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    Raw at work

    yes, in almost every job in some form. More recently, I had guys fuck me in my office after hours, but during work there are a couple of guys that will meet me in a private bath on the 4th floor for breeding action.
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    Race Day

    Are you still married?
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    Race Day

    hot story
  4. still sore from an IR breeding part in Chicago on Saturday night


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    Rough toilet fuck

    Oh god I came so hard
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    I got off on talking to my ex's months or years later on how they would cheat on me. I always got hard and beat off while talking to them. It was only two or three of them
  7. Another one from Reddit So I recently completed another journey around the sun and I celebrated my last circumnavigation with a party I’ll never forget. If you’ve been reading any of my other stories you know I left my wife of 20 years and have since been exploring all the gay things I’ve been desiring, yet denying myself, for the last two decades. I must admit, when I first set out on this journey, I was a little worried that a few months in I would be tired of gay sex and want my wife back. Nothing, however, could be further from the truth. After every encounter I am already looking forward to the next one. I am really getting into bottoming and taking bigger and bigger dicks and toys. I have a boyfriend named Chuck and we play with a lot of different guys. We’re both on PrEP and he will often cum in my ass and then keep fucking me. I love it when he lasts for these long marathon sessions and often wish for more even after being fucked for over an hour. I have become to think of my asshole as my man pussy and my cock as a giant clitoris. So on the weekend of my birthday this year, I planned myself a party to celebrate my new found love of cock. Chuck and I invited over three of our best play friends for what turned out to be many hours of man to man sex that left me weak and shivering. First off, all three guys are guys we play with on the regular for almost the last year. All three are on PrEP and we all get tested regularly. It was a beautiful fall Sunday afternoon and Connor arrived first pulling up in his super sexy 60’s Camaro. I was watching for our guests to arrive and I went out to meet him in the driveway. He handed me a six pack of beer as he got out of the car. He was definitely a bear. Over 6 feet tall and at least 200 pounds with a big full beard and shaved head. I was getting hard just admiring him. “Thanks for coming,” I said. “I know what you want for your birthday,” he drawled back grabbing his crotch. “I’m so fucking horny,” I replied grabbing the beer and moving in for a kiss. “I hope you saved me a big load.” “More than one,” he said in his silky baritone that made my knees week. We went inside where Chuck was just putting ice into a big red cooler. We stuck Connor's beers in with the rest of ours and Chuck and Connor carried it to the basement where we’d be having our fun tonight. The basement was unfinished, but we had moved a couple of sofas and a king sized bed down there. It had quickly become our second playroom and it wasn’t long until we hung a sling from the floor joice. We had a large screen tv already playing porn, a couple of guys were 69. The sound was turned down though, and some electronic music was playing instead. Chuck and Connor put the cooler against the wall and we all opened a beer. The heat was turned up a little to make it comfortable but I was actually getting a little warm. “I don’t see why I have to wear all these clothes on my birthday,” I said as I pulled my t-shirt over my head. I was wearing a black and red cordura chest harness under my shirt. “That reminds me, I have to get my bag from my car.” Said Connor. “ I have some new leather I want to show you.” I pulled off my jeans revealing my matching black and red jockstrap. I put my sneakers back on as the concrete floor was still cold. In a couple of minutes Connor came back downstairs with his gym bag, followed by Anton and Scott. Anton and Scott were a couple of guys who Chuck and I had actually introduced to each other about two months ago. We had been playing with each of them separately and had thought that they would make a nice couple, and what do you know they hit it off. We have