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    Hung, adult parTy tops seriously interested in meeting for real.
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  1. assplaybottom

    Raw at work

    It'd be incredible to feel you fucking me repeatedly just about anywhere! Upstate NY here and looking for a BBC who knows how to use an insatiable bottom and keep me begging for more and more
  2. Thanks for the following ;)

  3. assplaybottom

    Have you or would you like to be bred by a BBC?

    Tell us more about your adventures! Tell us more about your adventures with him!
  4. assplaybottom

    Have you or would you like to be bred by a BBC?

    Check often and feel free to deposit repeatedly and deep!
  5. assplaybottom

    Have you or would you like to be bred by a BBC?

    Any time you need an insatiable bottom to take all the fucking you wanna drill into my holes, I'm willing!
  6. assplaybottom

    3 Loads in 12 hours

    I wish I could enjoy your experience. I'd love to feel you and those hung top studs using me for days. Any chance you will get to hang out with those studs again?
  7. Fuckin' Oink~! Pervs like you make visiting BZ fun. Please keep sharing. Thanks for the Reps, & following me too.

  8. Hi asssplaybottom, thanks fro reputation you gived me for some pics i put .. happy you like them as me ..  ( you have a lovely ass i would like to rimm )

    1. assplaybottom


      You're welcome. I'd love to feel you rimming me... And fucking me...using whatever toys or other items you choose to use on and in me

    2. assplaybottom


      When can I start deepthroating your big cock 

  9. Upstate NY insatiable bottom here and I'd love to hang out sometime and get a closer look at your hot body


  10. I would love to take all the DNA you wanna pound into my deep throat and hole

  11. Damn you've got one hot body! I'd love to hang out with you

  12. Thanks for the follow.

    1. assplaybottom


      My pleasure...sounds like we share alot of similar interests....

  13. Hey ... thanks for the follow! xx

    1. assplaybottom


      My pleasure! After reading your profile all I can think about is you laying me out in a sling and administering a hard slam while deepthroating your big thick cock and using my body as your fuck toy

  14. I like what you wrote. Serious people who are for real.

    1. assplaybottom



      We need to help one another succeed and enjoy life, not tear one another down and harm one another.

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