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  1. Last night at my local pub

    Great story! I love it when a quick raw fuck just comes out of the blue! I hope to find myself bent over taking 8 bare inches in me tomorrow!!!
  2. Experiences at CumUnion

    "...Point two: The younger guys were playing for the most part in their own age group. When you try to engage them for sex, they turn and leave you. The polite guys do say sorry, not now. I'm thinking to myself -- is this ageism? I'm 52, almost 53, with a good body, 32-33" waist, 185 lbs., very short George Clooney beard, go to the gym 4-5 a week, don't have a protruding gut (a very small daddy stomach), eat healthy food, have engaging talk, love to write (like these posts), etc. What gives? WTF?! Should ageism be happening when we're liberated and free at a bb sex party to have public bb sex?" @read1: A man is into who he's into. Even at a bareback party at a public sex venue, everybody is entitled to choose who he wants to have sex with. His preferences in terms of age, height, weight, race/ethnicity, position, activity are his right and while I agree that common courtesy (e.g. saying "No thank you" or gently yet firmly removing an unwelcome hand or other appendage) should be used, you can't control another man's actions/reactions, you can only control your own. I don't know that what you're encountering is "ageism" so much as individual preferences. If the party promoters restricted entry to, say, those under the age of 40, that would be "ageism", but an inidividual guy spurning the advance of an older gent is a case of an autonomous man exercising his right to choose his sexual partner. In the same vein, I don't recall ever reading in your posts about you breeding the ass of a silver fox -- does your pronounced preference for guys in their 20s/30s make you guilty of "ageism"? No, you prefer who and what you prefer. Enjoy and celebrate the mutual connections you make (and, based upon your frequent reports from the field, you make quite a few). Sincerely, Your Fan, FriendlyBottom
  3. Experiences at CumUnion

    The first Pittsburgh CumUnion was last Friday, 8/25, at Club Pittsburgh. I was hoping to attend, but wasn't able to get out that way. Did anybody attend? If so, I'd love to hear about your experience there! I probably can't make the September party, but hope to be there in October...
  4. NYPD Load

