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  1. FriendlyBottom

    Fuck a guy who passed out?

    A friend of a friend was a street-walking hustler in SF during this teens in the late '70's in San Francisco. Over drinks a few years back, he shared with us a story of how he once, during those days, had passed out in an alley during his "stroll" and woke up while being fucked by a randon stranger. My friend was aghast and expressed surprise/sympathy. The former hustler replied, 'I dunno -- it was actually kind of hot." I agreed whole-heartedly.
  2. FriendlyBottom

    Experiences at CumUnion

    Why are you whining like a clueless "straight" guy on his first trip to a sex club? IT HAPPENS ALL THE TIME. When you're at a sex club, sucking cock or riding dick, you want that load but your top buddy may or may not be ready to spurt. Most of them are one-shot wonders and they'll hold onto their load until they're good and done and ready to call it an evening. You should know this, yet you ask "WTF?" and whine for input from others? And I feel compelled to add when you were in the long and narrow dark room and fucked a few more asses, did it occur to you that some of your bottom buds were craving your load? Did they ask for it? I doubt they got online a few days later to whine about not getting bred. This isn't Burger King -- you can't have it your way. Be happy for what you're served.
  3. Thank you, @chiilfuck, for the VERY helpful info!!
  4. FriendlyBottom

    Silly tops, poppers are for bottoms

    I hear ya, @lower_bucks_bottom! Been there myself... Ultimately, you can't fix "stupid" -- and by "stupid" I mean, "a top who's more interested in experiencing a popper buzz than keeping his dick hard for the enjoyment of you BOTH".
  5. FriendlyBottom

    Silly tops, poppers are for bottoms

    I'm wondering if these are "teachable moments"? Maybe you need to gently connect the dots for the soft-dicked popper-using top? Some guys are just slow on the uptake and may be clueless about how the poppers are affecting their cock (especially if they're fairly new to them). "Poppers 101: A Comprehensive Introduction" may not be something you can do in the moment to prevent his dick from going limp and if may not save that encounter from going south (literally and figuratively), but if you help him see the light during the post-coital chit-chat it could pay dividends for you (or the next bottom) on the next meet-up with him. If he mentions/apologizes for/expresses confusion about having lost his hard on, just tell him that it's probably due to the poppers. They are a bottom's best friend, but tops should anticipate that they may (or will) make them go soft and should just take a hit shortly before cumming.
  6. FriendlyBottom

    How viral is a VLC of 400K?

    Actually, the lower bound of detectability has dropped over time because the laboratory tests to detect the amount of HIV virus in plasma samples have INCREASED IN SENSITIVITY. Using the numbers you cite (500, 200, 50, 20), the first tests were able to detect and quantify HIV if it was present at the level -- you say 500 or more copies per ml of plasma, so we'll go with that. Thus, a level of 499 or fewer copies could not be detected by these tests, so those were UNDETECTABLE LEVELS. The next generation of tests were more sensitive and were able to detect and quantify HIV if it was present at the level -- according to you -- of 200 or more copies per ml of plasma. A level of 199 or fewer copies could not be detected by these tests, so those were UNDETECTABLE LEVELS. etc., etc. It's factually incorrect to say "then they decided that wasn't right and changed it..." The reality is that the test improved and the lower bound of detectability fell. (I'm done with this thread.)
  7. FriendlyBottom

    How viral is a VLC of 400K?

    I just wanted to add some facts to this comment: Viral load is not used to define the clinical condition of AIDS (i.e. advanced HIV disease). The doctor diagnosed you as having AIDS because at the time you were diagnosed with HIV one or more of the following was true: your CD4 count was <200; your CD4 percentage was <14%; you had one or more of approximately 30 conditions (e.g. PCP pnuemonia, KS, certain types of lymphoma, histoplasmosis, etc.). Viral load does not factor into an AIDS diagnosis. If you are HIV-positive and your CD4 count is OVER 200 and CD4 % is OVER 14 and you have none of those ~30 conditions, your VL can be 1.2 million and you do NOT have AIDS. Also, "full blown AIDS" is not a medical term. One has AIDS or one does not. There is no "full blown", "half blown" or "quarter blown" AIDS. The term is used, coloquially, by people who, frankly, don't know better and emerged way back in the day when fewer people were informed about the difference between "asymptomatic HIV infection" and the advanced clinical state of "AIDS". (And, for the record, I apologize if these fact-based posts of mine are not welcome in this thread. I just feel compelled to throw out some facts on occasion. Feel free to ask me to not post in this thread if you don't want to hear them. No harm, no foul.)
  8. FriendlyBottom

    How viral is a VLC of 400K?

