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  1. Swallow Your Own Cum

    I love to swallow another guy's cum (it's what I was born to do), but I rarely eat my own cum these days. When I was a teenager and new to jacking off (and it was my only sexual outlet), I got into the habit of kicking my feet back over my head when I was getting close so that my cock was directly over my face when I came. I would catch as much of those massive teenager loads in my mouth and then scoop up the extra cum from my face and lick my fingers clean.... I should try it again, just for old times' sake...
  2. Tips - Whoring out a bottom

    You've received some good input here from the earlier responders... I think there are A LOT of guys who fantasize about being whored out and although they may talk a good game, when push comes to shove, they won't go through with it or will be lousy at it. Also, it seems to me that a bottom who's going to be a good candidate for this should have a few other top buds of his own that *he* can invite to join you. I definitely want to second what @ErosWired said about taking this bottom for a test drive before setting up a gangbang/whore-out session. I think the suggestion from @CigarBear68 to take that bottom to an ABS and fuck him where others can see and then offer up his hole is a good way to test drive his willingness to turn this fantasy into reality. In addition to seeing to the concerns that @phukhole lists, you may need to stick your dick in the bottom from time-to-time, to keep the activities going. You don't want it to devolve into a middle school dance, where nobody's brave enough to be the first to venture out of the dance floor...
  3. Do you clean cock?

    I guess I'm a member of the (mostly) silent minority on this topic... I don't "clean" a top's cock after I get fucked. In general, I avoid taking in my mouth a cock that's just been pulled out of my ass. I have zero interest in a cock that's just come out of somebody else's ass. Now, having said that, I do love to eat (the right man's) ass. And there have a handful of memorable guys whose cocks have found their way into my mouth after coming out of my ass. But in all cases, I wasn't going down on the guy in order to "clean" cock -- I was just so turned on by him and the hot fuck he just gave me (or was in the midst of giving to me), that I wanted to get on my knees to continue to worship his wonderful cock. And there was one ex-fuckbuddy (a multi-cumming top) who, graciously, upon my request, once pulled his cum-slicked cock out my ass after he deposited load #2 so I could suck some of his cum off his cock before he fucked load #3 into me. Again, I wasn't in the mindset that I was "cleaning" his cock, I was (a) really into this guy and (b) felt really comfortable with him and was confident that he would allow me to get "piggy" like this (totally out of the norm for me) and (c) at that point he had been fucking and breeding me pretty regularly for a few years and I had never tasted his cum (because he always came in my ass). And I guess I just run into different sorts of guys than some others on this board. I have never run into a top who expected me to "clean" his cock after fucking me. One guy asked me if I wanted to (and I politely declined and he was fine with it). Only a handful of guys have ever tried to go ATM with me during a fuck session and I told them "Nah. I don't do ATM" and they were cool with it. (In one case, one of these guys was among those memorable exceptions I mentioned above and five minutes later, his cock was in my mouth and I really enjoyed the taste of my ass on him!) I guess my general mindset is the following: I'm a bottom because I enjoy the sensation of cock in my ass and I enjoy pleasing a man by sharing my hole with him and catching his cum. I don't view myself as subservient to him and I'm not submissive in nature and condescenscion and denigration are things I don't tolerate or enjoy. I don't feel I "owe it" to a top to clean his cock. My warm, tight, clean hole and a polite "thank you" afterwards are adequate appreciation. That's me and that's how I roll...
  4. Anyone Here Never Top?

