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  1. thanks for the follow

    Hot ass, you got there.

  2. chasejake666

    hole suddenly tight

    lol its all good, and i want my ass back in action asap, but a colonoscopy needs time to prep and everything too. can't believe my luck sometimes
  3. Thanks for the follow man 😈

    1. chasejake666


      no prob brother :)

  4. chasejake666

    hole suddenly tight

    Yeah, okay, I'm a broke ass student, so getting a specialist is expensive, but I suppose I have no choice
  5. chasejake666

    hole suddenly tight

    I'm getting blood on the tip of my douche nozzel - wonder if its a deep anal fissure?
  6. chasejake666

    hole suddenly tight

    So I've had it checked - its not an STD, or a fissure or physical problems, and its been like this for 4 weeks now. The GP said it might be digestive, like an impacted colon, but i dunno if its the cause of the symptom.
  7. hit me up if you're into kinky zoom or wickr chat

    1. VersBBTony


      how about skype


    2. chasejake666


      Dunno how many times i've told you man, i don't have skype

  8. chasejake666

    hole suddenly tight

    For weeks? Maybe.
  9. chasejake666

    hole suddenly tight

    Got checked, not an STD. Apparently it happens if you take something too big, which I have done.
  10. my hole has suddenly gotten tight, - like, i can lube my finger and enter, but its harder than was a week ago and its playing hell with my bowels - as far as i know its not HPV again, so is it temporary, or natural?
  11. well like dirty chat? hit me up on wickr

  12. chasejake666

    Changes To The Server

    The chat doesn't ask for multiple confirmations anymore. Australia, Mac, Google Chrome, VPN
  13. Big thanks to xxbjn2 for wrecking my cunt last night!

    1. Puppyhole


      I want to too ;)

  14. chasejake666

    Becoming Pa's Cunt

    NIce, but you messed up the format
  15. anyone up for kinky chat? jakesinclair on wickr

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