    HOT story! YOU, Sir, are living the dream! I've been lucky enough to get fucked by a few cops over the years. A few were retired cops or ex-cops now working outside of law enforcement. And none of the active-duty cops were in uniform when we met. It's a fantasy of mine to suck and get fucked and get bred by a real cop in uniform (with his police trousers around his ankles of course!). Color me envious! ;-)
  5. I went to the local ABS on Friday afternoon. I arrived a little after four, hoping that I'd have the opportunity to drain the balls of a couple of horny men during the after-work rush. I'm primarily a cocksucker/bottom, but as it turned out I was a feeder that afternoon, getting sucked off twice. The first guy who got my load was a friendly, handsome man who I had the good fortune to play with on my prior visit. He hasn't yet fed me a load, but I've enjoyed bobbing on his cock and playing with his beautiful, low-hanging balls. On Friday afternoon, we were in a booth together and I was on my knees as he fucked my face for a good, long while. No load, unfortunately. We switched roles and since I hadn't cum in a few days, it wasn't long before I was bending down to tell him that he was getting me close. This bit of news prompted him to pick up the pace and in a couple of seconds I was grunting as six or seven thick spurts of my cum splashed against the back of his throat. He spat my babies out on the cement floor (I was a bit disappointed, but it's the cocksucker's prerogative). "Damn, that was a BIG load", he said, as he wiped his wet lips. We kissed passionately for a bit before parting ways. We have an easy rapport between us now and I look forward to one day swallowing his load. He told me that he loves the way I suck but it takes him a while to cum. About 20 minutes later, I spotted a very handsome blue-eyed silver fox in the hallway. He definitely noticed that I noticed him and we quickly found our way to adjoining booths that shared a glory hole. I pulled out my bottle of poppers and dropped to my knees in front of the GH and motioned to him that I wanted his cock. He undid his fly and pulled out a nice, average-sized hard cock. (I'm going to take a moment here to briefly express my disappointment that he didn't unbuckle his belt and drop trou I would have access to his entire hairy crotch, fully exposed scrotum and the bouquet of sweat, musk, and phermones that are the olfactory signature of an adult male in heat. I absolutely do NOT understand why a guy won't just drop trou and give me full access to his man-parts. By just undoing his fly and pulling out his cock, I can't suck him to to root and bury my nose in his pubes. Just one of life's many annoyances...) Anyway, I sucked him for a bit, hoping that he'd eventually drop trou, but after only a couple of minutes, he stepped back, pulling his cock out my wet mouth and motioned for me to feed him my cock. I obliged, pulling my shorts and boxer briefs down past my mid-thigh. He had a silky, wet, warm mouth and he was obviously an experienced and talented cocksucker. Even though I thought the first guy had completely drained my balls, I could soon feel a load churning up in my sack. Because we were on opposite sides of a glory hole, I couldn't give him the heads-up about my impending cum shot without pulling out and crouching down to communicate the obvious. Applying the golden rule ("Do onto others as you'd have them do onto you..."), I figured I'd make this cocksucker a happy man and I just blasted away. The first spurt seemed to confuse him. His bobbing stopped and I could almost hear him thinking "Did he just cum?" My second spurt (which felt twice as big as twice as good as the first) prompted him to quickly slide off my cock. I heard two SPLATS in rapid succession, the first was my third spurt of cum flying through the air and hitting the cement floor and the second was Daddy spitting out my DNA sample. I could hear the cocksucker rummaging about but I kept my hips pressed up against the dividing wall as my cock continued to twitch and a fourth small spurt spewed forth adding to the sticky slick mess on the floor. I stepped back from the glory hole and stuck my right hand through to give him the "thumbs up" sign. It was a great blow job -- I wish I could have held back and enjoyed it for longer AND I wish he had done himself the favor of swallowing my load. But....to each his own... A short time later, I found myself in a both with a very handsome man I've played with previously. I'm 6'2" and he's about 5'6" and I just find something extra HOT about me getting on my knees to service a man who's 8 inches and probably 50 pounds smaller than me. He has an average-sized cock that was hard as a rock as soon as I peeled down his boxer briefs. After I sucked him for a while, he was quite cooperative when I turned him around and bent him over so I could stick my bearded face between his smooth muscular buns and lick, nibble and tongue-fuck his sweet hole. After munching on his man hole for a good long while, I turned him around again and he soon announced, between grunts, that he was gonna cum. I was a happy cocksucker when he coated my throat with his tasty spunk. When I was sure I got every drop, I turned him around again and ate him out again. We kissed as we got dressed and I sort of feel in love with him when he didn't hesitate to take into his mouth the tongue that was just in his ass a moment ago. So, now I'm boned up after having written about this account of my last load. I'm going to take a quick shower and head out to the ABS and see if I can't swallow a load or six...
  6. I've been told that I suck cock like a CHAMP, but like "Upstateguy518" some may call me a CHUMP. I don't consider a long duration of sucking to be a quality use of my time or the top's time. I guess I have a short attention span and I bore easily. That said, I don't time myself while worshiping cock, but if I've been at it a while and I haven't yet received my creamy reward, I'll ask the gentleman what I can do to make him cum. If that neither an acceptable answer nor a thick load is forthcoming, I'll just graciously bow out.
  7. Guys that pull out of your mouth to shoot

    @Jerry1234: A happy medium there would be if the top gives you that really warm and good feeling by shooting on your ass AND then scoops up the cum and uses it to lube-up his cock and your hole and continues to fuck you. If he's a stud and can shoot again, that second load should go deep in your ass!
  8. Being truthful to your doctor/nurse?