gone out to dinner with them a couple of times since they started dating, but we had not all played together yet. When we had told them what we were planning for my birthday, they said they really wanted to be a part. Anton was about six feet tall and slim. He had blond hair and very light blue eyes. He had a six inch circumcised cock that was so pale it was almost blue. And it was constantly hard. Anton loved to fuck and he loved to eat ass, and when he could he liked to do both at the same time. His new boyfriend Scott was a shorter, not quite 5’10”. He had shaggy red hair and red pubes to match. He by far had the best six pack I had ever seen in person. His cock was pretty much the same length as Anton’s, but where Anton’s was slimmer, Scott’s was very thick. Scott also had the cutest bubble butt, and a perfectly puckered pink hole that I could stare at for hours. Connor’s Dick was bigger than both Anton’s and Scott’s, but no ones cock was quite as big as Chuck’s nine inch girthy snake. We all exchanged kisses and grabbed beers. Connor opened his gym bag and started pulling out a tangle of leather studded leather straps. He laid his collection out on the sofa. There were several chest harnesses and a pair of leather chaps. Anton and Scott were trying on the chest harnesses while Connor was taking off his pants and putting on the leather chaps. After he had on his leather chaps and black boots, he put on matching leather armbands that went above his biceps, and a black leather biker cap. I know it sounds cliche but he looked super gay and hot as fuck. His cock hung down limp between his legs jutting out slightly from his hairy crotch. My mouth was watering at the sight of him and I couldn’t contain myself any longer. I sat down my beer and knelt in front of him to get a closer look at his gorgeous dick. It sat just inches in front of my face and I admired its plump purple glans and it’s long veined shaft, and as I sat there it began to grow. Slowly at first until it was at about a forty five degree angle, but then it bobbed up once and brushed my lips and it was straight out at ninety degrees, and then it bobbed once more and it was out at full erection, less than an inch from my face. Chuck had sat down on the sofa with a beer while Anton and Scott had taken off their pants and were now naked except for leather boots and chest harnesses their dicks starting to get hard. My cock stained against the fabric of my jockstrap at the sight of all these hot gay men. I grabbed Connor’s hairy balls and opened my mouth and put his dick in my mouth until I felt his tip against the back of my throat and his pubes against my nose. I pressed my lips together and pulled back until he popped out of my mouth with a nice wet pop. I admired how his helmet glistened all wet with my saliva. It looked so amazing. I looked up and saw Connor's sexy bearded face smiling down at me while I sucked his dick and it made me so happy. The other fellas just stood around and drank their beers watching me work Connor’s hardon with my mouth. My own Dick was rock hard but tucked away in my jock. I as continued to blow Connor, Chuck explained the rules for the night. “First, all loads must be shot in Kent’s ass.” This was actually the only rule I had told Chuck I wanted. “And second, we need to fill his hole with cum.” This was pretty much the same as the first rule , but it got a cheer from the fellas and it made me sure I was in for one amazing night. I took a quick break to take a swig if beer and motioned for Anton and Scott to come over so I could get a taste of their dicks too. Chuck just sat back on the sofa enjoying his beer and the view of me feasting on three gorgeous cocks. While I sucked their dicks, Connor made out with Anton and Scott. “Somebody needs to eat Kent’s ass and get his hole ready for some dick,” said Chuck, still directing the action from the sofa. He was still fully clothed but I could see the outline of his huge erection through his jeans. Anton immediately followed Chuck's orders and layed on the ground underneath me where I could squat over him and expose my puckered hole for his ravenous mouth and tongue. I moaned as he probed my hole over and over leaving my love tunnel slick with his saliva. I wanted my ass filled with dick so bad. It wasn’t long befor I got my wish. “ I think it’s time you got in that sling,” said Chuck opening another beer. I stopped sucking Connor and Scott’s dicks and stood up from where I’d been squatting over Anton and