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  1. Hey TwinkFaggotPussy, use a good camera and attach it to a tripod for stability if you can. Be sure to have good lighting so all the details are scandalously clear! I'd love to see you show off your pretty body and maybe even dance before you urinate in a clear drinking glass, and I hope it's your first morning pee so that it's deep yellow. Keep your glass in frame from start to finish so people won't think you've swapped it out for a glass of apple juice or something. Then drink it with a see-through bendy straw as you masturbate and orgasm! You'll be a star!
  2. peepee-love

    Urine Cocktails

    Thank you Newneg for sharing. I’ll give a few of these a shot (pun intended)! I drink it straight, but I love and crave a tall glass of warm fresh strong urine alongside a ribeye or New York strip steak and baked potato slathered with butter!
  3. Hi Twink Faggot Pussy! Firstly, if that's truly you in your profile pic, you're pretty from behind and you have a cute tush! I tossed off to your pic... Hope you don't mind. Sadomasochism and urolagnia often go hand in hand, and the two can combine to make for arousing and erotic fun! Not saying you will, but you just may acquire a taste for urine over time. At a young age, I experimented with urinating on myself and tasting my urine while bathing. Its flavor was strange at first, but I subconsciously connected it to my very first sexual sensations. I love its flavor now! So then, my very first sexual encounter involved a punk who crassly told me to suck his dick. That exact instant I felt a rush of humiliation and embarrassment. I blurted out "OK" in response, and he undid his fly as I went to my knees and he pulled his penis out from his undies. I took it in my mouth and sucked. By the way, his two friends were watching. I was startled when I felt and tasted a brief squirt of his urine, but it tasted as I had expected. I kept sucking and playing with his urethral meatus with my tongue hoping he'd give me more. A moment later he urinated full-on and I drank. I felt his body shake with laughter as he said to his friends, "I'm pissing!" When he finished, I nervously stood and ran away as fast as I could. Everything about my first and very spontaneous sexual experience was perfect! The punk got such a devilish kick out of me sucking him as he peed! I know many here are into forced urine drinking, but there's no forcing me... I love it! I'm sure you will too. Imagine your friends knowing that you willingly drink piss straight from other men! Word of it would spread like wildfire, and mocking and laughing would never cease!
  4. peepee-love

    Psychology of urine play

    Thank you everyone for your responses. I'd like to hear much more about the thoughts, feelings, and especially the emotions that you experience when you're playing. For example, I love to personify and have flings with unflushed public urinals. My mind becomes frenzied with sexual excitement as I kneel before one and speak aloud to it of how lovely and beautiful it is. As I act out my seduction of a urinal, my mind become fevered with arousal at the mischievousness and perverseness of it all! Emotionally I feel ashamed of my actions and painfully sad that I don't have someone to love and who truly loves me. Somehow these emotions add to my feelings of worthlessness and arouse me even more! As I smell, kiss, and lick the cold porcelain body of a urinal, I passionately say to it, "I love you... I love you... I want to taste you... I want to drink you!" In my mind, I can hear the urinal breathily saying to me in a deep voice, "Love me... Taste me... Drink me... Suck me dry!" To add to my frenzied mental state, I imagine demons gathering and swarming around me to watch. As I dip a straw deep into the pool of urine and wrap my lips around the it, they dance and cheer me on! Then As I draw the flavorful urine to me, they mischievously and excitedly laugh! While I drink the urinal's contents and masturbate, all of my thoughts, feelings, and emotions collide as I'm consumed with an intense orgasm! So how do your thoughts, feelings, and emotions work to highten your pleasure of urine play?
  5. I've caused my own disappointment at times by not communicating clearly what turns me on. Most people have kinks they're a bit bashful to disclose, and I still feel awkward telling others that I'm into watersports. The hornier and raunchier I feel, the easier it is. It's cruel though when people give hope of a good time and then don't deliver or make me grovel, the latter of which I've done many times. Now that I think about it, it's a turn-on for me to beg someone to urinate as I suck them, but only if they oblige me and do it!
  6. peepee-love

