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    Washington, DC Metro
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    sucking, fucking, rimming, swapping seed, felching/snowballing, verbal guys, group sex, bathhouses, some bondage, hot poz talk, phone sex, exhibitionism, Skype chat. letting inhibitions loose. Love to watch be watched while I'm either fucking or taking it up the ass.
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    Poz, On Meds
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    GWM, fit and lean, 5'10 170 40c 31w, Italian-American
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    I wish!
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    Totally versatile, totally piggy, love flipping and swapping seed. Love sucking, RIMMING, groups, outdoors, verbal men. NO PNP ever

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  1. I want what you have to give.  Over and over again.

    1. ballerva


      I would make naked love to you and your waiting hole

  2. I have taken some big ones but the biggest one was 12” from a German guy. I was shocked that I was able to take it but I was helped by sniffing poppers and the fact that I had guys watching and cheering as I impaled myself on his massive cock. It was fucking awesome.
  3. ballerva

    Kissing; Yes or No No??

    Kissing is a must for this pig
  4. ballerva

    Berlin 2018

    I took and gave loads
  5. ballerva

    Berlin 2018

    I am going to Berlin in a couple weeks. Last time there I tried Der Boiler sauna which was awesome.
  6. great profile love to go at it with you. 

  7. ballerva

    Porn stars with biohazard tatts

    Keep 'em coming!
  8. Said dildo I mentioned.


  9. ballerva

    bathhouse question

    I always walk around naked with a towel over my shoulder, exposing both my cock and ass to all (I'm totally versatile). If I'm not interested, I just put the towel over my junk and move on. But being naked means I'm ready for action on a moment's notice.
  10. you like mu pics

    1. ballerva


      yes, checked them out on BBRT

    2. Manslut450


      u want to try

    3. ballerva
  11. ballerva

    Being Cautious, or still pushing my luck?

    Some guys can get fucked bare for years and stay neg; others get pozzed quickly. it's definitely a game of chance. Think before you fuck.
  12. ballerva

    My first bbc

    I love taking BBC at the bathhouse. Those guys know how to fuck! Last time I took two huge ones back to back, both pulling out of my white pussy and making me clean their cocks of my "poz juice" and then sticking it back in my mancunt. . I don't think I was ever harder as a bottom. Woof!
  13. Level 1 from when I started having buttsex in 1985 with three or four lapses in judgment Found out I was poz in 2004 (go figure) Level 6 since then. Condom Nazi to total bareback pig. Poz, on meds, undetectable
  14. ballerva

    Hooking Up With Poz Guys

    If the guy who is fucking you is undetectable he's not going to infect you. U=U

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