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  1. Cuckhold

    Ya this is a major fantasy of mine, to have multiple kids with my wife who are not mine - maybe one or two mine... I'd love fucking her as the baby grew more and more every day, fucking her and anointing her baby bump with my cum and/orfeeding her my loads as testosterone shots for the health of the baby.
  2. Morning Breeding

    Get a dildo or butt plug to fuck the loads with, it makes for longer fun after they leave. They also get to think of their cum stewing inside you.
  3. Took My First Bareback Loads Today

    I've since fucked I don't know how many men now. Had a girlfriend for a while too who liked to play around with other guys on me, eventually got married even. I was hoping to see her pregnant by the military guy she married, but she cheated on him and apparently pissed him off. I know I gave her herpes, hpv and who knows what else. She gave it to him and now at least 3 other people and their partners now have it. I was playing with men during all this and now have three main daddies who I service regularly and take their raw loads. Havent tested since 2012 and not wanting to. 25, hung white versatile bare breeder boy in Ft Worth.
  4. Best age for starting sucking cocks

    I was six or seven and it started with two boys, one my age and his younger brother - about 7 and 5. Their dad would babysit me since my mom worked nights at a hospital. We would end up sucking each others dicks instead of going straight to bed and though we never came I remember loving sucking dick and balls, and knew I wanted to suck an older guys especially their dad or my dads. I remember seeing my dads giant hairy cock in the shower and when he'd be on the toilet, he never seemed to hide. I remember wanting so badly for him to come in my room at night and play with me, I would jerk off fantasizing about it. I knew as early as 7 or 8 when looking at his porn magazines he thought he had hidden under a couple hunting ones in his bathroom that I liked the look of mens cocks and though I still have yet to suck my dad in the meantime I've sucked and fucked lots of other dads. That said, I think the best age is as soon as nature allows. In Africa there is a tribe that keeps their sons away from all women for the first few years of their upbringing where they feed on the semen of their fathers and other male leaders and to me that is what society needs to start moving towards. Semen is the holy eucharistic bond between Father, Son and the Holy Spirit.
  5. About to suck my first cock

    I love big or small cocks Small is really hot for some reason.
  6. I just recently turned 23, and have long been turned on to different kinds of porn but especially barebacking and anonymous sex with older men. Finally I couldn't take it anymore, so today I put an ad on Craigslist looking for an older guy to come by to let me suck him off. I had a few no shows, but two older, ex-military men came by, one after the other. I was a bit nervous, and even went so far as to hide knives throughout the house, just in case the guys turned out to be crazy killers. The first guy had a nice thick bush. He took a while to get hard, but that was okay by me as I really wanted to experience an older man's flaccid, wrinkly cock in my mouth. His testicles, which were actually smaller than mine, were also quite hairy and wrinkled, but I really enjoyed playing with them as I sucked his dick, almost as if I was nursing a teat. When he started to get hard, I pulled my shorts off, so now I was wearing only the tight briefs I chosen just for the occasion. I know he was even more turned on, 'cause when he felt-up my bulge he got hard really fast. I work in construction so I'm rather fit and when I removed my shirt, he got really wild and pulled me up on to his lap so he could suck my dick (which was longer, although not thicker than his). I sucked him off for a good half hour as he pushing my head up and down, although I was almost choking and slobbering all over which I guess made him harder. When he blew his nut in my mouth I thought it was amazing, and surprisingly was able to swallow it all in a few gulps, even as he was still face fucking me. I squeezed the rest out as best I could. I could tell we were both satisfied, so I said "I'll be here when I'm not working, so keep in touch." The next guy was a lot better looking in all respects and as it turned-out, was a doctor and married, which I thought was hot. (I've always wanted a doctor to go overboard during an examination, so this was as close as I've gotten to fulfilling one of my fantasies). The doctor brought 'poppers', of which I've heard, but which I had never used. While I really wasn't expecting to have anal sex, especially not without a condom, after he had me take a few hits of the poppers, and I had sucked his cock and balls for a bit, we both knew what each other wanted. Now, I must say I did notice his dick seemed a bit 'roughed up'. I'm not sure if it was a function of his age, or for some other reason, but whatever the cause, somehow I wanted to suck him even more. I knew from previous experience that adding a little pressure with the teeth can feel really add to the sensation, so I did as much, and especially went to town around the ridge of his head and shaft. He pulled my legs up over my head and started vigorously licking my ass. His mustache and beard prickled but felt amazing. I know he was lubing my hole, sort of priming my hole so it wouldn't hurt as bad when he slid his cock in. As he worked my hole, I remember wondering to myself 'what am I getting myself into?' but honestly I didn't care very much, perhaps because the sensation of being rimmed was amazing, and I was genuinely enjoying this animalistic moment with an adult male. When he positioned me for his cock, he said he wouldn't cum in me, which is why I let him fuck me bareback, but as he pounded me, I told him "I want to feel you blow your load in my ass." I didn't know when he actually blew his load, as he was already fucking me hard already and it appears he continued fucking me after he came, but when he withdrew from my ass, most of his huge load of cum oozed out. "That's a five day load," he commented, and it was indeed a huge amount of cum. He ended up helping me blow my load all over my chest. He rubbed it all over my chest, and fingered my hole roughly, digging out some more of his cum. I'm hard just thinking about it and I want both of them to come back and for each man to pump his load into my ass, but I also want to meet other men and find some younger guys who I might introduce around. I guess I'm a top a younger brother-types while I'm a bottom when playing with daddies. I wonder why my balls are so sore.

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