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    dropping loads in hot smooth holes... love young poz or poz chasing dump sluts.
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  1. Rest In Peace Will...

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    2. hornyhungrybutt


      I met Will when he was attending UK.We had played & been in contact since that time, last 12-14 years. We met up pretty much every time he visited his bff in town. We chatted as recently as April when he was visiting LA. He lived in Queens, NYC. I will miss him.

    3. hornyhungrybutt


      Yes he was sweet & naughty. I'm 😥

    4. JoshLandaleXXX


      So so sad to learn of Wills passing. 


      Rest in Peace my friend. X

  2. you are gonna get that boy hole pozzed up, if it isn't already 🙂
  3. Where are you located? had poz seed yet?
  4. would love to dump a few loads when i visit, dm me.
  5. Thanks for the follow, mister ;) Ever been to Texas?

  6. I like a bttm to have both ears pierced and both nipples pierced... don't care too much for a PA.
  7. when u free to take some tox bug seed?

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    2. Jackfoster


      Private me on here first, dont wanna give any info out in public

    3. literaldirection


      says u cant receive messages

    4. Jackfoster


      Hm, well I messaged you. If you have wickr I’m toxicjack

  8. When are  you free for some toxic aids seed?

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