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  1. Here's an update. So I went to the FSM Berlin Grand Prix in Dec 2018. I got there early, but there was already a queue and it was damn cold! Anyhow, got in, took a red hood (BB) and went to the designated changing area where you get undressed, put all your stuff in a bag and hand it in. The area is quite spacious and for the GP they had an extra hall open. Benches everywhere, a few slings, cushions, Some people just take a spot and wait there until the event starts. There's also a bar. The staff are very friendly, very helpful, no one is judging. There weren't any 'chubby' bottoms there tbh, but not all of them were in shape either. This is something that works in your favour. If you're a fit bottom, you'll definitely get more attention. I certainly didn't see any real competition. So before the Tops arrive they place the hoods over your head and you basically wait around for a bit. It's a bit awkward, because nothing is happening and you are completely naked, so patience is required. Then the event starts. I guess all the Tops walk around and sample the goods on offer. I soon found myself sucking cock and taking it in the ass. Once that starts it usually keeps going. The best part was when I was spitroasted and the guys kept swapping from ass to mouth. They also offered me poppers which just made me even hornier. I lost count of the amount of guys that fucked me that night. I was even put into the sling at one point. The biggest disappointment was the lack of cum. A lot of guys fuck around, but don't cum. During my Amsterdam FSM experience I took 8 cocks and 8 loads and my hole was leaking+dripping down my leg, even when I walked back to my hotel. In Berlin even though I took 20+ cocks, I don't think many of them came. I certainly didn't feel much. A bit of a shame, but a great experience nonetheless. Bonus part is that I was voted in the Top 3 best mares (bottoms) of the event.
  2. I went to the FSM in Amsterdam in March 2017. Took 8 cocks/8loads, all bare (red hood). Was an intense feeling not seeing anything and feeling your ass all slick with cum, then having t slowly trickle down your leg. All the helpers/staff were really friendly though. Only reason I quit at 8 was, someone decided to play with my dick (grr), I came and all the excitement left me. Went back to the hotel and got some more nice cock on Sunday. I've booked a trip to FSM Berlin on 8th Dec and yes I've heard that in Germany they can have a strict door policy, but that Berlin is THE place to be for crazy BB fun.
  3. Time to add my story - been putting it off for long enough I went to the FSM in Amsterdam in March 2017. First time I ever did something like that. Why did I go? Well, in Aug 2016 I met up with a German dom top in Amsterdam (he was there for that weekends FSM). Friday night I met him at his hotel and had a good few hours of hard fucking and sucking, even went to Cuckcoos Nest closeby for some anon action (to whore me out). Alas it was kinda dead that night. So a few months down the road he said he'd be back in March for FSM. Being the horny, but cautious, cumslut that I am I booked a hotel for three days. This time I had someone to guide me. Arrived Saturday afternoon, spent a few hours getting my ass ready in the hotel and nervously made my way to the location. My Dom Top was chilling outside with a few others and recognised me. Paid the entrance fee, said it was my first time, they explained the rules and I chose the Red hood. Was nervous as I walked past the bar and was wondering what to do, before going downstairs to the cloakroom area to get undressed. The people were very friendly and helpful. I had to stand around for an hour or so naked, waiting, looking around at the other mares downstairs (a handful to choose from, varied types....). The calm before the storm. On goes the hood and I stand around in anticipation. Not being able to see is an interesting experience. You can hear what is going on, but that's it. I stood around waiting to be 'chosen' (I'm a pretty fit guy) and I did wonder wtf at one point haha before I got chosen and ordered to bend over. I ended up taking a nice, anon dick and load in my ass. Ended up sucking a few too. This went on for about one hour before I took a short break. I could feel the cum oozing down my leg as each top bred my ass, was exhilarating and made me really horny. Went back and took a few more loads. Unfortunately what killed it for me was one guy started playing with my dick and made me cum. That insantly killed my horniness and my vibe, so I left at around the 8pm mark. In total I counted 8 loads. All in all the staff were very friendly and helpful so that made me feel more at ease, was a good atmosphere. Just a shame I came, really wish Tops would stop playing with a bottoms dick. Kinda annoying, but such is life. Afterwards the Top told me to wait in my room because he wanted to take me to CCnest and whore me out more, but in the bathroom I noticed my ass was bleeding. Probably from the Prince Albert cock I took in my ass. That made me sad and I didn't go. The next day I did take a few more loads in my ass in my room, but again another PA cock and again more bleeding (goddamnit). Was a great experience, just have to be careful with what goes in my ass Next up is FSM in Berlin in March 2018 (Easter weekend). Going to be there for a few days and hopefully hit 50-100 loads on the Saturday. The Friday before is another bare party at a club and my German Dom Top will be there to guide me for that. I just hope my ass doesn't get too destroyed before the FSM on Saturday, haha. We'll see.
