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    Young, 22 yo Aussie. Aspiring Satanist cumdump
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    anybody reasonably fit, but in a pinch anybody with cock

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  1. http://ultragayporn-blog.tumblr.com/image/55743389728
  2. Its this guy, isnt it https://dbnaked.com/models/gay/J/Joshua-Black/
  3. Fuck stud, I would love to dump my high virus demon seed deep in your hot hole and infect you good. Love to breed a nice willing ass!

  4. Hot profile and pic guy

    1. chasejake666


      thanks buddy lol

  5. chasejake666

    Hard pieces in sperm?

    Wait, what?
  6. chasejake666

    Visiting Melourne

    I'll be there, but it looks like you're a bottom too
  7. Thanks for the follow

  8. chasejake666

    in hk until mid of august

  9. chasejake666

    in hk until mid of august

    got line, wickr, or bbrt. i think we'd have similar interests XO
  10. chasejake666

    in hk until mid of august

    breed me!
  11. chasejake666

    Jockpussy FTM

    you're right and i apologise, i understand why you got angry, i guess i was careless with the words, but i would argue that on this site we all reduce ourselves in this way. we don't think about respect or barriers when it comes to sex, even about ourselves - i call myself a faggot and my hole a cunt here all the time because thats the shit we say when we're horned, not because i'm ignorant about my or others' sexuality. This is a fetish website basically, so we objectify and fetisize each other, at least, thats what most people here do - in straight culture its the same way i guess some dudes say 'that big-titted black chick sucked me off like a vacumn last night'. its not nice or flattering at all, but its crude male sex banter, which is what we're supposed to have the freedom to do here. and for context, this was at a free-for-all sex party, and they referred to it as a pussy themselves - yes i know it comes across as demeaning and making you out as less than either gender, and i'm sorry if it came out like that, but in my case, i meant it as just the factual truth, and not meant as an insult. Dealing with a vagina is just likely going to be a closer experience sexually for me to dealing with a cis girl than with a dick, whoever its attached to, right?
  12. chasejake666

    Jockpussy FTM

    So I did eat out a real trans guy last Saturday - guess thats the closest I'll get to girl lol
  13. Braving Trouhx this friday, seeing how many loads i can take. Wish me luck!

    1. Read1


      Best of luck, slutbro! OINK!

  14. thanks for the follow

    Hot ass, you got there.

    1. thkpc


      I just saw your message.  Thanks.

  15. chasejake666

    hole suddenly tight

    lol its all good, and i want my ass back in action asap, but a colonoscopy needs time to prep and everything too. can't believe my luck sometimes

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