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  1. Not only will they come for marriage but sodomy laws too.
  2. Same here. I LOVE slurping up the remnant cum from my ass. It’s especially fun in a gang bang situation. Spitroasted, as I love to be.
  3. Sounds like you might have a sex addiction which, like any addiction, needs to be addressed. As for morals, etc. that’s all something that is person to person.
  4. I purposely don’t get into relationships because I like being used by as many men as possible. Relationships need trust so unless it’s open, it doesn’t feel right to get into a platonic relationship. And I never have.
  5. I agree with this though I don’t mind thong “panties”
  6. It doesn’t get used as it’s in permanent chastity. But I’m still a male “faggot”
  7. I’m a gay male. I was born to have sex with other men. More than gay, I’m a cumdump faggot.
  8. It’s a pussy to me. It’s whatever the top wants to call it to them.
  9. My “type” is often like me, a bottom. So I’ve always looked for whomever would breed me first.
  10. I’ve never topped nor do I really desire to.
  11. I’ve been bred by identified straight men more than once in the bed of one of their (young) children or in the family living room with toys everywhere.
  12. I’ve been building it up to as long as possible (24 hour periods at a time) but am currently at 8 hours.
  13. I never chose it. I was born a faggot and that’s who I’ll always be. A faggot born to be used by men sexually (and still be a man in daily life).
  14. Absolutely not. Even though it’s generally useless for sex, I like my little caged clit and am a faggot. Without my caged clit, I’d be a girl and wouldn’t have known what being a faggot is. Plus I’d have like 5 to 10 kids…
  15. Thongs and jockstrap alternate first. Cold days maybe a bikini brief or boxerbrief. No tightly white or multipack branded undies for me.
  16. The exact same thing for me but as a bottom. I’ve never desired to top nor do I think I ever will. I am 100% a bottom and love it.
  17. It definitely does affect many people. Tops always love a Full Moon.
  18. Lockthecock is good. There are several sub Reddit’s on the topic. And even posts here if you search for it.
  19. Most likely. I mean it’s the same drugs either way. Just that prep keeps you able to not HAVE to use the meds the rest of your life.
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