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    sucking, fucking, rimming, swapping seed, felching/snowballing, verbal guys, group sex, bathhouses, some bondage, hot poz talk, phone sex, exhibitionism, Skype chat. letting inhibitions loose. Love to watch be watched while I'm either fucking or taking it up the ass.
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    GWM, fit and lean, 5'10 170 40c 31w, Italian-American
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    Totally versatile, totally piggy, love flipping and swapping seed. Love sucking, RIMMING, groups, outdoors, verbal men. NO PNP ever

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  1. There is a chat feature on here but it’s not very well used. I visit it pretty often but it’s just the same core guys who are logged on (they are great but we need more pigs!) Same with BBRT. I haven’t really found any really active gay online chat site since gay.com disappeared.
  2. I can only comment on my reaction to finding out I was poz and the aftermath. I wasn’t chasing, thought I was being careful and was shocked when I was diagnosed. I was devastated and scared to death. Once I took control of my health my outlook changed and I am now happy and at peace with myself and my sexuality.
  3. I’m living proof that you can poz without being “bred”.
  4. I can access it on mobile. I was able to log on via my PC earlier this week
  5. It is NOT a 302 redirect. Here’s all I get on Chrome:“Breeding.zone took too long to respond. Err_Connection_timed_out”. On Edge, I simply get “can’t reach this page.”
  6. I’m having the same issue. I can access the site on my mobile but I cannot on my PC. I’ve tried both Chrome and Microsoft Edge with no luck. It was working earlier this week.
  7. would love to have a nice buddy

    1. Show previous comments  23 more
    2. ballerva


      Taste my cock before and after I fuck you

    3. Irvone


      Yes, that would be tasty!!!

    4. Irvone


      After you left a load in my ass!!!

  8. I’m lucky to work in a small building that I can lock and am sometimes there alone. I’ve fucked and gotten fucked there several times and it’s always been hot. The building is right downtown and there’s a high school across the street. One time I was barebacking this guy on the second floor just as the high school was letting out for the day. We were watching them as my bud was bent over my desk begging me to fill his ass with my poz cum. So hot!
  9. I was diagnosed in 2004 when the world was very different from today. I didn’t want to poz and at first I was ashamed. I’ve gotten over that long ago. At first guys didn’t want to fuck with me even wrapped. (I’ve long who gone totally bare). Now I have guys begging me for my load. With regards to disclosure on hook up sites I am upfront that I am poz/undetectable. If I see “ask me” on a profile I assume the guy is poz. It also is a turn off for me since I think you should have the balls to disclose before you hook up. On the other hand. I’m extremely careful with disclosing in non sexual situations. Only doctors, dentists and other medical professionals need to know.
  10. The hardest fuck I ever got was in a bathhouse in DC by a big dicked black guy. As he was bending me over to stick his dick in my ass I told him I was poz. That really seemed to set him off. He jammed his cock in me so hard while calling me a “poz whore.” I was screaming in pain but I also noticed that my own cock was rock hard. He finally exploded in my ass and made me lick his cock clean. After that I took six more cocks that afternoon. Hurt so good.
  11. 11 for me as well. I was among the oldest in my class so I sprouted pubic hair before the rest of the boys. I remember checking out them in the shower after gym class. Was hot to be among the first
  12. love the pic on here . have just the places for it 


  13. I trim my pubes and shave my nuts and cock. I just think it looks neater. But I don’t mind either way on another guy as long as I can see what he’s packing.

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