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  1. thehammerman

    HIV risk from prostitute bareback blowjobs?

    rawTOP is right when he says "there is basically no risk from blowjobs". The US's Centre for Disease Control (CDC) says that the risk of HIV transmission for both receptive oral intercourse and insertive oral intercourse is - per 10,000 exposures (with a partner who is HIV+) - low. This isn't quite the same thing as impossible or negligible. It means that's it's probably less than 1 in 10,000 exposures. It's very, very unlikely. And, to be possible, the circumstances outlined in the above post would likely be required. Given these statistics, no one ought to be that concerned or worried about bareback oral sex (with a prostitute or anyone else). If you think about it, what's the likelihood - by random chance - that the person you're having oral sex with is HIV+? Whatever that likelihood is (say, 1 in 500), you have to multiply that with the 1 in 10,000 figure (the risk from exposure) and that's the actual probability of getting infected in this way ... something like a 1 in 5 million chance. So don't fret about it!
  2. thehammerman

    Chances of getting HIV from an HIV test?

    From an HIV test? None. Not any chance at all. In an advanced, western country, the chances of you getting anything from the actual test equipment is so remote as to be considered nil. Okay, certain medical procedures do carry risks; and staying in a hospital can (on rare occasions) lead to infections from so-called 'super-bugs'. But from an HIV test - there's no risk associated with it at all. If you are worried about HIV, you should get tested again. Given what you've said, the result will be negative (unless you've got infected from a genuine source). You might be somewhat afraid of the testing procedure, but you'll have peace of mind. And there are different ways of getting tested. Speak with your doctor. But, to repeat, you will not have got HIV from an HIV test!
  3. Here's an interesting news report, which states: "A Seattle judge has ordered an HIV-positive man to stop spreading the disease and to seek treatment after he infected eight people in four years." Reported in the British news. Here's the link: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-29168782 (I thought the heading was bizarre - as the court has ordered the man to stop the virus! If only things were that simple).
  4. From the standpoint of a European, who's simply a distant observer of such things, I'm amazed (and horrified) by such draconian legislation. Then again, we Europeans have had (historically) our fair share of similar policies ...
  5. thehammerman

    Kaposi's sarcoma

    Hi latinocaliente - welcome to the forum. I see that the above post is your first on the site. However, I'm not sure that you're posting in the correct area. This is the 'straight and bisexual' part of the forum. From reading your profile, you describe yourself as a "Versatile Bottom" - so I'm guessing you're gay. However, I could be wrong - and you might be bi ... Also, you're raising a subject - concerning an illness - that is not something typically discussed in this area of the straight and bisexual forum. I'm not going to move it (without discussing it with someone more experienced than myself) - but you may find that another moderator, or an administrator, moves it. What I will say is, in future please ensure you post in the correct area (rule 2 of the site). Now, to directly reply … Kaposi's sarcoma is one of a range of cancers that fall under the umbrella name of ‘sarcoma’. These are quite rare. Each specific type of sarcoma is typically named after the tissue it most closely resembles; and each is also graded. The Kaposi's sarcoma is a tumour caused by human herpes virus. The legions associated with Kaposi's sarcoma are often AIDS-related. How a patient receiving treatment reacts to antiretroviral therapy (in particular, HAART) differs depending upon the individual – although such drugs can induce regression of Kaposi's sarcoma. I wouldn’t want to suggest anything here – other than that it’s important you discuss your treatment with your own doctor(s).
  6. thehammerman

