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  1. NOT MY STORY but I thought you guys would enjoy it About a year ago, I finally gave into my bi-curiosity and joined grindr. I was up front about it - I'd never done anything with a guy but was interested in giving head. A few false starts in chatting with guys before one peaked my interest. He was pretty relaxed, right around my age range, lived alone a few blocks from my work. We chatted for a couple days and then set up a plan to meet up in a few more days. That was probably dumb. I'm not one to renege on my deals but was so tempted to. The nerves were getting the best of me, until the day came and a general calm of "okay, this is just going to happen" came over me. He shot me a message once he got home from work and showered and I headed over. Brief chit-chat, heart pounding in my chest, my cock some mix of excited and terrified. We finally got it after a few minutes, sitting on his couch, my hand slipped onto his lap and over his shorts. I rubbed through them for a few minutes before he kicked them, and his boxers, off. He was about five inches and a decent thickness. I leaned over his lap and finally touched my tongue to a cock. The nerves left and my cock sprang to life. I sucked him slowly sitting next to him for a few minutes before he suggested I move to the floor. Kneeling in front of him, I got much better access to explore. He knew my situation and encouraged me to try things out. Licking, kissing, playing with his sack, trying to take all of him, sucking the head and stroking. All the things I liked done to me, plus some things I wanted done to me. He let me explore for maybe 15 minutes before telling me he wanted to cum. He took his cock from me and stroked it fast while I kept watching. Just a minute or so later he told me to put it back in my mouth and he coated my tongue. I've never been so hard while I swallowed. I left right after, struggling to keep my erection hidden until I got home and jacked off. He messaged me later that night, complimenting me and offering to give me more practice if I wanted. I did. Just two days later, I was back on my knees. Again, he let me experiment for a little while, then jacked off into my mouth. I swallowed his load again a few days later. Then the next day. It took a few weeks before I made him cum myself. Hearing him growl and grab my head was incredible. He praised how much better I was at this and wanted to keep helping me improve. With how hard I came every time I went home after, I wanted his help too. I started to blow him 3 or 4 times a week, mostly right after work. He'd mostly sit on the couch, occasionally he'd be in bed, once we hopped in the shower. A few times, I went over while I was still at work - just take a lunch break at a weird time. He'd text, I'd be over as soon as I could make it. One day he had me over three times - stopped by before work, again on my way home, and made a trip back before bed. After a couple months, he started mentioning how he wanted to fuck me. At first, it was just before he came. I could pretended I didn't hear it and made my way out right afterward - just like I always did. The thought had crossed my mind, but I mostly pushed it aside. This was just about blowjobs. Until he started bringing it up more often. As soon as I'd get his cock fully into my mouth, the head pressing down my throat, he'd say how much better it'd be to have it in my ass. I shook it off a few times, but the flipping my stomach did told me I'd let him, eventually. Eventually was just a couple days later. I was already horny when a Saturday morning text invited me over. He was in bed waiting for me. I was in my own bed teasing my cock while looking at porn. Drying off after a quick shower, I grabbed a few condoms out of a bathroom drawer. I let myself in and headed to his bedroom. He was naked, laying on top of his sheets, his cock already hard. I climbed onto his bed, quickly sliding my lips all the way down his shaft and tasting the oozing precum sweet in my mouth. He let me suck him for a minute or two before he brought it up. He wanted to fuck me. I stopped sucking and agreed. I gave him a condom and stripped down. He suggested I get on my back and pull up my legs. He wanted to watch my face while he did it. I did, it was weird but gave him good access. He briefly sucked me - the first time and one of just a few times he's done it since - before rubbing lube on my asshole. He went slowly while I tried to relax. I must have relaxed well because I was surprised when he said he was all the way in. Sure, it was sort of painful, but I liked it. A lot. He fucked me slowly for a few minutes before he came. I didn't, but cleaned up and jacked off in my car before driving home. I blew him a couple more times that week before he brought up sex again. I agreed right away and he fucked me from behind on his floor. We settled into that routine for a little while : I'd blow him twice, then the third time I came over, he fucked me. A month later or so and he suggested I get on PrEP and we abandoned the condom. I did and now he fucks me almost every time. He's filled me up twice this week and I know he always wants it Friday mornings. I expect a text about 7, will be bent over around 8, and at my desk before 9. If I'm lucky, he'll want it again after I leave work. Here's hoping
  2. you OK bro, been missing your posts

    1. barecubtop


      thanks for checking in...yes, I'm fine.  I've had a few dates with a guy lately, not a lot of action to report.

