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    Fun, sleazy bottom looking for tops who like using a partied-up cock-hungry pig hole hard. Long, sweaty, cloudy fuck sessions preferred. I like sex on the wild side, pushing limits (yours/mine), & rough/hard (give/take) verbal breedings. Into anon scenes & loads, pigs who get off on degradation, uninhibited group play, & fantasy exploration.

    Uncut cocks, old fuckers with big swinging dicks, redneck/trashy pigs, trucker dick, & gingers are big turn on’s. As well as sdub tops that I can use and "abuse" -- I can be a sadistic fucker who will give as good as I get!

    I'm a great bottom with a ton of skills & stamina that you’ll love to push your dick in and breed.
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    Just amateur stuff (you can see some on my NKP profile). But I would love to do a movie with Knightbreeders and Damien Silver! If anyone can help make that happen, let me know!
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    Confident, fun, sleazy, top pigs who have hard dicks to breed my hungry spun hole. Better if they are aggressive/rough and verbal!
    SF Bay Area top(s) who gets off on owning a chem sluts hole and whoring it out for.

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  2. These two pigs are taking dick and loads from as many guys as we can find this afternoon/night (Thursday, April 29, 2021). ROUGH TOP FUCKERS to the front! Both whores like to be used hard and bred deep. Cum Dump 1: GWM, 34 5’ 9’ 135 Swimmers build - Loves to suck, fuck, rim hot hole, get fucked, CBT, J/O, Sounding, electro, sir/boy Looking for hung daddies who like their cocks worshiped and drilling holes. Cum Dump 2: GWM, 41, 6’ 1” 220, Cub - An adventurous bottom looking for tops who like using a cock hungry pig hole hard. Likes sex on the wild side, pushing limits (yours/his), & rough/hard (give/take), verbal breedings. Into anon scenes & loads, pigs who get off on degradation, uninhibited group play, & fantasy exploration. +++ Uncut cocks, old fuckers with big swinging dicks, redneck/trashy pigs, truckers needing to get off come use us. But all hard cocks ready to breed appreciated! TOPS ONLY PLEASE. MESSAGE ME FOR INFO.
  3. Wild to very wild bottom pig slut looking for aggressive, older tops / dads to own, use, and breed my hole and lend me out. Long sessions preferred. You host. I like sex on the wild side, pushing limits (yours/mine), and rough/hard (give/take) verbal breedings. Into anon scenes & loads, pigs who get off on degradation, uninhibited group play, & fantasy exploration. Uncut cocks, old fuckers with big swinging dicks, redneck/trashy pigs, sleazy old men, trucker dick, & gingers are +. Available evening of Sunday 25th - Thursday 29th.
  4. Spun Cum Dump in downtown SF hotel taking cock and loads. Wild to very wild, few lims.


  5. LOL. Well you believe what you'd like to believe, bud. Your prerogative. Here's the thing guys...it happened. This guy exists (although he's moved to a different part of San Francisco and no longer has that play room), and he's on Scruff and BBRT so with a little hunting on those sites it wouldn't be hard to find him -- he sticks out (in a good way). Also, In a subsequent hookup within the last 6 months he tied my limbs to the posters on the bed, saran-wrapped my head entirely, punched a mouth hole with a tube, blew heavy clouds into it until i couldn't see straight, and then stuffed a rag soaked in poppers in it and proceeded to fuck until he blew his load in my ass. And yes I fucking loved it. It's like he crawled into my head, uncovered all the deep, dark, naughty fantasies I have running around and decided to make them happen for me. And I for sure that I am not the only little pig in San Francisco that he's done similar things to/for... Best of luck, I hope some dirty old fucker comes along and makes one of your unspoken desires/fantasies come true. - FuckHardSF
  6. Your first name (or a name you'll respond to): Pig Hole Your cell number (for texts and voice calls): 415-758-3774 *prefer text* A location (be at least as specific as a zip code): 9th & Judah, San Francisco 94122 Times you're generally not available: Flexible Age: 40 Height: 6'1" Weight: 210 Ethnicity: Caucasian Scene / Into: I'm a pig bottom who plays with enhancements. Looking for aggressive top fuckers for extended cloud covered breedings. Love to be used hard as a whore, blindfolded and whored out - seriously blindfold me and tie my legs back and have whomever you want use me. Only concerned with your dick and load, and getting more dicks and loads. Older, Trade, Rough, Sleazy, Trashy, and Uncut fuckers I want your dick!