    Claire becomes a bareback escort

    It’s the day after the night before … I’m happy with myself, as I had a wicked time – doing stuff that I’d never done before – but I’m exhausted and still sore. Let me tell you about my adventure! I spent the afternoon at Dave’s. He’s my business advisor, and is in charge of my escort website. I got to his place at about 2pm, and he had all his photography equipment out – ready to take loads of pics of me, for my site. His friend, who was modelling with me, hadn’t arrived yet. Dave was feeling horny, so as soon as I arrived at his place he unzipped his jeans and told me to bend over – fully dressed. I did, feeling quite turned on by this. There we were, right in the middle of his living room, with him shoving my panties to one side and thrusting his bare cock into my pussy. He spunked after just 2 minutes (he’s always quick at it). He told me not to wipe, as his mate – who arrived at that moment – wanted sloppy seconds. This friend of his was a large bloke, about 20 stone. Clearly, he wasn’t a “model”. I was expecting someone with a six-pack, not a couple of spare tyres. And he had a tiny cock. Nonetheless, we spent the next 3 hours fucking – and Dave said he got loads of great photos. He’s explained to me that they’ll generate extra business, so I should get more clients – and, in turn, more money. I left Dave’s at about 6ish. I went home and had a bath. Not because I felt dirty. No, I like knowing I’ve been spunked in. But my pussy (and my bum) are sore from all the fucking I’ve been doing recently. I’ve been putting a lot of moisturiser on my private bits. And last night I slept with an ice-pack between my legs. It helped – and, when I awoke, I was feeling okay. But Dave’s mate that tried sticking his fist inside my cunt – and that did hurt. So, to help ease the pain, I took a bath. By 10pm I was washed, and dressed in my best clubbing gear … As Brian was picking me up for a night out at a swingers club. This club says it’s for bisexuals, but I think a lot of straight and gay people (both men and women) go along too. Brian is a good looking bloke in his 30’s. He’s nicely muscled, as he works out at a gym, and he’s bisexual. Tall, dark and handsome! And he has a good, thick cock – about 8” long. Just right for my tastes … He’s explained to me he’s more ‘gay’ than ‘bi’ (but he enjoys watching blokes fuck pussy, and occasionally joins in). He’s a client of mine – the only guy I’ve seen with regularity who’s HIV+. And he’s paying me £350 to join him on a night out at this club. I didn’t tell him I’d probably have gone along for free – as I enjoy that sort of scene. Brian picked me up at about 10.15, in a taxi, and he paid me upfront. I dropped the money off in my house, then joined him in the cab. About 15 minutes later, we arrived at the club. There was a line of people waiting to go in, but the doorman knew Brian and we went straight through. Except for me being ID checked (I do get that still, as I’m only 19). In we went – the music was loud, and the people were dancing, drinking and having fun! Brian said he’d meet up with me later – and I went to the bar. For the first hour or so, I had a few drinks, chatted to a few people, and danced. Then Brian came back, and told me we’d been invited to the VIP area upstairs. Up we went … It was a little quieter, and most people – guys and girls – were topless. Brian had paid me to fuck anyone and everyone – which I was happy to do, as it’s my job, right? Feeling merry and in the mood, I took off my dress. Now I was simply in my lingerie and high heels. Brian also took off his shirt, and a couple of blokes started feeling his chest and arms – God, he looked good! I was approached by a woman, in her late 20’s, who asked me to snog her. We started kissing, and then this progressed to licking each other and having a good grope of each other’s breasts and – finally – feeling inside one another’s panties. A group of VIP’s stood around, watching the show. Then a bloke pulled his pants down and thrust his erect cock in my face – I took hold of it, and wrapped my mouth around his bell-end … within moments, I was deep-throating him. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see the woman I’d been kissing – Brian was fucking her from behind, as she sucked off another bloke. It was then that I felt a cock thrust itself into my pussy, also from behind. I didn’t see who was fucking me, but I did grab my ass cheeks and spread them wide – so the bloke could go as deep as possible. The guy I was sucking spunked in my mouth. He gave no indication he was going to cum – he just suddenly unloaded, and once done he moved off to the side. Another bloke moved in front of me, with his dick pointing in my face. I took hold of his member and spat all of the cum that was in my mouth onto his cock. Then I started to wank him, before also deep-throating him. Behind me, I felt the guy who was fucking me spasm as he ejaculated in my pussy. And no sooner had he withdrawn than another bloke entered me … Wow! This was exciting … After this frenzy fucking, lasting about 20 minutes, we all – about 14 of us (2 women and 12 blokes) – relaxed, had a drink, and sat – naked – and chatted. I was having a ‘high’ moment, feeling all spaced out from the sex. But I was glad of the pause in the action … Then Brian introduced me to 3 of his friends – 2 really great looking black blokes (in their late 20’s, both looked at least 6’ tall and very muscular) and a shorter, stocky white bloke in his early 40’s. Brian told me that they were all gay, but fancied fucking a 19 year old pussy – to add some extra spice to their sex lives. Fine with me … I bend down and started sucking the well-hung black dudes, as the white bloke lay on the floor under me, eating out my already spunk-filled cunt. The two cocks I was sucking were huge – and all veiny. Three of four minutes later, we changed positions – with me going on all fours. One black bloke lay under me, fucking my pussy, while the other black guy went behind, fucking me in the ass. The white bloke knelt in front of me – and I sucked his cock (while the dude under me sucked his balls). Around us, about 15 people had gathered, watching … most playing with themselves (as well as each other). Then the dude underneath me said he wanted to fuck my ass too – so I squeezed his massive cock into my bum as well … That wasn’t easy! These two huge dicks inside my tiny, tight bum hole! With their cocks rubbing against each other inside my pussy, it was a real turn on for everyone involved – and just 2 minutes later both blokes spunked at once. I felt a massive surge of creamy warmth fill my ass … Nice. And then the white bloke, who I’d been sucking, went behind me – and he unloaded in my ass as well. Then Brian lifted me up, and turned me over – so I was laying on my back. He climbed on top, and entered my pussy … he held me tight, clearly enjoying it … but, just before shooting his load, he withdrew and shoved his cock into my bum (whispering in my ear “I wanted to cum where the others have”) – and spunked deep inside me. With the cum of 4 blokes in my bum, the other woman (I never found out her name) went down on me and started to eat me out … slurping all that jizz from my ass! After that, the sex was over. Later, Brian got me a taxi and I went home. It was a good night. I’m looking forward to many more like it!
  7. thehammerman

