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  1. ‘Eric’s slick hole’ is one I started and have not continued after part 5? double conversion bathhouse stories in title for chemsex section usually has stuff. Search for keywords in top right while you’re in chemsex, make sure you check the “search in this forum” and look for your kinky keywords. Good luck and enjoy pig!
  2. Nice. Wonder what kinda fire this fuck might of lit in this little whores guts 🔥😈. Nice start.
  3. Very hot start. I’m very intrigued ❤️
  4. Hey guys, just asking for a roll call for who may see this on guys in Texas who may be looking to network and expand their circle a bit. Friends or otherwise. I’m in small town and prolly only guy in town who uses this site. I am between Sweetwater and Sonora on the map. Central Texas. Message me to chat on a messenger for more personal stuff. Or if you see someone else in this thread that you may connect with, hit them up 👌🏻🙌🏼 waiting for covid to relax a bit before I start heading out to all diff cities again like I used too.
  5. [think before following links] https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5ad178ec36e75 That’s one of his dildo/fist/prolapse vids
  6. I know him!!! If you google “huge dragon dildo twink” he had a whole thing on tumblr before it was taken down and still has some videos on free porn sites. He’s used to fisting himself and sitting on some HUGE dragon dildos too. I’m talking like hands to armpit length of a dildo sitting down on it. I had only seen videos of him using dildos and fisting himself, I’d LOVE to see a porn with him it? You got any links?? ❤️
  7. @Dirtyfuckboy has always been my ultimate fetish / lustful / sex-crazed interest from his own stories but it seems like he's not used the site much anymore. Wonder what that dirty pig has been up to 😉
  8. You know I was actually just thinking the same....haven’t been really motivated lately. Tired after work and such... but I def. can add in another boost to this wild story ❤️
  9. Part 5 - Feeding the neg pig his seed - (Including Dolf from Conversion Story) -> [ Disclaimer: All reference words to “kid” refers to a gay adult of age (18) or above ] I saw the boys hole gaping with my seed leaking out every time it pulsed shut...only to open again. The kid was so spun he was starting to move around too much if he wasn’t actively doing something sexual . H, Tommy, and Jeremy didn’t miss a beat... already naked, hard from the trimex they gave their cocks and got onto the bed. As Tommy gently touched the boys chin and brought his face to look up into his eyes, his devilish smile looking to those dilated black lust-filled holes of his eyes and spoke, “Yeah.... this boys toast. Aren’t you boy?” He licked the sweat off the boys face from his chin, lips, up to his forehead and savored how his sweat tasted. “Love the taste of a new-found chem pigs first t sweat.” The feeling of his hot tongue running across the boys face sent chills across his entire body. At this point his body was getting very hot and any physical contact was ecstasy at this point. H noticed how high the boy was, and also took his place wrapping his legs onto the boy, lining up his cock and sliding in fully in one go. As a loud whore moan escaped his lips, the boy backed up onto it while his head was pushed onto Tommy’s cock. Jeremy asked H to pull the boy up to his chest so he was standing up on his knees for the next part to this conversion. The T fully in his system had shrunk the boys decent sized cock, but they needed to complete this weekend fuck-fest by making sure his body was used to being hard as a rock when being verbally talked to with poz breeding, chems, and all the slutty names they’d be calling him. He grabbed a shot of Trimex and slowly brought it to a vein in the boys cock, as H sucked on Eric’s neck holding him still and rubbing his body to distract him. As the shot was done Jeremy wiped the site and saw Eric’s cock grow to life. Bigger than when I had started playing with him before he smoked. The boy’s mind too scattered to concentrate anymore. We guided his hand to his rock hard dick and whispered in his ear to bump his cock as long as he was getting fucked and cum as many times as his body would let him. As he fell down to continue sucking Tommy off, he was vigorously pumping his cock hard like a sex robot at this point. H’s balls were slapping the cheeks so loud I