    Not all doctors (nurses, PAs, etc.) are the same. I am fortunate to have a gay male primary care doctor. I have had a couple of visits with him where, before I bring up sexual stuff I tell him, "I don't want any of this going into my chart..." and he agrees and then I speak freely and honestly. Thus, what may ultimately go into the chart are indications that my throat and ass were swabbed and tested for gonorrhea and chlamydia and blood was drawn for syphilis testing and all results were negative. There is no note (and there is no need for a note) to say that I complained of moderate anal tenderness after a recent three-way, sans condoms, with a couple of tops of unknown status. I decline to be seen by any other doctor's in his group if he should be out of the office and just schedule my appointments for when he's available. When he retires, I'll find another gay male primary care doctor. Even amongst the pool of gay male primary doctors, there are some that are caring and cool and some that judgmental Judies. I prefer to find one that CAN be trusted (check with friend) versus ASSUMING that they're "professional" and have my best interests in mind.
  9. Urethritis but maybe not from sex?

    The one time I had NGU (25 years) ago, I think it was caused by massage oil used as lube during mutual masturbation. I was all of 20 years old, hooked with a handsome older man. This was 1990 in SF and safe (very safe) sex was the norm. Our play consisted of kissing, mutual sucking (no condom, no cum), and mutual masturbation. For lube, we used massage oil (grapeseed oil-based, if I recall correctly) and he sort of squeezed it from the bottle on the head of my cock in such a manner that I think some went directly into my urethra. I recall it felt a bit weird at the time. Anyway, a few days later, had painful urination and maybe some discharge. Urethral opening was a little pink/red/irritated. Swab at county clinic came back as NGU. Took some pills and was good.
  10. persistent health dept.

    A couple of years ago, an employee of the public health department in the next big city over from me contacted me via messaging on a certain web site we are all familiar with. Apparently I had been named as a semi-recent sexual contact of a guy diagnosed with secondary syphilis. The guy gave my profile name (the only way he knew how to contact me) and the health employee contacted me that way. She left her phone number in the message. I bought a burner phone and called her back, told her that I lived in different state (I do, but not the state I told her), that I'd get tested and would let her know the results. I was fairly certain that I was fine and had been named in error. But I went to get tested at free gay STD clinic (fake name, didn't tell them about the call from health department, gave same burner cell number as contact). A week or so later, I got the news that syphilis test was non-reactive/negative and Hep C was negative as well (didn't know they were testing for that, so bonus). I tried a few times to contact health employee on phone, but rolled over to voicemail and I didn't leave a message. She eventually contacted me on the web site and I told her about my negative results. She was very appreciative of my follow-up.
  11. Smooth Or Hairy?

    I fuckin' LOVE hairy men!!! I remember being turned on by men with hairy chests when I was about 7 years old. Shoulder hair and back hair are NOT turn-offs for me. One of the the most memorable fucks I've ever had was in a tent during a rainstorm delivered by a hung, hairy, blue-eyed gent I had met at the campground about an hour earlier. I was on my back and he was drilling me deep in the missionary position. My legs were wrapped around his lower back and our tongues were entwined in a passionate kiss. As I was running my hands across his broad, hairy back I realized that his back hair was long and thick enough that I could grab ahold of it. I did and I was so turned on that, within a matter of seconds, I was shooting thick ropes of cum onto his hairy belly and chest. His eyes got wide with surprise and excitement and he disengaged his mouth from mine and he grunted "Oh, fuck! That's so fuckin' hot!!!" as he just pounded away for about 30 seconds before he roared "I'm cummming...!!!" as he shot one huge load deep insde my ass. In my case, my love of hirsute gentlemen is a bit of "opposites attract". I sport a full beard (and have for about 10 years) that gets lots of compliments but, as they say, "my chin writes a check that my chest can't cash". I have just a smattering of chest hair and really fine hair on my arms and legs. Weirdly, every few weeks or so, I have to trim the hair that sprouts along the bottom third or half of my shaft. I leave my pubic bush alone for the most part, just the occasional trim. Anyway, I've been hit up online by guys whose pics reveal them to be smooth and I send a polite "thanks, but no thanks" note. As much as I love hairy guys, there are hairy guys whose body hair is "all wrong" for me -- I can't describe it coherently, but I know it when I see it.
  12. Anyone prefer giving head to getting fucked