  7. This fun, sleazy, and slutty bottom will be taking dick and raw loads all evening tonight (Sat, 12/12) beginning at 5 PM at the Bay Bridge Inn San Francisco. I'm 40, GWM 6ft, 210, 7.5c, bearish, mild to very wild, pig bottom with few limits. I love cum in my hole, and my ass can really take a pounding like a champ! More details, pics and videos of me on my NKP profile: fuckhardsf Come for a pump-n-dump or stay for a longer, connected, breeding session. All hard cocks and loads are welcome. Message me to coordinate and get room details.
  8. 2 fun, pervy, sleazy pigs (1 bottom & 1 vers) looking for top fuckers to cum seed the bottom's hole this Sunday evening 11/29 at the Bay Bridge Inn. All breeders are welcome. Anon is great. The bottom can be blindfolded and ass up ready for you to use his hole. Sleazy, piggy, pervy a + but will take your load regardless of your scene. Message for room info.
  9. This is a true story… It happened one fall night two years ago… I was nervous as my Lyft made its way around Buena Vista Park towards his house. I had wanted this to happen for close to a year since I first saw him on Scruff. When I saw his photos and read his profile I knew immediately that I wanted him to do things to me that I’d only fantasized about. I wanted him to use me hard for his own pleasure. To treat me as an object and a fuck-hole. He’d made it clear in our messages that once I entered his place that I would be his sub for the night and that he’d do with me as he pleased. As the car rounded a corner and was yards from his house I realized that I wasn’t as high as I wanted to be. ‘I should have done a parachute. Maybe he’ll let me do one when I get in’ I thought to myself. The car came to stop outside his house and I stepped out into the brisk San Francisco night air. I stood there on the opposite side of the street staring at his house. And then I saw him, he was holding the door next to his garage open and motioned me over. He was shorter than I expected. Thinner than I expected. He looked older than his 65 years, a tough looking bearded face with bushy eyebrows, and a shaved head, He was wearing just a jock and big black leather boots. As I approached he said ‘Hi Boy, get your ass in here.” He stepped inside the garage and I followed closely behind. He led me through the garage and into a bright red room. It was an extremely well kitted out play room complete with fuck bench, four poster bed with various riggings and stirrups hanging from the wooden posts, there were lots of gas masks hanging from the wall. A ton of but plugs and dildos ranging from fairly small to the shockingly large. There was fetish porn playing on the TVs. And a long desk / counter that contained things like various lengths and widths of rope, chains, hoods, restraints, etc. As my eyes darted over the counter I noticed that there was a fine layer of Tina all over the counter. And a plastic food storage container containing a large amount of the stuff. My hole immediately twitched at the sight of the drug. It definitely knows what it likes… ‘Take your clothes off, boy. Put them over there in the box that says ‘Whore” on it.” And he sat down in a rather low profile chair across the room. I quickly took off my clothes, opened my bag and pulled out my pipe and poppers. ‘Good you brought your pipe. Is it empty?’ And I nodded yes. ‘The proper response, boy, is ‘Yes, sir!’ He barked at me. ‘Fuck, I’m already screwing this up .’ I thought. ‘Yes, sir!’ I nearly shouted back. ‘Give it to me. I’m going to fill it with my stuff. My stuff is very strong and very good.’ He proceeded to load the pipe and hand it back to me. Then he started rummaging in the container and pulled out a rather large shard. He gave me an almost unnerving smirk and told me to bend over the bed, spread my legs and to start taking big hits off the pipe. I did as he told me. There I was less than 5 minutes into this adventure and I was already stripped down to my jock strap and bent over his bed with my hole exposed. I started taking big, long hits from my pipe. ‘Fuck!’ I thought as I exhaled the second hit. ‘This is amazing shit.’ My body was tingling, I felt lighter, slightly spaced out, and I immediately needed a cock in my hole. ‘Keep hitting that pipe, boy.’ He said from behind me. Another minute or two went by and I continued to smoke. And then I felt a finger on my hole. It searched around for a bit, pushed on it a bit, and then I felt a bit of lube being rubbed on and then a finger penetrated me. I was so happy to have something - anything! - in my hole that I instinctively backed up on it so more of his finger sank into me. ‘Not yet, boy.’ He said and pulled his finger out. And then he pushed in again, but this time there was something hard being pushed in as well and my hole began to burn. I realized he was putting the shard in my ass. And I got very excited. I love Tina in my hole. It makes it insatiably hungry to get fucked and bred by as many dicks as possible. ‘Boy, I hope you’re prepared for this. That was a very large shard I just put up your hole. In about 30 minutes you are going to be flying. And you’ll be my fuck whore. And you will do what I want.’ He said very matter of factly. I took several more hits from the pipe and he returned to his chair. “Boy take several long and deep hits of your poppers and then come stand in front of me. I took two hits from the poppers bottle and wished I had also brought a can of maximum impact. “Boy! I said LONG, DEEP hits. Do it again. And this time don’t stop taking hits until I tell you. By the fourth hit my head was spinning and along with the effects of the Tina my entire body was buzzing and and my hole was hungry. No not just hungry, it was screaming to have something, anything, shoved deep in it. Finally he told me to stop. I was having a hard time standing up. ‘Come stand in front of me, boy’ He instructed. And I obeyed. He looked me up and down and again flashed me the most devious smirk. “Ok, boy. Now get down on all fours. Then slowly rub your lips, tongue and head on my bulge. But do not take my dick out. And I moved forward and began licking the dirty, stained, and smelly jock strap. ‘After a few minutes he said, ‘Good boy. Now anytime your mouth is on my dick I want your hands on my nipples working them hard. I obeyed and managed a slight ‘Yes, sir.’ He then pulled his jock aside and freed his very thick, quite large cock. His dick looked rough. Like it had been beat up, run over, and chewed up. It was the angriest looking dick I’d ever seen. Like it would slap you if it could. And I was beyond turned on by it,. ‘I can not wait until that is plowing my hole.’ I thought to myself. I sucked and worshiped his dick for quite a while. And then he stood up, told me to stay on all fours and not to move and then he walked behind me. He started to put crisco on and in my hole. Again I instinctively backed up on it. And he said, almost under his breath, ‘Mmmm, good boy.’ He pulled his finger out again and then I felt a large, cold object pushing against my hole, he began to work my hole open and pushing what I now realized was a very large butt plug into my hole. I had never had a butt plug that big in me. I took a deep breath and settled in for it to be slowly worked into my hole. But that’s not what happened. After working the tip of the plug into my hole, in one shocking, hard push he shoved the massive butt plug into me. I saw stars and I lost my breath for a second. And then I was so incredibly happy to finally have something filling me hole up. And not just filling it up, but stretching my hole wider than it had ever been. ‘Take some big, long hits off your pipe boy. And then go to the foot of the bed, lay on it on your back with your ass just at the edge.’ He commanded. “Yes, sir!’ I excitedly shouted. When I had taken another 8 - 10 hits from the pipe I went to the foot of the bed and laid down with my ass just hanging over the edge. As I laid down the plug in my hole shifted and I realized that it was going to have to come out eventually, and the thought of how this massive thing was going to come out made me nervous. But I didn’t have long to think about that. He approached the bed, and again had that same smirk on his face. He grabbed my right leg, lifted it in the air, pulled down a stirrup from the top of the bed frame, and anchored my leg in. Then he did the left. He grabbed two wrist restraints and got on the bed behind my head. He placed the restraints on my wrists and lifted them above my head and then chained them together. He looked down at me from where he knelt above my head and said, ‘Do not move your arms from that position. Leave them just as I’ve placed them.’ So now I’m on my back, ass hanging off the edge of the bed, legs suspended in the air, and my arms restrained and placed above my head on the bed. I thought that had to be the extent of it. But he had walked over to a wall of rope and chains, and after a minute or two he selected a large length of very thick rope that had been tied into a noose. He came around the foot of the bed, between my legs, leaned forward, and put the noose around my neck. I almost came right there. Just from the noose being put around my neck. Then he tightened the rope quite tight an my neck and he pulled the end of the rope toward him. I couldn’t have been both more turned on and more frightened. It occurred to me as he was placing the noose around my neck that I just met this guy an hour or so ago, and I let him do what I’d always wanted done to me, but had never allowed anyone to actually do it. And now high as a kite, spun hard, and restrained on his bed I realized I could not get out if I wanted to. I was completely dependent on him. It turned me on even more. He started tugging at the butt plug. Slowly at first and then more assertively. And then he really began to pull it out and I thought my hole was going to explode as this fucking huge plug was pried from my tight hole. And just when I thought it was never going to come out without causing