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    Taking loads, sucking cock, rimming, receiving piss, anon, hotel sex, groups, parties, bathhouses, gloryholes, public, massage. Nasty pervert. Sub looking for a dom to serve.
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    I do not play safe. Neg, on PrEP
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    Anon preferred, but taking any loads.

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  1. What is the Fair? Where is it located?
  2. Do an internet search for “master warcenko” to get an idea of the types of videos I’m looking to make. You’d be the alpha and I’d be the slave. If we monetize the videos into a web series we'll work out details where we split revenue. We can work out percentages at different amount intervals. You should be: - under 28 years old - athletic to thin - dominant and verbal - gay, str8, or bi - able to host in Manhattan Faces will probably be on the video unless we can figure out a reasonable solution to mask them. Private message me with a brief statement with your experience.
  3. Has anyone been to the gsa party in NYC lately? Just wondering about the attendance and the venue.
  4. Only slightly experienced with kink and would like to start exploring that more heavily. I have recon and fetlife profiles but haven't yet found the right man to be my dom. Anyone here up for training? If you're not into kink how about some good ol' FF? I'm a bottom exclusively.
  5. The Cock and The Eagle are fun, but you're not guaranteed loads when you go. I can always leave satisfied when I go to Vishara Video (on 8th between 47/48th), Blue Door Video (on 1st between 5/6th), and especially the parties at CumUnion and The Bear Party.
  6. Same. I only went to Bijou twice - before I moved here when I was only visiting. It was really fun and totally sleazy.
  7. I walked by the day after commenting because curiosity got the best of me. Where have you been going since it closed? Ever go to Blue Door?
  8. Anyone know for sure if the Bijou has reopened on 4th?
  9. Just a heads up. Vishara Video has moved a block away. It's now at 781 8th Ave (between 47th & 48th). It brighter which I don't like, but it's also really clean.
  10. It's my favorite place to cruise in SF. I love that you never know what to expect. What are some other good cruising places? I've been to Nob Hill Theater too but it's not as raunchy as I like
  11. I'm relatively new to the bay area. Looking for a work exchange (room in exchange for work). I can clean, run errands, help with your small business, or a number of other jobs). Throw out some suggestions.
  12. I'm relocating to NYC. Would love to find FWB or a live-in scenario for barter or work exchange.

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