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  1. FriendlyBottom

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    I just sucked a delicious load out of a very fit, very friendly, very attractive man! OMG. I sent him an admiring note via one of the popular mobile apps last night and we got to chatting a bit and I made my intentions ("I'm a cocksucker and I'd love to make you cum") clear. He was interested and as it turns out, he's in the process of rehabbing a rowhouse essentially around the corner from me, so after a bit of back and forth this afternoon, synching schedules, I walked the 0.4 miles over there about an hour ago. He looked EXACTLY like his pics only better and he was a very sweet, ffriendly and genuine guy in addition to his amazing physical beauty. It was a situation where I thought "OK, I'm out of my league here. I don't deserve to have sex with this stud," but we were soon on our way upstairs in the nearly empty house that will soon be hitting the market. It was mostly a one-way service scene -- we kissed, I licked his pits, nibbled on his hard-wired nipples, and sucked his gorgeous, generous-sized cock and ate his ass for a GOOOOOD long time. He smelled tasted like a man in every nook and cranny -- the perfect balance of recently (within the day) showered and slightly sweaty. His manhole was just sweet enough and just musky enough -- I can still smell his ass in my beard. He was the perfect balance of verbal/quiet, giving direction and acquiescing to my requests -- I was pleasant surprised when he agreed to let me eat his ass for a bit more after I swallowed his delicious load. (Some guys find that an odd request after they cum, but after I've swallowed a load, I'm still hungry and I know that the cock of some guys gets too sensitive for additional oral stimulation, so I have a strong desire to eat ass for dessert.) We had a nice, friendly chat afterwards. He showed me a bit of what he's done to the place (it's pretty dang nice -- he's talented in addition to all of his other commendable attributes). He seemed to be open to another meeting. I'll definitely touch base with him in the next couple of days to re-iterate my interest.
  2. FriendlyBottom

    What Celebrities Awakened Your Desires?

    I remember being strongly drawn to Lee Majors and Peter Breck on "Big Valley" when I was very young -- 5 or 6 years old. At that age I was clueless about sex, but I knew (on some level) that there was something about certain men that I liked. "Big Valley" was in syndication at that time and played daily in my hometown on weekday mornings. I just remember that I couldn't take my eyes off of Lee Majors and I wanted to sit on his lap. Peter Breck always had a few buttons undone on his shirt, providing a glimpse of his dark chest hair, and that had me intrigued. Also in heavy rotation on our local TV channel back then were episodes of the "Tarzan" show from the '60's (starring Ron Ely). I definitely enjoyed watching that nearly naked man traipsing around the jungle. The show also featured a boy who had been adopted by Tarzan and I remember being jealous that he got to live in the wild with the handsome, nearly naked man. I trace my present-day preference for sex in the woods to those old 'Tarzan" episodes! Later, in my early teens, celebrities who got my teenaged cock hard were: Burt Reynolds, Tom Selleck, Joe Penny (of "Riptide" a short-llived TV show), the thick hairy forearms of Steve Garvey (of the LA Dodgers) and, blast-from-the-past, the more mature Lee Majors in "The Fall Guy". The opening credits of that show included a brief scene of hairy-chested Mr. Majors reclining in a bathtub. An entire forest of trees was sacrificed to make the Kleenex I used to mop up the gallons of cum I rubbed out while fantasizing about joining Lee Majors in that bathtub! Link to the tail end of the opening credits of "The Fall Guy"
  3. FriendlyBottom

    Xtube Gloryhole collection

    I neglected to post a link: semendemon67 on Xtube.com
  4. FriendlyBottom

    Xtube Gloryhole collection

    LOL!! My bad! But thanks for sharing the link regardless! BTW, my favorite Xtube cocksucker is semendemon67 -- he has a sort of minimalist, straightforward approach to filming his blow jobs (no glory hole involved).
  5. FriendlyBottom

    Xtube Gloryhole collection

    @NLBear: OMG! *THANK YOU* for that link! I *FUCKING LOVE* watching you suck cock! Absolutely beautiful. I also like that you don't mess around with trying to capture, on video, the cum shot for the benefit of the viewer. *YOU* worked for that load and it's *YOUR* just reward for a blow job well (expertly!) done. Go right ahead and swallow every last drop!! Thanks again!
  6. FriendlyBottom

