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  1. At the time the first guy to fuck me didn't want to get me into, as he put it, bad habits, so he was insisting on rubbering up. After a few failled attempts to get into me he wripped the condom off, got himself hard again and pushed all the way in. Took two loads off him that day, never used a rubber since.
  2. three or four times a day usually
  3. thanks for the follow mate.  Hundreds more pics and vids of me on www.twitter.com/jonny4dad 


  4. I used to be a frequent visitor to Manchester and did a lot of barebacking up there, wonder if we have met

    1. beartobreed


      May well have done, you might have even dropped your nut in me though with the amount of anonymous cock I've had breeding my arse, saunas, darkroom, cottages mostly, I'd probably not recognise you.  Reading your posts we sound quite similar, spent my teens and 20's taking pretty much any cock that wanted to spunk in my arse.  Then as I started filling out and taking on a more dad bear look I got more and more lads wanting me to fuck and nut in them, preference I think will always be bottom but I'm happy to give to.

    2. WelshBBCigarFuck


      Well I’ve done the basement complex, many many Alerts, both when it was at Legends and at Alter Ego plus done a good few guys in the toilets of Eagle over the years too, so you never know!

  5. I’d love to see your ass full of spunk

  6. Thanks for the follow!

  7. Hey man, thanks for following me

  8. get the bears and a camera and you can video them breeding me
  9. I prefer being naked but then I spend a lot of time naked anyway, other guy, fully clothed with just his cock out
  10. Where in the world are you fella?

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