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  1. 5 loads last night and my ass bleed hurts now but felt so good 

  2. Mdog9000 wickr want nasty chats plz anyone 

  3. Mdog9000 wickr want nasty chats 

  4. Mdog9000 wickr

  5. The ISLAND

    Mmm yes hot as hell
  6. I'm bored and horny need cock so bad

  7. would some one fuck me with there poz cock and inject me with blood while i take other cocks

  8. sounds hot tbh would love to try anything to get the gift
  9. Molested as a kid

    was never molested but often wondered what it would be like to have been and i got this kinky meeting guys while at university and took my first cock bare at 18 and never looked back
  10. just took a load in my mouth as he wouldnt bareback at least it tasted good

  11. just used the shower hose and gave myself an enema who wants to fuck me 

  12. If only my arms were long enough to reach you then I promise that my finger would by now be easing its way down inside your cock ... sending you crazy xx:drool::Pxx

    1. mdog9000


      mmmm yes while im sat on your sexy cock

    2. Fistulike666


      Thats an excellent idea

  13. sounding

    id love to try kinda scared and got no sounds
  14. hi guys my kik is mdog9000 and so is my wickr

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