major damage, POP, the walls of my hole released and relaxed and out popped the plug. It took my breath away again. But then I felt so empty. I immediately needed something back in my hole and I prayed he was going to shove the plug or something else in. He started applying crisco to my hole again and this time using all of his fingers in my hole to stretch it open and push the lube in. This went on for a while and then he went back to the counter, back to the container with all the meth, and again he rummaged through. I was sure that I was higher than I’d ever been andI couldn’t believe he was going put another shard in my hole. But that’s just what happened. He walked back toward my ass, and in one motion shoved the shard deep in my ass. This was immediately followed by his big angry daddy dick thrusting , again in one motion, as far into my hole as it could go. I took a deep breath. He put the bottle of poppers under my nose and told me to take hits until he said stop. Six or so big, long hits later he removed the poppers and began to thrust into me. And then he grabbed the end of the rope with the noose around my neck and he pulled it hard and taught and it got MUCH tighter around my throat and was constricting my ability to breathe. But I said nothing. I realized all I had to do was settle in for what I had always wanted — to be used like a whore by some random, trashy, old man. And he then fucked me with more vigor and aggression than I thought his mid-60s, small framed body could possibly do. He literally pounded my hole with his cock and pelvis. Deep, hard, long thrusts. Like he was trying to wreck my hole. He never loosened his grip on the rope, in fact it got much tighter around my neck to the paint where I was sure I was going to pass out. And I almost did several times. But I managed to stay conscious for the entire ride. He began to tremble. To thrust harder and more quickly, and his breathing got heavy and labored. And then I could feel him exploding into my hole. “Take my load you fucking meth pig whore!” He shouted at me. ‘Yes, sir! Thank you, sir!’ I shouted back. “Breed me like a bitch, please sir.” When he was done he continued to fuck his spent load into my hole so that it was deep in my guts. He pulled out, walked around the bed and released my wrists, and removed the noose. ‘You can get your legs out of the stirrups on your own, boy. I need to piss. I’ll be right back. Drink the water I left out for you before I come back and get back on the bed.’ He said as he walked out of the room. So I did exactly what he said. But I could barely make it to the counter for the water. My legs were wobbly and very tingly. I was spun and fucked up. And all I wanted was more dick. I was laying back on the bed, my feet back in the stirrups when he came back. He chained the restraints above my head again, And then brought out a long rubber tube and plastic wrap. Without saying a word he began to wrap my head in the plastic wrap. I started to panic when I couldn’t breathe, and he grabbed a knife and cut a small hole in the plastic on my mouth. Then he pushed the tube through so I could breathe. Once my head was completely encased in the plastic wrap he then blindfolded me. Then POP in went the butt plug again. I laid there for what had to be 10 minutes wondering where he had gone and what he was going to do to me next. And I could feel the second shard hit my system. And my hole got hungrier. And then I felt motion on the bed near my head. And the familiar click of a torch being lit up. He then began to blow big clouds through the tube inserted into my mouth, which forced the clouds into my lungs. He did this over and over again. And I was buzzing, tingly all over, and hornier than fuck. I felt him get off the bed and then there was silence again. I love forced clouds! Minutes later I felt the noose being placed over my head and around my neck again. “Fuck YES!’ I thought. And then he yanked the butt plug out. Not gently. Not slowly, But fast and hard. Again I thought my hole was going to explode. Then he shoved something in the tube and I immediately got light headed. A rag soaked in poppers. But wait I couldn’t breathe really with the rag in the tube. I struggled against my restraints and the noose, and after a minute or so he removed the rag. I was literally spinning. I didn’t even feel his big, angry daddy dick when it thrust into me again I was so high. He fucked me hard for what seemed like half an hour. I just laid there and let him use my hole. I was happier than a pig in shit. Yes…this is what I had wanted. This is what I had fantasized about for so long and never ever spoke a word about it out loud. I’d kept this wish quiet and un-acted upon for so long that the fact it was happening made me so happy my eyes teared up in joy. And then he stopped. And he leaned forward — I could feel his head beside my head. And he whispered through the plastic into my ear, “I’m going to whore you out like the meth pig you really are, you fucking worthless slut.”
