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    Bareback sex with women, looking for a recharge or new strain.
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    I Hetro Bareback all the time, looking for new strain, please message in Oz
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    Just BBFS and BB ANAL
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    Bareback sloppy seconds

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  1. I got what I wanted thank you all good bye and good to all

  2. Harryreams

    Mygov health record

    I did opt out, like so many others did not already realize that i had a file. It listed agency like Era health whom did testing etc, basically everything that used your name or medicare card, so much for confidentiality or getting a code.
  3. Harryreams

    Mygov health record

    Its quite scary going on line, even though its supposed to be confidential given a code, our testing dates are all visible online to anyone in the medical field and what the tests were for
  4. Harryreams

    Mygov health record

    Very concerned about our records being available to multiple people. How do we opt out of this? Privacy is very important about testing and results etc
  5. Anyone know how to opt out of mygov health records online. Confidentiality of health is so important 

  6. So glad ti hear another member joined the club  (-:

  7. Harryreams

    Viral Rebound Question

    That quickly? ?.? I thought if your were on Meds then VL is low and even if you stopped meds for a few weeks it would remain low?
  8. Harryreams

    Taboo question to ask a poz guy?

    Taboo question to me - Very insensitive to ask if i am really Poz, very disrespectful !
  9. hi I’m in Melb, neg vers here.

  10. Looking for a new strain 

  11. Harryreams

    Fuck Flu.

    I had it for 3 weeks got better but still have stiff joints

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