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  1. Pregnancy risk?

    Tell us more ... I'm sure some guy on here can help out!
  2. Your last hetro load...

    See the thread on sperm donation - all is discussed there! There's plenty of women looking for this. To take this back to topic, one of the last loads I gave got a woman pregnant. This was the entire purpose of the endeavour (on both our parts). It does feel great shooting your load in a pussy that's fertile and wanting to be bred ... I've impregnated no less than 2 women in the last few months. Nice!
  3. Your last hetro load...

    I've just - only yesterday - had a 3some with two hookers, based at Luton. I've fucked both of them previously, but on a 1-2-1 basis. This time, I opted for both together ... One, Sandra, is in her late 40's / early 50's (I'm guessing). She has a good figure for a middle age woman. Nice and curvy. And lovely long hair, and great (D-cup at least) tits. The second is Jess, who's in her 20's. Very slim, with a tight body, and very tiny tits. She, too, has lovely long dark hair ... Both are Hungarian. They've been working on the scene for quite a while - years, in fact ... So, both are genuine bareback whores. They must have had gallons of spunk shot up their cunts! Literally 1,000's of strangers - blokes who simply want to unload - have fucked them. And I arranged to see them mid-afternoon, after they'd both received cum that day ... double sloppy seconds. I fucked them both - moving from one to the other, doing them in various positions. I spunked in each ... And, on both occasions I spunked, I made sure that I moved my cock between them - so that they both got a good helping of my cum. I had a good time! And, as I left, I saw the guy who was seeing Jess next. He was about to get his dick all wet with my spunk!!!
  4. HIV risk from prostitute bareback blowjobs?

    rawTOP is right when he says "there is basically no risk from blowjobs". The US's Centre for Disease Control (CDC) says that the risk of HIV transmission for both receptive oral intercourse and insertive oral intercourse is - per 10,000 exposures (with a partner who is HIV+) - low. This isn't quite the same thing as impossible or negligible. It means that's it's probably less than 1 in 10,000 exposures. It's very, very unlikely. And, to be possible, the circumstances outlined in the above post would likely be required. Given these statistics, no one ought to be that concerned or worried about bareback oral sex (with a prostitute or anyone else). If you think about it, what's the likelihood - by random chance - that the person you're having oral sex with is HIV+? Whatever that likelihood is (say, 1 in 500), you have to multiply that with the 1 in 10,000 figure (the risk from exposure) and that's the actual probability of getting infected in this way ... something like a 1 in 5 million chance. So don't fret about it!
  5. Has anyone who uses this forum had a vasectomy? If so, I just wondered about what bareback sex is like ... Do you want as much? Does it matter? Do you get it more regularly (as it's a method of contraception)? Does it feel any different (especially when cumming)?
  6. Chances of getting HIV from an HIV test?

    From an HIV test? None. Not any chance at all. In an advanced, western country, the chances of you getting anything from the actual test equipment is so remote as to be considered nil. Okay, certain medical procedures do carry risks; and staying in a hospital can (on rare occasions) lead to infections from so-called 'super-bugs'. But from an HIV test - there's no risk associated with it at all. If you are worried about HIV, you should get tested again. Given what you've said, the result will be negative (unless you've got infected from a genuine source). You might be somewhat afraid of the testing procedure, but you'll have peace of mind. And there are different ways of getting tested. Speak with your doctor. But, to repeat, you will not have got HIV from an HIV test!
  7. Shaved pussy

    In my experience, I'd say that 90 to 95% of escorts shave. While around 50% shave "in real life". With regard to the women I've known who grow a bush, they do so simply because they can't be bothered shaving. There are a few - a minority - who take a more principled view, and grow the hair because it's "natural". I prefer a shaved pussy. But a bush is okay, so long as the rest of the goods are in nice shape.
  8. Here's an interesting news report, which states: "A Seattle judge has ordered an HIV-positive man to stop spreading the disease and to seek treatment after he infected eight people in four years." Reported in the British news. Here's the link: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-29168782 (I thought the heading was bizarre - as the court has ordered the man to stop the virus! If only things were that simple).
  9. if his mouth was on fire, yes ... otherwise, no.
  10. When you spunk, assuming you do so inside a pussy or ass, do you prefer to unload deep inside the hole OR near the orifice (the opening of the hole)? I prefer to cum DEEP inside. I'll thrust away, seeking to get every last drop of cum from my ball-sack into her ... in fact, I'll usually wank the last dregs out, just to be sure. Yet, when I'm arranging for sloppy seconds, I prefer the bloke before me to spunk on or just inside her cunt - so she's clearly all wet. And some blokes seem to prefer unloading at the entry to the orifice, so as to more easily see it drip out. What about you? And what are your 'motives'?
  11. From the standpoint of a European, who's simply a distant observer of such things, I'm amazed (and horrified) by such draconian legislation. Then again, we Europeans have had (historically) our fair share of similar policies ...
  12. Sperm Donation via Bareback Sex