    I love to get fucked, but I *LIVE* to suck cock. As others have mentioned, sucking cock requires no prep time nor lingering worries that the prep wasn't 100% successful. I love the fact that I can go from eye contact to swallowing cum in a matter of minutes and the act can be consumated almost anywhere. The only mess involved is my spit coating his cock and maybe the dirt, twigs and leaves on my knees. I love sucking cock because it can be so many things -- completely recreational to downright spiritual. I was raised Catholic for a good part of my childhood and there have been several times when I've felt as if I was truly sucking the cock of God as I genuflected before a masculine saint and swallowed the liquid communion wafer out of his body. I love the sport-sucking but I adore the times I've connected with a guy during a blow job -- when he's held my hand(s) as I slurped on his cock or when he's cooed words of encouragement as he gently carressed by buzzed head. I love when a friendly, flirty conversation with a guy I met at a bar leads, in short order, to him coating my throat with his creamy load either in the corner of the bar, the alley out back, or back at his home. I also love it when I suck a sweet load out of a "straight" guy who's popped into the bookstore to get his balls drained. I take it as the highest form of flattery when, as soon as he sees me on his next visit, his eyes light up and he motions me over to his booth so he can again spray my tonsils with his manjuice. Getting fucked can be so awesome, but also, at times, so shitty (in all senses of the word). Sometimes that's due to an incompetent top, sometimes it's due to my inability to relax, and sometimes nothing happens because I didn't sign up for the "self-cleaning rectum" option before I was born. For me, fucking is not (usually) a recreational sport in the same way that sucking cock is. It's a much more intimate act, one that I (usually) won't do in front of an audience, while I'll suck cock in a crowded bar with no qualms (but I hate those fuckers who reach in to grab the base of top's cock to gauge his size while I'm bobbing on his meat -- can they not see that I'm working here???). The best fucking times (literally) that I've had have been with guys I've truly connected with and developed a true fondness (if not more) for. And as much as a cocksucker as I am, a good sound fucking that ends with a cumload or five deep inside me does approach nirvana. And I have to admit, when I'm jacking off, it's almost always to thoughts of reliving some great fucks (and almost never about cocksucking). So, here's the ultimate suck vs. fuck dilemma for me: I'll be in SF this weekend. My temple in SF is (was?) Blow Buddies. I've had several spiritual experiences there dating back to the 90's when I was living in the Bay Area, sucked many a cock and swallowed gallons of cum. That said, when I was out there last year, I ventured out on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. Thursday night was GREAT! Friday and Saturday were disappointing. So, on this trip, Cumunion is happening on Saturday night at 442 Natoma. While my instinct is to go to Blow Buddies, if it's as dead as it was on my Saturday visit last year, I'd prefer to go to Cumunion where I might just end up watching, but I'd love to take some cock and cum. Sigh. We'll see what happens.... maybe I'll assume the position -- ass up, bottle of poppers to my nose -- and take a few anonymous cocks in the dark room? The notion is hot, the reality...maybe not?
  13. Biggest cock

    I agree with felch_u_now. Big is beautiful and I do enjoy the challenge, but average or even small can be great fun as well. The connection, no matter how fleeting, with the other guy(s) frequently outweighs his/their physical dimensions.
  14. Guys that pull out of your mouth to shoot