    Claire becomes a bareback escort

    I’ve had a long day. The guy who’s helping me with my own website, Dave, has me working a 3 hour shift from his flat a few afternoons / evenings each week. He said it would boost my business – being available from two different locations. And he’s right – as I’m fucking loads of men. But he’s taking the cash, as he says he needs it for my site. And I’ve paid him £2000 to cover everything. I’m just hoping it’d be finished sooner than now. I like Dave – he’s an okay bloke, not bad looking. He usually fucks me – for free – each afternoon, as he says it “warms me up – gets my juices flowing for the punters.” But today I did a shift at my house, from 10am to 4pm, and then from Dave’s between 5pm and 11pm. I shagged 11 blokes in that time – not including Dave – and my pussy and bum are red raw! Dave told me that rubbing spunk into my vagina will help – and he said he’d collect some for me, in a jar – but I think (hope) he was joking. At least I have the time to do these long shifts, now that university is on hold. My situation hasn’t been sorted out, but term has now ended for the summer. So I don’t expect to go back to my studies for at least 2 months. I hope to work for the next 6 weeks, then go on a 2 week holiday to Spain. That’d be nice. Perhaps a punter will pay to take me away! I’m at Dave’s tomorrow – he’s doing a photo session for my site. He’s got one of his friends coming round, to fuck me, while Dave takes photos. Again, he says these will increase business. Dave also told me to keep my baby – saying that a pregnant 19 year old will get a shit load of business. I was thinking about it, and decided that – yes – if I can make loads of cash during my pregnancy then I’ll be able to give up being a whore as soon as I’ve had the baby. I’ll have plenty of money saved by then, and will be able to focus on my studies. I know my mum will look after the child (I wont tell her that it’s dad’s), so that shouldn’t affect my studies. I’m at home, by myself. My housemate Jess is out with some friends, out in the city drinking. I’d like to go too, but my holes are just too sore – it hurts to move! So I’m just going to rest, after putting some moisturiser cream on my pussy and ass. It should feel real nice slowing rubbing the cream between my legs … … Yes! It does feel good. I’m rubbing the cream into myself right now, as I type. My pussy lips are so swollen from all the fucking I’ve been doing – and this cream is nice and cold. I’ve dolloped a load on my bum hole – and … I’m fingering my ass … getting it all moist. This is bound to help. I hope I’m fully okay by weekend – as one of my punters, Brian, has booked me to go along with him to all all-night bisexual swingers club. He’s paying me £350 to join him – so long as I fuck anyone who asks to have sex with me at the club. I’m looking forward to it, as I intend to get pissed. But I don’t want to go along looking red raw between my legs! I’ll let you know how the club events goes.
  8. thehammerman

