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    Aussie, GL shaved head beard. Total bottom love being bred and love group/anon sessions
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    Anon seeding all loads taken

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  1. Fallsguy38

    Hotel breeding party

    Hey boys neg chaser seed collecting tomorrow night Melb CBD hotel. All loads taken
  2. Fallsguy38

    Hotel breeding tommoriw

    Hey guys hosting for anon seeding tommoriw at hotel in docklands from 6Pm. Neg and not on prep so come load me up blindfolded or a hardcore loading seed swapping session
  3. Hey guys neg btm hosting at hotel in Elizabeth street no load refused anon entry will be blindfolded want to beat my load count record of 12
  4. Fallsguy38

    Visiting Raw Cumdump

    Hey boys visiting raw cumdump in Sydney for a week for a week will be hosting in hotel near Oxford street looking for walk in anon seeding, group loadings, toilet play oink. Drop me a message no loads refused.
  5. Hey Guys, in Sydney next week for work. Looking to take as many loads as I can. Whats the best Hotel in the CBD area where I can advertise a POZ breeding session for my neg hole. Want to be able to take as many anon poz loads as possible and would prefer door unlocked blindfolded walk in pump n dumps and group breeding sessions.
  6. Fallsguy38

    Poz Breed Group Needed

    Just landed in Sydney here for another week looking for toxic seed
  7. Fallsguy38

    Poz Breed Group Needed

    Back in a weeks time for a week still looking for toxic loads
  8. Fallsguy38

    Poz Breed Group Needed

    Damn hope you have more luck than me
  9. Fallsguy38

    Poz Breed Group Needed

    Until Friday
  10. Fallsguy38

    Poz Breed Group Needed

    Grace hotel Sydney cumpdump41 bbrt
  11. Fallsguy38

    Poz Breed Group Needed

    Here in Sydney for a week looking for toxic loads get in touch boys
  12. Fallsguy38

    Poz Breed Group Needed

    Am here for the week where's the best place to go for toxic seed can host at hotel
  13. Hey guys, visiting Sydney for work next week. Will be looking for Tops to seed, breed and load up my hole. Will have a hotel in the CBD. All loads taken, also advertising elsewhere into most things. Shoot me a message
  14. Fallsguy38

    Sydney Seeding

    Hey guys will be in Sydney for 2 weeks mid November for work. Will be looking for uninhibited raw fun, door unlocked blindfolds pump and dump. All loads taken. Also thinking of hitting a Venue whats the best venue for raw fun in Sydney
  15. Fallsguy38

    Brisbane Seed

    Hey guys, heading to Brissy for a week or so with work in August. Where are the best places to go to cop some raw loads. Will be advertising anon breeding elsewhere but want as many loads in my neg hole as possible while I'm there.

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