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    West Mids UK
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    Neg, Recently Tested
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    Previous BB was about 15 yrs ago with my partner at the time.
    Former devout christian and antismoker - until I got started smoking Marlboro Reds by a Dom online.
    Smoking fetish and addiction developed by my new Dom mates online.
    Now a Reds smoker for 7 years, edging and cumming when hauling on a Marlboro Reds.
    The christian faith was poisoned and the Marlboro Reds are my new 'demonic' god.
    Always avoided Poz and always used condoms. Poz smokers online got me curious as more perversion developed, and was introduced to BZ and BBRT.
    The forum and chat here has poisoned my mind to it, and the thought of being converted to the Brotherhood is what makes me shoot my load.
    UPDATE: 4 week on BZ, and 1st load received 25 June 2017. Hungry for more!
    UPDATE 11th July 2017. Received 4th load last night, then a long discussion online with a POZ Dad. Now I understand the importance of HIV/AIDS for my developing identity, and that it is important to accept and state that I am now a Chaser.
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    Top breeders.

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  1. Since I started barebacking in June this year, after many years of hardly any sex at all, life has changed an enormous amount. I've turned a room of the flat into a sex room for my breeding, under the instruction of a very hot 40 yo married bi guy who has me in a permanent cock cage. His influence has transformed my priorities and routines, encouraging me to be as much of a cumdump slut as possible, and demanding reports and pics where possible of each breeding. Once a week, on Thursday mornings, my day off work, he comes over and breeds me, demanding i wear a hood so I never see him... that's one of his fetishes. This Thursday, he'd managed to gather 3 other guys for my breeding, which took some arranging. One other slut I know, and 2 top breeders. During the hour session, I was used to suck cock, with my cunt being plundered constantly. All 4 of them fucked my cunt over and over, and I received 3 loads. In the afternoon, another married bi guy came over and bred me on top of the loads I'd kept plugged in. The Saturday night (last night), 2 other bi tops visited after some complicated arranging, and I experienced my first double fuck, with them both using my cunt together at the same time. I thought that only happened in porn movies, and was so surprised how easily they managed to get both cocks sliding in and out of me together. After over an hour of use, I received one heavy load in my cunt and the other in my mouth. I was complimented on what an eager and hungry cock slut I am, and they left very satisfied. It's hard for me to fathom how I've gone from being a lifelong monogamist to being an eager cumdump for any man who wants to use me. The more I get, the more I want and need. It's become my lifestyle.
  2. First group session with the married man who has keys to my flat for him to use whenever he wants.

    The main room in my flat is taking shape as a sex cell, as he has ordered. He arranged for 4 other Men to turn up at 10am and use me and another slut. I was fucked raw and hard by all 4, with 3 loads delivered into my cunt.

    You can imagine how grateful i was to him, as he left with some of the others an hour later when they had done. It's the most loads I've received in any one day, and he was pleased with my full compliance to him and his mates.

    I still haven't seen him, as he demands I wear a hood whenever he calls around. I'm just his fag slut (which is how he refers to me) for his pleasure, which is how it should be.

    1. RawUK


      Glad you had a great time with your married guy and his mates curious.

      I too had 3 loads in me a couple of weeks ago when I took myself up to London and during the week which I had taken off work I ended up with a total of 4 different guys loads in me (2 guys both loaded me twice).

      Looks like we are both really moving forward in our desires to be total cum dumps :) 

  3. I had my first visit to a gay sauna last night. I was taken by a guy who is encouraging my slutty lifestyle and wants me to explore my potential. He paid for everything.

    It was a very large place, with a swimming pool. jakuzi, loads of different rooms, dungeon, and lockups with glory holes. My first experience of them as well.

    I got 3 loads of cum in my stomach, but didn't manage to get cock in my hole for some reason. I really need to go again very soon. I can see it becoming a regular place for me to get bred and develop my slut potential.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. immerhinein


      Be sure more of fun will cum in future. With a bit patience your ass will get the needed attention also - experienced that after my first few visits of baths and enjoy it now everytime getting home after some nice cum exchanges.

    3. curiousnegsub


      You seem well hooked on it, immerhinerin. It must be so good. I want that. I need breeding more and more.

    4. BlueEnding


      I’ve been a bathhouse one time. It was the scariest and sexiest thing I’ve ever experienced. It’s the only place and the only time I’ve fucked a man. 

  4. curiousnegsub


    I'm looking at my current status, and the most appropriate one would be 'Neg - not on PReP' I was tested quite some time ago, but imagine I am neg. So not recently tested. Currently, I use the status 'Neg Recently tested', which isn't accurate, but the nearest to how things are. Could there be a possibility to add another option?
  5. welcome to the BB part . I am a chaser to may be in Chicago oe FT L  not sue yet  will be in One of them in Jan 

    1. curiousnegsub


      Hi and thanks. I'm in the UK

    2. bbpoznow


      not a problem  Have a great day , waiting for coffee to get ready here.