    Claire becomes a bareback escort

    I’m lying on my bed, naked. Next to me, on my left hand side, is a bloke in his mid-30’s. He’s also naked. He cock is hard and erect, and he’s stroking it – while looking at me. At my firm, 19 year old body. My left hand is touching my breasts, squeezing my nipples. My right hand is between my legs, my thumb is touching my clit, and a couple of my fingers are inside my moist cunt. The bloke is a stranger. I only met him 25 minutes ago. He’s paying me £100 to do this. He told me his name is Brian. He’s fairly good looking. In this summer heat, and being so aroused, his body is glistening with sweat – and I like it. I like watching him as he wanks off, knowing that he’s all excited by my own sweaty body … He asks me to spit on his knob. I sit up, and clear my throat – getting as much saliva as possible in my mouth. Then I release it – and, slowing, a big glob of spit drops onto his penis. I can tell he’s so turned on by this, as his body is shuddering involuntarily – especially his legs, which are twitching, and his toes are curled. I put my right hand back between my legs … only this time my fingers find my bum hole. It’s tight, and feels so good. Brian is wanking himself with his left hand – and he places his right hand between my legs – collecting my juices onto his fingers. He then move them over to his cock – using them as lube. He rubs faster, more frantic. “I’m gonna cum!” he moans – and, as agreed before we started, he leans over me. He inserts the tip of his penis into my vagina – just the tip. And he ejaculates. His spunk shoots up inside me. I can feel it, so warm and thick. Having unloaded, he climbs off me, lying back down beside me, panting. As requested, I place my hand over my groin – holding his cum inside my pussy. Brian told me he was bisexual. But he said he’s more gay than straight. He says he usually fucks blokes bareback. He told me that he’d like to breed me. I didn’t mention that I was already pregnant. I’m over a month gone now (nearly two, in fact). I can tell, just a slight swelling of my tummy. And my tits are firmer … Brian also told me he’s HIV+. I don’t care. The chances of catching it are slim. And, though not curable, it can be treated … In fact, I was turned on knowing this guy that I let spunk inside me might develop AIDS. I stand up, and straddle Brian – as requested. I lower my pussy over his face, onto his mouth. He eats me out … licking his own cum from my pussy. I fucked five other blokes today – all bareback, all spunking in me. And I didn’t wash – or even wipe – between sessions. Brian is eating their cum too … This is just a typical day in my life. The life of a bareback creampie slut.
  9. thehammerman