getting my ass rimmed, and went over to the harness that was suspended from the floor joice above. “On your stomach,” commanded Chuck. I obeyed. Once on my stomach I felt greedy hands spreading my cheeks and hungry tongues and mouths probing my hole. I felt Connor’s shaggy beard press between my cheeks ass his tongues found new depths not yet attained. Soon it was fingers too. One finger, then two, then three. I was not sure who they belonged to but I knew it wasn’t enough. I was ready for the D. “Fuck me”, I started to moan softy as the other guys played with my wet and slimy butt hole. “Fuck me”, I moaned loader. “What’s that?” Asked Scott leaning closer to hear what I was saying. “Does daddy want to get his ass fucked? Huh? Does daddy want some cock?” “Oh my god yes, somebody please put a dick in my butt.” And Anton was the first to oblige me. He got right behind me and plunged in up to the hilt. Now I was nice and lubed up with everyone’s saliva by this point, but the depth took me by surprise at first. “Fuck yeah,” I moaned as Anton plowed me from behind. “Fuck my ass.” “Yeah bro, that ass feels so good,” sliding his dick in and out of my butt. “Someone feed that faggot some dick,” directed Scott from the sofa. I noticed he had pulled down his jeans and his huge dick was erect and in his hand. Connor came around front so I could suck his cock while Anton continued to fuck my ass. After a while Anton pulled out and I could feel Scott’s slightly thicker cock take his place. Anton watched as Scott’s Dick continually plunged in and out of my butthole. Both guys kept me lubed up by continually spitting on their dicks and in my hole. Anton came first. He shot a huge load inside my ass and filled my guts with his semen, then continued to fuck my dripping man cunt for several more minutes. As soon as he pulled out Scott pushed his dick right up my butt. “Oh fuck that feels amazing,” he says as he fucks my cum soaked hole as hard as he can. Anton is now standing in front of me and I am licking his cock clean while he and Connor exchange a sloppy kiss. Scott is fucking me so hard I have to stop sucking cock and just concentrate on hanging on as the sling begins to rock back and forth. Anton and Connor break their kiss to watch Scott and hold the sling to keep it more stable. You can hear the slap of skin on skin as Scott continues to pound my ass. After several more minutes of hard pounding, Scott starts to slow down and take longer strokes. “I think I’m gonna cum soon,” he says and starts to pick up the pace for a few final thrusts. With one last thrust Scott buried his dick as far up my butt as it will go and unloads a gusher of cum. After a few more moments inside me he pulls out and comes up front where I can clean him off too. “Looks like it’s my turn,” says Connor. He has been in front of me feeding me his cock on and off for almost an hour. His cock is bigger than both Anton’s and Scott’s, and I can’t wait for him to fill me up. The thought of having him buried balls deep in my man-gina make my cock so hard it feels like it’s going to burst straight through the fabric of my jock. I can feels the mixture of Anton’s and Scott’s cum running out of my loose butthole and down my ballsack. Taking his finger Conner spreads the gooey mix all over my scrotum. “This is so fucking hot,” he says as he starts to press his swollen purple glans against my ready hole. He easily passes go and slowly slides the rest of his magnificent seven up my man hole. I’m so loose and lubed now I can hardly feel him. “Fuck me hard,” I tell him. “You heard the man,” said Connor who was still watching from the sofa. “Fuck him hard!” Slowly Connor picked up the pace but in less than a minute he was pounding his dick in and out of my butt with the long expert strokes of an experienced top. The thing I liked best about Connor was that he could fuck forever before he was even close to busting a nut. As Connor kept fucking Chuck and Anton and Scott gathered in front of me so I could continue to suck tbeir dicks. Someone had brought me a new beer. I hadn’t remembered finishing the first, but it was gone. I’m not sure when I had time to take a dick out of my mouth to even take a sip. By this time I had been on my stomach in the sling for over an hour so I rolled over on my back and put my legs in the stirrups. Connor grabbed my ankles and plunged his sword in my sheath to the hilt. Chuck was now standing behind him watching the action and playing with Connor’s nipples and kissing