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    Philadelphia area
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    parTy pig for use as ordered by his Master, will go from wild to wilder will serve submit no limits use him and send back wet, stretched, sloppy and used.
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    Poz, On Meds
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    Submissive Pig with hungry hole. Fisting and Raw Fucking, can flip, pig needs to get his hole played with for long periods, takes toys of all sizes, parTy pig plays mild too wild, collared submissive pig under the authority/exchange structured relationship of Master 'hotnut' who is on BBRT and Ass Pig under screen name hotnut. Allowed to serve all men/alpha males, takes all loads.
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    none but pig needs to be in one or more likely amateur movies. Aggressive kink themed movie for mature pig bottom that is open to everything mild to wild is freaky and twisted.
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    opportunities to submit and serve, to be fucked deep, tag teamed, gang banged, nice parTy pig hole and cum dump, talented urinal, available for parTy service! Pig has good stamina for long uncomplicated fuck session that ends wet and sloppy. Man-smell makes parTy pig go to the wild-side fast.

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    tshirtguy ... also for AssPig
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    hhole4bbuse ... pornhub is subpighole

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  1. want to try first time fisting

    Wish we were closer, in Philadelphia, PA USA, pretty good helping people take a fisy. Actually as a fisting bottom my fisting mentor made me learn to fist top and glad he did, enjoy both sometimes at the same time.
  2. Sir never pull out of me take all loads

  3. Nice cock Sir .. oink 


  4. Yep equally correct, captured nicely
  5. Nice cock Sir .. oink 


  6. No question, take it, get your head in the right place and enjoy and make the top happy by taking what he gives, as he gives it. You will not regret it.
  7. Hi hole4bbuse: such a sexy handle - and PIC indeed



    1. hole4bbuse


      Just a total committed slut sub pig who was born to submit and service. Nice profile Sir respectfully


  8. What Was Your First Std ?

    I have lost count, I do though get tested every 90 days and if any STI/STd is found positive I reach out to each partner who I have a name and a way to contact. I continue to take every load offered or forced with appreciation.
  9. Got the Trifecta a few years ago. Syphliss, Gonorrhea and Clymididia ... The term Trifecta was given to me by the Department of Health guy who contacted me for details. He started off "I see you won the Trifecta." My response was, Sir that is correct.
  10. What Is Your Current Hiv Status? (Poll)

    Piz and all loads welcomed, never refused. Born to submit and serve all men who want to deposit loads.
  11. Was stealthed, but appreciate is brought out the inter pig slut bitch freak. Life for me has been better because it allowed me to learn more, do more and eliminate inhibitions.
  12. I am a submisive cumslut, so do not care, but when a top is ready to cum like when he grabs my neck with his had, feeling his strength, and he say bitch your getting a charged load like you never had before and you will clean my fucking dick, swallow and enjoy. Was and us always hot to know he liked fucking and recharging my ass.
  13. Sir, great profile,appreciate the straight forward thinking. One point that is so true and not always understood by some top men is your statement "Long sessions with the right blend of pleasure and pain." I truly whish more Top men understood the importance, especially with submisive pig men who submit and serve to Dom / Alpha / Top men  as a responsibility and obligations for their please as best you can with a mind to continuously improve and learn. It is always a honor to submit and serve Dom / Alpha / Top men as they deserve and have the right.

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