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  1. Question for the Tops!

    Awesome question👍
  2. in PSP for dirty loads ;)

  3. Does the size of the top’s cock matter?

    Delivery of cum that matters ;P
  4. How to keep track of loads during a gangbang?

    permanent marker
  5. How to keep track of loads during a gangbang?

    Left side poz, right side neg and toxic on ass ;P
  6. How to keep track of loads during a gangbang?

    Would be hot to differentiate between toxic loads and loads somehow Wondering which count would be higher 😈
  7. Very fuckin' nice,  man..  

    Where are you located ? 

    1. breedinghole
    2. breedinghole


      no loads refused bttm here, no questions asked... take any loads given.

    3. hunting4anon33


      Right on.  I am out of BC at the moment.  

      Likely be back within a month or two - depends on how well business will go.  

  8. hot pic man!

    1. breedinghole


      Thanks Stud ;P  No loads refuse bttm here...

    2. barecubtop


      Nice, where are you?

    3. breedinghole


      Vancouver, British Columbia

  9. Sleaziest moment of 2016?

    Sleaziest moment for me when one of the anon guy who fucked me in the park used cum from discarded condom he found as lube...
  10. Pig Breeding With Ugly/unattractive Men

    I bend over for any cock and take any loads but my best fucks were with men who are not considered attractive by most or even called ugly.
  11. Anonymous Cum from Used Condom

    If the bottom is there to take any and all loads... should it matter where the load came from?
  12. Anon Cum

    Totally hot when the top fucker care us much as the cumdump when using cum from discarded condoms as lube. The ultimate anon. load
  13. What Do Your Tops Say That Turns You On?

    "Pig, how many loads in you?"
  14. Walking into a public restroom and the smell of an urinal gives me an instant hard on!

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