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    Bareback sex with women, looking for a recharge or new strain.
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    Don't Ask, Don't Tell
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    I Hetro Bareback all the time, looking for new strain
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    Just BBFS and BB ANAL
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    Bareback sloppy seconds

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    Harryreams loves BB

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  1. Harryreams

    Viral Rebound Question

    That quickly? ?.? I thought if your were on Meds then VL is low and even if you stopped meds for a few weeks it would remain low?
  2. Harryreams

    Taboo question to ask a poz guy?

    Taboo question to me - Very insensitive to ask if i am really Poz, very disrespectful !
  3. hi I’m in Melb, neg vers here.

  4. Looking for a new strain 

  5. Harryreams

    Fuck Flu.

    I had it for 3 weeks got better but still have stiff joints

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