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    Just out of my fuck flu Aug 2016 but finally poz , Looking to breed neg guys now ! 9 confirmed to date successful.
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    Poz, Not On Meds
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    , looking to explore my sleazy side.
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    August 2017 tested poz , looking to breed neg guys, attend private poz patty groups, available for breeding neg guys , arranged or guys that want a bf or similar done.

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  1. love to have you feel me up with your toxic jizz flood my  guts now 

    1. mkg0820


      Love to feed you my toxic load mate, let's meet up .

    2. negversbbvirgin
  2. Hi stud. My tight warm tranny hole is yours to fill with your bug infested spunk. Enjoy this neg sissy soon. X trixie

  3. BBBH UK Kik group

    Group is full, can't join.
  4. Hi fella , cheers  for the message, happy to meet up an breed u mate for sure 100%. I'm in se9 can tel or accom .

  5. New tattoo , finally !,

  6. New tattoo , finally !,

  7. London private facebook group

    Add me pls Kirk is mmj705
  8. My dick's hard as fuck learning you're in the Club.

    1. AZRawPig


      BREAK out the SLING and let the CUM LOADS fly...NO TABOOS!

    2. mkg0820


      Msg me up for breeding neg holes , 07796 443967, wassap London guy here no meds 

  9. London private facebook group

    What is it
  10. length of fuk flu and severity

    Did a home test last week , finally feel better and got the courage to get one, I'm poz got the lines, not been for a proper blood test yet but did 2 and can up the same , I can't believe it feel nervous but at the same time relieved and excited . Touched my body and thought wow the virus is in me now , that feels good fuck I'm so on edge but mixed feelings but good .
  11. length of fuk flu and severity

    Ok thanks for all the replys, I'm no better just today very part if my body hurts to touch and the inside of my mouth is sore , I'm guessing its happening . My heart is racing thinking about it .
  12. length of fuk flu and severity

    Ok thanks for that, the sores on my mouth have not gone away, but the ladt few days in have not been able to move, my glands in my neck are so sore I feel awfull,
  13. length of fuk flu and severity

    Has my fuck flu started, been chasing for 2 months now and have 3 reg guys who I see, 1 is poz not on meds 2 are ud. This is my third day now of feeling like shut, sore throat, roof of my mouth is sore to, looks like in have blisters starting to from on my lips and around my moth these have been here 5 days before fever started but are weeping, glands under my neck are sore to, read that this maybe herpes but not suee as not had it yet, just feel so tired and sore, is this the start ?.
  14. New pussy from Bristol UK

    Hi neg chaser London

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