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    Bear that loves to seed married ass, You got a wife, I got a cock for you.
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    Kinky perverted older married bottoms. The nastier you need it the happier I am.

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  1. Where in NH are you pig?

  2. I love breeding cheating married ass. Something about the wedding band and fucking them bareback gets me harder. Then afterwards wiping my cock of the ring
  3. Awesome profile. 


  4. I needed to nut but wasn't interested in the online chase so I went to a dirty bookstore in Manchester where there's glory holes. First person sucked ok but started jerking me instead of continuing sucking. What's the point? I went to a different booth. Guy started sucking me then spun around and backed his ass up to the glory. I'm usually not one for fucking anonymously. Married men are more my thing. But that ass felt good so I start fucking away. I wasn't long in his ass before he got loaded up. I zipped up and went on my merry way.
  5. How'd you like a gum job and an ass to breed raw? 😉

    1. Bearseeder


      Any day of the week and twice on Sunday!

  6. Whatever do you mean? Deep stentorian voice, cute belly. Swoon
  7. Which ABS? I was at Bush River a couple times last week. Got some good blowjobs from hungry men
  8. Yelling out "stick it in!" is generally frowned upon
  9. Received. There's a rest stop which is closed from 8 PM-6 AM. However, the door automatically locks at 7 PM. So if you go a little before 7 PM, you get a bit of privacy without worrying about someone barging in. There were four of us there tonight. There was the usual j/o at the urinals until older guy got down on his knees and started sucking me. Another guy sucked the other. I took it to a stall with the one that was sucking me. He was acting like a starving pig. Fed him and went on my merry way. My sucker was right in front of me. The other duo left shortly after us so I be
  10. Invited a new married guy over. Older chubby guy. He sucked me a bit. Then I bent him over a chair. He handed me a condom. I rolled it on split the head of it and fucked him. He had no clue. Unfortunately didnt cum but he wants a second go around. When I have the sling up in the basement he'll be restrained in it and unable to not comply
  11. Almost married

    ... but in Cali.

  12. Ok, so years ago my other half and I inherited a dildo collection. In 19 years, we never did anything with them. I'm trying to downsize and get rid of a few thing and want to figure out the best way of disposing of them. Is there a market for used shtupperware?
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