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    High School Tennis Player

    tell us MORE
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    Getting Caught

    great story
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    First Time With BBC

    very hot
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    My daugther's Friend

    sounds like the best of both worlds
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    My daugther's Friend

    That sucks tell me about the mess
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    My daugther's Friend

    Do you guys want more?
  7. I took a story and changed it around. I hope you like it Never thought I'd meet a guy so young and hot. I'm a divorced dad, and I like to think I'm attractive. A few weeks ago I was in the gym and was approached by a younger guy that looked familiar. He said he recognized me and asked if I was my daughter’s dad. I instantly remembered who he was and remembered that he dated my daughter for about 5 minutes. I always thought he was a sweet kid and always heard good things about him. I remember meeting his parents at games and them raving about how smart and amazing he was. Anyways, we caught up for a bit and left it at that, but I kept seeing him at the gym, and we'd always say hello and smile and make small talk. One day we happened to be leaving at the same time and he asked what I was up to and if I wanted to grab a drink. I told him I couldn't but he asked for my number and even though it felt wrong to give it to such a young guy I gave it to him for some reason. We instantly starting texting and it got flirty quickly. I was surprised but this made me really excited. I was blushing and flattered that such a younger, handsome guy was interested in me. A few days later we decided to meet for a drink near my apartment. I was nervous but the moment he showed up he put me at ease. We were laughing and having a great time. At some point we started talking about how it was kinda weird that he dated my daughter and I reiterated the fact that she could never know we went out. He laughed and joked in passing about how some would tease her about how her dad was a dilf. I won't go into detail about what he told me they said, but suffice it to say it was pretty raunchy. Since we were on the topic he then asked me if I had ever been with a younger man. I said no and he kinda tease me about how i was clearly interested since I was still with him after a few drinks. After a few more we decided to call it a night, and right when we got outside he pulled me close and kissed me. I was shocked but it was amazing and sensual and he was an amazing kisser. He then whispered in my ear that I should come back to his place. With no hesitation I agreed. The moment we got there he pushed me against the wall and started kissing me. We moved to the couch and I pulled his shirt off and omg. Such a great, ripped body. 6 pack and all. He started ripping my clothes off and the moment I was naked he pushed me back and started sucking my cock better than anyone had in years. Then he got up and pulled his pants down, and he had a great dick that he instantly shoved into my mouth. I wasn't used to someone being so rough and forceful with me but I actually loved it. After a few minutes he pulled my up by my hair, told me to go to his room, and smacked my ass hard. Before I knew it he had me bent over the dresser and slowly pushed his thick rod up my ass, pulling my hair. He slowly got rougher and rougher and various positions, smacking my ass, choking me, pulling my hair, calling me a slut. I was surprised but I loved it. He fucked me better than I had been fucked in years. I ended up sleeping over that night and he used me two more times. Since then we've been meeting up a few times a week. He's rough, masculine, and aggressive and I can't get enough. I'm constantly worried that my daugther is going to find out but also find it insanely sexy, and so does he. He has actually mentioned bringing in another guy that he has stayed friends with from those days and I'm actually considering it. Anyway, sorry if that story was too boring or tame, but that's what happened and I need to get it off my chest!
  8. ijimmi69

    Not My Slutty Confessions

    Summer CumDump Last summer me and a guy matched on tinder, we never really talked much, just sent gifs to eachother. After a short while the gifs were pretty much sexual innuendos, and it was pretty funny. Then one day he said it would probably be fun to meet up, and asked where I lived, so I told him, and it turned out he lived a 2 min walk away. He asked me if he should come over. It was around midnight, and I think he might have been joking, but something came over me and I said yes. It didn't take long before he rang my doorbell, and I felt so excited and aroused as I went to open the door. It was a matter of minutes before he had me on my knees, sucking his cock like an obedient slut. I could feel my underwear getting more and more soakeda as I was sitting there in the hallway, his cock going deeper and deeper into my throat. I don't know what came over me, as I usually wouldn't do anything like that. Surrendering to someone who was basically a complete stranger...but it was worth it! I told him he could do anything he wanted, and he didn't hesitate. I took him to my bedroom, where he threw me on the bed and started eating me out. I was in heaven! After a while he flipped me around and put his cock against my pussy, slowly rubbing it up and down, rubbing it gently against my clit before slowly sinking it all the way in. He fucked me hard, and he fucked me good! I was going crazy, and even crazier when he started fingering my asshole at the same time. One finger first and then two, his cock and his fingers really hitting all the right spots. I came over and over, and I felt so incredibly slutty. This stranger in my house, using my every hole within minutes of first meeting face to face. I'm not sure after how long, cause I lost track of time pretty early on, but after a good while he filled my pussy with cum. I could feel his cock pumping my pussy full, and as he pulled out, leaving me exhausted at the edge of the bed, I could feel it pouring slowly out of me and onto the floor. He went to get something to drink. I was pretty much incapacitated, so I was just lying there. Enjoying the lingering waves of pleasure in my body while he was looking around the room for something. I didn't really pay much attention to it until I heard the sound of my vibrator, followed by the feeling of it being put slowly into my pussy. He told me to hold it there, and as the good girl I am, I did. He proceeded to lube up my asshole and slowly pushing his fat cock inside. I swear to god, I think I legit started drooling at this point. Face down onto the mattress, cock in my ass, vibrator in my cumfilled pussy....heaven. By the time I got any sleep, it was early morning, and he had cum in my pussy, my ass, and twice in my mouth. For the rest of that summer, he would just text me that he would come over, and I would instantly get turned on. I didn't really go out much that summer, cause he usually came over at least 3-4 times a week. Sometimes more just to get his cock sucked while he was on his way out. A few times he brought a big suction cup dildo with him for me to ride while I sucked his dick. That badboy has been stuck to most surfaces in my apartment... We never really talked much, so I don't really know what happened to him. When the summer ended, so did our hook-ups, and life moved on. I got a new bf who lives with me now, but he doesn't know what I did last summer! Sometimes when my bf fucks me I think about that guy and how he used me as his personal cumdumpster. And it still gets me extremely excited
  9. ijimmi69

