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  1. MeatSeeker

    Sorry, No Escort Anything Anymore

    That's not what I'm talking about. The irony lies in the fact that Lord Dampnut actually uses escorts, and he is going to outlaw them. Also, there is the bit where a bunch of people who offer favors for money are trying to outlaw other people offering favors for money.
  2. MeatSeeker

    Sorry, No Escort Anything Anymore

    The irony of Orange Hitler signing off on a bill, written by professional whores intent on outlawing escorts, is astounding.
  3. MeatSeeker

    Down the slippery slope

    Mmmmm I hope we get to hear more about Drew's descent.
  4. MeatSeeker

    The Gay Pride Parade

    Thus ends one of the greatest tales ever told on this site. Well done sir and thanks for taking the time to share it with us
  5. MeatSeeker

    Two Mormon Boys

    Fuck yeah, can't wait to read more about these little mormon fuckholes getting pozzed
  6. MeatSeeker

    Park Cruise

    The last sentence sums it up nicely
  7. MeatSeeker

    Sauna pig

    MMmmmmmm, nothing quite like having poz daddies lined up behind you, taking turns breeding your lubed up cunt at a sauna.....
  8. I go to this website and read some stories while I have myself a good old-fashioned dildo gangbang lol
  9. MeatSeeker

    The Incubus cometh!

    Fuck, that was very sexy. Good jorb again
  10. MeatSeeker

    Den of Sexual Horrors

    Another gem, totally addicted to your stories.
  11. MeatSeeker

    Den of Sexual Horrors

    cant wait for chapter 2
  12. MeatSeeker

    The Freak Show

    I'm throbbing yet again...
  13. MeatSeeker

    The ISLAND

    mmmm this is a lovely story
  14. MeatSeeker

    The Freak Show

    As always, great chapter!

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