  3. Not My Story, but I thought you all would like Decided one day to be really slutty and post on CL looking for anon clean tops to come fuck me. I would be waiting ass up in my front room, lube up ready to go. I usually like to wear a mask, and or out a sheet up for a pure anon scene. I usually only ask in the email for a cock pic, and being ddf. This was a Saturday night and it was an usually warm night. I knew that i could find some hot perverts just itching to cum. I can play with my hole for hours and that is exactly what I did. Love teasing my hole, shoving multiple house hold items into my ass. It gets me really going. I decided to post and wait for some responses. I go turn on some porn on my computer. Decided I wanted to watch some BlackedRaw. I love their videos. I started jerking off and quickly cum within a few minutes. I knew once I came, i would want cock. I decide to check my email and am surprised to find 5 emails awaiting me. The 1st emailer was 20, spanish, 7 inch uncut cock and only lived a few blocks away. I gave him my address and told him the deal, that other guys might be over. He didn't seem to mind. I wait for his arrival. I answer email #2. Spanish 29, 6 inches and thick. He lives a town over and was really interested in getting some sloppy seconds. He asked if he could stay a bit and "clean up" which turned me on. So i quickly sent him my address. Email #3, 25, BBC. 9 inches. Dom male, wanted to wreck a hole. He was a bit impatient, just wanted the address without sending a pic. Finally got a pic of his beautiful black cock. It looked so nice that i think he moisturized! Email 4 was someone who I dealt with before who always was a flake, just now with a different email. So total waste of time. Email #5. 44 Black, 8/8.5. Sent pic, sounded hot, saw some abs in pic too. Within a few minutes I hear a knock in the door, i talk loudly enough and tell them the door is open. I assume the position and have the sheet blocking view of the rest of my body. All you can see is my hole and thick ass. The door opens and the person walks in and immediately sees my ass and says "fuck yea, exactly what I want" I left lube there for all the guys to add on as we went. Lube is crucial to a good time! The first top slips his cock in, this was definitely emailer 1. I could feel his cock enter me slowly as he made an audible noise entering deep into my hole. He made so much noise, i thought he was going to cum! He said "don't move, give me a few seconds" he keeps his stiff cock in my ass. He starts his thrusting again and slowly begins to pick up some speed and confidence. I can tell he is starting to get to hang of it. He starts getting a nice fast pace of fucking my tight hole. I see my cellphone light up and I know someone else is about to arrive. I tell my first guest someone would be walking in at any moment. He said "oh fuck, that's so hot, i wanna dump a load while he walks in" he starts to pick the pace up even more. I can feel my hole getting sloppy with the lube and i love it! I hear the door open and someone walks on. No words were exchanged between the two. But my top kept fucking. Within a minute of the 2nd arrival i can feel his cock pulsating and he lets put a huge moan. I can feel his young stamina reaching deep into my guts. He didn't have the biggest cock but he knew how to use it. He fills my completely. I hear him zip up and I hear the door open and close. The 2nd top quickly mounts me, this had to be the 9 inch BBC. This guy was huge. He grabbed the lube and went balls deep the first time in. Even with a previous cock in me, that was a BIG surprise. I clench my teeth and allow this dominant BBC to take over. He begins to stay "take that cock, you fucking slut" he begins to repeat that. He is stretching the walls of my hole and the pleasure is immense. I his grip on my waist release and he picks up the sheet i head. He takes my head and puts me into a head lock and begins to ravage my hole. He starts to choke me a bit and allow me to breath. He knew what he was doing, he was a pro! I was getting so horny. As he has me in a head lock, I hear the door open again. I don't hear any words, but I hear a belt unbuckle and pants falling to the ground. I can tell that this is the other BBC and now I am really excited. The first BBC is still doing work on my hole. My face is getting red from the abuse. I hear our new guest say "yea.... take that white boy" a few minutes go by and i feel the strokes start changing and I know what is coming! I feel this BBC start to breed my sloppy hole. Ropes and ropes of cum entering my hole. I was already filled now I am even more. The BBC's switch and a now I immediately have another cock into my ass. He didn't even bother with lube at that point. He just slides his raw cock into my ass. He starts fucking my ass like he is making love. He started fucking my hole really slowly. I could feel every inch of his cock in every part of my ass. It felt like such a tease and i loved it. Finally the door opens again and I assume its the latino who wants to "clean up" as the BBC is fucking me, he starts up a convo with the BBC. He says "Hey you might if I eat his ass out a bit before u finish? BBC said "only if you suck it" I didn't hear any words exchanged, only hear sounds of slurping. This guy was really getting his cock sucked by this other guy. This BBC already had two other loads all over his cock. I hear the guy going to town on this cock. After a few minutes of head the BBC said "ok that works for me, be quick tho, i don't got all night" The spanish top comes over to my ass and begins to tongue my hole. He puts his whole face into my butt cheeks and gets really deep in there. I can feel him licking the cum out of my ass. He is adding so much needed moisture to my hole. The BBC is behind the Spanish top playing with his cock, i can hear his strokes with the lube and spit on his cock. The BBC goes "hey man I'm ready" and the spanish top tells him to go for it. The BBC quickly mounts me and begins with fast strokes. I knew he wouldn't take long. He begins to go balls deep into my ass. The Spanish top is now cheering him on "come on daddy, come into that pig" I begin to hear moaning from the BBC and I start to feel his pulsating cock deep in my asshole. He filled my ass even more, he also pulled out a bit and came on my hole. He said "yo bitch, clean that up" and the spanish top happily obliges. He goes nose deep into my ass and begins to lick up every drop. The BBC doesn't waste time and leaves without watching the rest. The guy eating my ass finally put his cock in me. He was so horned up though he was basically a 5-6 pump chump. I guess he was already so stimulated. He breeds me with his mediocre cock and begins to try to have a convo with me. Me, sitting there with 4 loads. Just like this was a bus stop. I don't say much to him and he starts to get the hint. He says "thanks" and walks out. I was sore for 3-4 days after that. I had cum leaking out of my ass the next morning.
  4. today, I am in the office distracted by thought of cock. I have a call into one of my regulars. 🤞