    Bottoms touching their dicks

    Speaking as a bottom born-free, I'll touch my dick whenever I want. That said, I developed a routine with a long-term fuckbud whereby I abstained from jerking my cock while he fucked me and shot multiple loads in my hole. When he was spent, he stayed buried balls-deep in my ass, his cockhead pressing against my prostate gland as I rubbed out an ENORMOUS load out of my cock. We clicked on many levels and I was more than happy, at his request, to forego jerking my cock while he fucked me -- it helped to keep my hole open, relaxed and loose (which he loved) until his balls were drained. He "paid me back" with his expertly applied pressure to my prostate when it was my turn to spurt. Compromise and communication can be a beautiful thing. This is probably (all things considered), my favorite way to fucked -- waiting until my ass is flooded with cum until I get myself off. That said, with other partners, I've had GREAT fun while (a) I rubbed one out, coating his chest with my spunk, as I bounced (sitting) on his cock and the sight, smell and sensation of me coating his chest spurred him to shoot up my hole or (b) he stroked me to climax simultaneous (or damn near!) to his cock exploding deep in my ass (in the modified missionary position -- me on my back and him standing at the edge of bed plunging his hard cock into my wet, hungry hole). WOOF!! When I'm sucking cock, however, on more than one occasion, I've told a guy whose cock I was sucking one of the following: "I'm going to do this my way" or "You just focus on how good your cock feels, OK?", when he told me to jack my cock while I was throating his meat. When I'm on my knees and "in the zone", most of the time I prefer to focus on my oral artistry and keep my hands off my cock. Sometimes, I'll feel the urge to jack myself to orgasm just before or simultaenous to him coating my throat with his load. I don't take kindly to being told to stroke myself when I'm sucking -- slightly different than my preference when getting fucked.
  7. FriendlyBottom

    Best age for starting sucking cocks

    Like so many sexual matters, I sort of have a "zen-like" take on this question -- the age that you first chose, of your own volition, to suck cock, was THE PERFECT AGE for *YOU* to start. Even if you today feel like you "should have started earlier" or if you think today that you "should have waited to become sexually active", the age you started was PERFECT for the trajectory of your life.
  8. FriendlyBottom

    Kissing; Yes or No No??

    I love to kiss before, during and after sex. Even if sex isn't on the menu, I love to make out with an attractive man who loves to kiss like I do. I love all oral activities and love to alternate between deep kissing a man's mouth and tongue-fucking his ass. I also love (LOVE!) tasting my ass on my buddy's lips/facial hair when he kisses me after rimming me deep. That being said, I'm not a fan of snowballing. I adore swallowing cum (it's my reason for living) and I consider a load shot in my mouth as a treasured gift and feel that it would be rude to return it. When I feed a man my load, I'd prefer that he swallow it (if he chooses to spit it out, it's mildly disappointing, but it's his prerogative). More than once I've (gently yet firmly) pushed a guy away who's tried to feed me back my load -- it's just not my thing.
  9. FriendlyBottom

    Dad and Son dilemma

    I apologize for being late to the thread. My thinking is the following: Sounds like you've got a GREAT fuckbuddy relationship going with the Dad (a multiorgasmic top who consistently plants a couple of loads deep inside you? I had one of those fuckbuds and TRULY GRIEVE the end of that relationship), so I'm going to throw out the good ol' Murphy's law: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." I understand, in theory, adding a second attractive top to the mix and, believe me, having a true Dad and son sharing my bare hole and mixing up their baby batter deep inside me is a TRUE bucketlist desire of mine. But since you're feeling a bit skeeved out by the Dad fucking the son (even if it's gone down after the son became an adult and it's not going on in your presence) and it's weighing on your mind enough that you're asking your BreedingZone buds to chime in with their thoughts, I'd encourage you to (a) prioritize keeping the good (GOLDEN!) thing you've got going on with Dad and (b) tell them both (separately), sincerely and gently, that as hot as the notion is and as much as desire them both, you've just decided that you so treasure what you've got going on with the Dad that you don't want to change that dynamic. If an awesome opportunity is on the horizon but a small voice in your head is saying "Wait a minute...this detail doesn't sit right with me", my experience has been that it's best to listen to that small voice.
  10. FriendlyBottom

    Storage Unit for Hookups?

