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    sucking, fucking, rimming, swapping seed, felching/snowballing, verbal guys, group sex, bathhouses, some bondage, hot poz talk, phone sex, exhibitionism, Skype chat. letting inhibitions loose. Love to watch be watched while I'm either fucking or taking it up the ass.
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    Poz, On Meds
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    GWM, fit and lean, 5'10 170 40c 31w, Italian-American
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    I wish!
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    Totally versatile, totally piggy, love flipping and swapping seed. Love sucking, RIMMING, groups, outdoors, verbal men. NO PNP ever

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  1. I took a 12 incher once (no joke!). Huge German uncut schlong. Felt amazing. I was actually shocked that I could take it all the way up my hole but I did. Poppers helped LOL
  2. ballerva

    What's worse... HIV or an STD?

    HIV is incurable so far...'nuff said.
  3. ballerva

    Can a 100% Top become POZ?

    If he's on meds and undetectable you are safe. Undetectable = untransmittable. But to answer the topic in your title, a 100 percent top surely can become poz.
  4. ballerva

    Are there crazy sex pigs in here that DON’T pnp?

    Poppers are my limit. I've never even smoked a joint. I try not to judge but PNP is a deal-breaker for me. I have never needed any artificial stimulation to pig out. I think there are more of us out there who don't "party" than one would think.
  5. ballerva


    Pornhub is still (mostly) free and has lots of bb videos. And there are tons of gay/bareback tumblr sites out there
  6. I want what you have to give.  Over and over again.

    1. ballerva


      I would make naked love to you and your waiting hole

  7. I have taken some big ones but the biggest one was 12” from a German guy. I was shocked that I was able to take it but I was helped by sniffing poppers and the fact that I had guys watching and cheering as I impaled myself on his massive cock. It was fucking awesome.
  8. ballerva

    Kissing; Yes or No No??

    Kissing is a must for this pig
  9. ballerva

    Berlin 2018

    I took and gave loads
  10. ballerva

    Berlin 2018

    I am going to Berlin in a couple weeks. Last time there I tried Der Boiler sauna which was awesome.

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