thought maybe we may have broken his cunt walls a little too much. I started to stand up to tell him to ease up on the kid a bit until the new guy Dolf strongly held my arm in place. “No.... I need him broken in. By the time I get to him he’ll still need another boosT to take how I intend to fuck him.” I was caught in a dilemma between my cock-horniness and letting this all unfold. In the end... I sat my ass back down... and began egging H on to go harder. “Teach that faggot what it means to be truly knocked up stud. Training his hole for more.” Dolf stayed dead-eye locked on the look in the boys eyes and the sight of H’s cock pumping in and out of him. Slowly edging himself to building up that fire inside, but not enough to get close to cumming. —— Eric’s mind; - Oh my god this feels. So *feeling of cock pounding in me.” Fucking *pound* GOOD *harder pound*. - Fuck this cock tastes so good. His balls I just wanna... *Tommy slaps back of my head* SWALLOW it. - What time is it? Fuck me. Poz cock in my hole - Condoms? Hell I want to feel every mans raw cock inside me RIGHT NOW - I don’t want this to stop —— As H was getting closer to cumming, he pulled the boys hair again to move him off Tommy’s cock and wrapped huge sweaty muscled tatted arms around the boy’s neck. ”It’s time for you to get your next feeding boy, need another charge?” The boy nodded yes. “Look at me boy, I want you to see in my eyes the moment my seed begins pulsing inside that neg spun cunt.” Their lock-on lust-filled stare was intense and H’s mouth began to gape open as he lost control and began bursting rope after rope of charged cum inside. Riding out the orgasm he began squeezing his bicep on the boys neck harder as the kid held on for dear life. “Fuck yeah you whore, open up the hole for our poz gang. Welcome to the brother..”. He saw Dolf break from his sexual stare to glare at him hard. He knew Dolf wanted the word to register in the faggots brain when he was done, so he stopped and just continued pumping till his cock was done cumming. Unhooked his legs from Eric, H slid off him and Tommy told Eric to squat over him while he was laying down on his back, cock pointed up so he could ride it. As soon as he slid down, he pulled the boy into his lips to make out and held him tight to his chest intensely making out and pulled the kids ass cheeks apart. Jeremy knew his role here to begin DP’ing ritual Tommy and him enjoyed so much. He slowly wrapped his fingers around Tommy’s cock already inside and rimmed the boys hole with his fingers. Eliciting moans From the sensation.... and as he stopped rimming the hole with his finger.... the faggots mind would go nuts wanting it again. He grabbed the T-lube getting his dick wet and poked his head against the cock already inside and the wet hole entrance. As he pulled his cock back he continued to rim the hole again...and sliding 2 fingers alongside the dick stretching the hole, wiggling them a bit and then removing them. This sent the boy into over-drive again, “MORE, please.” Bingo. Tommy and Jeremy locked eyes knowing this moment that had come to every neg twink faggot they’d partied with before... he poked his head inside and felt the hole relaxing and in that brief moment, slammed his cock in until he felt both their balls touching and cocks pulsing in heat. Dolf grinned again, “Checkmate”. “Cum at the same time. Make sure the boy makes you guys bust, don’t fuck him.” It was as if something possessed the twink slut at this point. He reached down grabbing both of the mens balls along their cock rings, rubbing their perennial areas edging the tops along further. With a barrage of piggy things escaping his mouth, he kept sliding his ass carefully up and down the two cocks locked inside his hole while also holding balls strong to ensure neither cock would fall out. “I want you both to poz me so fucking bad. Please give me your loads. I’ll be a good boy and take it all. Fuck me up and breed me. Deep.” This continued for about 5 more minutes until both guys felt the urge coming. Tommy: “You ready for two loads at once?” Jeremy: “Don’t have a choice at this point. You’re fucking sold to this whore lifestyle now. Look at your tweaked out slutty self” Eric smiled in pure ecstasy as he felt both dicks shooting inside. Knowing he had earned his gift from them. He held both men as Jeremy collapsed on top of the boy, while Jeremy panted to recover from his orgasm. The