  4. To answer the first question: Bullchat.nl Gayromeo.com bbrts.com And yes, most of the action seems to be in Amsterdam, unfortunately the train service to Amsterdam is unreilable. The other problem are people who don't read profiles or immediately ask for a face pic/phone nr. Sorry, that shit aint gonna happen. I'm a bottom, we want to be fucked. As top you should be telling me how I'm going to get fucked As for over the border, yeah Belgium/Antwerpen has a place called Kinky's, which is very active. BUT. It opens @ 7pm. The last train BACK to NL is at around 8.10pm, so yeah. Not looking for a 'perfect' fuck, but not looking for trolls either. I'm sure Tops have a similar problem with fakers and all.
  5. So this is more of a general rant, but maybe other bottoms ( or even Tops?) are in a similar position. Let me explain. I'm around my 30s, with looks of 20-25 (good genes, I think). I workout 6+ times a week and keep myself generally healthy. By no means am I muscular, or have a six-pack, just a normal guy who takes pride in taking care of himself. Anyhow I've loved to play with my ass since my teens, and occasionally in my mid-20's I barebacked (like four times. 2nd time was a disaster, 3rd-4th I seroconverted. No I wasn't chasing). Since seroconversion It took some time to adapt to the meds and get my health back on track, but figured what the hell, now I can bareback with impunity, right? Wrong. (and yes, other STDs do worry me, hence why I look after myself. I can only hope others think the same way. Actually had a discussion about this with my doc. Can't believe people would be active whilst having a STD like chlam, herp, gon,hep C etc...and thus how it spreads). It's impossible for me to find decent Tops who are willing to fuck an otherwise healthy (undetectable, fit) ass. A lot of the times on chat sites I get 'Hey', or 'facepic' or lol tel nr). I don't actually like men. I don't enjoy kissing, cuddling, nipples, et al. I enjoy cock in the ass and/or a cock in my mouth. It could be a short pump n dump, or a long fuck. But the lack of action is really starting to get to me. I know how to clean myself fully out so that Tops can go balls-to-the-walls without worrying about getting dirty (something I learned along the way whilst playing with various size vibrators/dilos/buttplugs/self fisting). But reading these forums seems to be about Tops also enjoying a good kiss with their bottoms, something that is not my cup of tea. The Europe/Russia forums seem to be a bit dismal as well (Netherlands here, how come there is no Amsterdam Metro area? Seriously? Also lack of action in NL in general. It's a shame tbh, I'm willing to take cock, be clean, do what is needed, but no dice. I'll leave a picture here for you all to judge. Maybe other bottoms, or Tops, have the same issue? (there is a big issue of fakers in online chats as well). If people want to make a serious sexdate, and commit, I'm willing to travel. Netherlands isn't all that big, even to Amsterdam (ok train service here is pretty bad), but Tops need to play their part as well.
  6. Haven't seen this posted yet, so figured people might be interested. Sure as hell I am. TLDR: Cancer drug flushes HIV out from reservoirs, thereby enabling the retroviral meds to kill it, aka the Kick and Kill solution. http://www.bbc.com/news/health-33720325
  7. First time I got fucked was raw. Met a bare top on a chat site and took the train to meet him (nice thing about NL is that everywhere is generally close). he welcomed me in and I immediatly started sucking his cock to get it nice and hard. He then moved to his couch and I stripped naked. Sucked him some more and rimmed his ass. Bent over the table and he toyed my ass with a dildo I had brought along. Tbh my ass was yearning for his dick, so eventually I motioned my arse and he slid his bare cock inside me. He proceeded to fuck me in every stance imaginable all across the room, was fucking hot. Eventually I laid down flat on his couch and he asked if I wanted his load in my ass. I agreed and he dumped it deep inside. Was leaking all the way home, loved every moment. Didn't convert back then, tbh was worried but had no reason to be. Had a few more loads from him later on, especially his loads that he kept in the freezer (he warmed up his jizzcicles in the microwave and fed it to my ass via a funnel, afterwards he bred me with fresh cum)
  8. Tbh I think the worry for STI's is underestimated. Ok let's say most of us are POZ, that can be treatable. In other cases preventable with regards to PreP. HPV is one example that is common in pretty much everyone sexually active, but other STI's don't have to be transmitted. If you have it, abstain from sex untill you are cured. Obviously with regards to genital herpes disclousure is prefferd, it's not something that I'd like to catch. If you suffer from something, cure it, then start to play again, just dont ignore it and infect anyone else willy nilly.
  9. I love getting pissed up the ass, it's a big fantasy of mine, but I think a lot of tops have problems with it. Ie, while playing with buttplugs, dildos etc I'll bend over myself and piss my mouth full, but I think tops have a problem cumming in someones ass then pissing it full. It's a shame, because I love the feel of the warmth filling my bowels intermingled with the cum.

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