       7AM here 

  6. A big day for me today!

    This afternoon I'm going to my first ever GANGBANG. In fact, it'll be my first ever group session.

    As a lifelong monogamist until I took this new path of bareback sluttery, this is one hell of a major step forward. I have 3 rules to keep at today's gangbang...

    1. don't refuse any cock in my ass..

    2. Seek out and ask for as many Loads in my fagcunt as I can get.


    I'll report back on how it goes...


    1. piglooking4pigs


      Really, really enjoy yourself, bud.  Let go and have lots of fun.  Big, fun step for you.

    2. curiousnegsub


      I was there for 4 hours, and there were about 25 guys there over that time. There were a lot more bottoms than tops, but I got fucked by 3 of them. One of those was vers and he got fucked a couple of times too.

      I was sucking as many cocks as I could, and I made sure it was clear that my ass was available to whoever wanted to use it. 

      The down side is that none of them dumped their load on me. At least it was a start, and I totally threw myself into it. I'll definitely be going to next month's.

  7. A Real Man recognised how useful I could be to Him when He read on my profile “ Sexually very sub and a bottom. Obedient and compliant with the right Top.

    He is a 40 yo married man with a high sex drive and will fuck any hole that He can use. His profile is full of feedback from adoring fags that He has used..He decided that I was going to be a regular hole to use… but more. He decided that I will never see him, and instructed me to get a hook that would make sure I couldn’t see.

    After a number of messages, He ensured I’d do whatever He wanted, and what He wanted was for me to an increasingly prolific slut, arranging for other Men to use me on my own and with Him.

    I showed Him pics of my spare room that contains just a double bed and a load if my crap that I’ve dumped in there. This was to be tidied up and made welcoming for all Men to use me. Once He had me absolutely begging to serve and please Him, He told me that He would have a key to my flat, which He would use whenever He wanted while I was at work. Of course, being a subhuman faggot, I was grateful for this, and couldn’t believe my luck that this Man intended to use me to fully.

    He ordered me to buy a new clit cage that would fit properly and I can wear 24/7. He, of course, would have the key.

    Thursdays are my day off work, and He has decided that is the morning He will use me each week, with or without others. I am to call Him ‘Master’, and He refers to me as His slut.

    The first meeting was this week, and I followed His every instruction… to leave the door unlocked, and to be knelt on the floor of the room in my new hood and the new cage that I have now got used to wearing 24/7. He arrived, locked the door, and got to work on me.

    The experience was the most mindfucking experience I have ever known, as He pounded my cunt 3 times and delivered two loads of His superior Real Man essence and DNA into my faggot cunt.

    Once He had done with me after about an hour, He took the keys that I’d had cut for Him, and the money I’d decided to leave for His fuel and parking charge.

    He has instructed me to create a new profile on the site to which He also has access. He took pictures on my phone during the first use of me (which are these), ordering me to upload them onto the new profile, then get to work on finding more Men to use and breed me… only bareback allowed.

    Just 3 days later, He has gone abroad for a few days with His wife, having already arranged for me to be used by Him and a mate of His when He returns.My faggot cunt is to expanded over the next few months, in order to increase the potential of it’s usefulness to Him  and other Men.

    He has told me to focus on finding bi and married men, offering Them total discretion and anonymity, as They will not be seen by me. I am to be just faggot holes to be used by Them, which I realise is my natural purpose. 

    This is what all REAL faggots dream of, and i can never show Him enough gratitude for seeing my potential and grasping it for His own purposes. He has made His claim to me, and He has my future as His faggot slut planned out. His pleasure is everything, and my hunger and need for His Cock and Cum and that of other Men has multiplied. He said to me a few times:”Once I have bred you, ALL you have will be ours”. 


  8. curiousnegsub

    Whoring: nature or nurture?