  5. DILF 3 I woke up the next morning on top of the comforter with a rather large and uncomfortable buttplug wedged in my ass. There was a note taped to my clock: See you tonight after your dinner with Tami Wear the plug to dinner I left the plug lodged in my used and cum filled hole most of the day making sure to reinsert it for dinner with my daughter that evening. I had not a clue what Tim had planned for me during or after dinner, but I made sure I was ready for anything. My own 6 inch cock betrayed me all day. I saw wanted to jerk off all day, but I stayed strong. I met Tami for dinner at 7. We had a lovely dinner, but over her shoulder I could see Tim sitting at the bar. I could barely concentrate on her. He made lewd gestures behind her back and my cock grew in my pants. He then made it clear for me to meet him in the bathroom. I quickly excused myself, adjusted my stiff cock and nearly sprinted to the bathroom to find TIm hard as a rock sitting in the large stall. He ordered to get his cock wet. I immediately dropped to my knees and sucked his tool. I drooled and slobbered on his knob knowing, but hoping he was not planning on fucking me there in the bathroom with my daughter sitting at the table. I tried my best to get him to cum by mouth, but just when I thought he was close. He pulled me up, off of my knees, spun me around, removed the plug from my tender ass and pulled me down onto his spit-lubed cock. He jackhammered my ass all I was to him was a cum dumpster. He wanted his load in me while I had dinner with my daughter. I could tell he was close. TIm flooded my cunt with his fertile juice. He pushed me back on my knees forcing me to clean his cum and ass covered cock. While still on my knees he slid the plug back into my pussy and he left me there while he went to chat up my daughter. I did my best to clean up, but I could tell just by looking at me. I had been sucking cock, and I am sure I had a hitch in my step where I just took an ass pounding. After dinner, Tami and I stopped at the bar for a nightcap. We sipped our drinks while Tim’s cum dripped from my ass and pooled in my shorts. I was looking around at all the hot flesh in the room being mindful to look at the girls for appearance sake. A hot looking and quite young looking black guy was either checking me or Tami out. I assumed her, but my suspicion was soon answered. I could feel Tim’s cum drip from my shorts and run down my leg. I excused myself and made my way to the bathroom when I noticed the black kid was right behind me. I took the last stall and dropped my pants to clean myself when I got a text from TIm. It read, “suck it, he knows you want it.” I looked up and saw poking through the gloryhole was a thick, big, black cock. I leaned over and took another cock in my hungry mouth while my daughter was under the same roof. However, it was not the first time I ever sucked a cock through a gloryhole. He pulled out of the hole and moved over to my stall where I sat with my pants and underwear at my ankles. He ordered to bend over and I did. He slid his cock up and down my daddy pussy till he finally pushed in his solid 9 inch solid black cock in my ass. I moaned louder than I should have. I knew I attracted some unwanted attention. I could hear the whispers outside the door, but this did not stop my black stud from laying down some serious pipe. I could feel his wiry pubes on my ass as we slapped our bare skin off each other. I wanted to call out his name, but then again I did not know it. I sucked a huge cock that fished it’s way into the hole in the stall. I wanted to be filled with cum The young black god tearing up my man pussy gripped me tight and flooded my ass with his thick cum. I could feel his oversized cock pulse as his cum flowed into my well used ass. The fat cock in the hole pulled out and I heard him say, “that ass is mine next!”, and with that another cock pushed through the hole and one up my ass. I must have been in that stall for 20 or 30 minutes taking 3 loads by mouth and total of 4 in my ass, 5 if you count Tim’s. Back in the bar, Tami was still chatting with some friends and Tim with the black kid. Who they introduced to me as Jayson. I could feel eyes on me from all over the bar as young men, I am sure had either been in my mouth or ass stared at me. TIm just smirked. as always, I love feedback and hot chat
  6. Wow, such words of encouragement, makes me want to write me you can talk dirty to me anytime
  7. perhaps, my weirdest I was Christmas shopping with my mom and as we were leaving I had to go to the bathroom. She went onto the car and I ducked into a JC Penny bathroom. I took my seat in the farthest stall away from the door. When a guy came and took the stall next to me and almost immediately tapped his foot. I tapped back, and then he dropped to his knees, pushed his fat black cock under the stall. I sucked him off till he shot his thick creamy load in my mouth. I cleaned up and then went to dinner with my mom.
  8. I don't think I have ever done one of these before. Tested NEG again, I am not chasing, but actively bareback. I never ask for condoms.

    1. FatWorthlesWhore


      I am the same, I get asked if I want breeding parties and the thought turns me on, but in reality mostly it's just the excitement of bareback raw sex with random strangers, the idea of blood test results scares me always (see my face in my latest photo for example, sheer worry!)

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