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  1. I stayed at the Crowne Plaza a couple of weeks ago and no key card needed there. I didn’t have anyone come straight to my room whilst there but there would have been no problem. The 2 guys I met up with both wanted me to meet them outside.
  2. I’ve never intentionally stayed at St. Giles as a cumdump but during the 2 stays I have done there in the last 6 months I’ve found it a good hotel to get fucked during the night by other guys staying there. Most nights I was staying there I found someone else in the hotel on Grindr who came to my room and fucked me. Last time I was there on my final night this was at about 3am.
  3. The Northern Line tube only runs till just after midnight but the N5 bus runs all night. It used to run every 10 minutes a few years ago but is only every 30 minutes these days. Stops quite near Jack Straws Castle on North End Road.
  4. Stayed at St. Giles Hotel a few weeks ago and certainly no problem accessing the rooms during the day and evening. Very busy and you can just walk straight in and up in the lift. Anyone know what it’s like after midnight and through the night. Is it 24 hours easy access for visitors to rooms as so many hotels have doors locked and security staff after midnight.
  5. I first went to Hampstead Heath about 20 years ago and really enjoyed it back then. Good atmosphere, very busy, nice guys and quite friendly. I’ve not been since Covid lockdowns but in recent years I’ve not enjoyed it as much. Certainly it’s not been as busy and there always seems to be a small group of desperate bottoms who remain bent over the fuck tree all night. I never feel as though I want to join them. I also agree about an increase in drugged up guys there. Also when I have been the mosquitos bite me terrible especially if I have spent some time bent over a tree. The last few times I’ve been in London, again before lockdown, I found Clapham Common more productive. It’s certainly lighter and you can see your way around better. Not so busy but I did think a better class of men. I’ve had my best times there on quiet nights after midnight when I’ve had some nice younger guys with huge cocks fuck me undisturbed by others.
  6. I don’t think it’s installing key card devices that’s currently the problem but more Covid precautions. Lots of hotels have additional security at the door connected with track and trace etc. Due to restrictions of people from different households mixing they have been monitoring more carefully who is entering the building and not allowing people in who are not registered as staying there. Hopefully these restrictions are already being relaxed.
  7. Last couple of times I’ve stayed at the Hendon Hyde Premier Inn. Quite a distance but the N5 night bus from Jack Straws Castle stops right outside. It’s quite a nice Premier Inn and usually has very cheap prices for London. Another advantage is as the reception is on the 1st Floor you can come straight in from the bus and into the lift up to your room without having to walk past staff. Useful if it’s 3am and you have muddy boots!
  8. I’ve been looking for the same for a number of years and found nothing. Seems to be an area of London with no hotels. Only place I’ve found within 20 minutes walk is the Premier Inn Hampstead which is actually in Belsize Park. It’s an old rather basic Premier Inn and can be very expensive for what you get. Apart from there you are looking at various hotels in the Swiss Cottage area which is a long walk.
  9. Could be difficult in some hotels for anon at the moment. Lots of different Covid safety measures and extra security in place. Sorry to hear that Holiday Inn Express Nine Elms Vauxhall is currently closed.
  10. Stayed here last month and quite impressed. Nice hotel for the price. No keycard needed for lifts or to access each floor level so easy access to rooms. Easy to just walk in and up to room until about midnight when keycard is needed for main door. Has potential, but I had no luck here using Grindr. Will stay here and try again some time. However, 2 good nights being fucked over a tree at Clapham Common in the early hours. 24 hour bus to Clapham Common from just outside the hotel door. has anyone any experiences of other good Holiday Inn Express Hotels in the UK.
  11. Which Holiday Inn Express was this? I’ve heard the one at Nine Elms near Vauxhall in London is quite good for anon. I’m booked into the Travelodge in Balham next month at a flexible rate and so could easily change hotel.
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