his neck. They looked so hot standing above me, all naked skin and hair and leather. Chuck kissed and licked Connor’s neck and both of them stared into my eyes while we fucked. I was in exstacy and Connor just kept on fucking. Finally with little warning he sank his shaft as far as it wold go, and I could feels his cock spasming in my butt as he unloaded a huge load. He was breathing hard and shaking his head. Sweat poured down his face and he stared directly in my eyes. Slowly he pulled out, and I could feels some of the precious man juice sliding out of my ass. Fortunately chuck was there with his monster cock to plug it up. Now I get fucked by Chuck's huge dick at least twice a week for the last 4 months, and every time it takes me a minute to get comfortable with such a big dick in my ass. Tonight however he slid right in all the way to his bushy pubes without any trouble at all. I think it even surprised him how easily he went in. “That feels amazing” he said, looking at me with a big grin. Slowly he pulls his dick back out until I can feel the ridge of his helmet start to pass the ring of my anus. And the he trusts his whole leagnth back in. He does this several more times slowly building up his pace until he is pounding me as hard as he has ever fucked me before. After already having been fucked by Scott, Anton, and Connor my ass is nice and stretched out. Plus I have all three guys cum in my butt too. My hole is so loose and wet and sloppy that it’s making some nasty squishy sounds as Chuck continues to plow me. By now Scott and Anton are starting to get hard again and come around on either side of me so I can take turns sucking their dicks. Connor is standing behind Chuck watch his huge dick disappear inside my man hole. “You’ve got so muck cum in your butt it’s leaking out all around Chuck’s cock,” he said as he admired the action. “I bet you could get two cocks in your ass.” “Fuck yeah I could,” I said. I’d had two dicks in my butt at the same time but I felt so opened up and slick I didn’t think it would be that much hard to fit another Dick in there. Anton had an erection that looked like it could cut glass and came around back but he wasn’t quite long enough to make much penetration with chucks ass in the way, so they switched spots. Scott fastened my ankles to some straps near my head and Anton mounted me first with his knees on the sling where my legs used to be. Then Chuck came up behind him and started working his cock in under Anton’s cock. I suddenly realized how much more cock I was taking. I wasn’t sure this was going to work but as soon as his tip cleared my rim the pressure eased up and he easily slid the rest of his dick up my butt. I now had two dicks buried balls deep in my ass and as Chuck started to thrust in and out Anton and I gazed into each other’s eyes and then began to make out. Scott who was still standing beside me stuck his cock between our two mouths and we took turns sucking his cock while Chuck continued his thrusts. “Im gonna cum” said Anton. The thrusting of Chuck's dick against his, in the warm tight cave of my anus was too much for him now and he groaned and shook as he orgasmed inside my butt for the second time that day. As he pulled his cock out of my now literally cum dripping hole Chuck picks up the pace to an almost jack hammer speed. Scott holds me by the shoulders so that he can push back against Chuck's furious thrusting. Chuck is in the zone pounding me hard and fast and then slowing down and taking longer strokes that come completely out of me and then plunge back in. He is staring intently at my hole and his cock as fucks and fucks and fucks. I’m sure he fucks me for at lest half an hour. As he does I continue to suck Scott and now Connor’s Dick too. Chuck is pounding me like he’s going to cum soon and Connor moves back towards my ass with his newly erect cock. Chuck is finally cumming in my ass and as soon as he pulls out Connor is sticking his dick right back in. After being fucked for almost two hours and at one point by two dicks, I can hardly feel him as he fucks my loosed wet hole. It takes him at least twenty minutes to cum his second time and Scott is standing right there to keep fucking me when Connor was done. By the time Connor shoots his second load in my ass I’ve been getting fucked for nearly three hours and I’m not sure how I’ll be walking tomorrow. “I’ve got one more present for you,” said Chuck as Scott was just pulling his dick out of my ass, and as soon as Scott was out