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  1. jakesinclair - always up for anything
  2. Depend on the culture I think, I've put on weight since the pandemic due to heavy drinking and am really self-conscious about it. Here in Hong Kong people are really into fit dudes and not much else - up to a point.
  3. I bought 3 dildos that look like this, but every time I try to use them, they slip out of my hand because of the lube and i can't close it to form a plug. Does anybody know how I'm supposed to use them?
  4. It's been real bad for me - I haven't had sex in nearly a year and it's driving me insane. I'm stuck with my parents until I can get a job in Australia.
  5. Yeah I love this, anyone know the source for this one?
  6. thanks for the follow mate.  Hundreds more pics and vids on www.twitter.com/jonny4dad 


  7. This one is pretty amazing - I 'd want to be opened like this so bad [think before following links] https://www.xvideos.es/video36258787/fisting_a_twink
  8. Anyone else hate that new porn ad with Bo Sinn thats being shown everywhere?

  9. As an aside, I've been in fuck clubs in hong kong and the sheer, performative contempt for white men and indians who walk in is so shameless its almost funny.
  10. Sorry man, I disagree that racism is the white man's invention. I'm not saying the relationship between whites and everyone else isn't culturally entrenched or a wicked problem, but In Asia, we might all look alike to westerners but we have some really xenophobic cultures and history - the Japanese have serious issues with foreigners, especially latinos for some reason, because, to your point about power, they were an insular, imperialist, supremacist society for centuries and long before they knew white people existed - during world war 2, they considered the Chinese to be less than insects and had anti-Semitic leanings (even though they had to go abroad to even see a Jew). Some of the stuff they did almost made the nazis look merciful, and there are still many Chinese who loath Japan. Its a three-way tie between asians, greeks and whites in Australia as to who distrusts each other more, Thailand has a whole cultural and societal bias against dark skin despite never being colonised, Cambodia had a regime where they legally persecuted everyone else, and everybody resents the Indians and Pakistanis for the same superficial reasons white people do, hence why they can barely get jobs getting taxis. Here in hong kong, we are increasingly hostile toward the people in Mainland China - literally the same country, just 5 miles away, who themselves are busy putting muslims in camps. As for the muslims, there are hundreds of different ethnic types that i can't tell apart and they all hate each other. This is what I meant about being human - we see each other's origin as a defining feature of difference and its unavoidable that it bleeds into sexual preference. White racism is different (i think) mostly because it seems to have a more established history of being justified and codified by religious dogma, which the first sciences, laws and moral institutions were guided by (blood purity, eugenics, segregation) - the same reason muslim sexism is in its own league compared to sexism elsewhere - its in the book that defines the universe, and if you point at that, its not wrong. The fact that it led them to control so much of the world would give any demographic a long-standing historical ego complex. But the powerful always persecute the powerless, and the powerless arn't automatically more tolerant or defined by their demographics, its the same all over the world, and its resulted in a lot of misery and oppression in places white people have never held power. If racism is expecting the worst of somebody because of how they look, or what country they came from, then white people absolutely don't own the patent - they just do a better job of telling people how badly they hide it.
  11. I think if the U.S election teaches people anything, it's that white people do not own racism. Every race, and every person within each race has their own racial bias - and that's FINE. We were evolved to recognise differences between us as threats and we grow up with different experiences with people of different races. I spent 8 hours with a guy who spent it telling me conspiracy theories about the Chinese (I'm mixed race) and telling me what scum they were. I've often been rejected by people because of my ethnicity and have even had people defend me over it even when I said it was natural, and I've passed on guys cause of their race sometimes. It's amplified with us gays because we are a niche, but shallow, ageist, sex obsessed culture, but it's natural to have prejudices or preferences, so we distinguish between whatever makes us unique or stand out. It's what makes people people.
  12. Been in position 6 and 1 before - happy to do it again
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