    Psychology of urine play

    As one who is deeply impacted with urolagnia and urophagia, I am interested in the psychological aspects of peoples’ sexual arousal when at play. What thoughts and emotions are they having as they satisfy their deepest sexual desires? At a young age, I began feeling aroused by the physical sensations and my perceived naughtiness of urinating in my bed and clothing. My mother unwittingly helped to further facilitate my fetish by shaming me and insisting that I feel and smell my urine soaked bedding and clothes. My fetish only got stronger! With that, here is some of what I think and feel when I have fun with urine! I feel absolutely worthless when I’m sucking someone’s penis as they’re urinating! My sense of worthlessness while ingesting someone’s waste being ejected from their penis makes me tingle wildly and go almost numb all over with sexual arousal! As their urine courses into my mouth, and I taste and drink it, I’m often tickled at the mischievousness of it all. As an example of how I use my mind to further elevate my arousal when sucking and drinking, I sometimes recall the sound of my mother sobbing alone in her bedroom with the door closed after I told her that I am queer. I masturbate and orgasm to that memory a lot! Speaking of my mother, one of my favorite memories I often have when masturbating, is of when I secretly drank her urine from a urine bottle just minutes after I heard her relieve herself in the back of our van. When she finished her business and returned to her seat up front, I quietly went back and felt around in the darkness for the bottle. My heart pounded for fear of being caught, but I was so sexually excited! I almost didn’t go through with it, but I found the bottle and knew it would be a once in a lifetime thrill for me! I opened it and smelled its contents. Oh my god! My ears rang as I put the bottle to my lips and tilted its opening toward me. I swear I could practically feel and hear demons all around and in me celebrating, dancing, and cheering me on to drink! I tasted my mother’s warm urine as it flowed past my lips and over my tongue! I imagined my face between her thighs kissing, licking, and sucking her cunt as I drank the entire contents of the bottle! Her urine was warm, flavorful, and delicious! When I was done, I humped a rolled-up sleeping bag and orgasmed intensely! Then I replaced her urine with mine and no one was the wiser! I have masturbated thousands of times over several decades to that memory! For me, the more perverse I perceive my urine play to be, the more intense my excitement is! The more worthless I feel when indulging my desires, the more aroused I become! So then, how do your thoughts help you have fun with urine? What emotions do you have when at play? Your thoughts have wings!
  7. peepee-love

    Wearing piss

    What fun it is to piss oneself! I like to sit with my knees pulled up almost to my chest and with my feet in the chair when I do it. The feeling of pee trickling and running warmly over my loins and tush is delightful! My undies and denim shorts get soaked in the rear and look pretty from behind and is very apparent in public! I too enjoy wearing the same pissy clothing for many days on end, and even to bed where I also love pissing myself! I get so aroused from the scent! It's so lovely and erotic!... And naughty!
  8. peepee-love

    How Rank Can clothes get.

    We are kindred spirits slagcunt! I too adore the scent of clothes soiled with urine and, like you, I too enjoy the various stages of urine scent. Its ammonia scent is very arousing to me because it reminds me of unkept public bathrooms. I also love the scent of dried urine, which I find earthly sweet. The scent of warm fresh urine is also delightful! Speaking of public restrooms, when I can lock their doors for privacy, I love to slide on my tush around and underneath urinals absorbing pee and oily pee residue dropped to the floor by others. It makes for a lovely and arousing scent throughout the day. I piss my bed all the time and cover with several blankets to keep warm. It's very very arousing! After a long warm piss in my bed, I'll grab my pillow and hump it until I orgasm while making believe I'm sexing a lady. Drinking others' pee is my favorite thing to do! Its flavor is unmistakable and I find it pleasant and super erotic! Its aftertaste is lovely as well!
  9. peepee-love

    What’s it like?

