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  1. Part 9 Throat fuck: 7 minutes. Chat: 3 minutes. Ass eating: 0 second. Lube: 20 seconds. Punishment ass fuck: 21 minutes. Breeding orgasm: 6 seconds. Post-orgasm endearment: 1 minute. Kiss: 5 seconds. Then Mickey was gone. Magoo was standing in the door frame with two other men. “I am working on lowering his inhibitions. He is not ready to put his ass on the block yet. I’ll get him there soon” Magoo explained to the two strangers “until then guys… get in here… I’ll give you the ride of your life!” On that, Magoo straddled my body on all four. His face smiling above
  2. Part 2 – Jeremy and Ben “Holy shit! They really did a number on you! Don’t cringe, I won’t hurt you. I only slipped 4 fingers in your hole. Still hot and creamy! and still tighter than your girlfriend twat upstairs. Here, taste it! Go on, clean them all. Good girl. I see Carlos gave you a tongue-piercing… I must say he doesn’t have much practice with it. The last few guys ended up with a permanent lisp… not that it really matters… it would just look normal on a faggot like you… but it looks like he got it right this time. Your pretty also. I understand why Dimitri cornered you a
  3. Thanks for the piggy, slut!   I really like your hot profile.  Hmmm... rimming a thick hairy grey sweaty ass....   

  4. Part 8 “Do you want my last neg load?” Magoo had dragged me out of the restroom after I was done. It took me a while to get going. I was piss shy. First, because Magoo was holding my cock and looking indiscreetly at me, and second, because the live urinal was Mickey’s boyfriend. His eyes were fixed on me, his chest heaving uncontrollably. The poppers were hitting me hard again and for a second I forgot why I was there. Magoo went behind me, bracing me with his hands on my nipples, distracting me further, and with a forceful push Magoo jammed his cockhead in my ass. “Huh! No! Yo
  5. Part 7 “Get on all four, bitch! Your ass is way nicer than your face.” Humiliation is not my cup of tea, but the gruff voice commanding the “bitch” next room was fucking sexy. The thumping ended few minutes ago, and the “bottom” was sobbing quietly, just loud enough to hear if I put my ear against the wall. This is my voyeur side. My motto is: safer to watch than participate… But here I was, in a bathhouse for the first-time ever in my life, having conspired with my neighbor (which I still don’t know his real name), to knowingly poz another not so innocent guy. My neighbor, a
  6. Thanks for the follow.

  7. Part 6 I was still in the room, the Viagra was now in full-effect, and the thumping next room had reached a crescendo announcing the inevitable conclusion of a breeding. Two fingers had found their way up my pussy, mixing the cum and my spit into a bubbly cream. My mind reverted to Mickey’s cum. “No time” “But it’s running down my legs…” Mickey turned around and leaned over me, kissing me, sliding his tongue deep in my mouth. My hard on from all the excitement stuck between us. “Let it run, Max…” Mickey said, “no one will mind.” “You took your time” Magoo said, po
  8. Part 5 I woke up in the room (how did I get here again?!) to a thump, thump rhythm coming from the other side wall. Someone was getting fuck because as I pay more attention, I discerned a muffled voice: thump… Uhn! thump… Uhn! thump… Ahh! Uhn! thump… Uhn! thump… Ow! Almost hypnotizing. Some other voices were encouraging/appreciating with “yeah, take it man”, “fuck him” or simply “hot”. I had a beginning of a headache. My hand went to my hole. No plug. Sore and sticky. Cum must have leaked, maybe lube leftover. As I circle a finger at my hole, I noticed one of Magoo’s shoe on the floor wit
  9. The text is mine but I borrowed the idea and the canvas from another story I read a long time ago.
  10. From his resume, Carlos would appear as middle-aged man, graduated from a respectable university and acting as a financial advisor - quite successful - for a firm you probably never heard of. He was also a volunteer for HIV Montreal, a non-profit org with an inexhaustible source of fresh young man, and the most exquisite sexual outlet for his urges which were as often as possible. When you met Carlos in person, you would have a different perspective. He didn’t look like your typical accountant or financials trustee. The man that would stand before you would be massive, clearly not obes
  11. Thanks for the follow.   And happy birthday in advanced!  I wish you a good fuck or two...

  12. Part 4 My balls were aching for release. I thought going to the bathroom and jerked off in a stall. Mr. Magoo was adamant: “I shall not cum unless he told me to” otherwise it would ruin his plan. He wanted me horny and responsive to any sexual triggers that I might face. He threatened me to find the smallest cock cage he could and crammed my cock in it and then whip my balls until they crawled back where they came from. I never saw this dark side of Mr. Magoo before. He almost scared me. May be I should. It turns out that Mr. Magoo was indeed a devilishly dark-depraved unbashful m
  13. Part 3 “I think I’ll go to the pool then warm up in the dry sauna” I said. It took us over an hour and half to do the bathhouse tour, and the place wasn’t huge. Magoo knew a lot of the guys there, greeting each of them and introducing me as his grandson Max… “Call me grandpa” he told me as we started the tour. So, 15 to 20 guys later and four blowjobs he gave, we were back to the room. Luckily, we haven’t seen Mickey and his friend. “You sure? I am going back to the theater for a second service” he stated. He had a semi and was nonchalantly playing with his foreskin, pullin
  14. Part 2 “Look who's here! If it’s not mister-goody-two-shoes in person!” I didn’t need to turn around to know who it was. I would recognize his voice anytime. Mikey Meltzer. A sophisticated annoying queen. I knew him from college and he was infamous for outing guys and spreading gossip on them. I slightly turn and nod to him. Of course, he was naked and nothing to be ashamed of. For few seconds I hoped that he was dressing and on his way out, unfortunately he had just arrived few minutes before me and Mr. Magoo at the bathhouse. He was with another guy, a skinny dirty-blond hair w
  15. Part 1 Mr. Magoo was my neighbor in the block apartment where I live. Magoo was a nickname because he really look like the old man cartoon: pretty short (5 ft), bald, round nose and myopic. I guess he was in his mid-seventy. He had a cock to die for, but his blowjobs were outstanding. I can witness for them. It was well-known that every day, right after lunch, he would walk down to the bathhouse and come back in the early morning next day. Anyone trying to reach him had better chance to find him there instead at his place. Once the landlord told me he was wondering why the old guy still
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