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    sucking, fucking, rimming, swapping seed, felching/snowballing, verbal guys, group sex, bathhouses, some bondage, hot poz talk, phone sex, exhibitionism, Skype chat. letting inhibitions loose. Love to watch be watched while I'm either fucking or taking it up the ass.
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    GWM, fit and lean, 5'10 170 40c 31w, Italian-American
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    I wish!
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    Totally versatile, totally piggy, love flipping and swapping seed. Love sucking, RIMMING, groups, outdoors, verbal men. NO PNP ever. Wickr: ballerva.

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  1. Poz talk and bareback fucking. Perfect combination, but rarely seen and heard in porn.
  2. I prefer a tight, hairy hole that I can munch on and eat before I breed it. I’m not into swollen pussy lips at all. Smooth cunt is fine, I just get more turned on by hairy pigs.
  3. I am 100 percent bare. Took awhile even after I pozzed and became undetectable. I had one FB who insisted on condoms but he’s now on PreP and loves taking my loads up his cunt. I won’t play now unless it is bareback
  4. Low hangers banging against my ass while his cock is pumping its load inside me is pure perfection
  5. Berlin, Cologne and Munich are great for piggy sex. I’ve also had some fun times at the saunas in London. Montreal is great for uncut Québécois cock. So many choices!
  6. Feeling the raw cock fill and then flood my pussy. Being used like a slut, submitting to the top’s desires. When I am bottoming I WANT to get fucked, so while the top may think he is in control I am actually fulfilling my own desires.
  7. I started with a neighbor kid who was my own age. We did it in his parent's garage. Since we knew them as "blow jobs" I literally started blowing on his cock. We were 12 at the time. LOL We quickly understood that we were really supposed to suck, not blow, and the rest is history. My friend had a really small penis so my indoctrination into cock-sucking was very smooth.
  8. I also hate all the “ask me” answers on BBRT and other sites and tend to ignore those who have them in their profiles. The biggest offense to me on a bareback site is when I see “negative only.” WTF? I’m fine with neg guys who don’t want to poz — I advocate for that myself — but “negative only” shows complete ignorance about U=U. If you want to bareback and stay negative your “safest” play is to fuck with an undetectable guy on meds!
  9. manhole, mancunt, cunt, pussy. just be verbal!
  10. There is a chat feature on here but it’s not very well used. I visit it pretty often but it’s just the same core guys who are logged on (they are great but we need more pigs!) Same with BBRT. I haven’t really found any really active gay online chat site since gay.com disappeared.
  11. I can only comment on my reaction to finding out I was poz and the aftermath. I wasn’t chasing, thought I was being careful and was shocked when I was diagnosed. I was devastated and scared to death. Once I took control of my health my outlook changed and I am now happy and at peace with myself and my sexuality.
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