cocks one by one slid out and now a puddle of poz cum had poured out of the chem-fueled demon boy now ready for his final event. Dolf stood up grabbing his rock hard 11” cock with his PA still on, tugging on his balls and stared at his target....the gaping neg hole flooded already with his fuck buddies poz seed. “Strap him. Now” H, Jeremy, myself, and Tommy quickly moved the boy to the back of the bed. Head and neck resting against the headboard, both feet and ankles were tied up to opposite head-board corner, entirely exposing his ass continuously pulsing, still wet with cum, one wrist was tied up to his right ankle...while the left arm was tightly wrapped with a rubber band as I looked him in the eye, holding a poinT. “It’s time to let go pig, let Dolf ruin this pig hole of yours. It’s to feel so good and bad at the same time.” I lined up the shot and slid the contents right into the whores veins, undid the band, and then tied his left arm up to his ankle. His eyes shot open again, “Oh...w-w-o-w....can’t...thin..k...” Dolf took his PA 11” cock and roughly popped his head in, along with 3” in his first entry thrust. Dolf: “You don’t need to think faggot. Just become a hole for me. Right...” He slammed all of his cock in all the way to his balls grinding his pubes into Eric’s hole reveling in the feeling. “NOW” I can’t describe the incredible sound and grunt of “FUCCKKKKKK” that escape Eric’s mouth. Dolf: “Let it all out. This is your life now. Revel in the feeling of being used faggot.” He pulled his cock out just to the huge mushroom tip and slammed it back in. It seemed as if almost every ounce of being in the boys mind was focusing on being able to take Dolfs thrusts. Like a sexual satyr he insatiably long stroked the hole for 30 minutes straight. Never breaking a sweat. The boys eyes stayed wide, and occasionally began to roll back into his head. Dolf would quickly bring him back to by sticking his tongue back in his mouth and mouthing the words against his lips, “Open those eyes and look at me.” Then mount himself up again and continue his hole beating. H, Tommy, Jeremy got their clothes and began to leave at this point as I sat on a chair by the bed stroking off. “Let me wreck. *Thrust* This. *Thrust* FUCKING *Thrust* HOLE!” He roughly pulled his cock out and started to beat it for two seconds as his load was finally here. He grabbed the slut by the throat with both hands and pulled himself in as he buried his cock in fully, breathing hard against Eric’s lips as his huge cock shot his load he had been saving for 3 weeks inside. “Welcome to the Brotherhood boy. You’ll never be the same after right now.” He slid his cock out after 10 huge pulses. “But for now, just enjoy the next hour as I work this load into you. You earned it.” For the next hour he just slowly kept sliding his cock all the way out and in, massaging his toxic seed in. As Dolf dismounted Eric, I untied his arms and legs and the two collapsed on the bed starting to knock out. His hole was almost permanently open now as even more seed came onto the fuck-sheets I had laid down. I wasn’t about to end a good night like this... I positioned Eric to his side and Dolf was asleep on his back, and I began to slowly lube his sticky cock from earlier up again, getting it to full mast.... as I motioned dolf over to his side, I guided his huge pierced head up against the boys hole and urged it inside. Muscle memory took over as he wrapped his huge muscle arms around the boy and pulled him back in as he grinded the rest of his cock in. I started to leave the room so they could enjoy the rest of the night as it seemed the fuck-trance continued... Dolf would probably be grinding into him for the next few hours. ——- Note: This may be the ending to this story, unless others want to continue it and post here on their own. You’re welcome too. Wanted to actually get this out here like I promised before. Thanks for reading pigs 😉 Stay healthy, sexy, and perverted
  10. 7 most likely. Only my back getting bred by a stud while sucking off another vers pig getting pounded above me 😉
  11. Haven’t yet. Just grocery store and home so far. Was asked to stay home from work for a week.
  12. Yes it has, i’m not allowed to leave the city currently. Puts a damper on things.... Most people stay home, but I do get offers to come out around midnight usually all the time still.

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