    Claire becomes a bareback escort

    A crazy week! On Monday, I got called into the dean’s office at university. He wanted to speak to me about the arrest of that student – the really fat, spotty kid who likes to cry – who was caught by the police wanking in public. The kid – who, I found out, is called Tom – had told the cops that I’d been having sex with him, and that he wasn’t just standing on a street corner all by himself having a quick wank!!! The dean asked me if I knew anything about it – and I said I didn’t even know the kids name (which I didn’t), and that I certainly wasn’t fucking him (which, truth be told, I wasn’t – he was merely eating out my cum-filled pussy). But this young bloke, Tom, has been charged with gross public indecency – and been expelled from the university. I do feel a little bit bad for that … I worked all day Tuesday, as I had no uni classes. I fucked 6 different blokes. 5 of them unloaded in my cunt, after fucking me bareback. The other did fuck me unprotected, but spunked on my face – getting his cream in my hair! Nasty. It was a good day, and I earned £600. The only negative thing was, I’d visited my local clinic – and they confirmed I was pregnant, and that I’d tested positive for a string of STI’s (chlamydia, gonorrhoea and herpes). I told the nurse that I was a good girl, and only had sex once – and the condom broke. She asked about the father – but I was hesitant to inform her that my own dad is the father of the child! On Wednesday, I was again called into the dean’s office. Tom had provided the university with details of my whoring activities. The little shit had recorded on his phone us having sex – and me taking money for it. The university are not pleased with me – and say I might get expelled too! I was placed on temporary suspension until the case is sorted out. So, I went home – to find Jess (my 18 year old housemate) fucking a punter. He saw me as he was leaving, and decided to stay – paying me £70 for a quickie. I simply pulled down my jeans and panties, and he took me from behind in the kitchen – with Jess watching, having a cup of coffee. That evening, my dad came round again. We sat and chatted. He apologised – again – for fucking me (well, it wasn’t really his fault – as he was tied down, and wore a mask, so I didn’t know it was him). He explained that he and mummy are going through a bad patch – made worse by him giving her the STI’s he caught from me! God, it’s complicated. Anyway, he told me that I should stop being a prostitute – and he gave me £10,000 to “get my life in order”. And he demanded I have an abortion. I took the money, and told him I’d seriously think about it. On Thursday, the dean from university arrived at my door. I thought he’d come round to discuss the case. No – he wanted to fuck me! He told me that, if I fucked him for free, he’d get the issue all sorted. So, why not. I led the 45 year old bloke up to the bedroom. I sat on the bed, while I undressed. I wished we’d washed the bed sheets – they were covered in 2 weeks’ worth of cum stains! I then straddled him, riding him cowgirl – and, eventually, he unloaded inside my tight bum. Then, as he was leaving, he told me it’ll take a few weeks to sort things out – and that I should treat that time as a holiday. On Friday, I took the £10,000 to the bank. But – having given the matter a lot of thought – I kept some of the money back. I phoned one of my punters – who’s a website designer (he told me) – and asked him if he’d do me a great website – advertising me: a 19 year old, cute blonde bareback whore! He said yes, and agreed to pop round for a visit to discuss it. I’m paying him £2,000 for the site. And he’s fucking me for free – in return for a bunch of photos to go on the site. That should really drum up business. I’ve decided to make as much money as possible within, say, 3 years – and then quit. Hopefully I’ll meet a rich punter who’ll want to marry me. So, I’ll get my sociology degree and marry a wealthy dude by the time I’m 22 or 23. That’s the plan. I spent the rest of Friday fucking punters. One after another. Young and old. Mostly white. But I was also creamed by a black dude and an Asian guy. Jess got back early from uni, and we spent the evening getting plastered while watching TV. She’s also caught an STI – and has an itchy pussy. She keeps scratching it! That turned me on, watching her touch herself. So, after a while, I moved over to get and had a good feel of her crotch, God, she was burning hot! I went down on her, licking her – using my saliva to cool her pussy down. Then she went down on me … Today’s Saturday – and tonight me and Jess are off out into town. Hopefully we pick up some good looking blokes who fancy barebacking my pregnant hole …
  10. I appreciate that, truly. As I'm sure all the other users of the straight and bi section do. There certainly isn't a site like this, which - I was going to say 'permits', but a better word is - welcomes the straight bareback community. If we (me, or anyone else) pisses you off - just shout us down. As I recognise, it's principally a gay site - and us straight folks (a bunch of weird blokes contributing at the fringes of this forum;)) are your guests.
  11. Hi guys – just thought I’d offer a contribution. As someone who (almost exclusively) posts in the straight (and bi) section, I’ve found this site to be both interesting and enjoyable. I never really considered that some folks in the “gay” area are so turned-off (and, in certain instances, angered and frustrated) by seeing straight posts. As a user in the straight area, the gay stuff isn’t really “there” (it’s neither obvious nor readily clickable on) – although the photos that come up on the surrounding edges of the webpages are clearly homosexual in orientation. I just thought users “saw” the sections (and sub-sections) of their preferred sexual orientation. But, apparently not. Especially if one uses the “new posts” link. Yes, the straight section has become busier in the past few months. I must hold my hand up here, and acknowledge that I’ve probably played a part in this – as I regularly contribute, and have created quite a few new threads, inciting much debate from others. I do recognise – however – that this is principally a gay site. As such, to respect the wishes of those who’ve shown concern, I will “pull back” from my input … I certainly don’t want to annoy anyone. And my sincere apologies if I have. As I say, I didn’t know all the straight stuff popped up in the areas viewed by gay users. To offer my opinions on some of the comments / queries made … (1) there is a great focus on prostitutes in the straight section. The reason is simple, besides ‘partners’ most straight blokes will only get bareback sex with any regularity with a prostitute. Swinging tends to be ‘protected’ (as do one night stands, for the most part). And, since most straight blokes don’t really want to discuss the bareback sex adventures they’re having with their girlfriend or wife on a forum, what’s left? It’s bareback sex with prostitutes. They’re readily available, and this forum is great for an exchange of information and views. So, this leads to (2) Yes, bareback sex is highly frowned upon (if not downright rejected) on virtually all straight websites. Raising the issue of bareback is enough to get a user banned! As such, straight blokes have found a place to express themselves and be free. This is a great site. But I – nor my ‘straight brothers’ – do not want to cause any tensions. For that reason, I’m going to refrain from taking part any further (until the separate site is created in the future). I appreciate the space this site has allowed me … Take care.
  12. thehammerman

