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    Bareback, Piss, Whip, PnP
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    #BBBH - Poz & Proud !
    Pig versatile bastard into : fuck, cum, piss, exhib cam, group cam, public toilet, private party, whip/flogging, chems.
    My cunt is to be used, no dick refuse, no load refuse, no piss refuse
    I love to fuck, especially juicy ass.

    Gift giver here ;)

    Also into groups parties on Skype and Zoom.

    Not into scat, dirty, not into long chat on skype.
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    no blood slam.
    no PreP, let your body absorb the strains
    pig into sex ! Always looking for HVL reload
    filming, streaming are welcum

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  1. Fuck me and give me your load at Folsom.

  2. You can visit BOXER at Yumbo.
  3. Finally did you went there ?
  4. that's machine is terrible https://barebackbastards.com/28558/destroying-boy-hole-butt-machine/
  5. Definitely into whip, I love the marks of the lashes.
  6. For Pride most of people will probably clubbing, or having afterparty at home. Just create a profile on planetromeo (even for free you have many possibilities), Recon (very limited on free account) or fore sure Grinder.
  7. Well I know Mutschmanns, but I don't plan to go there.
  8. You seems having problem with your keyboard.
  9. Hi bro, I'll be in Berlin from 9 till 12. I will to FC SNAX UNITED on Saturday. Will if Friday will go to Lab as well. I love Lab my favorite place in Berlin.
  10. Great, it was very nice. Love it party at Bunker especially the one with TIM's birthday. Disapointed by Zoo Bar, it change since last time I was there, they clean all the time, they control what you bring at entrance, piss are is now a cabine.

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