    I like the intimacy and company of being with one man when having sex. If you do too, you might try visiting cheap hotel lounges or gay bars. On my right wrist I wear a dainty bracelet with yellow beeds and carry a folded yellow hanky in my back right pocket to let others know what I’m there for. Feeling a man’s warm urine splash upon the body is very exciting and erotic especially when it hits the face! Personally I love drinking others’ urine either from cups and glasses or better yet while sucking penises. While the flavor of urine can vary among people, it’s unmistakable and very pleasant in my opinion. There’s nothing else in the world like it! For me the most challenging part is getting up the nerve to tell him exactly what I want. After I give him a blowjob and his penis is shrinking, I’ll continue sucking gently and ask him if he needs to pee. Most immediately realize what I want and do it. I always thank them and tell them what a turn-on it was when they’ve finished their business. Just do it!
  10. peepee-love

    Diaper Pissing

    Just go ahead and do it Thom! Put on a diaper and a pair of briches or shorts over it. Your diaper will make your cute tush a bit more round and prettier! Then do your business whenever and wherever you desire! Imagine shaking a tail-feather in public while wearing a piss drenched diaper! When you're finished playing, I wish you'd give your pissy diaper to me so that I can wear it for several days on end and savor your scent!
  11. peepee-love

    Drink from tap

    Kissing, licking, and sucking a penis is so very erotic! Feeling a penis in my mouth gives me goosebumps from head to toes! I’m lucky in that the first time ever I sucked another male, he urinated without my asking and did so simply as a mischievous prank. When I didn’t let go and kept sucking and swallowing, I felt his body shake as he laughed! I had feelings of embarrassment and humiliation mixed with potent sexual arousal. I did some serious gulping as he relieved himself. I find the flavor of urine to be very pleasant and it always induces strong sexual desire in me. An average person can pass two cups (16 ounces) of urine with a full bladder and it’s always good to the last drop!
  12. peepee-love

    Piss-Tini Recipe

    My favorite cock-tail?... A dainty wine glass brimming with deep golden warm urine with a garnish of freshly ejaculated semen floating on top... Cheers!
  13. peepee-love

    Trucker bomb

    If I found a "trucker bomb", I'd sample its bouquet first to see If it had the aroma of fresh urine. If so, I'd swish a bit about in my mouth to taste. Sure, pee varies a wee (HA!) bit in flavor from one person to the next, but I'm certain I'd know if it were tainted with something else. If it pleased my senses, I'd joyfully drink it down and masturbate to a delightful orgasm! The color, scent, and flavor of piss blows my fuses! GOD!... I love it so much!!! Nice thread topic picture!
  14. peepee-love

    Taste: Acquired or intrinsic appreciation?

    It was intrinsic for me. When I discovered at an early age that playing with my penis was fun, I further experimented with peeing on myself and tasting my urine while taking baths. I find its flavor to be pleasant. Its taste triggers strong sexual arousal in me. The first time ever I went down on another male, he mischievously let go a squirt of urine in my mouth. It tasted as I would have expected, and I craved more! I played with his meatus with my tongue in hopes that he would meet my desire, which he did. He pissed full-on as I gulped and felt his body shake with laughter! I’ve been hooked on piss ever since! It’s my holy grail of erotic elixir!
  15. peepee-love

    Pissing in public

    I get so turned on at the thought of others noticing my body odor in public. What's even more exciting is when someone, especially if it's a woman, tells me that I smell. I get sexually aroused from the embarrassment and humiliation I feel. I once wore the same clothing for over three weeks straight, pulling down my jeans and undies only to shit. At night, I covered up snuggly with several blankets to keep warm in my piss drenched clothing. Sometime after a week or so, I began to crave attention. A waitress had taken my order, but returned a moment later and asked if I would mind moving to another table. When I asked why, she nervously replied, "Customers are complaining about your...um...cologne." I blushed and without saying a word, pissed full-on! When she saw what I was doing, she quickly turned and walked away. When I was finished, I walked out of the restaurant as comments about me and laughter ensued. I love smelling like a filthy unflushed urinal and the public reactions it brings.

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