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  1. "whether the Constitution really be one thing, or another, this much is certain — that it has either authorized such a government as we have had, or has been powerless to prevent it. In either case, it is unfit to exist."
  2. Actually, the "militia" was considered to be the whole of the people. So, yes, the individual right to keep and bear arms was the point. Secondly, the right to keep and bear arms does NOT come from the 2nd Amendment. The Bill of Rights are a prohibition of government interference with natural, inalienable rights. So the 2nd Amendment isn't the issue. Repeal it tomorrow and I still have that right. The US system is predicated upon the idea that all power originates in the people, and we've ceded some of that power to government to act as our agent. Or, in other words, the government only has the powers it has been granted. It has no inherent power and does not "grant" rights. Lastly, for the sake of argument, let's say the 2nd Amendment was about the organized militia. It still doesn't negate the individual right to kaba, because as the 9th Amendment says, enumerating particular rights in the Bill of Rights, does not "deny or disparage" other rights retained by the people. In other words, the 2A is irrelevant to the question of whether we have the right, or whether it may be infringed.
  3. What, exactly, do you mean by "one step down" from military grade? And what are your thoughts in the difference between these rifles?
  4. Yeah, the hyperbole is over the top. When calling someone "racist" had begun to lose it's impact, people have escalated to "white supremacist" and "nazi." It is especially ridiculous because Trump is actually quite mainstream for US politics. Strip away the rhetoric and he's not saying anything you wouldn't hear out of "respectable" politicians. The other mistake people make, imo, is that they analyze him like a normal politician. But he's a businessman and a negotiator. You don't start a negotiation, generally speaking, by asking for what you want. So when Trump says he wants Mexico to pay for a wall covering the entire border, it's highly unlikely that it's what he really wants. He'll settle for a few showpiece wall sections, more border patrol and drones. This has the added benefit for him, in that both sides can feel like they've won. The right says it's better than nothing, and the left celebrates that they stopped Trump's wall. As a Voluntaryist, I certainly don't support the guy (and he's not lived up to his non interventionist foreign policy rhetoric from the campaign). But I think that the Left, especially, is severely underestimating him.
  5. Would you suggest it for a virgin, married guy to take the plunge?
  6. I haven't, to this point. Would take the wife being gone for a weekend and a top able to host on short notice. And me pulling the trigger on what has been a long time fantasy, but one which is a big mental hurdle.
  7. For me, as married, straight Male, it's a submissive thing. I'm also interested in pegging, but that's not as submissive as it would be with a guy. I've only used my toy to this point, but I'm really rather ambivalent about it. It's neither painful (7" toy) or especially pleasurable.
  8. None. Still trying to work up the will to take more than my toy.
  9. It's been my fantasy for better than 15 years to be bound, gagged, blindfolded and fucked. Not specifically bred, but the idea of not being able to refuse the load is hot. Problem is going through with it. I'm not into guys so it's a big mental hurdle to get over.
  10. Interested in the opinions too... Still unfucked here with a bondage fantasy. A guy I've messaged with suggested tagging along with him to a camp with a playroom and sling. Sounds hot, as I want to be blindfolded and gagged too, but not sure how extreme I could go for a first fuck.

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