cum in my hole. Until then I will live vicariously through the good stories on here and the many slam videos scatter to the web. Still if there was a point in front of me right now back filled to .25 and just needing water to be added. Yes I would add the water and once dissolved my camera would be on both to record and to broadcast on NKP or zoom or someplace. I would insert that point into my vein, check for the flash, and then push every bit of it into me.
  21. I am from Iowa. Still call it home though I live in Israel now.
  22. Hi everyone We get real about or sex lives, our needs and wants when we pnp and many other subjects mostly related to sex and such. Not this post. I live in the capital of the Negev in Israel. I am approximately 35-40k or 20-25 miles from Gaza. You would think that is pretty far but let me say it's not. The city I live in is about the same size people wise as Des Moines. We are growing though in leaps in bounds with expectations we will double in population in the next few years, possibly in as little as 10. 500,000 people - just wow. Back to Gaza. Gaza is controlled and governed by Hamas, a terrorist group seeking the complete destruction of Jews and Israel. What can I say it's truth. Over the last 2 years the several Gaza Factions, Hmas, PIJ also know as Palestinian Islamic Jihad and other smaller groups have fired approximately 2050 rockets in to Israel. Most have landed in the zone that is 0-10K from Gaza. Those people have 15 seconds to find cover or get to the safe room. Yes 15 seconds. On the occasions when they fire towards my city, the last time was 2 weeks ago, I have 1 minute to find shelter. If they fire towards Tel Aviv and they have, then they have 75-90 seconds to find shelter. Why am I telling you this? Part of it is to get it off my chest. This is my life and the reality I am living in. I made the decision to leave the US and live here permanently. That was 3 years ago. I am not writing this to have you feel sorry or anything either. I just want you to know. At the same time I am not trying to make you believe it's dangerous here. In most ways it's safer here then Chicago or Washington DC. Just know if you ever came you will see people carrying rifles all the time even at the beach in bikinis. In some ways you could make the comparison to living in tornado ally though it is still very different. At least in tornado ally you have alerts and watches so you know it could develop. Even at night. Rockets you get no warning. The last one here was at 2am. Having the city sirens going off as the warning app on your phone and tablet go off as well. With one minute you have enough time to throw a shirt on, grab the phone and put slippers or something on your feet. Those in the 15 second zone it's wake up and move no time for anything. After the all clear you have no idea if any more are going to come. I was awake for 2 hours afterwards. Yes the IDF, Israel Defense Force, does retaliate afterwards. Usually it's hitting the spot the rocket was fired from, maybe empty buildings or storage buildings. Just hard to say. We here in the south feel like the government has abandon us because they don't do more. Thank goodness we have the Iron Dome. It's an anti rocket and mortar defense system. In seconds it knows where it's going and if it will hit in and open space, those are ignored, or will land in a population area and then it's fired. It has an 85-95% success rate when fired. It can be over whelmed though if they saturate the rocket fire. In Gaza they are estimated to have several 10's of thousands. Hezbollah up north in Lebanon they say could have 250,000 rockets and many are more precise with longer range able to hit anywhere in the country. Even Iran firing from Syria and constant threats to attack from Yemen or Iran itself. It's not all gloom and doom. Tel Aviv is one of the best places to go on vacation and for several years, it still may be, was the place to go if you are gay on vacation We are still the start up nation. Amazon is now here and expanding. Your computer Intel CPU was probably developed here and possibly even made here. A lot of companies from Facebook to Microsoft and Google have R&D labs here or more. It's either 2 or 3 of the top 100 Universities and 5 of the top 200 universities are here in Israel. One of them is 5k or less from me. This Friday morning I start a 6 week class there in Hebrew Literature. The class is in English which is good because my Hebrew sucks big time. I am not afraid of dying by the rockets. When it's your time, it's your time and nothing any of us can do about. I just wanted to put out here what it's like at times. Much of the news around the world doesn't report it or if they do, they paint it such that it looks like it is Israels fault. I spent time in the Marine Corps. We were drilled on honor and morality in times of war. The IDF may in fact be the most moral army in the world. Before they bomb most buildings they do what is called a roof knock which is a dumb bomb on the roof signalling a real bomb is next usally in 60 seconds. The US doesn't do that. We accept that civilians could get hurt or killed and figure it's worth if when it means getting the bad guy or guys. Things like that drive me crazy sometimes. I am sitting here waiting for the next alert and your warning the bad guys that your going to bomb them yet they fire at civilians not caring. Yea - not very happy about that. Other then visiting the US soon I have no intentions of leaving Israel. I could maybe someday move to another city which depending on where possibly makes Gaza less of an issue but does not remove the threat in total since they do have the ability to hit most of the country and should Hezbollah start shooting no place is safe and you will see the IDF enter Lebanon very quickly to stop them. I hope I have not scared anyone off. I invite you to come see my country and my home. I even have a spare room if needed or my bed. It would be nice to have some play time and some get2thepoint fun as well. Take care all.