    Claire becomes a bareback escort

    Had a great time last night. Well, that is after my dad had left … Jess got my stuff ready – a seedy little black dress (that barely covers my crotch), high heels, etc. – while I sat a drank a few shots of vodka. But, by about 10pm we were ready, and I was half drunk! I looked in the mirror, admiring myself. Shit! I’m good looking. I’ve a fantastic figure, slim but with cute curves in the right places, and wonderfully pert tits. But it’s my head – well, face and hair – that’s truly eye-catching. Yeah, I’m sexy and I know it! And tonight, I decided, I was gonna pull some cock! We got a taxi into town, and arrived in the student area. The main university bar is okay, but the music tends to be shit – last era stuff, from the 1990’s. We’re young! I want to listen to what 19 years olds are into, not stuff from 19 years ago … But the drinks are cheap. Saw a few uni friends, and chatted, while downing quite a few Bacardi’s. That’s when I spotted the young chap who’s visited me and Jess as a punter – the really fat student who likes to cry after sex. He was sat all alone, and kept turning his head – as if secretly glancing at me. Ha! I decided what to do immediately. I’d make his night, by having some fun at his expense. I walked over to the bar and found the best looking single bloke there, and whispered into his ear – “Come into the toilets and fuck me, right now.” The guy, thin, dark hair, mid-20’s, just put his pint down and took my hand. I guided him past the fat kid, who watched as we entered the toilets. In the cubicle, I quickly untipped this guy’s jeans, pulled out his decent looking cock, and started sucking. A minute later, I could tell he was gonna climax so I stopped sucking, turned around and pulled down my panties. “Fuck me,” I said. He grabbed my ass, and thrust inside my pussy – real hard. Oh, yes! That felt good. The guy went back and forth, maybe only ten times, and then unloaded inside me. He pulled out, wiping his still dripping penis onto my bum cheeks. I clenched my vagina muscles, trying to keep his cum inside. Then I turned to him while pulling up my panties, and said “Thanks, now fuck off!” He grinned, saying “Okay, you slut,” and left. We exited the toilet, and I again purposefully walked past the young and fat, likes-to-cry, got-no-girlfriend bloke, who stared at me with wide eyes. I got to the bar, ordered a double vodka, and shot it back. Spotting another decent looking guy, I went over to him and asked if he’d like to fuck me. He must have thought I was joking – so I quickly flashed him my tits, and took hold of his hand, walking him over to the toilet. Right past the young fatty. In the toilet, I again went down and started sucking this guy. He had a great body on him, with a six-pack clearly visible. Once hard, I turned and bent over. He pushed to one side my panties, and shoved his cock into me. “Wow, you’re all wet” he explained. Then he proceeded to bang me bareback from behind. He spunked after about 5 minutes, and again I sought to keep as much of his cream inside me as possible. We left the toilet, and I now approached the fat bloke, saying to him “I’ve just fucked these two guys. I really want to fuck you, and feel you inside me. But not yet. I want you last, later tonight. If you’re still around at 2am, find me. Then we fuck.” He nodded, really frantic, as if in shock. Smiling, I went and found Jess. “Come on, let’s go somewhere exciting” I told her. We left, and headed over to the club just down the street. I noticed the young fatty following us … Well, me and Jess both pulled at the club, and we both got our pussy’s filled with bareback cock and cum – each of us fucking strangers in the toilets. We left there and cruised two or three other local clubs in the city centre, and at each one we picked-up guys who fucked us. At each stage in our journey, I spotted the young fatty following, watching me as I went off with all these blokes. By 2am I’d shagged seven different cocks and my pussy was brimming with spunk. It’s amazing how guys – strangers – are so willing to fuck unprotected and unload inside a girl! Anyways, at this point – just as the club was shutting – me and Jess were leaving, ready to go home, and I once again spotted the fat man. I went over to him, and could tell that he was gagging for it. I took his hand, and led him down a back alley that was adjacent to the club. “Look,” I told him, “I’ve had enough of shagging for one night. Sorry, but I’m going home.” His face dropped, and he looked like a lost puppy! “Oh, sorry about this,” I continued. “If you’re really desperate, you can eat out my minge while you wank off. How’s about that?” He nodded excitedly … I took him right to the corner of the alleyway, so anyone walking along could see us. Jess was stood nearby, and she was watching! I told the young fatty to unzip himself and start wanking – which he did – then I pushed his head down into my crotch, and pulled my panties down. God, I was wet – just full of cum from multiple guys. And this fat kid started eating me out! There he was, slurping up the spunk from all these random strangers who’d unloaded into me earlier. After a couple of minutes I’d had enough, so told me to stop. But I said “Carry on wanking!” He did. Just then, I spotted a police car heading slowly down the street – so I just ran over the road, to Jess. The young fatty just stood there, cock in hand, wanking all by himself, as this police car pulled-up by the side of him. What timing! As the cops got out to talk to the young fatty, me and Jess ran off giggling. We got a taxi home, talking about the fun we’d had. And she told me, “Well, at least you don’t have to worry about pregnancy! And, just think, if you have all those STI’s your dad says you have, you’ve probably just passed them on to all the blokes you’ve fucked. And that fat student who just ate out your cunt!” Yeah – so true, I thought. Well, these guys get whatever if they choose to go bareback. God, what a night. And now I’m going to have to do some serious thinking about being pregnant …
  13. thehammerman

