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    Bear that loves to seed married ass, You got a wife, I got a cock for you.
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    Kinky perverted older married bottoms. The nastier you need it the happier I am.

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  1. Bearseeder

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    This weekend was a bit of an anomaly for me. I don't generally get the opportunity to fuck around much but I was alone for the weekend. Got a hold of 4 different asses and bred 2 of them Ass 1 (Friday night) Married guy. He hadn't been screwed in a year and it showed. He was tight as hell and it felt good. I need to work on him to make him let out the joyous noises he was muffling into the pillow. I want a noisy fuck bottom. He went home to his wifey with a load in his guts and wanting more Ass 2 (Saturday afternoon) On the way up to camp, stopped at a rest stop. A 70 year old guy followed me into the woods, popped out his teeth and started sucking like his life depended on it. I told him to bend over. He was nervous since it was without lube. I told him he gave me plenty. He rubbed some spit on his hand and rubbed it in his crack. Fucked him over a boulder in te woods not far from cars passing along the highway. I told him that they'd be shocked to see a grandpa cumdump moaning like a bitch in heat. He was begging for cum, so I blasted in his guts and told him to suck me clean. He did and left with a brown ring around his lips. Ass 3 (Saturday night) A buddy of mine was horned up and swung by camp. He'd blown three guys at a bookstore and wanted some of my cock. I didn't have lube so I had to use shampoo. No amount of spit was going to open him up. Slow fucked him for a while. We both knew I wasn't going to cum which is fine with both of us. I did work on opening his ass up for a fist with just the shampoo and him snorting poppers. He took 90 percent of my hand. Ass 4 (Sunday night) A married slave of mine came over. Our schedules haven't always meshed but when they do, sparks fly. He's got one of the most responsive asses I've ever had the pleasure to screw. I twisted his tits, used my belt on his ass and laughed as his pathetic caged dicklet. He and wifey don't have sex any more so Itook advantage of that to lock him up. He wears it under his suit and tie at work. I fucked him for close to an hour. Again no load for his ass but he must've had 4-5 butt orgasms taking my dick. He was begging me to stop cause his mind was overwhelmed. We went out to dinner and when he dropped me off I reminded him that he forgot his white tee in there. So I twisted his tits and he bent over again. Not even spit for lube that time but a whole hell of a lot of begging.
  2. Bearseeder

    Drunk at the Lake

    Done that a few times. They want to walk on the wild side and end up loaded up.
  3. Bearseeder


    Rochester Spa and Body Club was fun. Not sure if it's still around.
  4. Bearseeder

    am I blind

    But did you feel it?
  5. Bearseeder

    Gum jobs- hot or not.

    Love gum jobs. Had a married big bear that loved to pop his top teeth out and give me a good gumjob before I'd roll him over and fuck him raw.
  6. Bearseeder

    Craigslist meets?

    Woof, I'd love to come over some time and feed you my cum
  7. Bearseeder

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    I took advantage of the fact I was home alone to invite a married guy that I use from time to time over. He drives a truck locally and works late at night. He was desparate for a cock in him since he can't get together with men often. I made him kneel and get my cock wet then I gave him a good cumfuck before he went home to wifey.
  8. Bearseeder

    Been Nailed or Nailed a Porn Star

    I've been wanting lately to hook up with Daddy Ric. What a sexy older man
  9. Usually I prefer both of us to be naked but if the bottom is in suit and tie or leathers, then that stays on. I love to tug on the bottom's tie while I breed
  10. Bearseeder

    Older Bottoms. How do you get what you want?

    I love older bottoms, less bullshit more action.
  11. Bearseeder

    The Gold Wedding Ring and Bareback Cock

    I love to bareback men married to women. They just love to let go as I rut their tight ass and beg for my cum. If they're wearing the wedding band I will wipe my cock off on it.
  12. fucking great profile

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      Please be careful that she does not come home suddenly. That happen to a guy several years ago that hookup with. His wife came home & found fucking an other man.

    3. Guest
    4. yelrom


      thanks for the warning my step dau lives in the channel islands so it is an airflight for wife to get back home

  13. Got A lot of hair on that  hot man body? ?

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    2. Willing


      Worship something else too?

    3. Willing


      Wishing you were closer to me 

    4. Willing


      You can seed me master 

  14. I'll take that cock and your woman cunt too?

  15. Bearseeder

    Running Into A Hookup When He's With His Wife

    It happened to me once at a diner. He was with wifey. He was shocked to see me but he followed me into the restroom and knelt and sucked me off.

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