    Just FYI, there are no medically-based terms of "merely toxic" or "extremely toxic" with respect to HIV VL, so there are NO ategories defined as "between X and Y" is "toxic" and "greater than Y" is "extremely toxic". Within certain online groups there may be some "sub-culture vernacular" where certain numbers are bandied about as defining such and such, but that's just meaningless chatter. In the US, an individual with established HIV infection and a detectable VL would be offered ARV treatment for his/her own sake as well as to reduce the risk of transmission to sexual partners. An individual with a VL of 400k is likely capable of transmitting HIV via sex (because he's likely shedding HIV particles in his semen). NOBODY can tell you the specific odds of infection from a single of act (or multiple acts) of buttfucking and breeding with this guy as top and you as bottom because those data simply don't exist. He is likely capable of transmitting HIV at this time.
  9. FriendlyBottom

    Ass up face down etiquette

    There is no strict right or wrong answer here. If I'm face down, ass up and a top comes into my room and says "Nice ass. I'm gonna fuck you good. Suck me hard, will ya?" the last thing I'd say is "Um....you're totally being unreasonable, so just leave." If he's not my type, I'll politely tell him. If his cock is dirty, I'll somewhat politely tell him. If there's mutual interest, we have the same goal, so regardless of what is written in Emily's Book of Bathhouse Etiquette, I'll gladly suck the top hard.
  10. FriendlyBottom

    Dirty Uncut Cock? Dick Cheese? Smegma?

    For me, my tolerance of/desire for head cheese/smegma is very much dependent on the guy and my previously established affection and desire for him. If a new (to me) guy sticks his unwashed, cheesy cock through the glory hole, I'll either ignore him, leave the booth without a word or say something like "I know somebody who needs a shower". It may be a beautiful slab of meat, but I'm not touching that stranger's dirty skanky appendage. But if I stop by a regualr suckbuddy's place and he's been working in the yard all day and hasn't showered, I'll galdly drop to my knees and be loving on his sweaty, musky crotch and devouring that cheese under his foreskin. So, like so many other facets of sexual desire, context is everything (for me, anyway)....
  11. FriendlyBottom

    Clean Out Advice

    The creator of that piece of art deserves the Nobel prize for literature as well as the Nobel peace prize. Seriously, it should be required reading for all young (and not-so-young) 'mo's who are starting to explore their sexuality. If we lived in a more enlightened society, it would be part of the Sex Ed curriculum (peeps of all genders and orientations enjoy anal play). All homo health organizations should have a link to it on their web sites. It should be displayed on the community bulletin boards at Whole Foods and Starbucks. I think I'm gonna download and print out copies of it and leave them in booths at the ABS and in cruising spots in the woods. I should probably laminate them....
  12. FriendlyBottom

    Getting blown with an audience

    You’re right — in the imaginary scenario you describe (100% fantasy), the fictional closet case feels “shame”. I thought you were writing about real-life experiences, in which case a “closet case” gripped by “shame” wouldn’t be sucking your cock in front of audience. Cool story, bro!
  13. FriendlyBottom

    Getting blown with an audience

    Huh? Why does he feel "shame" about sucking your cock? How do you know he feels "shame"? (Are you using the phrase "shame in doing it" as a synonym for "preference for engaging in sexual acts in private"?)
  14. FriendlyBottom

    Shaved, Trimmed or Natural?

    Using a battery-operated eyebrow trimmer, I trim the hairs that would otherwise sprout out of the bottom couple inches of my shaft. I don't shave my balls (they are not especially hairy anyway) and maybe once a month, as needed, I trim just a bit (maybe 1/4" inch?) off of the longest of my pubes. So, basically I sport a mostly natural bush with just a bit tidied up here and there. I have heard (and, to a certain extent, seen) that completely shaved or trimmed down way short is common amongst the youngest gay boys (18-25 years of age). And I've heard occasional comments from guys in this age group that indicate an almost disgust with full, natural bushes. (But as with any factor, there's a diversity of opinion within each age group.) Personally, I *MUCH* prefer a natural (or damn close to natural) bush. With rare exceptions, I find shaved-smooth crotches on grown men to be a HUGE turn-off for me. None or minimal manscaping is turn on. I love porn from the 1970's or photos of nude men from that same era that show big, natural, wild bushes. I'll gladly spend fifteen minutes picking a man's pubic hair from between my teeth after I eat his ass and suck his cock. If I choked to death on stray pubes that gathered in my trachea, my friends would surely say, "Well, at least he died doing what he loved!"
  15. Thank you for the AWESOME reply! I like your suggestion about going to the Clubhouse 2 Cumunion party and visiting Club Ft. L for a regular night of fucking. BRILLIANT!!! Thanks again!

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