Chuck popped an enormous butt plug up my ass. “I want your ass to feel like that again when I fuck you later tonight.” So I spent the next two hours with my ass getting used to it’s new shape. We hung out and drank and smoked. We kissed and we all sucked some more dick. Chuck sucked me off while the other guys watched and I came so hard I thought I was going to shit my butt plug out but amazingly it stayed in. It was a little after sundown and our guest were hitting the showers and getting ready to leave. Once we had the house to ourselves again Chuck said he was ready to fuck me again. I was naked having taken off my jock several hours ago. My dick was semi hard and bouncing in front of me. My ass was pleasantly numb and the butt plug slid out easily with a wet plop. I could feel the cum oozing out of my gaping hole. “Fuck that’s hot” said Chuck is he felt around inside my ass hole with his fingers. I was on my back in the sling and I felt his cock slide easily up inside me again and even though it wasn’t what you’d call a tight fit anymore, it made me feel full. “Fuck it almost feels like a pussy,” said Chuck as he slid slowly in and out of my man pussy. My oversized clit was erect and leaking precum. Chuck reached down and spread the translucent goo all around the tip of my glans. I was in heaven. We fucked for over half an hour before we both came together in sweaty heap, Chuck collapsing on top of me as we kissed and sighed at our exhaustion. We were too tired to go upstairs so we just slept in the basement bed. At some dark point in the night I felt Chuck's cock easily slide inside me as we spooned and he fuck me quietly for a while before we both fell back asleep with his dick still inside me.
  8. NOT My Story, I found it on Reddit, but I thought you sluts would like it. So I’ve been with my wife for about 7 years now and I love her heaps but I’ve always had this desire to try dick, I don’t know it’s just always appealed to me. Anyway last week I had to go on a business trip, when I got to my hotel the first thing I did was download Grindr onto my phone. I got talking to another guy who was married but looking for fun, and he was actually staying in the room 2 doors up from mine, he told me to come over and have a wine with him, it sounded like a good idea so I went over. I knocked on the door and a tall brown eyes, brown hair, good looking man in his mid 30s answered, “come in” he says very polite. We both sit down at his bar and he pours me a wine, we cheers and get talking, it was very small talk for a bit but it got more comfortable after about 10 mins. He explained to me that he had never done anything like this before, and he was sorry if it wasn’t what I expected. He told me he had never been with another man, I told him that neither had I. We moved over to the lounge we both sat down pretty quick, I then leaned in and started making out with him, we both started getting into I started rubbing his cock through his pants. I slipped myself off the lounge pulled his pants down and took his knob in my mouth. It wasn’t huge but still a very nice 6’5 cock, he started to moan a little as I took more of his cock in mouth, he grabbed my head and started to face fuck me, I was being used and I loved it! He pulled my head up and started making out with me again, then whispered in my ear “I’m about to fuck that virgin ass of yours” My eyes lit up he picked me up in his muscley arms and carried me to the bed, I ripped my pants off and got on all 4s, he got lube and started massaging my asshole working his fingers in and out for about 20 mins, then I felt him pull away and I felt his knob pushing against my ass, and then it just slid in, omg it was amazing. He fucked me so good for about 5 minutes first time before cumming in me. It felt amazing! He got off and we started making out again, we had some more wine then it was time for round 2, I got him hard again teasing his beautiful cock this time while he sat on the lounge I rode him and made out with him until I could feel his cock throbbing in my ass, I jumped off and took his cock in my mouth, and then let him finish all over my face. He had a big smile as he came it turned me on so hard I came all over the floor! I got up we kissed, exchanged numbers and then I left, I didn’t wipe his cum off my face tho and walked down the hall still plastered all over my face! He loved it, and so did I, knowing that he owned me that night really turned me on!
  9. be nice if you bred him
  10. ijimmi69