    @Memphian I like the way you think! I agree with everything you've written -- the climate controlled space will be comfortable enough for a casual fuck; although not soundproof, it only matters if somebody's close by when you're getting fucked and guys have been quiet while fucking to escape detection for centuries (so it can be done); I agree with what you said about the cameras -- they're for security purposes and them capturing footage of you and your fuckbud occasionally entering/exiting the property or your particular unit will not raise suspicion. A few years ago, I did consider using my storage unit as a spot where I could suck off a gentleman friend, but before we went down that route, another location presented itself. I'm sure there may be some guys who would reluctant to meet up with you in such a space, but the more open-minded/adventurous types would be up for it, I'm sure. I can't wait to hear your full report on your first fuckdate in your space. I have used hotwire.com to get an inexpensive, clean, and safe hotel room for fuckdates in the past, but all of the issues you've mentioned (timing, expense, the guy potentially flaking) are at play. Your storage unit with the fuckbench looks like a great alternative!
  11. FriendlyBottom

    Sucking Married Guys

    I'm a cocksucker and there are men I'd like to suck and others I'm just not into. Marital status is not something I especially care about and in a lot of (semi)anonymous situations I don't know whether a guy is married to a woman, married to a man, a father, divorced, bi, "straight", or what. On more than one occasion, I've had the pleasure of fulfilling a "straight" (i.e. bisexual but without the insight/psychological health to admit it to himself) guy's desires. Sometimes the guy is truly appreciative of me coaxing a sweet load out of his cock and I appreciate that. Other times, he's so awkward/repressed/guilt-laden that the stench of his shame and self-hatred is a total turn off. I guess that's just my long-winded way of saying that I don't "fetish-ize" so-called "straight" men. A man's overall look, personality, bearing, attitude, verbal skills, face, cock, body hair, facial hair, personal hygiene, cumload, etc. are WAAAY more interesting to me than his purported sexual orientation or the morphology of his life-partner's genitalia.
  12. FriendlyBottom

    HIV risk and Older Men

    So, in other words, unadulterated bovine fecal matter. I suspected as much.
  13. FriendlyBottom

    HIV risk and Older Men

    I think it's awesome that you've reached a new comfort level with your sexuality and are experiencing the unparalleled joy of bareback fucking. Nothing in life is free of risk, but there are steps you can take to reduce your risk of acquiring HIV and other STIs. PreP can nearly eliminate the risk of acquiring HIV and other steps can be taken to reduce your risk of other STIs (e.g. cultivating fuckbuddy relationships with a small number of "ethical sluts" -- i.e. men who get tested for STIs on the regular and are somewhat discerning in their choice of sexual partners). To answer your specific question -- "I am just curious to know what my chances are?": You live in the SF Bay Area, where the HIV prevalence is relatively high, and you enjoy taking raw dick and catching cum with multiple partners at the bathhouse (and elsewhere) who you don't know and haven't queried about your HIV status. While the prevalence of HIV is high in your area, the use of HAART is common and, thus, many poz guys in your area are undetectable, but not every bareback top you may encounter knows his status much less is adequately medicated. So....you are at risk of HIV infection. I think if you had an honest, open conversation with your (hopefully, gay, experienced, and sex-positive) primary care doctor, he'd describe you as "high risk" and encourage you to get on PreP. I can't give you a quantitative answer and I don't your doctor could either (e.g. "You have a XX% of acquiring HIV is your take 3 anonymous loads in your ass every month for the next year.")
  14. FriendlyBottom

    HIV risk and Older Men

    This is news to me. Can you provide a link to an article published in a peer-reviewed journal that substantiates this claim? I'm very interested in reading more about this. Thank you.
  15. FriendlyBottom

    Looking to suck cock but hard to find

    No magic fixes, just the regular suggestions of: Grindr, Scruff, Squirt, CumHunt, Adam4Adam, your local (or not so local?) adult book store. CruisingForSex.com might be a worthwhile site to visit to learn of nearby cruise-y spots (e.g, parks, rest stops) in your area. IMHO, the loss of Craigslist's personals/casual encounters sections is not a great loss. My experience in the most recent years was it was used by losers who were playing games and couldn't reply with a minimum of a cock pic. Fortunately, the hours I used to waste on CL are better devoted to the hit-or-miss (but when it's a "hit", it's a grand-slam) ABS in my area.

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