  10. Pig bottom whoring my ass out at the Bay Bridge Inn this today (10/16) through Sunday (10/18). Mild to very wild, this hole likes to be used hard, and it can handle long, aggressive fucks. Tho I’m just as happy with a quick pump as dump as long as your load goes in my hole. Older, trade, white trash, truckers, bikers, gingers, and uncut are big ++’s
  11. I'll be at Bay Bridge Inn Today 08/31 whoring my holdout for loads. Message me for details,
  12. [Continuing ‘Pimped Out By Two Daddy’s] Part III I wasn’t sure how long I’d been in that guys garage, but when I finally left it was late in the afternoon the next day. I got in my car, went home, jumped in the shower, and then fell into bed. But after two days of playing I was still wired and still horny as fuck. While I made a quick snack a thought occurred to me, the older fucker from Mack Folsom left his number for me in the locker. I must have grabbed it when I left…. Sure enough it was tucked into my jeans pocket. Within a few mins I had his address. He said the door would be unlocked, and it was so I let myself in as he said to do, though I always find it strange to walk into a house i’ve never been to before without knocking… He shouted for me to come downstairs and I followed his voice. He was in a dark room sitting on a leather sofa, multiple flat screens playing porn around the room. There was a platform bed with the mattress about 5 feet off the ground with a few cameras strategically hanging from the walls and ceiling pointed at the bed. Scattered about was a trove of leather (boots, chaps, vests, gloves, hats, hoods), toys, rope, and tape. I took the scene in and said…“Fuck yeah, I’m game!” He smiled, stood, handed me a bong and a torch and said with a smirk, “Good boy. Now take your clothes off and let’s make this room cloudy as fuck.” It wasn’t long before I wanted to climb into that bed. When I did I noticed a large tupperware container filled with what appeared to be homemade lube. He saw me eyeing it and said, “My fuck juice. make it myself, and it’s got a little something extra in it to help keep your hole hungry.” This time I smirked and said, “its starving.” And i lay face down on the bed and arched my back up. He climbed the ladder into the bed and grabbed a remote. The flatscreens flickered and suddenly I was watching myself on two of them. I noticed a can of maximum impact and a jock, and so i did what any good bottom whore does, i soaked the jock int he spray, shoved the jock into my mouth and took several deep breaths. I didn’t look back as i felt his dick push into me. It immediately swelled inside my chem hole, and my entire body relaxed as I gave this guy my hole. Eventually I was blindfolded and made to worship his rank pits with my mouth — which I loved — the right man smell is often better than any poppers. “Yeah, get in those pits you dirty whore” he said almost under his breath but with a lot of authority. His finger played in and around my hole as I hurried my face deep into his hair, sweaty pits. He flipped me over on all fours, got behind me, and put in one of the biggest butt plugs I’d ever had in my life in my hole. He got down off the bed, i heard him shuffling, the distinct sound of a torch being lit several times, some typing on the keyboard, more torch, and then climbing back on the bed. He pulled the butt plug out and told me to scoot backwards on the bed, while still staying on all fours. I did and a foot or so back I felt what turned out to be a dildo mounted on the wall. “There, fuck yourself with that for a bit. And keep the blindfold on.” He then pushed a pipe into my mouth and told me to take several deep hits. He got down off the bed and then it was silent except for the porn playing in the background. I’m not sure how long went by, but I think at least 10 minutes. Then the door to the room opened quickly (I’m still blindfolded on the bed fucking myself with the wall mounted dildo) and I heard a voice talking, and asking a question. And then mid-sentence the voice stopped and laughed out loud. “Fuck dude, I’m sorry!” said the voice. “Do you know where my roommate is?” I didn’t even take the blindfold off. I just said, “nope, though I assume he’ll be right back.” And then I heard the old fuckers voice shout from somewhere else in the house. “Yeah, i’ll be right there.” “So, looks like you are having fun.” The voice said, and then, “Hungry little pig.” The last was both a question and a statement. The old fucker came into the room, they talked quickly and then the door shut and it was just the two of us again. And without saying anything he climbed up into the bed and pushed his dick into my hole. “Hungry pig indeed!” He said. And he wrapped a chain around my neck. My dick instantly stiffened. ...To be continued.
