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  1. Sydney Park in St Peters is normally very busy, just make sure you keep one eye out for cops, they are there very occasionally edit: sorry didn’t read the big about the CBD lol!
  2. I always piss whenever I am fucked from behind standing up (like up against a wall or something). Don’t know why, it just always happens.
  3. Haven't been used by a friend, but I work very close to a popular beat so it's easy to cruise for loads after work. Early last year I was on all fours in the stall, and a couple of guys loaded me up. About a week later I was in a meeting with a manager in my division. After the meeting, he pulled me aside and asked to breed me again. At every meeting after that I found it so hot to be having serious work conversations with him while he knew all along that I'm just a no loads refused cumslut. Sadly he has moved city now, so we don't fuck anymore.
  4. I actually don't remember the first guy to fuck me... is that bad 😂?
  5. Always in a jock. If a top doesn't like it he will strip it off me.
  6. Either, but anon is my preference. I love not knowing who is fucking a load into me, and I like the idea of my hole being passed around to anybody who wants it
  7. I’ve got an overnight layover next month in Berlin, and I’m keen to get loaded up while I’m there. I get in at 12:30am on a Saturday leave at 9am the same day. Can anybody recommend a sex club that will still be busy at around 4/5am? Last time I was in Berlin I left various places around 3am, so I don’t know which clubs are best for early mornings.
  8. Haha so true, have used this one more than once
  9. I've hosted at Rendezvous Hotel near Central a few times - hotel is decent, pretty cheap + you don't need a keycard to use the lifts. ...also, the name is appropriate haha
  10. In Syd for work tomorrow, will be there!
  11. I'm sure I'm not alone in saying that being a cumdump is not really a matter of choice for me. All I think about most of the time is finding that next load and getting it into my hole. Doesn't matter where, when, or who. I love it and I wouldn't have it any other way. But, there are downsides to being a slut. I work long hours during the week, so my weekends are largely filled with prepping for sex and cruising for loads which doesn't leave time for much else. While I don't care about that too much, what I find hard is that I haven't found a parter yet who is comfortable with me taking
  12. @Samanthads So I went when I was in Leipzig, which if I had to guess is nowhere near as big as the ones held in Berlin - even then, took more than 30 cocks (although probably the same people some of the time, can't tell with the blindfold). It goes for a good four hours but you can take breaks if you want, so you can go at your own pace. Definitely a cool experience, but you should try blindfolded group sex before decide to go. It can be intense.
  13. I used to always get hard when fucked, and would usually jerk off after I’ve been bred. But ever since I’ve become a full-blown cumdump, no loads refused, I’ve noticed that I don’t get hard when fucked anymore. In fact, I pretty much can’t get hard anymore. I also barely jerk off. It’s kind of like as long as I’ve got cum in my hole I don’t feel the need to cum myself, I just need that next load. I’m curious, do any other pigs feel the same way??
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