    "I like to suck cock and I like to get fucked." That, verbatim, is how I describe my sexual interests to guys who inquire. And my real-world behavior is consistent with that. In sex venues, I'm sometimes approached by a guy who mistakes me for a top. I'll quickly and politely clarify that I'm "just looking to suck" or "I want to get fucked" as the case may be and then we proceed accordingly or he excuses himself to look for a more top-oriented playmate. I do sometimes enjoy exchanging blow jobs with a guy and I will occasionally kick back and let a handsome cocksucker give me a non-reciprocal blow job. It IS quite nice to feed a load to an appreciative man. Once in a blue moon, I will fuck a guy. When it happens, it spontaenously grows out of an extended play date with a guy I just really click with -- and he'll have to be verse and ask me for it and want it bare (if a condom goes on my cock, we can just forget about me fucking). I do enjoy those rare experiences of sticking my dick in a man's warm, tight hole. I can see why top men love to fuck and it IS very nice to cum in a guy's ass. That said, I just strongly prefer to take a man's cock and cum in my holes. I'm just wired that way and it's sort of become a process of reinforcement -- by following my bliss, I've grown to be a talented cocksucker and bottom and when I'm looking for sex, I'm looking to repeat a blissful cocksucking/dickriding experience from the past. But having typed this out and put into words my feelings on the matter, I'm thinking I might try being a bit more open to opportunities to top.... We'll see....
  5. It was Sunday night, close to 11:00 p.m. and I was hanging out at the local ABS. I'm not usually there that late, but I had been out to dinner with friends earlier and we had been talking about the Winter Olympics and the glimpses we had spied on the televised coverage of some alluring packages squeezed into the tight lycra outfits of the guys competing in the luge event. That conversation had reminded me of a hot Russian guy I played with years ago and, in turn, that memory made me hungry for cock and cum. So, off to the ABS I went, hoping I could get my Olympic-sized craving satisfied. Although Sunday nights can be good hunting there -- it seems that some guys haven't gotten laid over the weekend and they just want to get drained before the busy workweek starts -- my prior experience there had shown that traffic tends to die down by 8:00 p.m. on Sundays. Anyway....I was biding time, leaning against a wall in the hallway, randomly surfing the net on my phone. A few guys were milling about -- none were to my liking -- but I had earlier gotten a good taste of a biggish cock but the guy didn't want to cum yet, so my parched throat was still in need of a slick coating. My ears pricked up to the jingle of the exterior door opening and listened patiently for the sound of footsteps coming toward the area where I was laying in wait. I glanced up to see a handsome sliver-haired gent walking past me and I knew I wanted his load. He was a fit, handsome, suburban Dad looking guy, jeans, glasses, windbreaker, probably early-to-mid-fifties . He looked like one of those middle-aged White studs who has always had a regular exercise routine so he's in good shape and his prematurely graying hair adds a certain distinguished vibe to his overall sexiness. About six feet past me, he approached the door of one of the vacant booths that shares a glory hole with an adjoining booth and he lingered for a second and turned to look at me. I made eye contact with him, recognized him as a guy I had enjoyed sucking off once before, gave a slight nod and entered the door of the booth adjoining his. Off came my baseball cap and glasses, out came my little brown bottle and down on my knees in front of the GH I went. "Yeah, Daddy," I thought to myself, thinking how much I appreciate when the universe puts me in the right place at the right time to be of service to a the cock of a handsome man. Through the glory hole (which I discovered had been enlarged by somebody since I was last there), I saw Dad struggling to get the video machine to accept his dollar bills. He muttered "Sorry" to apologize for the delay. Being the helpful cocksucker I am, I dug a handful of quarters out of my pocket, reached through the gloryhole and offered them to him. As he dropped the quarters into the slot, I smiled to myself thinking "Did I just pay for sex? $1.50 for Daddy cock and cum! The best deal in town!" When he undid the fly of his Dad jeans and pulled down his boxers and lifted the hem of his t-shirt, I was reminded of the beauty of his cock. It was a beautiful in it's ordinariness -- average in length and girth, minimal manscaping (salt and pepper pubes trimmed slightly, balls still hairy -- just the way I like 'em), he was probably three-quarters hard as he stepped toward the glory hole and presented his cock to me. The prrevious time I sucked him off, I remember that he lasted a decent amount of time before I earned my creamy reward. I think his balls were aching for release on Sunday night because a moan of appreciation escaped his lips when my nose first hit his pubes and the swollen head of his now fully-engorged cock pressed against my uvula. Within a couple of minutes, he stepped back from the hole, pulling his cock with him, and did a quarter-turn of his hips, giving me a side view of his spit-slicked and glistening cock. He flexed his groin muscles to make his rock-hard cock flex and dance and I realized that he was gettin close and pulled out in order to delay his orgasm for a second. As my eyes were fixated on his cock, I heard his voice from above (almost like it was God asking me), "Do you like cum?" "Hell yeah!" I whispered hoarsely, "Feed it to me". He turned to face the hole straight on, stepped forward and did as I directed. With three more quick bobs of my head, I heard his combined grunt and happy sigh and could taste his load flood onto the back of my tongue. It was an average-size load, one strong gush of warm viscous liquid, very little in the way of a "cummy taste", but I was quite happy with it and swallowed it appreciatively. I felt like I was handsomely rewarded for very little effort on my part. (You cocksuckers know what I'm saying -- sometimes you put in a lot of work to get that load, other times it seems like "WOW! I was just getting warmed up and this guy's already cumming!") I really would have liked to have kept his cock in my mouth for a couple of minutes more, but he backed it out from my lips pretty quickly after he came. I realize that, for some guys, their head gets really sensitive after they cum -- and I'm one of them -- but if they would trust me, I'd teach them (if they haven't yet learned it) that gentle attention to that senstive post-orgasm cockhead is the dessert course of the orgasm for us both. Anyway, I reached through the hole, hoping to guide his cock back toward my mouth because (a) I'm happiest when there's a cock in my mouth and I wanted to continue this brief visit to "my happy place" and (b) I was pretty sure there might be a last little glob of cum in his piss slit and -- call me greedy! -- but I wanted it. Dad didn't understand what I was after and tried to hand me one of the paper towels he had pulled from his pocket (to wipe the last traces of my cocksucker spit from his genitals before he pulled his boxers back up, I guess). "No, thanks", I said, declinig the paper towel. "I just want to lick your cock clean," I explained. His response was, "Oh...! Uh....nah. No, I'm, uh, good." I thanked him (and I truly was thankful) and got to my feet and exited the booth. I made a point of not engaging him in eye contact when he slipped out of his booth a minute or so later and headed toward the exit. I pretended to be engrossed in my phone's screen because I sensed he would be more comfortable that way -- a smile and a quick nod from me might be a tad too "intimate" for him. When he was a step or so past me, however, I did look at him admiringly from behind and smiled to myself with satisfaction knowing that I had given that handsome stranger the pleasure and relief he needed and in return he fed me a nice dollop of his liquid essence and -- in that moment -- all was right in my little corner of the world.
  6. Bottom: What is your favorite position to get fucked?

