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    San Francisco
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    bb, raw, pig, bottom, party, bareback, chem, clouds, big dick tops, aggressive fuckers
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    Poz, On Meds
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    SF based slutty boTTom pig
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    Just some amateur stuff, but would love to be used in a gang bang for Knightbreeders
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    Easy going mild to wild bb, poz and undetectable, btm/vers btm pig looking for fun, chill guys to play with. Generally into white and latin top/vers guys for aggressive, extended, sweaty, party play. When I top I'm looking for smaller bubble butt bottoms to blindfold, pin down, and use hard. *Face pic is a must to chat.

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  1. Pig bottom whoring my ass out at the Bay Bridge Inn this today (10/16) through Sunday (10/18). Mild to very wild, this hole likes to be used hard, and it can handle long, aggressive fucks. Tho I’m just as happy with a quick pump as dump as long as your load goes in my hole. Older, trade, white trash, truckers, bikers, gingers, and uncut are big ++’s
  2. I'll be at Bay Bridge Inn Today 08/31 whoring my holdout for loads. Message me for details,
  3. [Continuing ‘Pimped Out By Two Daddy’s] Part III I wasn’t sure how long I’d been in that guys garage, but when I finally left it was late in the afternoon the next day. I got in my car, went home, jumped in the shower, and then fell into bed. But after two days of playing I was still wired and still horny as fuck. While I made a quick snack a thought occurred to me, the older fucker from Mack Folsom left his number for me in the locker. I must have grabbed it when I left…. Sure enough it was tucked into my jeans pocket. Within a few mins I had his address. He said the doo
  4. [Continuing a story, Pimped Out By Two Daddy's, that I started under another screen name a while back] To recap: Part 1: I was blowing clouds with a daddy that I’d been hooking up with for a while. He would have me come over and there would be a pipe loaded and ready for me when I arrived. “Sit, hit this until you finish it.” He’d say. And for the next twenty to thirty minutes I’d watch porn as I hit the pipe. When I was done, he’d fill it again. “Ok, lemme know when this is done.” And so I’d continue. “I want you a spun cock whore for me, so hit that pipe hard boy.”
  5. Top bud will be pimping my party hole out tomorrow night - tops only pls - typically into white/latin guys. Downtown SF - easy to get to private location. Shout if you want invite to breed this hole.
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