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  1. arrxxx

    What Was Your First Std ?

    My first was chlamydia. I was in my early 30s and caught it from a massively-hung 19 year-old that massively flooded me with his seed. Turns out he got it from a married dude that was cheating on his wife with every available dick in town. All four of us had The Clap (and I caught it in both front and back), but I was the first one of us to notice.
  2. arrxxx

    Mistakes made as a chaser

    Very well said. I strongly agree with points 1, 2, and especially 7
  3. arrxxx

    I wanna stop prep

    listen to your body. give it what it wants!
  4. arrxxx


    thanks for reminding me that i need to get on that site more
  5. even though I'm logged in, I get this error screen:
  6. awake early, and boned.

    how about you?

  7. arrxxx

    Taking a chance

    yes you only go bareback. ALWAYS.
  8. arrxxx

    Smooth Or Hairy?

    personally I'd rather be full-on hairy but there's also something hot about being forcibly shaved
  9. 2 words: fuck him

  10. it gives you wet dreams while everyone else gets nightmares. and it's hiding in plain sight :)

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