    When I'm sucking cock through the glory hole at the ABS, I have sometimes experienced a guy pull out when he's getting close. I've gotten the impression that he thinks its expected because he hasn't received explicit permission to cum in my mouth. It's difficult to speak at a level where only he and I can hear in these adjoining booths. I appreciate the gentlemanly maneuver for what it is, but I just reach through the glory hole and grab him by his open jeans/halfway pulled-down boxers/hairy balls to gently, yet fiirmly, pull him back to the opening of the glory hole so I can milk that meat and swallow that load. In an ideal world, every blow job should end with a load of cum being swallowed, but I realize that when I'm out in the wild, I sometimes encounter a guy who doesn't want that cum in his mouth. That happened once a few years back at that same ABS. A bearded, blue-collar-looking, probably married, silver daddy, got 4 days worth of my stored up cum in this mouth. I heard a big SPLAT as he spat it on the concrete floor. I crouched down to the opening to tell him how great that blow job was. He was still spitting out the last drops of my cum and he said, "I wasn't expecting THAT." On the one hand, I thought his comment was hilarious (what WAS he expecting?) on the other hand, it occurred to me that in other settings, I'll tell the cocksucker I'm getting close so he can choose how he wants to proceed. (I'm pro-choice that way.) So, now when I'm getting sucked through a glory hole at this same ABS, I'll USUALLY pull my cock out when I'm "rounding third base" and bend down to the opening to tell the cocksucker "That feels great. You're getting me REALLY CLOSE." I think I've heard everything -- "Can I have it?", "Shoot it at me!", "I want to swallow your load" -- BUT "Don't cum in my mouth." But sometimes, when I sense that the cocksucker is a cumpig like me, I don't give him a heads-up. I know that when I'm sucking cock and the guy suddenly fills my mouth with his cum, it's like Christmas morning when you're surprised to find that Santa has given you everything you asked for and *I LOVE IT*!!!! Why wouldn't I want to let another cocksucker have that same wonderful experience?
  15. Experiences at CumUnion

    I went to the CumUnion party in Philadelphia about 18 months ago. It was okay. There was a smallish crowd, maybe 50 guys in the course of the entire night. I found it a bit of an off-night as the guys with whom I wanted to play weren't into me and the guys who were into me just didn't do it for me. I realize that I'm a bit of the odd man out on these boards in that I'm not into the 'total anonymous, take all loads scene'. I like to see and to have a mutual attraction with the guys who fuck me and fill me. Anyway, in addition to the guys that were at the Philly bathhouse for CumUnion, there were a number of guys who were there just for "a regular Saturday night at the bathhouse." I found one of these guys very attractive, a shorter hairy Daddy type with a big, fat cock. He looked like he might work as a therapist (kind of a turn-on for me.) We made out for a bit and then I dropped to my knees and sucked him good and hard. When his big, thick cock (probably 8x6) was hard as a rock, I asked him to follow me into a cube because I wanted to get fucked. He ripped open a condom wrapper and I told him that he didn't need to use that. He insisted that he did. I thanked him for the fun and told him that I was going to walk around for a bit. (Bye, Felicia!) I did get a few cocks up my ass that night, including one that spurted out a very nice load. And I sucked a big, sweet load out of a handsome, avuncular gentleman. I'm going to be in SF this weekend and think I'll attend CumUnion at 442 Natoma on Saturday night (4/1). I have my eye on one top man in particular who've I've chatted with on BBRT. The last time I was in SF, I reached to him on BBRT, trying to arrange a fuck date. He told me that his schedule was busy the days I was free but he was going to a fuck party (I think it was CumUnion) at 442 Natoma on whatever night and he'd gladly fuck me there. I couldn't make it that night and I'm kicking myself that I missed out on the opportunity. Anyway, he's going to attend this Saturday. It would be the highlight of my weekend (or my year or my sexual career) to take his cock and cum. (Yeah, I know I sound like a princess. Sorry.) If I go, we'll see how much I participate vs. spectate at this party. I've heard that the dark room there gets pretty wild. I hoping to find a guy (or seven) who move more at my speed and will join me in a corner for a cummy good time. I wish my visit to SF coincided with a CumUnion party at Steamworks in Berkeley. I've been to Steamworks many times over the years and that venue (recently remodeled, I've heard) seems like an awesome place for a CumUnion party. The DC Cumunion party is now at Crew Club. Although I've been to Crew Club many times over the years, I haven't been there when they were hosting CumUnion. I just need to get my schedule ironed out a bit so I can go check it out. Again, I think this is a great venue for this sort of party. And, finally, (I realize I'm rattling on) from what I've read on various blogs and I think the posts from a couple of guys on this thread as well, it sounds like CumUnion in Chicago (at Steamworks) is LOTS of fun and there's a fairly large presence of Daddies (my type) amongst the attendees. I'm keeping my eyes peeled for a cheap flight out there so I check it out soon.

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