    Claire becomes a bareback escort

    Holy CRAP! Things have gone from bad to worse … just when I thought everything was settling back down … let me explain. I’ll tell the story as it unfolded. Well, my period should have come on the day before yesterday. I had an appointment booked for last night, to see a punter who wanted period play. No problem. I haven’t done that before, but its easy money – right? Well, not when my period fails to show up! I’ve always been regular as clockwork. Have been since I was 13. Every 28 days without fail … except this time. Well, as you can imagine, I though – shit! I might be pregnant. Some punter has knocked me up! Jess, my housemate, told me to calm down – saying how she’s often a day or two late, every now and again. Anyway, she says, surely I’m on the pill? Er – no! I never got round to it. So, the punter arrives. He’s disappointed, but he stays anyway – fucking my pussy and spunking inside me. It felt good having sex, after being abstinent for a week or so. I enjoyed watching him wank off – and cumming a second time – as I played with his dripping spunk, talking dirty, while fingering my 19 year old cunt … But, as soon as he’d gone, I went to the all-night garage and bought a test kit for pregnancy. As soon as I got home, I took a pee on it … waited … and HOLY CRAP I’m pregnant. Well, I had my period last month, so I’ve gotton pregnant this month … I ovulated about 2 weeks ago. So, who’ve I bareback pussy fucked in this time? Oh, dear God. Only two possible blokes – Harry, the old fart who took me to Paris, and my dad! I called Harry, and told him I might be pregnant. He congratulated me! And said he’d had the snip 15 years ago … So, he’s not the dad. No, my dad is the dad! He’s the only other guy who’s spunked in my pussy in the last 2 weeks. Everyone else has cum in my bum. And unless I’m stupid, surely a girl can’t get pregnant from bum sex! Well, as arranged, my dad turned up today. There was an awkward silence, given that this was the first time we’d seen each other since “the incident” (see previous entry). But he hugged me, and said everything would be okay. I smiled, as cute as possible, and said I needed to speak to him about something important … Before I got a chance, he said “Claire – let me talk first. You shouldn’t be doing this sort of thing. I’ve got some money for you, so you can stop being a prostitute. It’s not healthy. In fact, I visited the doctor a couple of days ago – as I’ve developed a rash – and he told me the results this morning. I’ve contracted chlamydia, gonorrhoea and herpes! Your mother is furious, as she’s having to get tested. I think you passed these STI’s on to me.” What! He basically told me I’ve got chlamydia, gonorrhoea and herpes – and that I’m responsible for giving them to my mum and dad! So, I told him to shut up – and said: “Dad, I’m pregnant. And you’re the father! So there.” Well, that shut him up. He left without saying another word … I told Jess (who, I think, was listening through the door). She tried cheering me up … we’re off out later, on the pull, to cruise the local clubs and pick up some hard cock. Hopefully some man meat will make me feel better.
  14. thehammerman