  13. [Continuing a story, Pimped Out By Two Daddy's, that I started under another screen name a while back] To recap: Part 1: I was blowing clouds with a daddy that I’d been hooking up with for a while. He would have me come over and there would be a pipe loaded and ready for me when I arrived. “Sit, hit this until you finish it.” He’d say. And for the next twenty to thirty minutes I’d watch porn as I hit the pipe. When I was done, he’d fill it again. “Ok, lemme know when this is done.” And so I’d continue. “I want you a spun cock whore for me, so hit that pipe hard boy.” By the time I was done I’d be flying and he’d be ready. He’d fill it again, move to the bed and take his clothes off. “Get between my legs and suck my meat, boy.” He nonchalantly order. And I’d take my clothes off, leaving on my jock, and I’d begin to suck he thick daddy dick. He was southern, white trashy / redneck sort of guy. Nice enough, with a great cock between his legs. I’d suck his dick for hours, and he’d feed me the pipe. He loved getting me higher and higher and having my spun mouth work over his dick. At some point in the night, after hours of me nursing his meat, he’d say, “Grease up that hole and sit on daddy’s dick.” And I would eagerly oblige. One night, about midway into the session he received a text, responded to it, got another and said.. “Hey, I need to go get some more shit. I have a friend staying in the other room. You are going to entertain him until I get back. Go across the hall, knock on the door and he’ll let you in. When I get back, you can continue.” Without hesitating I stood up and walked out of the room. I knocked on the door, it slid open, dark except the glow of a cell phone on a nightstand. And I walked in. A figure, taller than me, muscular, quietly said “Hey there.” and shut the door behind me. I moved toward the bed and he followed. He was naked and hard. “Is your hole open yet?” He asked. “Haven’t been fucked today yet” I responded. He reached over and lubed up his finger. “Lay down.” He told me. I laid on the bed and he guided my legs in the air. Lubing my ass and pushing in with his finger. “Not too tight. Good.” He pushed me further back and climbed on top of me. He handed me a bottle of poppers. “Hit these deep a few times, let me know when you are done with them.” He said. I hit them deep and hard, and immediately my skin and head buzzed and I felt light as a feather. I could feel him lubing up my hole more, and then he pushed my legs all the way back by my ears and placed a pillow under my ass. Then I felt his cock head on my hole and it pressed in. My hole was eager and I just wanted it to be filled with something big and thick. I still couldn’t make out his face really, but his body was firm, long and muscular. His dick with thick and just long enough. He slid all the way in. And I started to move a little for position. He grabbed my neck and said, “Do not move. Your job is to lay there, silently and take it. You move and I stop. You make a sound and I stop. If you need poppers, just tough your nose. Otherwise don’t move. Got it?” I was so turned on. “Yes.” I quietly responded. “Good. You are a bottom. My whore. Just a hole. And I want to get off. So shut up.” And he proceeded to fuck me deep and hard. I didn’t dare move. He handed me the poppers and and I inhaled deeply. About twenty minutes later he blew his load into my hole. It was still completely dark, I still hadn’t seen his face really. And when he was done shooting his load he pulled out. “Thanks. I think our bud is back.” And he walked to the door, slid it open while staying in the dark and ushered me into the hall. I went back to the daddy’s room. He was laying in the bed, porn on, dick out, pipe loaded. I went right back to sucking his meat. “How was my friend?” He asked. “Great.” I mumbled as I worked his cock with my mouth. “You just made me $40.” He said. “Daddy’s little whore.” My dick got rock hard. And I sucked him until he came. He fell asleep almost as soon as he came, and I quietly dressed and slipped out into the pre-dawn cool air of the street. I wasn’t nearly done. So I drove to the local sex club, Mack Folsom, parked and went in. This place was a sleazy hole, no private rooms, just lockers. And it had a few slings, some glory holes and a second level lofted with various spots to fuck and suck. I stripped down to my jock and sneakers, locked my locker, grabbed a cigarette and ran to the little smoking room towards the back. It was fairly quiet, no one doing anything, a guy was on the computers scrolling through profiles online, and another guy was already in the smoking room. Wearing jeans, a leather harness, and boots. He was smoking a cigarette. I sat down, he offered me a light. A few mins in, he pulled a pipe from his jeans and torched the bowl, and blew a big cloud. He offered me a hit, and I took it. We started chatting. He asked about my night, and without sparing much detail I told him what had happened so far. He smiled. “Woof!” He snarled. “Want to get fucked more?” He asked. And I nodded. He stood, pulled out a bag, and then found a small but nice size