    "...to this day he is the only man I service ever since he bred me and claimed me as his..." I've met farm animals with greater autonomy than your sorry ass enjoys.
  7. Bottom: What is your favorite position to get fucked?

    @hotguy02: "Poor is the man whose pleasures depend on the permission of another."
  8. Racial cravings?? Anyone??

    I love White cock and White cum. Can't get enough of it. I love getting bred by "rednecks" and "White suburban dads who are registered Republicans" and members of the "Aryan Brotherhood" with their the White supremacist tattoos they got during their last stint in prison. If a White guy wants to get balls-deep in my ass, all he has to do is make a racist joke or, better yet, launch into a racist tirade while we're chatting.
  9. I think this could be it...

    I completely agree with 6811283 -- Just go get tested. You're afraid and feel sick to your stomach because a guy you fucked bare in the past sent you a text today to inquire about your HIV status. Obviously, you're disconcerting feelings are tied to the "what if's" and "why's" triggered by this text message exchange. Knowledge is power. Go get tested. You will be glad that you did.
  10. Fetish for bald guys?

    @CigarBear68: "Gruff biker trash"? WOOF! When can I shoot my load on your bald scalp?! ;-)
  11. Absorb Or Push Out Cum?

    Another vote for absorbing it. Taking a guy's cum up my ass (or down my throat) is the ultimate in male-bonding and a literal way of me holding onto a part (the BEST part) of a gentleman friend. If my top wants to felch out a bit of his load, I'll oblige, but ask him to just take little of it because I want to hold onto his liquid essence. I have, on occasion, fingered my cummy hole after the top has departed and licked my fingers clean (again, just taking a small sample of the load). If I had a fun and photographically-oriented top bud, I'd love to push out his load afterwards so he could capture on video the sight of his load dribbling (gushing?) out of my pucker. I'm SURE I'd get HOURS and HOURS of viewing enjoyment out of that footage. (AND if, by chance, you're fun top man with phone camera skills in the Mid-Atlantic area, send me a private message!) I used to have a multi-orgasmic top fuckbuddy who pretty regularly would give me four loads in rapid succession (like, within 15-20 minutes, no breaks, no pulling out between). I'm NOT the type of guy to later push those loads out onto my hand to slurp down (like some of my piggy bottom brothers do), but it was also interesting/fun when I'd see the big globs of unabsorbed cum in the toilet bowl hours later (and, truthfully, I enjoyed it the few times I accidentally farted his cumloads into my cotton boxer briefs).
  12. Fetish for bald guys?

    i wouldn't say that I have a "fetish" for bald guys, but a receding hairline/baldness, like body hair, is a male characteristic, so I do like it. One of my favorite bald/balding looks is the one you describe -- bald on top with the fringe of hair around the sides and back. (Incidentally, I wish fewer balding guys today went with the "I'm just going to shave my entire head look" as I, personally, find that "cue ball" look less enticing than your hair pattern.) And, YES, I am one of those guys who has rubbed, kissed, licked, slapped my dick on and shot my load onto a bald man's smooth scalp. Again, that hair pattern is a masculine look (i.e. only men have it) so I think that's part of the attraction AND, when you think about it bald on top with the fringe around the sides and back sort of resembles the tip of a cock head peeking out of the foreskin, so I think I'm responding to that on some level. (And I understand that one's choice of hair style is a completely personal choice and you gotta go with what works for you, but if there was ever a HAIRDON'T (vs. a hair do) it would have to be a pony tail added onto your current hot, masculine look. I'm not alone in that opinion, trust me. Just putting it out there -- you do what works for you.)
  13. After a cumdump gangbang, do you catch something?

    (a) Did you see that ErosWired did explicitly answer your question? "To answer your original question, my gangbang experiences have landed me exactly one STD: HIV." (b) Have you considered posing your question directly to muscle bottoms you see on BBRT?
  14. My experience has been that it's the sorry insecure loser hung like a third-grader who thinks he needs to "force" me to suck his boy cock. A real man quickly recognizes me as a true cocksucker, full of experience and prodigous talent, and knows that within a matter of minutes my nose will be in his pubes and the swollen head of his cock will deep in my esophagus.
  15. Ass exposed at the Urinal

    LOL I get that question a lot: "Are you living with an intellectual disability? Or...are you a horny bottom, flashing your bare ass because you're craving a good fuck?" LOL

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