    Not My Slutty Confessions

    Another Not My Slutty Confession I was always super nervous about checking these places out. Went to the porn shop to look at toys and, where I parked, I had to walk by the entrance to the booths. I've never been in one before, so I was a little unsure, but figured I'd try it. Walked in, paid, made my way to a booth. I put a dollar into the machine and before I could even pick a porn to watch, I saw a man stroking himself through the hole. I looked over and dropped to my knees. The cock slid through the hole and I started sucking it until it was hard. After a few minutes, I felt the cock throbbing and hot cum shooting to the back of my throat. I swallowed it all and watched through the hole as he left. I started playing with myself and saw another man walk in rubbing himself. I stayed on my knees ready for it...But he walked our without anything happening. A few minutes later, I was stroking myself when a big black cock appeared. I dropped back to my knees and sucked him until he pulled his cock back and asked to fuck me. I wasn't ready for that, so he took his gorgeous cock and I assume found someone else to fuck. My time ran out, so I put a few more bucks in the machine, and a guy shut the door of the adjacent booth. I dropped to my knees, tapping my fingers on the hole, hoping a cock would arrive. It did. It was disappointingly small, but grew in my mouth to a solid 7 inches. As I blew him and he got closer, he pulled his cock back and started stroking it until finally busting his nut all over my face. I sat down and jerked off, rubbing my fingers on my face to collect the cum and eat it. He leaned down and said it was great. I wanted more, but it cleared out, so I decided to leave. I can't wait to go back.
  10. The following stories are not mine. I've made them mine by correcting grammar, as best I can, and adding some flair. #1 - A Wive's Poolside Fuck Two years ago I took my three kids to the country swimming hole for the day. My mom came to hang out with us and after we were done swimming she was going to take the kids home with her. Well, while we were there this guy was that was with his one friend was really eyeing me. Every time I would bend over to talk to or pick up my youngest, I had this guy's attention. Eventually he decided to come over and make small talk. He asked me if.i was going to get in the water, and before I could answer he grabbed my arm and dragged me. We got out to about waist deep and he bear hugged me and dunked me under from a belly to back kind of position. I could feel his dick pressed up against my ass check, which made me a little aroused. After some standing around and talking my mom decided it was time to go and she loaded up the kids and left. I put a towel down and decided to lay down and catch some sun. I made sure to point my ass at him while I was getting down on all fours to lay down. After about a half hour I hear his friend say he was leaving. (Only the two of us were there at this point, i did not know) This guy came over and sat down beside me and we just talked for about 20 minutes. I sat up and started rubbing some oil on my arms. He offered to put some on my back for me (I know, cliche) so I laid back down and as he rubbed it on my shoulders I started getting really turned on. As he got down to the top of my butt I was soaking wet. He then took it upon himself to do my legs. He started at my ankle and massaged the oil into my skin all the way up to my bikini bottom. As he did my thighs I could feel him squeezing and trying to separate my ass cheeks a little better and without even thinking, I parted my legs a little. Without skipping a beat he was rubbing my slit through my suit ever so slightly. I let out a moan and he pressed harder. I rolled over onto my back and pulled my knees up and he slid my bottom off revealing my soaking bald pussy. I spread my legs and he started licking my clit. It felt so good I just couldn't stop myself, so when he pulled his cock out of his swim trunks I couldn't say no. He took the tip of his dick and placed it at my hole and rubbed up towards my clit. I was sooo hot and ready every time he came back to the hole I moaned. He pushed the tip of his dick inside me just an inch, and I snapped back to reality, I realized I was making a mistake, and I asked him to stop. But I didn't want to stop. I wanted to feel his cock deep inside me soooo bad. So I told him to push it all the way in just one time. It was incredible! He stayed there for a moment not moving and then slowly pulled all the way out. Then slammed it back into me harder and harder. I begged him for more. I held my legs wide for as he rubbed my clit and came all inside my fertile pussy. My husband doesn't know any of this. He is about to find out. His only son is not his. I hope he doesn't get too mad!
  11. ijimmi69

    Raw at work

    yes, in almost every job in some form. More recently, I had guys fuck me in my office after hours, but during work there are a couple of guys that will meet me in a private bath on the 4th floor for breeding action.
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    Race Day

    Are you still married?
  13. ijimmi69

    Race Day

    hot story
  14. still sore from an IR breeding part in Chicago on Saturday night


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    Rough toilet fuck

    Oh god I came so hard

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