    What is your Ultimate Sexual Fantasy?

    I am sure I shared this before. I go to jail and I am a prison bitch for 8-15 BBC I am passed around, used daily, and bred constantly
  11. ijimmi69

    DL Quickie

    NOT Mine, but too hot not to share here So, I'm a DL, mixed race, slender built cutie. My body is firm, but my ass is soft. I try not to, but I tend to cheat on my girlfriend with guys every now and then (I just crave dick sometimes ya know?). This was one of those times. I was thumbing through gay porn all day, my girlfriend hadn't put out in weeks, and all I could think of was sucking a cock. I downloaded grindr (again lol) and noticed a top close by. He was 29, black, a DL thug top. He was hot, okay?! He wanted some head and maybe to fuck me. He sent me a cock pic, and I went into slut mode immediately. It was about 8 solid inches, thick, uncut, just hairy enough to be sexy, and it curved just slightly downwards. At this point, I couldn't wait to taste it, but of course he couldn't host, and neither could I. After I sent him some pics of me from behind, he was craving me as much as I was craving him, so we agreed to meet in my apartment's basement/laundry room. I told my girlfriend I was grabbing a snack, and he was there in five minutes. I walked him down to the basement and he wasted no time yanking his pants and boxers down. Already half hard, dripping precum, I gave him one slow lick, from his balls to his cockhead. He tasted like sweat in the best way. That extra masculine, "you're sucking on a manly man's cock" flavor drove me wild, so I dove on the tip, licking, slobbering, bobbing up and down. His hot cock throbbed and grew in my mouth, and I started bobbing deeper and deeper. He grabbed a handful of my hair, put his other hand on the back of my neck, and started fucking my face with deep, merciless, animal strokes. I gagged hard, pulled off, spat on the tip and went back at it, sloppily enjoying it, trying as hard as I could to get my lips to touch his cock ring. We heard what sounded like somebody coming down, so we dipped a little further in the back near the water heaters and pipes and stuff. He didn't even pull his pants all the way up, so I got back on his delicious cock nice and quick. At this point, I just couldn't take it anymore (my jaw started to hurt, he wasn't quite ready to cum, and to be honest, I just had to feel it stretching my hole). I stood up, turned around, and yanked my pants down, sliding my ass up and down his lap. He got the message, grabbing my shoulder with one hand and his cock with the other, pointing it at my hole and nudging the tip in. I hadn't been fucked in months, so it was a tight squeeze. I sighed, loving that delicious, hot, slippery thickness trying to fuck it's way into me and took a deep breath. He slipped in, but it hurt so much I had to back off for a second. He impatiently slapped the tip on my hole a few times, spat on it, grabbed my hips, and started pushing again. Naturally, this drove me wild, and I pushed back, sliding down, down, down about half of his thick cock. He started gently fucking me with just half of it. I moaned, realizing just how much I missed feeling a dick sliding in and out of me while a top growled and groaned behind me. I pulled away for a second, then reached back and grabbed his hips. I slid all the way down, filling myself with the rest of his long, thick, lovely cock, until I was pressing him against the wall, wiggling my ass against him and taking him as deeply as possible. "Damn boy, you can take the whole thing?" With that, he grabbed my ass with both hands and started fucking, fucking, fucking me hard. I struggled to keep quiet as he used his whole dick to make it as difficult as possible. I bent over, grabbing some hanging pipes for support as he pounded away. He slammed in hard and I lost my grip, whimpering in absolute ecstasy. I thought I'd cum handsfree, it was that "why is it this good?!" kind of fuck. I braced myself against an old table, but it started making more noise than his hips and hands slapping my ass. He grabbed my wrists and yanked them back, impaling me on his cock, powerfucking me fast and deep. All I could do was breath out a long and slow "oh-oh-oh-oh fuh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uck ye-eh-eh-eh-ehssssss, fu-uh-uh-uh-uck meeeeeee...." as he hammered deep into me. One last deep slam and he stayed there, throbbing so hard I could feel it,sending shivers up my spine as he came hard. He stayed in me for a little while, but I just wasn't done yet. I slowly slid up and down his still hard cock, showing off my ass for him. I yanked my shirt up and bent over further, hands on my kneed, loving his thick length so much. His hand swept up my back, and he grabbed me by the waist, slowly fucking me again. Before we knew it, we picked up the pace again, me slamming my ass against him, meeting his every deep, deep thrust, trying to keep my moans quiet, him grunting and growling, hands all over me. Again, another hard, deep thrust, and again, that delicious throbbing feeling. He stayed in me, this time going soft. "Damn bruh, I never bust twice in a row..." All I could do was laugh and resist the urge to start sucking him again as he left. I was tingling all over for hours.
  12. ijimmi69

    Fucked in the Car

    I love black guys. I have two 19 year olds that breed me from time to time.
  13. ijimmi69

    Fucked Bare From the Get Go

    the first top to fuck me bred me. I never looked back

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