  23. Hi everyone Hope you are well. I am doing okay here. I was in the hospital last spring. Sepsis - Probably caused by pneumonia though they don't really know for sure. Nasty stuff. Put me in a coma for almost 2 weeks then had to learn to walk again as I regained my strength. I am doing okay though. It's also been just over 2 years since I last did a slam. This is now the longest time of no pnp ever since I first started pnp in 2010. Part of me wants to continue being sober. I know what get2thepoint does and feels like, yet it's been long enough I don't really remember all of it. Makes for good jack of fantasy at times but even that is pretty much getting old. In fact I get off more at the moment to old-young and or teen porn almost exclusively girls unless I am binging slam videos. Yet even those are not doing it for me. I have had some wonderful private chats with some of you and those have been really good. Several of you want to slam and never have and I am glad you shared that with me and or am willing to let me admin should things allow us to meet up in person. I really would like to be part of introducing you to your first slam. More then likely that is also when I suspect, unless something happens before meeting up, that I would fall off the wagon and start slamming again. I do keep asking myself is this what I want. The answer to that question is I do and I don't. Right now with where I live, Israel, I have to find a protected space now and then because Hamas or Islamic Jihad sends rockets to where I live - no bs on this it really happens and the last one was about 2 weeks ago, finding ms T is not the easiest thing to do and I don't go out of my way to find it though it is here. I am hoping to do some traveling possibly in Europe and more likely the US in the next few months. Have not seen family and friends in over 3 years - it's time to go visit. When I visit it comes down to what I do in preparation before I leave. If I make a new A4A and BBRT accounts then I have made the decision to get2thepoint. I realize even if I don't make them before I leave I can easily enough make them on the fly while traveling. I guess nothing is set when I travel other then the travel, seeing family and ...??? I am 57, 58 in 2 weeks. I love sex. Still jacking off usually once if not twice a day - morning and evening. If I am pnping I want to get fucked and used by any and every cock I can find to fuck me. If a girl is involved I want to fuck her while I am getting fucked. What can I say I like sex with girls even when i have a dick in my ass. To top it all off I can be a real perv, less so when sober but man-o-man when I get2thepoint i am a total perv down for about anything. If your curious to know more and what that means all you have to do is ask me in private. As an aside to all this I try to always follow for follow and saying that I am always looking for new friends. In many ways I am more honest here about my wants, needs, and desires then I ever am with any one unless its someone I pnp with. The average person, guy or girl, just would not understand why I did and still probably will do "T" again. Nor would many understand some of the wild and pervy sex I have done and could do again and most definitely will with "T" swimming in my veins. No face pics but here are a few pictures that I have in my album. I am high in everyone of them. If and when I do get2thepoint again I am going to do a better job I think of videoing it. Not just a faceless slam but show the face and the reaction. If all goes well showing the sex as well. Just have to see what the future holds. As a final thought I believe that I will either be in the US in March 2020 or late April or early May 2020. I could possibly come earlier but that is going to depend on how much money I have saved by then and how much snow is in Iowa and Idaho since those are mandatory stops to see family. With that in mind if you would be interested in getting together and hopefully get2thepoint and ff, cock and cum and more, let me know. I am planning on being in the states hopefully for 3 weeks when I come. That way I can plan pnp stops as I am visiting family and friends. Other then Alaska and Hawaii, they are just to far to do anything with, every other state in the continental US and some parts of Canada, probably the greater Toronto and possibly Montreal areas though Vancouver as well if I end up heading towards Seattle, are all doable. Leave comments or write me back privately. Would love to hear from you.

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