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    Washington, DC Metro
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    sucking, fucking, rimming, swapping seed, felching/snowballing, verbal guys, group sex, bathhouses, some bondage, hot poz talk, phone sex, exhibitionism, Skype chat. letting inhibitions loose. Love to watch be watched while I'm either fucking or taking it up the ass.
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    Poz, On Meds
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    GWM, fit and lean, 5'10 170 40c 31w, Italian-American
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    I wish!
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    Totally versatile, totally piggy, love flipping and swapping seed. Love sucking, RIMMING, groups, outdoors, verbal men. NO PNP ever. Wickr: ballerva.

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  1. DC now has an indoor mask mandate so it may delay the opening.
  2. I love nasty, dirty talk. I look pretty mainstream/vanilla so some guys are shocked at how filthy I can be having sex. The shock value makes it hotter. While I don't advocate other guys pozzing -- get on/stay on PreP if you are negative! -- I especially love poz talk.
  3. I've had several blips in my 16 years on meds. I freaked out the first couple of times but now I am calmer. As long as you are med-adherent you should quickly go back to being undetectable. Sometimes the blip is merely caused by the lab.
  4. Would love to chat sometime! 

  5. Usually briefs but lately when I’m feeling particularly slutty I wear a thong
  6. I was on Atripla for many years before switching to Biktarvy about 18 months ago, mainly due to the fact that Biktarvy is gentler on the kidneys. I haven’t seen any issue with sugar. The only thing I’ve noticed is weight gain, even though I’ve been watching food intake and trying to walk at least 12,000 steps a day.
  7. Contrarian here. I didn't chase, wasn't barebacking and still pozzed many years ago. I'm totally cool with it now as I take great care of my health. I get the fantasy surrounded by poz and pozzing but with PreP widely available these days, if I had the chance I'd go on it, fuck bare to my heart's content and stay neg.
  8. I use Chrome and I almost never get access to chat the first time I try. I get an error message. But on the second try I almost always get through. It’s been that way for years.
  9. I always bring my own bulb to gay resorts so I’m prepped for fucking. I love nude resorts!
  10. On my knees, ass exposed, looking up at the guy.
  11. In these desperate times where I’m not playing due to Covid I broke down and bought a dildo. But I don’t consider sticking a dildo up my ass — whether I do it or someone else does it — to be actual fucking. It will work in a pinch but for me it’s not the real thing.
  12. I’m loud whether I’m topping or bottoming. I need giving and getting verbal cues. I’m not talking moaning, I’m talking nasty, filthy chat. Huge turn on for me. Silent sex, on the other hand, is a huge turn off. Tell me you are enjoying it!
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