    Two years on Meds

    Good stuff! Glad you're healthy and feeling great. Losing excess fat always helps (I've lost 3 stone in the last year and a half - slowly doing it, but keeping it off). But taking up smoking is never good! Ha! But, each of us has our own vices ... If smoking cigs is yours, so be it. Stay well.
  15. thehammerman

    Claire becomes a bareback escort

    It’s been over a week now, since the incident. I’ve spent much of that time in shock, really. Bareback fucking my own dad! Since doing that, the only job I’ve taken is with the three Asian guys, with each of them taking turns to creampie my bum. As I wasn’t in the right state of mind, I’ve taken the last 7 days off work … But I’m now feeling much better. It’s allowed me time to knuckle down with my university studies – and I’ve got a lots done. But Jess, my housemate, has continued to see punters. She’s been a very busy girl, shagging at least 5 – and sometimes 10 – different guys each day. She’s well up for all sorts of slutty stuff, and we’ve decided to go out partying this coming weekend. I fancy picking-up a string of blokes, one after another, and getting my pussy filled! But, before this weekend arrives, I’ve now taken my first booking in a while … it’s for tomorrow. A real pervert – an old guy, in his 60’s, who wants “period play”. He called me a few days ago, and asked when it’s my time of the month. Usually, I don’t work at that time – as it can be painful, and most blokes don’t want to see it – but he wanted to book me for when I’m on! Weird, right? So, I told him. I should start today, at some point, and be all bloody down there tomorrow. He’s booked me for a 2hr in-call. Previously, I only offered one hour sessions, but I’ve found that some guys enjoy longer fuck sessions – and they’re willing to pay for them, so that’s fine. This old fart is paying £250 for 2 hours of bareback fun, with period play … After that, I should be fully ready to start seeing everyone again. Bring it on! I’m a hot, sexy teenage cum depository, all ready and willing to take your load. I’m seeing my dad the day after tomorrow. We spoke on the phone, although we only chatted about shopping and the weather – anything but sex! He’s going to come round, and hopefully we’ll sort everything out and get things back to normal. Just have to see what happens … As I write, Jess is in the next room – fucking a client. He’s one I’ve had. A young fatty, from university. He’s my age – 19 – but really unattractive. Must be 20 stone, with a face full of spots. He cried after he fucked me, yapping on about having never had a “real” girlfriend. Think of it! This fat kid just spunked up my tight pussy, the best he’s ever had, and he suddenly bursts out crying. I shut him up by straddling him, rubbing my cunt against his face – getting him to eat his own mess! At least by doing that I didn’t have to listen to him going on about his dull life … I can hear him now, moaning as he thrusts his small dick into my housemate. It’s her turn to take his spunk and then his tears. Don’t worry, Jess – I’ve go down on you later. I’ll eat out whatever cum he’s left inside you … Anyway, I’ll update you after my debauched weekend.

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