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    Cum Loving, Vers, Raw, BB, FF, Cum, Licking loads out of well seeded asses. I love gangbangs, group, anonymous!
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    Poz, Not On Meds
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    Some. Looking for more!
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    Looking for vers / tops. I love getting gang banged and being the cum dump. Pump your load in my ass or down my throat. Also sloppy asses to load.

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  1. I'm probably close to 500 if not over. I can't help it. They feel so good & flood my hole!
  2. I hope so. I want to lick and breed that sloppy hole!
  3. That is the hotted post I've ever read on BZ. Beautiful! I hope to experience something close to this one day.
  4. Absolutely! It's about wanting a hole full of cum and being treated like a fuck toy. Sometimes I wear a blindfolded or a puppy mask, and just want to be used by everyone. IE: If they can cum, cum inside me!
  5. Looks like I have at least 3 "special" loads confirmed. I'm so excited!
  6. I'm going to get a room at the P-House Orlando, Feb 7th. Trying to break my record of 23 loads. Cum add yours. Absolutely no load refused! BBRT: cumDumpPig7
  7. He is not getting ART medication from a doctor. He is getting the from an alternative source. His VL was 1 million + and a CD4 of 55. At least that's the claim. He wants to swap loads & I'm kinka tempted but a bit afraid.
  8. Thanks for the feedback. I’m poz, never on meds but having a bug that can infect Prep holes, I’m afraid it will seriously lessen my number of playmates. I don’t stealth but will happily infect willing holes.
  9. A full blown top has been telling me that he has been takings antivirals only once or twice a week to strengthen his virus and now he is not just med-resistant but has infected boys who we’re on PrEP. Is this possible? Does occasionally using meds strengthen the hiv virus?
  10. I've done Pig Week in Ft Lauderdale and Day Days in Orlando and took load after load at both. I also seeded several holes and started getting into fisting. I ove getting a group of depraved guys together for dirty unrestrained fucking!
  11. I already have my reservations for next year at Inn Leather. Who else is going? I gave so many gifts & received a few new ones myself, I can’t wait to do it again!
  12. I took at least 12 loads and gave 15. But I couldn't event tell you how many cocks were inside me and how many holes I was in.
  13. I’ll be at Pig Week for the first time. I’ve had great luck in Ft Lauderdale in past trips. Dec 1-8. I have a room at the Cheston House. This is my vacation to shed all inhibitions, breed & get bred as much as I possibly can. Anyone else going, hmu.
  14. This will be the first year I am going but I've heard it's a complete fuck fest. Last year had 5000+ attendees. I'll be ass up for 8 days taking ANY load I can find from anyone.
  15. In Tampa one night, 5-11pm at the Hilton. I'm ass up and taking ALL loads. Cum breed my hole!
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