    It can be a product, or a channel, for different things and different reason. For me, it is really a channel of my sub nature that is driven to serve and please. Until quite recently that was channelled through monogamy to one man. It was only with my first bareback fuck with a stranger that I discovered that there is a better and more fulfilling way to give myself. I've only been a bb slut for the past few months, but I can give myself to any and all men now, which is incredibly liberating for both me and my needs, in a mentally, physical and spiritual way.
  9. After being totally monogamous all my life, and having had hardly any sex over the past 7 years since I became single, I decided in June that I would put myself out there for having sex. Getting fucked was never a priority for me, as I hated all the un-horny issues around condoms. I was only interested in relationships and forming along term connection with a single guy. Deciding to look for sex for the hell of it came after me realising that single monogamous relationships are not the best thing for me. Having lived alone now for over a year, that freedom of making my own decisions about what I do has been a real opener and eye-opener to who I am. I joined a few ordinary gay dating sites, and soon got to arrange a meet with a married bi Top who was about 15 miles away. I went to his house while his wife was out, and as soon as I was through the door, he had my clothes off and he eased his small to medium sized cock into my hole as I stood there. Soon, my head was taken to a whole new place I'd not experienced in a very long time. I was feeling a 'completeness'... being used by a man, with him inside me. He pulled out, then led me to a bedroom and pushed me back onto the bed, pulled my legs up over his shoulders, then eased back into me as I looked at him with absolute awe and deep feelings of submission. He pounded me with his eyes closed - probably thinking of something different from the faggot he was using. That just made it even more horny and a head fuck for me. I realised that it was this that I had been missing all my life. My sub nature having always been wanting to focus on one man, the previously unthinkable truth was being fucked into my ass and my mind. "I'm a slut for any man to use and enjoy."... It was so simple and so natural. His thrusts suddenly increased pace as he started groaning. My ass had been opened up for the first time in over 15 years, and by a total stranger with whom I hadn't even spoken. It was absolute bliss, as I felt his cock go rock solid inside me, then the pulsating as it pumped his Cum and DNA into what he obviously saw as my cunt. That was my 'road to Damascus' moment. This married man cheating on his wife was like the voice of God revealing my purpose to me. As soon as he had delivered his Load into me, he was out, out of the room and to the bathroom where he cleaned up his cock. I got off the bed, my head so fucked over by these sensations and thoughts. I went and got my clothes back on quickly, as I realised he wanted me out of there as soon as possible. I thanked him as he smiled and showed me the door. The drive back home was a daze to me. I was in heaven. I needed it again... I needed to look for more men to give me that experience of my total submission to their pleasure. As soon as I got back home, I was on the computer, hunting for the next breeding. My conversion to this new 'faith' had happened, and I was on my new journey to becoming a slut. Pics are in my photo album.
  10. curiousnegsub

    tips for letting go 100%

    My own experience in this is very limited, being a very late starter. But I take the view that if you are wired to be a slut, or even if there's a potential, then just go with the flow and don't be concerned about it. Whatever potential you have will eventually develop.
  11. As I've only very recently begun to look for hookups, I can't answer the questions... however, my limited experience tells me that i have to spend a lot of time on there to make sure i find what is needed. Sift through the fakes, and learn to identify them quickly. And try to arrange a meeting early in any conversation. It saves a lot of time that can be wasted with back and forth chat.
  12. curiousnegsub

    Frustrations with married guys

    I totally get what you are saying, and although I said it's very frustrating when they cancel, I also always tell them I understand, and reassure them that I'm here to service them when they can make it. I posted on the subject to see what others' experiences of it were, and your reply really does reflect how I see my role developing. I'm becoming proud to be their 'faggot slut' for them to use when they want, and gives me a really good feeling in my new and developing identity. I proudly display their verification and feedback on my profile as it grows. I want to show how reliable I am, and always ready to serve when possible. It doesn't matter about age or looks, but only that I can have their cock and their load in me as my reward.
  13. curiousnegsub

    Frustrations with married guys

    Oh, I totally agree. I feel like I'm providing a service for them, and gives me a real feeling of being their 'faggot slut' for when they want to breed me. For some reason, it really connects with my sub nature, and gives me a real sense of fulfilment and satisfaction when they have finished loading up my ass and then leaving as soon as they are done. I really feel I'm finding my role. When I was only in monogamous relationships, and always looking for something monogamous when not in a relationship, I always avoided married or partnered men. Since I've been putting myself out there over the past few months, my whole attitude has turned 180 degrees, and I find more reward from servicing married men than I do from single gay men.
  14. curiousnegsub

    Frustrations with married guys

    I find all my successful contacts on fabguys.com I'm not sure if it's because it's UK based, but I never find any on any other site, as most are USA based.
  15. When I got into bare backing it was by accident because a friend decided it was time for us to become MORE physically...intimate together.  ONCE, We go started...it was like a whole new dimension had open up for the BOTH of US. Since, We BOTH like to fuck and get fuck'd...the connection became extremely powerful between ourselves.  We would fuck...multiple times a day because; it felt so good and I started to keep a dish by the bed so we could collect quarters if the fuck'n was good...that was payment for being a sleazy pig with each other. The quarters really was a symbol for US to realize that we would get MORE into each other as a reward for being slutty together.

    1. curiousnegsub


      That's really interesting to read. I definitely felt that deep intimacy with my first bareback, and I've not looked back since then. I've become compulsive about it, and spend a great deal of time looking for it. I'm also becoming very focused on how slutty I'm becoming, which seems to encourage me even more. It is the total opposite from how I was before I got barebacked.

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