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  1. Please continue. I’d like to read more about Zach and Dane
  2. Will there be any more to this story? So far it's been brilliant.
  3. Such a hot story - looking forward to the next instalment
  4. Looking forward to the next chapter
  5. @DaddysHand Yes make him beg by promising to give a new home for Mike's virus to incubate and grow
  6. Don't pull out. The boy has asked for the demonic seed, give it to him
  7. Don't let him swallow one of those pills. He needs converting
  8. @DaddysHand If it was me I'd have no hesitation in stepping on the rubber mattress. Does that mean we get another instalment soon?
  9. Just read this story again. rawrawraw76 is an amazing writer
  10. Wow - another great chapter. Can't wait to see what decision he takes. @DaddysHand - you are one amazing storyteller
  11. I’ve just re-read this wonderful story. It’s one of the best and it’s a shame it never reached a conclusion. I can only hopeMr James created a poz baby boy...
  12. Great follow up - looking forward to the next part

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