    I've not updated this in a while - so I thought I'd reply to the question quoted above ... I've now had two "successes" with this in terms of two women (both lesbians) getting pregnant from me in the last 3 to 4 months. News of the second only came my way (by a text) about a week ago. I've met - and fucked - quite a few women (each a number of times) via this strategy. I had offers of a few more, but I had to say no - because of various things going on in my life (I've been too busy). While it's fun and, clearly, can be 'productive', it's also is time-consuming. It takes ages to develop a rapport with the women, then meet up with them over a couple of days every 4 weeks (while they're ovulating). Now that I've had some success, I'll not be continuing. But I do recommend it to others who feel inclined to breed with women who are desperate to become mothers.
  13. Hi - a lot to think about in your thread. Sorry, I've been "off-line" for a couple of weeks, and only just had a chance to reply. How are things progressing? Understandably, costs are a concern. But I'm sure that we - the blokes using the site - can help out. So, with regard to this part of your thread, do you mind just re-going over precisely what it is (or, rather how much - in terms of $'s) - you need. I think members will appreciate having a gallery, and a blog. So, if you don't mind, please inform us the total you require ... We can start that aforementioned funding campaign! Do you still want details for straight ads? If so, I'll put together a few recommendations (as, as various times in the past, I've been a member of a number of pay-to-join membership sites for straight porn). Is this sorted? If so, great. If not, I can provide a few images for your consideration. These are one's that I've taken myself (my own private porn collection - so copyright won't be a concern).
  14. There's been lots of comments on this - all interesting. I thought I'd contribute ... I'd say that a genuine straight guy is not "attracted" to gay guys (or any guy). Okay, a straight bloke might recognise another bloke (gay or not) as handsome, or as possessing some other aesthetic quality. But this isn't the same thing as proper physical (or sexual) attraction. It might be more akin to admiration or stereotypical recognition (of cultural norms). But I also think there are many blokes who are not fully straight. They are "mostly" (say, 70-90%) straight. They may openly discuss their bi-sexuality, or hide it. If hidden (even, possibly, to themselves) they'll be considered straight. But they're not as straight as other blokes. Such a guy might be attracted to gay guys. Just a fuck? There's nothing up with that. In and of itself, it means nothing. In the context of whether a (truly) straight bloke would, in normal circumstances, agree to such quick, casual sex - well, no. Even if desperate (as normally defined), a straight guy won't consider fucking another bloke. Of course, that line can be - and is, in certain circumstances - crossed. Say, when straight blokes are locked up with each other for long periods of time (without access to women). Homosexual activities ensue ... But that's not the norm. If a bloke entertains the idea of a quickie with another bloke, and thinks to himself "it's okay, it's just casual sex, nothing gay about it", then - in reality - that bloke is (at least in part) gay - but just doesn't realise it! Nothing wrong with any of that ... these are only labels (gay, straight, bi). But they do have meaning. And if a guy wants to fuck another guy, it means he's not straight.
  15. Just wondering how long you can go between one sex session and the next - without starting to feel like you're 'on edge' (in need of some sexual relief / release)? For the most part, I'll have sex at least once a week (often twice, sometimes more frequently). As I'm not in a relationship, I tend to visit escorts. At any such session, I'll fuck - and cum - two or three times. Once done, I feel like I've had enough ... for a couple of days. Although sometimes I'm horny all the darn time! But I can go perhaps 4 or 5 days between sex sessions, without starting to feel "in need" of some release. What about you? Option 1) Not more than a day! Just got to have it ... Option 2) A couple of days is okay, then you get the itch ... Option 3) A few days, perhaps up to a week. Option 4) Maybe a few weeks, perhaps up to a month (as it's not that important) Option 5) A very long time!

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