rock. “Bend over bud, lets get this deep in there.” And I turned around showed him my ass, and he pushed the rock deep inside. I turned around and sat back down. He pulled out his phone and started typing. “I have a few buddies who might be close by who would love a go on your ass. Let’s see what we can get going.” And he hit send on his phone. “Ok, go get that hole in a sling. I’ll be right there.” I walked out of the room and found a sling I liked toward the front. I slid up into it, and noticed a few more guys had come into the club. One big bear, younger, and fully clothed. An older guy, about 65, tall, lanky, with his dick hanging out of his jeans and a leather vest. And a third guy, about 40, long hair, long beard, kinda looked dirty and homeless. The all took note of the me hopping into the sling. My friend from the smoking room came out and handed me his poppers. “They are heading over now.” He said. I hit the poppers and he stuck a finger in my ass. The other three circled closer to the sling. He looked up and said to the dirty looking one, “Want his ass?” And with that he gave me to the dude. I never saw his dick, but felt it go in. He pushed all the way deep, and it felt amazing. My new smoking friend moved toward my head, gave me a hit of poppers. Looked quickly around, pulled out his pipe and lit if for me and I inhaled deep as the homeless guy plowed into my ass. “Your hole is mine tonight, and I’m going to keep it full.” My new buddy announced. As soon as the homeless guy blew his load in my hole, he motioned for the lanky older guy to take his place. This guy had been quiet so far watching, but as soon as his dick entered my ass it nearly doubled in size and he tore into my hole hard. It hurt from time to time, and my bud would make sure the poppers were at the ready. This went on for at least a half hour, and I noticed a few others had joined us. The old man finally busted his nut and pulled out. He leaned in and whispered to me “I love a good fucking whore. what locker is yours, I’ll slip me number into it. Call me as soon as you are done with here tonight, and I’ll keep you busy later.” I gave him my locker number and off he went. “My friends are here.” My smoking bud said with a smile, handing me the poppers again. “I also had them text their friends.” And before I had finished the hit of poppers, another dick was in my ass. Part II After a few loads the guy from the smoking room pushed a large shard in my hole and walked me back to the smoking room, he handed me the pipe and said: "wanna take this back to my place?" I nodded, finished a cloud and we dressed. I followed him in my car to his place not too far away. The sun was rising, and i couldn't wait to get back inside and take my clothes off. Once at his place i followed him into his garage, and at the back of his garage he opened a door to a room with a sling, multiple televisions of porn already playing, and toys everywhere. "Get comfortable and hop in the sling. I'm going to put an add up for your hole, and text a few more buddies." he said and handed me a pipe - loaded, and placed a full can of Maximum Impact on the table next to the sling. "Hit that too a few times, when i get back I'm going to breed you until others get here." He left for a moment, and I hit the pipe and the can of poppers. When he came back he didn't say a word, just walked up and stuck his dick in. I don't know how long he fucked me but eventually I noticed another guy in the room. Older, mid 60s, not much to look at other than his massive 8" cock. As the old guy approached my bud pulled out and told the new guy to enjoy. I noticed that I was must be being taped as my image getting impaled from this guy's meat was on three different screens from different angles. All of a sudden a hood went over my face. The mouth of the hood had an opening and a tube was placed against it. "I've hooked this tube up to a water bong boy, you stay high and suck on that tube all you want, and I'm going to make some money from your hole like the true whore you are." I was both petrified and more turned on than I ever have been before. It wasn't much longer before more men were in the room and I could hear him telling them it was " $20 to breed the slut's hole." The tube I was sucking clouds from was removed and a jock covered in poppers placed in my mouth as a gag. "Breathe this deep, your going to need it boy. Trust me." I inhaled deep and hard, and I could feel a cock against my already open hole, stretching it even wider. It hurt and felt amazing all at the same time and I just wanted it deeper in my hole. I inhaled harder on the jock... Later the hood was pulled from my face and as this tall muscle bear was drilling my ass he wrapped his hands around my neck and squeezed. I came instantly, and seconds later I could feel his meat pulsing in my hole as he dumped his load.
  14. Top bud will be pimping my party hole out tomorrow night - tops only pls - typically into white/latin guys. Downtown SF - easy to get to private location. Shout if you want invite to breed this hole.
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