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    Taking loads, sucking cock, rimming, receiving piss, anon, hotel sex, groups, parties, bathhouses, gloryholes, public, massage.
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    I do not play safe. Neg, on PrEP
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    I've watched a LOT ;)
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    Anon preferred, but taking any loads. Also looking for a work-exchange living situation. Give me a room in your home and I'll clean, run errands, or provide any number of services to help you.

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  1. mrprepared

    Vishara has moved

    Just a heads up. Vishara Video has moved a block away. It's now at 781 8th Ave (between 47th & 48th). It brighter which I don't like, but it's also really clean.
  2. mrprepared

    Folsom Gulch

    It's my favorite place to cruise in SF. I love that you never know what to expect. What are some other good cruising places? I've been to Nob Hill Theater too but it's not as raunchy as I like
  3. I'm relatively new to the bay area. Looking for a work exchange (room in exchange for work). I can clean, run errands, help with your small business, or a number of other jobs). Throw out some suggestions.
  4. mrprepared

    Relocating to NYC

    Any one have a spare room?
  5. mrprepared

    Relocating to NYC

    I'm relocating to NYC. Would love to find FWB or a live-in scenario for barter or work exchange.
  6. mrprepared

    Want a live in cumdump?

    Manhattan or Brooklyn
  7. mrprepared

    Want a live in cumdump?

    Looking to relocate to NYC and want to find someone to take me in as a live-in cumdump. I am independent and won’t be a slave, but will definitely be available for your use and potentially your friends. I take most loads and am very open minded / uninhibited.
  8. mrprepared

    best book store in nyc ...

    Bijou theater (adult theater) 82 E 4th St, New York, NY 10003 (between Bowery & 2nd) Vishara Video (adult theater) 797 8th Ave, New York, NY 10019 Blue Door 87 1st Avenue
  9. Anyone in SF or further down the peninsula into massage trade? I prefer to receive (massage and cock) but willing to give massage too. I'm in Palo Alto but cannot host.
  10. mrprepared


    New to the bay area and looking for other kinky, raunchy guys. Especially hopeful to find those with taboo fantasies. HMU.
  11. mrprepared

    Establishing a Breeding Group

    I'm interested. New to the area - I hosted a party where I used to live. We had about 160 on the mailing list and would have 30-35 each party. So much fun!
  12. New to the bay area (actually live down the Peninsula) and would like a recommendation for a massage therapist.
  13. Living in the sf bay area now. HMU for fun. Would love a sleezy buddy hang out with at Nob Hill Theater, EROS, Folsom Gulch, etc. 

  14. I'll be visiting San Francisco August 1st - 8th, staying in a Union Square hotel. Can anyone give me tips on where I can go for fun BB sex? I'm attending CumUnion on the 1st, but beyond that I can find much info on BB parties or venues. Any tips would be appreciated! If you're in SF hit me up for fun
  15. mrprepared

    2014 Load Tally

    I started keeping a tally on April 20, 2014. Since then I have received the following: 139 raw cocks 37 oral loads 62 anal loads

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