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    submissive bottom for any oral and anal receiving. have become to want (read: NEED) to be used by a dominant male (or BBW female) for their pleasure and enjoyment. willing to accept any requests for service, and haven't found any limits (yet) of what i would do.
    would not refuse any bareback breeding by any one, regardless of their HIV status. this site has made me realize that i have become very POZ-friendly, and would willingly accept anything that might happen.
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    Not Sure, Probably Neg
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    any Cocks that would like a superb sucking and a nice ass to fuck, regardless of top's HIV status, though would prefer it to be a POZ Black Cock

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  1. total bottom...and i love wearing my steel chastity with the urethral insert
  2. this also pretty well describes my feelings as well. have been here for some time, reading (and printing for later reading) various stories about chasing and eventually being converted from neg to poz. it has been as you have described: a major, MAJOR turn-on to imagine myself as the bottom in these stories. also married, and like you, she has no idea of my need to bottom for dominant top men. haven't been with anyone for some time now, but just received a message from another member here who has evidently followup some of my comments, and has offered to make the fantasy a reality, if i was truly interested. as you might guess, i have sent a reply saying i am interested in meeting and seeing what happens. if this goes to an actual, get naked and let's get serious meeting, i will in all likelihood, follow through and take his poz cock in my ass, bareback and unprotected (no PReP, no condom). there is a story here, 'What I Have Decided," that also paints a picture of exactly how i feel and how i would want the meeting to happen. and i have been through so many thought processes, of the bad things that might result, but also of the final release of this fantasy of so long.
  3. this story still is one of the all-time favorites, that i can really see myself as the bottom here, and would love to have this happen just like this! just received this message here in the last couple of days: "hi guy, I know you've been wanting to be pozzed for a long time now. I'm in the MSP area, I'm hiv+ not on meds, and interested in breeding you. I'm XXX on BBRT. Please let me know if you're interested.. Thanks" have responded to him here and at BBRT that i would be interested in meeting, and sent a link to this story as well. no response yet, but really hopeful that it might really be a possibility this time!
  4. i have totally accepted the fact that i am a total bottom, willing to accept any cock in my mouth or ass, preferable bareback. being on some medications for blood pressure, cholesterol, heart angina (that can't be fixed with stents), and type II diabetes, my already small penis just doesn't get hard anymore. wife stopped asking for any kind of sexual things (even not wanting me to eat her pussy). i reviewed my options, and came to the conclusion that i could be a bottom for dominant men. i have come to really enjoy being a cocksucker and faggot for having my ass fucked; i like to taste and swallow cum, and the feel of a cock pulsing its cum in my ass serves as my pleasure from these encounters. i also like the feel of putting my penis in a steel chastity device, with urethral insert, and that reminds me of the feeling i used to get fucking a woman's vagina. when meeting for play times, i also offer to dress in panties, stockings and high heels, and/or take all clothes off immediately when entering the door of their residence. as well as dropping to the floor on hands/knees, ready to service their cock, to get it hard for further play. so, having the mindset that is my place in any meeting, i am very accepting that is what i enjoy most: being able to provide pleasure and enjoyment to dominant men.
  5. enjoyed it?????? this has become my most favorite story on here! was waiting to see if a chastity device was going to be added...but not sure since there was something about some of the tops also liked to bottom, sometimes. and adding another tattoo just seemed right for the biohazard. now....as a suggestion...might Bitch29 at some point be castrated since he is just incubating the viruses, and is planned on being used for blood slams? and the Asian whorehouses would probably love a tiny penis with no testicles under it....but that might be a while, right?
  6. wow! just like earlier comment....would so willingly accept my fate to end like this...to be handed off to Tony, for some even more intense experiences; and now knowing that i'd end up in an Asian whorehouse, being used over and over..... I, too, would be getting the better end of this deal.
  7. ok...so already a volunteer to Bitch #30. and if taking more volunteers, i would be looking forward to being Bitch #31. it sounds as if there would be plenty of truckers out there looking for more of us. .....i really like the followup explanation of what might yet be coming, and i can feel myself agreeing that, should i be in this same position...to have been abducted from my current life without a trace, i, too, would willingly accept the fact that it may not have been what i would have CHOSEN as well, but something deep down that i would WANT to happen.. looking forward to more adventures of Bitch#29
  8. also have realized i'm seeing the wrong doctor....would love to find a doctor like Dr Bell, and his intern David.
  9. love this plot line, and its similarities to other hospice 'helpers' stories here. from the first story i found here, have been wanting to find a local hospice to volunteer at, and be able to provide this type of comfort to the residents there.....and offer to have a bit of them live on in me.
  10. would definitely be my response as well.....adding: "YES! FUCK ME! I NEED YOUR POZ CUM IN ME! PLEASE GIVE ME YOUR POZ CUM!!!!"
  11. would also offer my services as a volunteer to provide myself as "an incubator for their their viral seed"
  12. this is my absolute dream fantasy, that i would love to become reality: to be initiated into the Brotherhood by a group of Black Men
  13. would love to find a group like this....and submit willingly to the initiation to join them in their Brotherhood
  14. ok...so its on Thursdays now? and they like to initiate newcomers?
  15. wish this was non-fiction, and there were local chapters of the Conversion Club meetings. would definitely volunteer for all available options to become a member and earn that bio-hazard tattoo....

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